The Sexually Arousing Nature of Erotic Literature

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Since I used to be a good reader in my youth, I easily became interested in the erotic books that we have in our stores. At first sight some erotic books seem a bit old and uninteresting to me but after taking the time to open some up to read, I can tell you that I was wrong. It reminded me of how much I loved to read a good book from time to time a few years earlier when I was a teenager and how much they inspired my imagination. Of course, I was not really interested in these erotic books as a teenager as I was sexually inactive and didn’t even want to be aroused. Now that I am older, I can see how erotic literature provides a positive impact on peoples lives.

Erotic literature contains a story or multiple stories that include the intimate thoughts of one or more characters sexual lifestyle and relationships. It also describes sexual acts in great detail which otherwise may not have been captured through other forms of media like adult movies, erotic television shows and hentai. For example, in a sex scene of an adult movie you may see two people engaging in sex from different angles whilst in a book, the author is able to capture precisely how each touch is made, describe how the touch had made the character feel and delve into character development.

The reader then is able to imagine what is happening in their own mind and if they choose to, they can adapt the situation or character according to their personal desires making the scenes become more personal. Erotic books aim to awaken the reader’s emotions, imagination and sexual arousal levels.

It’s also interesting that these books usually include satire and social criticism which allows the reader to understand and see taboo topics from a different perspective. I’d say people who read these books become less judgmental and are more aware of how diverse members of society’s sexual lifestyles can be.

Erotic literature is available in fiction or non-fiction which may or may not be expressed in explicit language. It can be found in the forms of novels, short stories, poetry and sex manuals. They are written with different themes including prostitution, orgies, homosexuality, sadomasochism, fetishes, topics considered taboo and much more.  Some books offer lighter reading whilst others can be hard core, there really is something available for all different tastes.


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Erotic Literature From Left to Right: The Virgins by Pamela Erens (2013), Tampa by Alissa Nutting (2013), Fifty Shade of Grey by E L James (2011), Thérèse and Isabelle by Violette Leduc (2000) and The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire (1857)


Erotic literature has many benefits including:

  • Arousal: There are book lovers who have a real passion for reading and appreciate that a book can stimulate sexual arousal both mentally and physically. For some people imagination is an engine needed for the sexual arousal, reading could be used as a sexual aid.
  • Imagination: Reading can ignite your imagination and take you to places you have never been. The scenes within the book are all imagined in your head. If you would like to you can imagine yourself in the story instead of the characters which can be really exciting! Inversely, you can make your partner become another person.
  • Inspiration: It inspires us through discovering information about topics that we do not know which helps us to understand them, thanks to the good words chosen by the narrator.
  • Role Play: After reading the book, you are able to role play scenarios with your partner.
  • Romance: If you find yourself needing a little excitement in your monotonous relationship, reading erotic literature out loud can definitely be a way to excite the two of you. It can help you feel what the couple in the book feels.
  • Sex Advice: It can also give you useful sex advice to spice up your relationship.
  • Old school: If you are not the kind of person to try adult lifestyle products like sex toys you can read a book.

Nowadays, there are so many books and genres that have an influence on our society. Some were originally perceived as taboo had eventually become acceptable within society. Some have reached worldwide success and have become movies or TV shows like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Intimate Adventure of a London Call Girl.

Erotic literature has a sexual arousing nature which can positively impact your lifestyle and relationships. Be sure to visit Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres to have a look at our large range of books on display.


About the Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres











The Spirits of Mount Hehuan, Taiwan

Mount-Hehuan, Taiwan Photo

Nothing had prepared me for the erotic experience at Mount Hehuan. Being a nature lover, I had traveled to Taiwan from England. As I traveled through Qing Jing Highlands, my next visit was the famed Taroko National Park. From there onwards I had decided to make the descent to the coastal lowlands of Hualien, and finally to the capital city of Taipei. It was a straight, well organized tour trip like many others I had taken through my life. I was traveling through Hehuanshan Road, when I first heard about the mysterious Hehuan spirit from one of the locals.

My local driver spoke in an ominous tone, “That spirit is the devil herself, she lures men to her lair and no one sees them again. Stay away from the peak on wintry nights at all cost”. However, I did not believe in any superstitious nonsense. I considered myself an educated individual and believed that all folk tales were just bed time stories, nothing more. As we approached Mount Hehuan, dusk had settled and the sun was about to set in the sky. I immediately made up my mind to capture the sunset from the summit of 3416 meter high peaks. My driver warned me to come back within an hour else he would leave me behind. I could see that he was scared of the spirit. He kept making warding gestures with his hands while he touched an ancient pendant around his neck.

“What a simpleton”, I thought to myself, amused, as I promised my guide that I would be back within an hour. Thus, I started on the mountain trail, and towards my unforgettable sexual encounter. The hike up to the summit was uneventful, though I kept shivering due to freezing temperature, which was probably around -10 C. Upon reaching the summit, I feasted my eyes upon the beautiful sight as the sun settled, while the light slowly gave way to dark. Suddenly, my ears were assaulted by an eerie, alien voice. It was melodious and irregular, comforting and disturbing, all at the same time. One thing was clear, though, the voice was calling out to me. I felt sudden ecstasy and my body started shivering more violently. Without thought, I started going down the trail from Hehuanshan summit. I was following the voice and it reached out to me like a lover’s call.

My mind screamed that I should turn away, that I would be stuck here entire night; but my body would not listen. The trail took me downwards, newly fallen snow crunching under my feet. I squinted my eyes, and saw that I had reached the mouth of a cave. It was perfectly hidden behind fallen rocks. Without the voice to guide me, I would never have found it. It was dark and very cold, the sexual melody whispered my name and taking a deep breath I entered into the cave. There was a light at the far end of the otherwise dark cave; I followed the light and entered into an actual room.

