How to Get Sexy Inspiration from Audio Porn

Is your sex life at a standstill then Get Sexy Inspiration? Are you looking for some new and naughty sexual inspiration? Look no further than audio porn. A fairly new but equally erotic form of pornography, audio porn takes erotic storytelling to an entirely new level! 


Narrators with seductive and captivating voices read hot and steamy sex stories aloud for your listening pleasure. Without visual cues from videos or photographs, your imagination is left to run wild (along with your hands). Audio porn allows you to imagine yourself in the narrator’s shoes or watching from afar like a sexy spectator.


Whichever role you embody, audio porn can offer plenty of naughty inspiration to help bring passion to your relationship, both with your significant other and yourself. 

Listen with a Partner as Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of any intimate relationship, especially for women who often need sexual build-up and an emotional connection to get aroused enough for sex. Heavy petting, groping, and dry humping excluded, audio porn is an intimate type of foreplay both partners will love. Guys get their pornography fix while women are treated to sexy and seductive stories that let their naughty imaginations run wild.


Slip into bed and bring your earbuds along. Dim the lights, light some candles and lay beside one another. Now, share the earbuds, use wireless AirPods, or just press play on the erotic audio sex story of your choosing. Let the narrator’s sexy voice fill your ears and travel throughout every inch of your being. You can touch, tickle, and caress their body during especially steamy portions of the story. Close your eyes and briefly get lost in your own erotic world. Audio porn lets you enjoy a shared experience as well as a completely private and personal one all at the same time.


By the time the story ends, you’ll be begging your partner to ravish you! 

Safely Experiment with Different Fantasies and Scenarios

Speaking of ravishing one another, have you been dying to try a new sex fantasy? Is it a little racy or taboo? Audio porn lets you not only explore these fantasies safely without commitment or reserve but introduce your naughtiest desires to your partner in a non-intimidating way.


Start by choosing an erotic sex story in your desired category. Audio porn is available in every niche from BDSM and cuckold to gay, fetish, and beyond. Now, lay back and listen. Imagine yourself exploring uncharted territory. Can you envision yourself acting these scenarios out in real life or is the fantasy enough to satisfy you? Either way, audio porn is a healthy way to venture outside your sexual comfort zone. 


If you decide a threesome or cuckold fantasy is something you’d like to experiment with, use an audio sex story to bring it up to your partner. Have them listen to a particularly steamy sex scene and see how they react. Are they equally turned on or do they seem appalled? Their reaction will tell you a lot about whether or not you can comfortably suggest whatever naughty fantasy you have in mind. Who knows, they might be more than willing to indulge you — all thanks to audio porn! 

Take Notes and Find Inspiration in Your Favorite Stories

Are you tired of using the same old moves in bed or are worried that your partner is getting bored? Or maybe you’re just hitting the dating scene again and want some pointers before your next sex session. Whatever the reason, audio porn is a great resource for tips, tricks, and techniques that’ll “wow” your lover.


Pay attention to how the characters speak to one another. Find inspiration in the words and phrases they use. After listening to a few erotic sex stories, you’ll be a dirty talk master! You can also get tips on how to seduce your partner. Lighting candles, blindfolding them, or surprising them in the shower are just a few sex scene scenarios to help you surprise and arouse your significant other.


You can also use audio porn to push the envelope. Have you always dreamed of getting spanked but can’t find the right words to ask for it? Take note of how the characters in the stories get their naughty needs met. Perhaps the woman comes to bed wearing a sexy leather bodysuit or handcuffs herself to the bed. If you think your partner is receptive to a more straightforward approach, bring a beautiful stranger home to live out your threesome fantasy. 


Find a character in your favorite audio porn that’s relatable and then take their lead. Just be sure to always respect your partner’s boundaries. 

Embody the Sex God (or Goddess) You’ve Always Wanted to Be and Experiment with Roleplaying 

Speaking of finding a relatable character, some of the hottest sex involves roleplaying. There’s something exciting about pretending to be someone you’re not or embodying the personality of someone who’s your complete opposite.


For those who are normally reserved or shy in the bedroom, it’s time to get aggressive! Listen to a few sex stories with strong and powerful characters that aren’t afraid to ask (or demand) what they want. Borrow some of their catchphrases and all of their confidence to recreate the sexy scene. This works best when your partner is also familiar with the character and story. Find one that you’ve enjoyed listening to together and then act it out. Become the star of your own, real-life sex story.


