The Sexually Arousing Nature of Erotic Literature

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Since I used to be a good reader in my youth, I easily became interested in the erotic books that we have in our stores. At first sight some erotic books seem a bit old and uninteresting to me but after taking the time to open some up to read, I can tell you that I was wrong. It reminded me of how much I loved to read a good book from time to time a few years earlier when I was a teenager and how much they inspired my imagination. Of course, I was not really interested in these erotic books as a teenager as I was sexually inactive and didn’t even want to be aroused. Now that I am older, I can see how erotic literature provides a positive impact on peoples lives.

Erotic literature contains a story or multiple stories that include the intimate thoughts of one or more characters sexual lifestyle and relationships. It also describes sexual acts in great detail which otherwise may not have been captured through other forms of media like adult movies, erotic television shows and hentai. For example, in a sex scene of an adult movie you may see two people engaging in sex from different angles whilst in a book, the author is able to capture precisely how each touch is made, describe how the touch had made the character feel and delve into character development.

The reader then is able to imagine what is happening in their own mind and if they choose to, they can adapt the situation or character according to their personal desires making the scenes become more personal. Erotic books aim to awaken the reader’s emotions, imagination and sexual arousal levels.

It’s also interesting that these books usually include satire and social criticism which allows the reader to understand and see taboo topics from a different perspective. I’d say people who read these books become less judgmental and are more aware of how diverse members of society’s sexual lifestyles can be.

Erotic literature is available in fiction or non-fiction which may or may not be expressed in explicit language. It can be found in the forms of novels, short stories, poetry and sex manuals. They are written with different themes including prostitution, orgies, homosexuality, sadomasochism, fetishes, topics considered taboo and much more.  Some books offer lighter reading whilst others can be hard core, there really is something available for all different tastes.


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Erotic Literature From Left to Right: The Virgins by Pamela Erens (2013), Tampa by Alissa Nutting (2013), Fifty Shade of Grey by E L James (2011), Thérèse and Isabelle by Violette Leduc (2000) and The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire (1857)


Erotic literature has many benefits including:

  • Arousal: There are book lovers who have a real passion for reading and appreciate that a book can stimulate sexual arousal both mentally and physically. For some people imagination is an engine needed for the sexual arousal, reading could be used as a sexual aid.
  • Imagination: Reading can ignite your imagination and take you to places you have never been. The scenes within the book are all imagined in your head. If you would like to you can imagine yourself in the story instead of the characters which can be really exciting! Inversely, you can make your partner become another person.
  • Inspiration: It inspires us through discovering information about topics that we do not know which helps us to understand them, thanks to the good words chosen by the narrator.
  • Role Play: After reading the book, you are able to role play scenarios with your partner.
  • Romance: If you find yourself needing a little excitement in your monotonous relationship, reading erotic literature out loud can definitely be a way to excite the two of you. It can help you feel what the couple in the book feels.
  • Sex Advice: It can also give you useful sex advice to spice up your relationship.
  • Old school: If you are not the kind of person to try adult lifestyle products like sex toys you can read a book.

Nowadays, there are so many books and genres that have an influence on our society. Some were originally perceived as taboo had eventually become acceptable within society. Some have reached worldwide success and have become movies or TV shows like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Intimate Adventure of a London Call Girl.

Erotic literature has a sexual arousing nature which can positively impact your lifestyle and relationships. Be sure to visit Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres to have a look at our large range of books on display.

About the Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres











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