At the center of the room, there was a huge king-sized bed draped with red silken sheets. The walls were marble that glowed with a green light casting colorful shadow upon the carpeted floor. A beautiful, young woman was perched on the bed and it was her voice that I heard the entire time. She smiled as I gazed at her; dressed in a thin silk gown I could notice the shape of her body. She had perfect hips and round breasts waiting to burst open from her clothes. Her golden hairs cascaded around her and her moist, red lips looked as if they had sucked on strawberries. It almost felt like she glowed, and at that moment I knew she was the Spirit of Hehuanshan.

The spirit licked her moist lips as she beckoned me towards the bed with one hand. I started walking towards the bed and as soon as I reached her, she immediately pulled me towards her making me fall on the bed. I laid on the bed, with my head resting on the pillow. She giggled, as she sat in front of me on her knees. Giving me a sexual wink, she untied the ribbon holding her gown and it went open in the front. I could gaze at her cleavage and half exposed breasts as she slowly cupped them in her hands. Before I knew it, she took off her gown throwing it on the floor. She was nude underneath and I could see her body in great, sharp detail. Her nipples were hard and pointed as she continued squeezing her breasts together.


Photo: Mount Hehuan, Taiwan


I felt a sudden longing and desire to touch her, to press myself against her body, to feel her heat wash through me and set me on fire. As I started to rise, she pushed me down again, giving me a warning look. I was to observe only for now, I realized. She slowly opened her legs, sitting cross legged in front of me. I gazed at her vagina, it felt moist to the touch and inviting. I immediately started getting a boner underneath my jeans. Sweat was built upon my forehead, as I gazed at her love spot. She noticed my discomfort, and slowly moved her hand between her legs, teasing me. Her finger touched her clitoris as she inserted it into herself. I watched as she moaned, pushing three fingers into her and starting to fuck herself faster. She kept moving them inside her vagina for a time, until finally she took them out. They dripped from her fluids and she licked each of her fingers one by one.

I was aroused and at the point of screaming with frustration. Just when I was thinking to finally get up, she suddenly came towards me. Her sharp, claw like fingers ripped through my thick clothes like they were paper. My clothes in tatters, I found myself nude with a thick hard boner pointing towards her. She smiled and spoke clearly, “I am going to suck you dry and fuck you till you beg for mercy. I am Tina Ching, the spirit of Hehuanshan and I will devour your nectar.” She immediately went down and grasped my cock in her hand pumping it slowly, making it harder and thicker. She opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out licking my tip. Moaning loudly, I started pumping my hips as I slowly pushed my shaft into her wide mouth. Growling, she shoved my shaft down her throat and started moving her head up and down. Her sharp teeth nipped at my pole, making me yelp and moan with pain and pleasure. I could feel her gagging on my cock as I grasped her golden hairs and pushed her head down further and harder. She squeezed out nectar from my shaft and I could not hold much longer as I released my fluids into her mouth.

Tina made slurping noises as she drank every last drop of my nectar. She was not done, however, as she climbed on top of my body. Pressing herself hard against me, she started kissing me on the lips. Her tongue rolled into my mouth as she slowly caressed my body with her nails. I started feeling sharp pain, as she scratched me. I could feel red lines as she clawed at my skin, while kissing me deeply. She rose up after a while, and I could feel my rock-hard shaft touching her vagina. She straddled me, spreading her legs wide on each side of me. Then she suddenly moved down hard, and pushed my rod all the way into her. I could feel the muscles inside her expanding and contracting as my shaft traveled all the way into her. Pushing her hands against my chest, she started rocking on top of my cock. I moaned along with her as she fucked herself hard with my cock. The way she fucked, I felt like my cock was going to rip her apart. My hands moved and grabbed her nipples, pulling on them hard. She moaned louder and kept fucking me without stopping. The bed rocked and shook, and I was sure our cries could be heard all over the mountain and beyond.

Unable to stop myself, I released my nectar filling her. She smiled with pleasure as I released myself. I could feel my juices overflowing from her vagina. Taking deep breaths, I slowly started to calm myself down. I was surprised though, as she started rocking on top of me again. I was breathless and my cock was starting to feel sore, but there was no stopping her. Tina glared at me and said between moans, “Fuck me hard Stallion, ram your shaft through me and make me scream.” I was beginning to realize the peril I was in, as it dawned upon me that she was not going to stop. Despite that, I was blissful and happy as I joyfully obeyed her commands. My shaft rammed inside her, drilling into her vagina. I could feel my shaft swell a few moments before I released once more.

Tina screamed with pleasure and collapsed on top of me for an instant. Then she rose up again fluidly and with grace, and went on all fours. Her hips shook and her wet dripping vagina invited me to fuck her from behind. Tired though I was, I immediately rose up and pushed my shaft deep into her from behind. Starting to move forward and backwards, I fucked her harder every time. My hands grabbed her hairs pulling on them, while I continued to pierce her. She was my mare now, and I was the stallion. With each thrust, I went closer towards releasing my fluids inside her. I screamed loudly, and let go of myself filling her with my wonderful nectar. At the same time, she squirted a torrent of her juices splattering our legs with the sticky liquid. Wanting to taste her, I immediately went down and pressed my mouth against her clitoris. Sucking hard, I started drinking her juices enjoying the heavenly taste. In all my life, I had never tasted anything like it. It was better than any wine or syrup.