You can also ask for what you want and cite an audio porn story as your inspiration. Tell your significant other that you want them to tie you up and pour hot oil on you just like the two characters you listened to. Audio porn offers a safe lead-in to expressing your deepest desires. 


Explore Your Limits with Audio Porn 

Sex, foreplay, and fantasies have never been more fun or more satisfying. Audio porn offers plenty of naughty ideas and inspiration to take your sex life to the next level. 


If your relationship lacks sizzle, erotic sex stories are the perfect way to connect on a deeper level (literally). Incorporate some of the scenes and characters into your own bedroom routine. Learn to be more assertive and seductive by listening to the techniques they use.


Whether you’re experimenting on your own or with someone else, audio porn can help you let your guard down and unleash the sexual being inside!

The Wine Glass!

Erotic Stories

I’ve always been a kinky person. All throughout High School I kept getting in trouble because I couldn’t keep from humping everything, saying the wrong things at the wrong time, and just basically being intrigued about everything related to sex, which, coming from a very religious family, is not something that usually went unpunished. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I ended up getting grounded a lot. So by senior year I was becoming an expert at avoiding getting into trouble while still trying to figure out why I felt so curious about this carnal sin called sex.

I somehow managed to graduate with pretty good grades and was accepted to a pretty awesome college far away from home. In fact, the distance from my home was a factor that I valued a lot when making my decision on which school I wanted to attend. I finally wanted to be free from the judging gaze of my parents and family. Finally liberated, I must admit I went a little nuts with this newfound freedom. Let me tell you about one of these moments, this is the time I learned a new Japanese term at college.

During my college years I made a group of pretty loyal friends that closely resembled the group that I had in High School. In my experience geeky boys have a tendency to be secretly kinky, and they also lack the ego to be jerks or assholes to me after they learn of my kinks and hang-ups. In High School I learned that the popular crowd will quickly turn on and destroy people in their own group for much less than being a sexual deviant, so I always kept my distance from them. The geeky kids were always sweet and glad to have any kind of female attention and friendship. They were all hopelessly single, hopelessly sweet, and hopelessly horny, which was just the kind of friend I was looking for.

My college group of friend consisted of five really close friends. We called ourselves the O.R.G. (Oppidan Research Group). Not because of we were researching anything related to Urbanism or anything like that, we just found it hilarious that it sounded like the word “orgy”. If there was any research that our group would do, then it was usually related to sex and deviant/perverted sexual practices. The internet had just recently become “a thing” and information about sex had never before been as readily available as it was back then.

In our group we had: Roger, the rich, Asian kid. He had a round-face, was short, pale, and was the king of all the tech and gadgets. His house had Internet built in, which was a big deal in a world of dial-up Internet. Next there was Tom, the tall, pale, and thin-as-a-stick kid from Florida. Nowadays there are jokes on the Internet about “Florida Man” doing some fucked up thing, I think it may actually be Tom! I’m joking of course, but he was an odd looking kid. Very quiet, but always had a glint of mischief in his eyes. Sam was a skinny, geeky black kid. If I had to describe him I would say he looked like a less goofy looking Steve Urkel. And rounding up the O.R.G. was David. He had long curly hair, was somewhat built, and came from a huge family New Jersey. I was the only girl in the group. And maybe it was because I was the only girl brave enough to hang out with these geeky perverts.

It was a Thursday night, we’d gathered to “study” at our usual meeting place: Roger’s house.

Roger was a local boy, he had always lived close to the college because his parents were both doctors and one of them was a professor at our college. His house was huge and mostly empty all the time because his parents were often out working or traveling, which was just perfect for us; a big, beautiful house all to ourselves with great furniture and many places to study or goof off. Also, during the warmer months, the pool was one of our favorite places to chill out.

Roger’s parents were both out, as was usual, so we had the house to ourselves. Roger was extremely giddy and joking around with the rest of the crew. I’d been the last to arrive to the house and they were giggling and making jokes about some strange word that sounded like “go-koon” to my ears. They were joking about getting some more go-koon from the fridge, which immediately drew out groans and “eww” from the others. After a few more mentions of this word related to food or drink, I finally gave up an asked what they were talking about. And they all burst out laughing, which only doubled my determination to find out what the joke was.

