The Spirits of Mount Hehuan, Taiwan

This English traveller visiting the Taroko National Park was in for more than she bargained when she went against the advice of locals and climbed the peak of Mount Hehuan.  Wintry nights were supposed to be the worst when the devil himself could reveal himself. Silly, superstitutious locals she thought as she began to ascend the summit.

Suddenly someone, something began to call out her name and inexplicably she followed it and it led to a cave, and inside that dark cave was a large bed with a woman perched on the side of it.  She was glorious and wore a thin silk gown and at this moment our traveller realized it was the spirit of Hehuanshan.

Tina was unable to stop herself and desired to touch this spirit, do more than just touch, caress, lick, be entwined with this godly creature.  After that seductive night she looked for that cave often but could never find it again – yet she remembers the night vividly. Remember that erotic night with Tina and the spirit of Hehuan

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