Hours later, I was still on her bed and she was still fucking me as wildly as before. I had no strength left in me to stop her. My breath was ragged and my heart was beating at a strange rhythm. I thought I was going to die here in this cave. I had no energy left within me to stop her and to be honest, I did not want to stop her. It felt so great, I could never have enough of it. Knowing this, that I would die in the best possible way, I closed my eyes and went into a slumber losing consciousness.

I do not know what really woke me up. Perhaps it was hunger, or perhaps it was the sunlight shining on my face. I opened my eyes to find myself on top of Hehuanshan summit. It took me a fraction of a second to recall all my erotic adventures last night. Strangely enough, I had not died, and I felt completely restored. I searched for an hour for the cave entrance again, but no voice came to guide me. Tired, I slowly trudged down the mountain. My local driver — bless him — waited me with his jeep. He smiled as I came down from the mountain.

“What happened to you? Did you fall asleep there?” he asked curiously. I just shrugged and went to sit in the jeep, to resume my travels through the rest of Taiwan. Years later, I still remember that night as vividly as it was yesterday. I have not told anyone about it, because I doubt anyone will believe me. The only reminders of that erotic journey are my memories and the scars Tina gave me that fateful night. Even though, it has been years since I came back from Taiwan, I sometimes hear her through the wind. Maybe it is just my imagination, or maybe she is reaching out to me. If you ever go to Taiwan, on a cold, dark, wintry night; be wary of Tina Ching’s voice calling out to you. Proceed at your own peril, for she may let you leave or she may devour you for her pleasures.




Young Travelers at Orchid Island, Taiwan

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She had heard about Orchid Island for as long as she can remember. It was one of the constant topics that her parents spoke about as they planned for their trip to go to Taiwan every 5 years as it was their favourite place in the world. They would mention it from time to time, like when they would miss a delicacy, a place or when they remembered something funny that happened when they were there. They would have lived there had it not for her grandmother who would be living alone in their quiet little town in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Minerva wanted to see it for herself just how beautiful the island is. For a couple of years, she worked 45 hours a week, took some extra jobs and refrained herself from buying stuff she did not really need just so she can have her most deserved grand holiday. Minerva’s Mom and Dad did not oppose the idea. They also want their first born child to see the real beauty of the Island which has been the witness of most of the most romantic moments of their life. But what they don’t like is that their daughter will be going there alone.

“Minerva, why don’t you just wait for us? It will be just 15 months from now and we will be traveling to Orchid Island too! It will be more exciting if we go there together”.

“Mom, we’ve talked about this a hundred times. We cannot go there all together, because no one’s gonna be here with Nena.” Minerva continuously packs her things while trying to mellow it down to her Mom.

“But…” her Mom was getting ready to outline all the details why she shouldn’t go.

“Mom, I can do this. I am 28. I’ve been to other countries alone. Why can’t I go to your most beloved island by myself? And besides I won’t be alone, you’ve called Auntie Betty right? I will be staying with her and she has promised you the she’ll be going with me to wherever I want to be, as long as it’s in Taiwan. So really, there’s nothing to worry”.

“Alright, alright… you two. Stop fussing now. We’ll be late for the airport“ Her Dad interrupts and picks up her luggage to place in his pick-up.

Minerva woke up to the voice of the pilot announcing their arrival at Taipei airport. They were just right on time. Minerva immediately set her watch to the local time: 11:10 am. She finished all the immigration procedures and by 12:00 she’s out of the airport looking for her Aunty Betty.

Aunty Betty is her Mom’s friend who lives at Orchid Island. They own a holiday park where her Mom and Dad would always check in. Eventually the owners and her parents became really good friends. She hasn’t seen or met her personally. She would just glimpse at her chatting when she’s on skype with her mom.

She could not find her. She walked through the other gate and there’s no Aunty Betty there either. Then she heard her screaming! “Minerva! Minerva! Here Sweety! I’m here!”

She found her in her usual gypsy look frantically waving. Then she pulled at the arm of a dark haired man, who she did not notice, was standing beside Aunty Betty. “That’s her! That’s Minerva! My sister’s daughter. She’s the one I was telling you about!”

In an instant, Aunty Betty and the dark haired man are now standing beside her. His hair neatly tied up in a pony tail who took the luggage out of her hands. Aunty Betty gave her a tight hug! “Oh Tike, sorry I was late. My car broke down. Good thing Hanzi passed by and offered to help. Hanzi, this is my Tike, my sweetie Minerva. Minerva, this is Hanzi, he’s from Orchid Island too.” She gestured toward him and smiled “I know you must be hungry sweetie, but we need to hurry up because our ferry might leave us and that’s the last ferry for the day! I’m sure you want to be in Orchid Island before this day ends, right?”


Orchid Island Taiwan Photo
Photo: Orchid Island Taiwan


Minerva did not have any time to respond as they all hurriedly went to Hanzi’s red pick up parked just at the side of the road.

“Look, almost just exactly like your Dad’s, right?” Aunty Betty smiled as she spoke as she referred to Hanzi’s pick up which close resembles her Dad’s. Clearly, she knows a lot about her parents.

“Minerva, you go sit at the passenger’s side and I’ll be here at the back, ok? It might be a little bumpy on the road and when ride the ferry, so it will be more comfortable for you to sit there”.

“But Aunty…”

“Ssssshhh sweetie, it’s ok. Just sit there with Tike ok”?

Almost just after they were all seated Aunty Betty fell asleep and started to snore. Hanzi looked at her and when she giggled, he started to laugh too.

“I think she’s tired. She’s been bubbling the whole time we were driving to the airport. She keeps worrying that you might not wait for her and you’d be lost and we will not know where to find you’re here in Taipei.” Hanzi tried to explain.