Roger served us all lemonade as we sat down to at the round table in the middle of the breakfast nook. His face dramatically illuminated by the hanging lamp. As he took his seat, he explained that the word was Gokkun, and that it was Japanese. And he explained that there is a whole sub-genre of Japanese porn where a group of men would ejaculate into a glass, or a plate, or a bucket. Once they had all filled the vessel, a girl would then take it and swallow the whole thing. My mouth was agape. Which only made them all laugh even more, and I guess that is when I realized that my mouth was open and my cheeks immediately turned red from embarrassment.

“No fucking way that’s a real thing,” I said as I finally regained my wits. My mind was racing and quickly switching from disgust to intense curiosity.

I’m not sure if the boys could tell the conflict going in my brain. But it almost seems like they were prepared for me to doubt them. “I have proof!”, said Roger, and he produced a VHS tape from his backpack and put it in the center of the table. Sam quickly picked it up and inspected it.

“Where the hell did you get this?”, Sam asked, turning the tape over and over. It had a black label with red Japanese symbols all over it.

“My dad brought it back from his last trip to Japan,” said Roger coyly, “He still has no idea that I know where he stashes his porn collection.”

The next few minutes the boys argued over international video formats, but Roger assured everyone that the video was in the correct format and that we would be able to watch it. The boys chugged their lemonade down and we quickly filed after Roger to the den. Roger fiddled with the VCR while we all sat on the couch. I sat smack dab in the middle of the couch with Sam and David to my left, and Tom to my right. The video started, and Roger came and sat on the floor in front of us all.

After a lot of “artistic shots” of a Japanese garden and some cheesy music, a very busty girl walks into the garden and proceeds to strip naked, then a group of men come and surround her. They also disrobe and begin to stroke their dicks. The girl in the center kneels and takes turns fellating the men. So far there was nothing I had not seen before in regular pornos. I could tell the images were working their magic on the boys though, as they all shifted in their seats, adjusting their crotches.

I’d watched porno with the boys before. And while I do enjoy watching the films, I enjoy watching they boys reactions to the film much more. Their dicks get hard and there is a lot of adjusting of bulges that goes on. Depending on the film some boys get a little more adventurous and start to actually stroke the outline of their dicks through their pants, which excites me much more than what’s going on in the film. Tonight was one of those nights, the boys were all over their junk, petting and caressing their boners over their jeans. Pretty soon there was four boys with their eyes glued to the screen, and their hands squeezing their boners over their jeans… and one girl with her eyes glued to their crotches and her hand down the front of her leggings sliding her index finger up and down her slit.

It was Sam that noticed first what I was doing. He pretended to not see me, but his coordination is pretty awful, and he did a double-take and quickly glued his eyes back to the TV. His eyes darting quickly from the TV to my lap. I turned my head to face him and grinned. I was hoping he would understand that I didn’t mind if he saw me, after all I was enjoying watching him stroking his dick through his pants. He gave me a very nervous smile and nodded, squeezing the outline of his dick, which was very large and growing against the leg of his tight jeans. The head of his dick was clearly distinguishable under his pants.

On the screen, the Japanese girl was stroking dicks all around her, sometimes sucking, sometimes licking and trying to please too many men to count. She rubbed their dicks all over her pale face while the men were groping her tits, and fingering her extremely dark-bushed pussy. She simply submitted and let the men use her like a toy. Pretty soon a lady in a white kimono and a large glass bowl showed up on the screen. As the kneeling girl sucked cock to the point of orgasm, the men would quickly pull out of her mouth, aim at the glass bowl, and would cum into the bowl. One after another, the men would cum into the bowl making a larger and larger puddle of viscous, clear liquid with white streaks in the bowl.

After they’d all cum into the bowl, she took the milky, sticky soup and proceeded to drink it down. She didn’t chug it down, but rather took many sips from it while her friend in the white kimono would help clean her cheeks and lips, when the cum would inevitably dribble out. The boys were transfixed to the screen, and I was transfixed to their throbbing dicks. I could not hold it in, and finally said, “This Gokkun shit really gets your guys horny, doesn’t it?”

They turned to me and were about to probably say something, but I’d forgotten that I had my hand down my pants and they all instantly focused on my crotch, their eyes wide. I could feel my face turning red and warm. And I closed my eyes. Then I heard it, “Yeah? How about you, sticky fingers?”. Even Sam chuckled, but thankfully came to my rescue, “Don’t be hypocrites guys, you were all jerking through your clothes.”

“Yeah, but she’s actually touching her stuff”, said David.

Even though I was ashamed, I could not help but find it incredibly adorable that David could not find it in himself to say vagina, or pussy, or cooch, or something like that.

