My Chibli Inspired Sex Toy Collection Features The Kawayi!

Fake Handbags of the Sex Toy World

Romant previously described by me as the fake handbags of the sex toy world. I’m pleased to say they have stepped up the game with their late 2016/2017 releases! The release included a battery-operated range, kegel weights, rechargeable rabbits, massagers, G-spotters and wands! My review especially focuses on a particular external massager in their rechargeable line. I especially like the Kawayi 1 the nonna for your no-nos! It’s adorable and perfect to add to my Studio Ghibli inspired collection of massagers (Odecco’s Totoro anyone!?). This range is created around three creative concepts: portable, powerful, practical.  There are four styles to choose from in the series.


Tenga Inspired Sextoys
Romant Kawayi


I really love the shape of this massager the double bubble-shaped body makes it super easy to grip and control. You can use as little or as much pressure as you want because it fits so comfortably in any user’s hands. The Kawayi series with their smiling mouths come in two vibrant colours a purple and a hot pink. This is such a stereotype but I really love the pink because it isn’t soft and feminine it’s bold and really captures your attention even if you don’t really see it when in use. The Kawayi’s body is made of ABS plastic with a supple medical-grade silicone coating, the bun atop this naughty nana’s head is a soft yet solid globule of silicone with dot point texturing. It’s super easy to interchange between the soft and smooth flat top of the bun and pinpoint textures by rotating it. I would have preferred if the pinpoints were a bit more defined as the higher the vibration frequency the less they were felt.  The coated body ensures you get a deeper more impressive rumble of the vibration. The Kawayi features 3 speeds and 4 styled patterns which are a variation of waves, pulsations and a distinct heartbeat patterns. Kawayi only has a very progressive one button touch to turn on change and off. It’s pretty good I think the one button touch is all that it need considering it’s a pre-programed product.

Romant Kawayi 1 Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 1 in Pink


The Dock Is Great For Hygiene Purposes

In 2 hours you can fully charge the Kawayi Range. I really liked that the Kawayi has a magnetic charging dock, it kept it from resting on my carpeted floor and reduced picking up fluff, glitter, cat hair, random shit, potential life-threatening pathogens you know the usual crap you find on the bedroom floor of people in their 20s. Whilst I love the dock for hygiene purposes but I can say it doesn’t make it easier to hide when charging if you’re worried about people seeing or finding a sex toy you will need to ninja charge this product. Charging for me is a once a week mass affair when I’m in the “shower” lucky for me my bathroom routine is usually 2 or more hours.

If you are a fan of long bathroom stays you’re in luck Kawayi is fully submersible so you can use this bad boy during your spa treatments. Guaranteed glow!!! The packaging says it is less than 49 decibels and extremely quiet, at arm’s length I can barely hear Kawayi guaranteed not to make a splash! The loudest thing about these products is definitely the colours and the vibrator will definitively give you an orgasmic experience,

To be fair no one ever masturbates with the box or uses the storage bag which is a good thing for Romant because their packaging is bland and they didn’t include a storage bag. Romant certainly blew their budget on absolutely slaying the contents of the box. Its box is extremely straight to the point it shouts, you buy this you get this! I like that it says enjoy the luxury but don’t be fooled I know the luxury isn’t the visuals on the box, Kawayi is a hidden gem. The quick description on the back is loosely translated to English but prior to that I assure you it was once extremely eloquent and well thought out highlighting all the best features of this new Romant range.

It’s a really small cute easy to use product easily recommended to someone who was looking for their first vibe or as a gift for a friend. I wish there was more to say on the Kawayi series but its simplicity and lack of fault or features have left me pretty speechless.

About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres





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