“I can’t believe it! My parents kept on saying too that I might get lost here in Taipei.” Minerva said while shaking her head.

“So, what do you want to do here? Betty said you’ve been saving for this trip to Orchid Island”. Hanzi asked.

“I actually don’t know. This is my only trip which I did not plan for anything. My only plan is to just go with the flow” Minerva said while making herself more comfortable.

“Do you often go on trips alone?”

“Mmmm yeah… I’ve had trips with friends, but my most unforgettable trips are those I did alone.”

“What about you, I don’t want to sound racist or something, but you speak really good English!” Minerva asked.

“I studied in the UK. Actually I just came back from my yearlong hiatus in the UK. I studied there for 5 years, went back here then went back there again for another year. Now, I think my stay here in Orchid Island may be longer”.


“I’m putting up a business and it will certainly need my attention”.

The 2.5 hours travel to Orchid Island did not seem long because of their continued chatting amidst Aunty Betty’s snoring. He joked, she laughed. She talked about her Mom, Dad and Nena. He talked about his studies, she shared her travels.

Two days later, Minerva surfing board bumped into a big rock she was actually trying to evade as she went to get her towel. She fell to the ground and the surf board went straight to her head leaving her unconscious. Before her vision turned black, she heard a familiar voice shouting “Tike!”

Minerva woke to an unfamiliar room which filled with a distinct masculine smell. She looked around but there’s no body but her in the room. Minerva got up and started to walk towards the door when it quietly opens, as if someone was trying to be discreet to get inside. The person behind the door looked a bit surprise seeing her standing just beside it.

“Oh you’re awake!”

“Hanzi, why are you here?” They spoke at almost the same time which made them laugh for a moment.

“I was walking when I saw you hit your head on that surfing board. My unit’s close so I figured it would be best to bring you here”.

Minerva couldn’t help but to look around while saying “Ohh so this is your room”.

Hanzi helped her to sit down on the bed before saying “Yes, this is mine. I went to Betty’s but she’s not there. I saw her note on the door, which I believe was meant for you, she’s just out to buy some supplies in Taipei and was sorry that she forgot to mention it to you before you left. And just before I came here, she rang me. She told me she and her car got stuck again. So she failed to ride the last trip of the ferry which means she’ll be staying there overnight. She asked me to find you and tell you. Apparently she forgot to get you a local sim so she cannot call you directly.”

“Ohh and did you…”

Hanzi did not need to wait to finish her question. “No I did not tell her what happened to you, I don’t want her to worry. She already has some problem to fix there”.

Minerva is able to heave a sigh of relief. Then she suddenly remembered her foot. “What I can remember is that I bumped my head, I could not remember hurting my foot too. But it feels like hell now!”

“Maybe you sprained it when you fell. Here let me massage it for you”. He then reached for her foot and started a gentle massage.

“Ohh that feels good!” Minerva was arching her back a little when she suddenly noticed that she’s almost naked. She is still in her two piece bikini, with Hanzi holding her foot, her arching backwards, she could not think of any other more awkward position!

She just fell quiet. Hanzi continued to massage her foot. She looks down at him and in that same instance, Hanzi looks up. He stopped massaging her foot, but started to put light butterfly kisses on her foot and gently places some more on her leg. Minerva is left speechless as the sudden change, she wants to say something but couldn’t figure out what she was going to say.

Hanzi’s lips reached her knee and looks up at her again. His shirt rises higher and his picture perfect abbs are viewable. He’s starting to stand up and then plants a gentle kiss to her seemingly waiting lips. He continues to kiss her more passionately and with more strength. He lets out a moan and she touched his waist. She draws her hands are touching the crevices of his beautiful muscles through his shirt. Her hand draw upwards to his head and she pushes his face more deeply into hers.

“I’ve been dying to kiss these lips the moment I set eyes on you” he whispered. Minerva still can’t utter any word.

“You kept on talking while we were in my pick up and I couldn’t take my eyes off your face. I had to drive and focus on the road.” he again whispered. Hanzi kissed her lips again, this time, with much urgency. Minerva kissed back. Hanzi slowly lead her back down to the bed. Minerva followed his lead. Hanzi rolled on top of her still kissing her. Minerva welcomed her with open arms and held him really tight.

Hanzi started to kiss her neck, the side of her ears and then started to go down. He slowly removed her top togs. Minerva waited. Hanzi started to kiss again, but this time his hungry lips went straight to her left breast. Minerva couldn’t do anything but to arch her back again. Hanzi lips goes to her other breast with the same intense desire. Minerva wanted more and arched her back in ecstasy.

Minerva’s hands move from his back to his hair. Then, just when she’s not expecting to do anything, Hanzi rolled over and lay on the bed pulling her so she can be on top of him. She straddles him and his erection deeply pushes against her bikini bottoms. She can feel him pulsate underneath her despite her pressure against his body.

She begins to rub herself against him, her clitoris becoming more swollen as his cock pushes against her. He leans forward and sucks heavily on her breasts. Minerva busily dry humps him until his precum seeps through his jeans. Wanting more, Minerva reaches down and undoes his pants. He wants more of her and undoes her bikini bottoms by untying the side strings, they instantly fall off and he pulls them completely away. His erection now can be completely seen. She pulls his pants and briefs down.

He stands up “Come here my Tike” placing his hands around her small waist and pushes her to the bed. Hanzi is on top now, he reaches down and starts to rub her clitoris in strong circles as he unties her bikini top with his other hand and rips of his shirt. He parts her legs which she obliged and pushed his cock deep inside her. He grunts heavily and thrusts intensely as if he had not had sex in years. She grabs onto his waist and thrust him more forcefully into her as his testicles fill up with a full load. Her soft moans become louder and needier as they reach climax at almost the same moment, he pulls out and squirts streams of cum on her body and breasts as she continues to rub her clitoris.

Hanzi lay down beside her then pulled her in so he could give her strong bear hug. He kissed her on her nose and whispered “That was beautiful! It was perfect.” Minerva fell asleep. She woke up to the sound of door opening. It was Hanzi holding a tray of food.

“Good morning my Tike!”

Minerva started to get up but noticed that she’s naked, so she grabbed the nearest shirt around and put it on. She did not realize that it was Hanzi’s shirt. Hanzi gave her an approving look and said “You look really good wearing my shirt, I’m sure you’ll look equally good staying here on my island”.

Minerva looked at him intently and had envisioned her Mom, Dad and her Nena visiting her at this lovely and romantic Orchid Island 1.5 years from now.










The Sexy Mermaid Found at the Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan

Hengchun Peninsula Photo

Shu-hui was found by Cheng-han a local fisherman who lives near the Shan-Hai a fishing village in the Hengchun Peninsula many years ago. The first sight of her surprised him as she was totally naked when he found her. He took her to his house and took care of her. The first time she woke up, it was already after 3 days. When she opened her eyes, she was almost blinded by the sunshine coming from the hole in the roof. She looked at her surroundings and saw an unfamiliar place. “Where am I? What happened to me? What is this place?” Her heart beating fast she can barely breathe. With all her strength she tried to sit down and feel her body. “Aww my arm!” She looked at her left arm and saw it bandaged with leaves and cloth. Aside from her arm injury, her whole body felt alright. “What is that?” She saw a pair of slender legs. “I have legs? I have legs! Oh no! This can’t be happening!” She tried to crawl down from the bed, and fell with a thud. “Aww!” she shouted. A man came in and rushed to her air. He was a muscular man, big wide shoulders, muscular arms, his shirt clung to his body which traced his lean torso.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

She realized she didn’t have her tail, instead she used her legs to crawl to the corner and tried to cover herself up with a blanket.

“I’m not going to hurt you” he said.

She looked at him with a mixture of fright and confusion.

“How long was I asleep?” asked Shu-hui.

“Three days” the fisherman answered.

“Wh-where did you find me?”

“Now that’ a question. I found you at the shore. You didn’t have any clothes on, and it was dawn, I was about to go fishing. You were lucky there weren’t drunk bastards outside otherwise you’ll probably be dead by now.”

That thought scared her even more. “What?”

“But don’t worry, you’re safe here. I mended your wound, it looked deep but it’s just a scratch, should be fine in a few weeks.”

“Thank you, for saving me. What is this place?”

“You’re in Hengchuang Peninsula, just near the Kenting town. A few folks live here near the shore, mostly fishermen. I’ve never seen you around here before, are you a tourist or something?”

She hesitated before answering, unaware whether she could trust him. “Yes I’m a tourist. I travelled alone.”

“Do you always travel with no clothes on?”

She didn’t answer. “That’s okay” said the fisherman. “You don’t need to tell me anything else. I’m taking you to the local police so that your family can find you.”

“No!” she cried. “I cannot leave this place. It’s dangerous.”

“The police will take care of you, that’s their job, don’t worry they will not hurt you.”

Shu-hui remembered her friend Coral swimming close to the shore. A villager saw her and was frightened, but Coral was unaware of the dangers of mingling with humans. After a few minutes, villagers came back with men they called “police”. Those men used a big fishing net and threw it at Coral, dragged her to the shore and took her away.

“But I don’t want to go, I’m staying here okay?” she cried.

“Alright, alright, we’ll figure something out. You can stay here a few more days okay. Let’s hope nobody notices you.

“Thank you”


Photo: Coral the Mermaid


“It’s Cheng-han, call me Cheng-han.”

“Thank you Cheng-han.”

A week passed, Shu-hui is already used to the life in a human village. Through the week she took great care of Cheng-han, she cooked him vegetables and rice, cleaned the house, washes the dishes and the laundry. She had grown fonder of him, although she isn’t sure if Cheng-han feels the same way. Sometimes she finds him taking stolen glimpses at her.

She poured water into the jug when the small container slipped which splashed water onto her. She immediately went to the room to change. Cheng-han came in after buying gas for his burner for his fishing later, but didn’t find Shu-hui in the kitchen, so he went to the bedroom to look for her. He could see Shu-hui taking off her clothes but could not turn away from the beautiful curves of her body. It was not the first time he saw her naked, this time he felt something different. “What’s wrong with me? I better go.” He told himself.

But when she bent down to remove her lingerie, he found his feet glued to the ground. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her beautiful soft skin and her full breasts. She hung her clothes on the hook on the wall, and turned towards the box to get some clothes, but saw Cheng-han  who stood in the doorway. “I have never seen him look at me like that before. Why do I feel nervous? It’s an exciting kind of nervous though” she told herself.

Cheng-han took a step forward and another step. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before, Shu-hui.” He whispered. Shu-hui just stood there frozen, she didn’t know what to do. Cheng-han reached for her shoulders, and caressed down to her slender arms to hold her hands. He gently kissed both her hands and looked her in the eyes. “You have no idea what I want to do with you right now. But I won’t do it unless you want me to.” He took a towel and wrapped it around her. He kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you later, okay?” He turned to go, but Shu-hui grabbed his arm. “I’ll see you later” and she gently kissed him on his lips.

Shu-hui couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about Cheng-han. She went outside and walked down the shore, the waves splashed against her feet. She remembered her life in the sea. “I don’t think I want to go back. I don’t want to leave Cheng-han.” It was almost dawn, Shu-hui decided to wait for Cheng-han at the shore. She saw a small boat coming, and was surprised to see Cheng-han’s boat. He immediately saw her and felt breathless. He immediately secured his boat and ran towards Shu-hui.

“Hi.” He said. “What are you doing up?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I-I was waiting for you.”

He took her hands and kissed them, and caressed them on his cheek. “You were? Why so early?”

“I can’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. About you.”

“Come on, let’s get back inside”.

“No.” And she pulled him to kiss him. The kiss was gentle, then became harder and harder. Shu-hui couldn’t keep her emotions anymore, she wanted to be one with Cheng-han, right then. Cheng-han felt obliged and carried Shu-hui to the nearest rock for cover. He kissed her on the neck down to her bosom, down her navel and then her thighs. She fell breathless. Cheng-han guided his strong hands under her shirt, and found her full round breasts waiting for him. He caressed them gently and bent down to kiss Shu-hui on her thighs. He pulled her blouse up, to reveal her bosom, and immediately sucked her tits like a baby. Shu-hui let out a gentle moan, she felt good.


Photo: Taiwan Beauty


Cheng-han took his shirt off and unzipped his pants, while Shu-hui took off her lingerie leaving her skirt and shirt on just in case villager passed them. Cheng-han laid Shu-hui on the sand, and went under her skirt, she was wet and ready. He licked her slowly and thoroughly. Her moans escaped her mouth in utter pleasure, and grabbed Cheng-han’s hair in excitement. He inserted his tongue in and out of her, leaving Shu-hui in ecstacy. When Cheng-han finished, he immediately went on top of her, and held his manhood near her wet pussy. “Are you ready?” he lovingly asked. “Yes, yes I am.” And he thrusted his fully erected manhood in her, giving him chills down his spine. Shu-hui never felt as complete and as happy before, although it was her first time. She felt a slight pain, but when Cheng-han thrusted over and over, she couldn’t felt anything else but pure pleasure. As he moved faster, her grip on him tightened, and they both reached climax leaving them exhausted but happy.

They lied down on the sandy beach, the moonlight kissed their skin.

“I have something to tell you Cheng-han ,”

“What is it?”

“I’m a mermaid. I was washed ashore after drinking a potion that can give me feet. It’s the reason I was naked when you found me.”

“You’re kidding right?”

Shu-hui looked him in the eyes. “I told you this because I feel like I can trust you. I didn’t want to go to the police because I fear I might end up the same way as my friend Coral.”

“So it’s true then, that there’s a mermaid in one of the bars in Kenting town. I heard they already buried her, she died after 3 days on land.”

“Poor Coral!” Shu-hui cried. She sobbed and mourned for the loss of her dearest friend.

“Why do humans hate us?”

“I’m sorry Shu-hui. You know people tends to be afraid of things that they do not understand. They took Coral because they’re probably scared of her, traders wanted to buy her for some sort of entertainment, and did not know how to keep her healthy. But not all people are like that, you know. There are some that can also be trusted.” Cheng-han hugged Shu-hui for comfort. “Come on, let’s go back inside.”

Cheng-han fixed some hot coffee for Shu-hui to calm her down.

“I was never cared for like this in my life you know. Thank you for taking care of me.”

He gently kissed her on the forehead. “I love you Shu-hui, I will not do anything to hurt you. You can trust me on that. I’ll just go change okay.”

Cheng-han stood up and went to the room. Right after he took his pants and undergarments off, knelt down and sucked his manhood. “I didn’t hear you come in, I—“ he trailed off as he felt like floating on air while she played with his tip, and gently sucked it.

“I love you too Cheng-han. I want to be with you forever.” And she continued to suck his now erected manhood. “I can’t get enough of you. I want you inside me again.” She made him lie down on the bed, and undressed herself. She pulled her head up and down, up and down. With excitement, Cheng-han let out a moan, and grabbed Shu-hui’s hair gently, so he can see her. She looked at him while she sucked and smiled. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah. Go on please…” he begged, and Shu-hui continued to pleasure him. When he could not take it any longer, he grabbed Shu-hui and made her lay back on her back, and went inside her again over and over. When they finished, they laughed.

“That was the best feeling I had. I’m really happy when I am with you Cheng-han.”

“Me too.” He said. “Let’s get some sleep okay? You drained the energy out of me totally.” She smiled and kissed him. “Okay.”

Shu-hui woke up the next day feeling energized and happy, with Cheng-han lying by her side, naked. She placed a blanket on him to cover half his body, as he shifted. She kissed him on the forehead, and went to the market to buy food. It was already afternoon when she woke up, and she decided to make a nice dinner for him. When she finished shopping for food, she walked past some club house and men outside the clubs drinking.

“Hey miss, would you like a shot?”

She did not dare look. She walked faster and faster. Some of them got up, and followed her. Shu-hui is now half running, half walking. She didn’t want those men to come near her.

She finally reached their fishing village and went to the big rocks with caves to hide. People who are not familiar with the place won’t dare go in in fear of snakes and other venomous animals. Shu-hui tried to hide in one of the caves, but slipped and hit her head on the rocks. The waves crashed on the big rocks outside the caves. It was almost night time, and a faint light from the sun is the only thing you see on the horizon. “It’s getting colder; I better get to town fast.” She went down from the cave and stepped on the slippery rocks with her bare feet. She had to hide for hours just so those drunken men cannot get to her.

She immediately ran to Cheng-han’s where she found him on the porch waiting for her. She told him everything that happened, but told Cheng-han to not come after them anymore. “The sea will take care of them” she said.

The following morning, three men were found dead on the shore, bitten by sea snakes.

“You are one mysterious lady, Shu-hui.” Cheng-han said.




The Virgin Traveler in Yilan County, Taiwan

Filipina of Women in Polkadot Shirt

The sunlight beamed through the airplane window, and it almost blinded me. I cannot believe I slept through the entire trip. So much for sitting near the window, I didn’t get to see the clouds from where I am. I don’t really sleep when flying, I could just be really tired from doing a lot of house chores before leaving Manila. Visiting relatives there adds a lot of sense in my being. I mean, I would never truly know and understand the meaning of the word responsibility’ had it been for my Lola who always watch every move I make and tells me what I should do. “Do the dishes before rodents clean it for you”, “Your laundry won’t wash themselves on their own” or “How can you breathe all these dust?” There’s really something wrong with me, I’m 24 but my granny still tells me what to do. I don’t know if I can ever accomplish anything without anyone telling me what to do. Or can I? The chores really take most of my energy. At least before landing in Taiwan, I’m all energized.

I had to go meet up with a colleague for my blogging project. She said there’s this beautiful water church in Taipei that is worth seeing and writing about. The last thing in the world I need is my grandmother yelling orders, so here I am.

“Well hello there sexy!” greeted my friend Claire. She grew up here in Taiwan, and we met in UCLA back in college. We were housemates, and we practically knew almost everything about each other. “How’s Manila? How’s your family?” she asked while hugging me. “Yeah same old, granny still tells me what to do. Never gets tired of it.” We strolled out of the airport with my luggage and into our waiting shuttle. It’s nice to see a familiar place in an unfamiliar land.

“I’m so happy to see you Claire. It’s been a while huh?”

“You bet Lex. There’s so much to tell you! But before that look at you! You used to be all chubby and all, what happened? Crash diet?”

“Stress” I said. “Lots of it” I winked at her and we both laughed. “Yeah tell me about it.”

Claire is my best friend in the whole world. We did things together that I cannot even imagine I could do. We drove motorcycles without helmets and did not get caught, we sneaked into boys’ bathrooms just before they shower and hid in places without being seen, we climbed to the tops of hills and mountains, we shouted from them at the top of our lungs, we cursed and laughed at the world like there was no tomorrow. We’re practically like sisters. Soul mates. Claire had a boyfriend in college, actually they’re still together, and that’s when she spent less and less time with me. I caught them touching each other inside the bathroom once, it was so disgusting. After graduation, she left California, and stayed here in Taiwan with her boyfriend Chang, while I stayed with my parents.

It was hard to look for a job back there, until an online ad flashed on my social networking site looking for a blogger/writer. So, I applied and got in. I never realized I got a lot of creativity in me, until I started writing. My parents think I’m just wasting my life in front of the PC, but I don’t mind. I earn and I can save, so I’m all good. I visited grandma in the Philippines because I missed her so much, and because maybe it’s time for me to get some sense of direction. Yes I have a job, but I don’t know what to do with the money I earn. I save it yes, I actually have a lot of it now and I don’t know what to do with it. Grandma always says “Start with the household chores first, maybe then you’ll realize something.” I find that true though. Whenever I wash dishes, that’s when I think of all the things I did back then. I thought of having a house of my own, maybe a pet dog, running my own restaurant, running after my children with my husband.

“Lex, wake up!” My thoughts and dreams trailed off. “We’re here!”

Claire and Chang’s house is in Su’ao Township in Yilan County. It’s just a few minutes away from the beach. The house they lived in now is a gift from Chang’s parents, before Claire walked in the picture. Chang’s family loved Claire though, and I think they’re getting ready to be married in a years.

“Wow, this house looks really amazing Claire.” “I know right! Come on, Chang’s waiting for us inside.”

The entrance to the house is paved with beautiful marbles. The receiving area is very cozy with a brown leather couch, a mini library, flat screen TV and a coffee table. Two life saver’s hang from the terrace. Change used to work as a lifeguard at the local beach nearby, no wonder he’s got some memorabilia.

“Hey Lex, I’m glad to see you! How’s your flight?” he asked giving me a quick hug. “It was okay, I slept through the trip, was exhausted from dong house chores at grandmas”. There was a pause. And then we all burst out laughing. “Yeah that’s some life. Come on let’s have lunch, I prepared a nice seafood pasta dish and some potato salad.”

“That sounds amazing, I’m starving.” I said truthfully.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

After lunch, I asked Claire how to get to the famous church she was talking about. She offered to give me a ride, and just dropped me off at the entrance of the Shangri-la hotel. I made some arrangements with the hotel management, so I’d get to take a look at the beautiful church that looks as if it is floating on water. For the regular tourists, this church is off limits – only those holding wedding ceremonies are allowed to get in.


Shangri-la Hotel Photo
Photo: Shangri-la Hotel


I started walking on the corner side of the church, where a small boat is tied to giving you a rustic country side feel of transport going to the church. I was just enjoying the cool breeze and the quiet ambience of the place when I heard a really loud noise. “Excuse me coming through!” I’m like, who could be ruining my peace and quiet? I turned to see a handsome looking man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, wearing white long sleeves, black pants and shiny black shoes. He was holding a leashed dog, a st Bernard, and they are coming towards me. Oh no.

I’ve never been jumped at by a really big furry dog before. Luckily, the guy managed to hold the dog before I took another step behind. One more step and I am sure to plunge into the greenish cold lake water.

“Whoa, hey boy easy! The frog’s gone okay, you almost knocked her off.”

I was frozen. My mouth stayed open and my scream melted away, the sound that came out is like a chicken’s. He was so cute. He looked ruggedly handsome, with really lean and muscular features. I’ve never seen such work of art in my life. “I’m sorry miss; Halsey really loves to run after frogs. Sorry to scare you. I’m Jason by the way.”

He held out his hand. Oh my goodness he held out his hand. What should I do??? I’m trying to reach for the hand but I can’t move!

“Are you okay miss?”

“Yeah I am. Uhm, I’m fine I’m just..” I took another step backwards and my legs splashed into the water. Luckily the lake is shallow, but I’m totally drenched. Unfortunately though, Jason grabbed my hand and he too, fell into the lake. In that instant, I wished he landed on top of me. “Oh geez it’s cold!” I muttered. “Are you okay? Let me help you up, I have spare clothes in my hotel room“

“Your hotel room?”

“Yeah, my sister’s getting married and we’re doing the wedding pictorial when Halsey here started running after that frog.”

“Oh I see. No I’m okay, I’ll just take a cab and go home.”

“No I insist please. This wouldn’t have happened because of me. At least let me help get you dried up.”


He helped me get up from the water. I was only wearing a shirt; my curves are showing up big time. I had to cover my front with my hands, otherwise he’ll see my nipples perfectly hardened by the damp coldness. Wait, was he looking? “I’m fine; I think I can stand on my own thanks” pulling my hand away from him. It’s really awkward walking along the sides of a really nice hotel drenched with a man you just met and his wild big dog. I caught a glimpse of him as I walked, I must admit he looks really cute. I can’t help but take another glance at his wet lean body. His cargo pants outline the size of his cock which makes me blush as I now know he is well equipped. I brush my arm against his as he walks in an attempt to instigate something.

He cleared his throat and I immediately looked away.” So, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lex”.

“Lex, is that short for Alexis? Alexa?”

“It’s Lexinne.”

“Nice name. It’s so unique”.


We walked past other guests and bell boys, until we finally reached the elevators. I was really cold and shivering.

“Lex, I’m sorry about what happened, I didn’t mean to ruin your day.”

With shivering voice I said “It was an accident. I’ll just get out of these cold wet clothes so I can be on my way.”

“I see.”

We quietly waited until we reached the 12th floor. He opened the door to his huge room.

“ Who are you sharing this room with?”

“No one.”

“Oh.” I said. I’ve never been alone in a room with a guy before. And a hot guy at that. Dirty thoughts cross my mind of how easy it would be to undress right in front of him but I have never done anything like that before.

“Let me just get you a towel, the bathroom’s in the bedroom, to the left.”

The bathroom was divine; I can’t wait to take my clothes off. I took a nice warm shower, and dried up. I never noticed that Jason is standing at the door way. With only a towel wrapped around his waist. Shoot. I forgot to close the door. I immediately covered my body with my hands.

“You don’t need to hide a body that sexy. Here’s your towel and some clothes. They’re my sister’s; I think you’re the same size.”

Why is he looking at me like that? “Thanks.”

He is advancing towards me. “What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your towel and clothes.”

“Okay you can go out now thank you.”

He seemed used to seeing naked women. I better get out of here fast, I am not ready for this. After dressing up, I sprang from the hotel and into the road. I’ll call Claire to pick me up here. Wait. My bag’s in the hotel. I took a deep breath, and turned to the hotel, when a familiar voice called me.

“Hey sexy, do you need a ride?”

“No thanks my friend’s picking me up. I left my bag in your room, I’ll just go get it.”

“I’m going with you.”

We reached his room and I went straight to the bathroom where my bag is. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Jason. I immediately stood up. “I have to go, I…” “Hey, it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.” He looked into my eyes and gave me a gentle kiss. I melted. We held the kiss for a long time until we were both out of breath. When we finally released each other, I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed and kissed him hard, my hands wrapped around his muscular shoulders. I knew I couldn’t stop. The sensation I was feeling is nauseating and it feels really good. He took his shirt off and mine, and he started tracing kisses from my lips, to my ears, down my neck and shoulders, and my bosom. He unhooked my bra and removed my shorts, leaving just my panties on. He scooped me and gently laid me on the bed, while he undressed. Cuddling my bosom, he kissed my tummy and played his tongue on my navel. The tingling pleasurable sensations drove me crazy. What’s even crazier is when he took my panties off, and talked to my other mouth. I tried to stop myself from moaning, but it was so good. I’ve never felt like this before.

He placed two fingers inside of me and started moving them rapidly hitting my g-spot. He began to use the full force of his arm and made even stronger pushes of his fingers. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. I couldn’t help but to bring my legs together and I felt a strong sensation between my legs. I instantly began to squirt, the water hit his fingers with force, and the bed bellow me was drenched. He continued to flick his fingers inside of me, I thought the flow would stop, but I didn’t. He went inside of me and started thrusting his now stone-hard manhood into me, and I felt complete. “You are so beautiful” he whispered, as he continued to thrust. The gentle thrusts became rapid, until we both reached it, catching our breath.

“That was my first time Jason.”

“Yeah? I thought so. That was my first too, in the bathroom.”

“No kidding!” Why is he so insensitive? I got up and got ready to dress. “I was joking, come here.”

We laid in bed and talked about so many things until the sun went up. He told me about his life and how he also wants to be married in that same Eternal Water Church when he finds the one. I came back to Claire with more than just a story about a wedding church. After 5 years, I would never thought I’d come back to Yilan not to write about a church, but to be married there. I guess he already did find the one. I did too.