My boys had caught me red-handed, as it were, but I was still horny even if I was a little bit ashamed. However, shame had never killed my arousal in the past. In fact, it usually tended to make me feel even hornier so I proposed, “Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” And proceeded to quickly slide my leggings and panties down my thighs to my knees. My hand covering my well groomed bush, and my middle finger lodged over my clit while my fingertip rested between my pussy lips, parting them.

All four of them stared wide eyed at my mound. I moved my finger up and down my slit grinding my fingertip back over my clit and then down the clitoral hood, sending millions of tiny sparks all over my body.

Sam was again the first to unzip. I guess that little moment we had earlier had somehow given him the courage needed to follow my lead. He fished around in his fly and underwear with his hand until a huge black pole of a cock flung out from the fabric of his pants. It was a glorious, black cock with big veins running all around the length of his shaft. His glans was a pink-brown color, and was very moist. His hand was stroking the base, making his head bob up and down with each stroke. I was happily surprised to learn that Sam had such a beautiful specimen hidden in his pants, and absentmindedly licked my lips.

Tom was next, he unzipped and his cock practically flew out of his pants. I guess I should have known that Tom was the kind of guy to not wear underwear. His cock was very pink, in definite contrast to Sam’s. It too was large, which I guess only made sense considering how tall and lanky Tom was. He was uncut, and his foreskin reminded me of a little turtleneck. Whenever he stroked his cock, though, his foreskin would come completely down revealing his head, and then slide right back up to cover it again. I was mesmerized.

I leaned forward to slide my leggings down to my ankles when I heard two more zippers come down. When I sat straight up again there were four happy cocks being stroked around me. On the screen the movie was still playing. Another girl was repeating pretty much the same scenario we had seen previously, but this time the Japanese men were taking turns fucking her. Her exaggerated porno moans were the perfect soundtrack for our own activities. Nobody watched the screen this time, however. I was too busy admiring the happy cocks around me glistening in their precum. I opened my legs to let the boys get a better look at my puffy labia and my hardening clit, but still kept on grinding my fingertip up and down and left and right over my clit.

David was stroking pretty damn fast, which must’ve warned Roger that something was going to happen, because he warned, “Don’t fucking cum on my dad’s couch, Dave.”

Dave looked pale, he’d already passed the point of no return. “Too late Rog, I can’t stop now”.

Roger looked alarmed and got up quickly towards the bar. He grabbed a wine glass and quickly handed it over to David. “You owe me a new wine glass, asshole”.

David grabbed the glass just in time, sat up on the couch and tilted his dick down into the opening of the glass and exploded into it. The head of his cock forcefully shot out rope after rope of the most gloriously white spunk I’d ever seen. It was pretty amazing. Not even in the pornos had I seen a dick shoot cum out with that much force. “Oh wow,” I said, “You could kill somebody with that Dave.” The rest of the boys chuckled.

“That’s nothing,” Said Roger, who motioned for David to hand over the wineglass. David leaned forward and handed the glass to Roger, his white spunk swirling around at the very bottom of the wine glass. Roger kept stroking while looking at me grinding away at my clit. Soon he took his eyes off of me and positioned the glass in front of his dick. He also spurted furiously into the glass, his little white ass contracting as his whole body convulsed with each spurt. His white spunk slowly slid down the sides of the wineglass to mix with Tom’s.

“Oh shit,” I chuckled while furiously grinding my clit. “What the fuck? Since when do you guys cum bullets?”

Tom motioned to Roger for the wineglass, Roger obliged. Tom got up from the couch to reach for the glass. My legs were against his legs, so as soon as he got up from the couch my legs opened up wide. I took the opportunity, with my legs now wide open, to slide two fingers in and out of my pussy. It felt really good. Even though rubbing my clit sends sparks all over my body, feeling my aching pussy get stuffed feels really great too.

Tom, now with wineglass in hand, turned to face me. The sight of me finger-fucking my pussy drove him quickly over the edge. He positioned his dick’s head inside the wineglass and exploded as well. Because he was right in front of me, I didn’t get a good look at his ejaculation, but he made up for it with his sounds. He really grunted and put on a show for me. It sounded almost as exaggerated as the actors on the film.

As he took the head of his cock out of the wineglass, I noticed that there was a rather large puddle of swirling goo at the bottom of the glass. I was impressed. “You boys really cum in buckets, don’t you?”.

Sam reached his hand out and Tom handed him the glass. As I looked around the room I noticed that the other boys, even though they’d cum forcefully just seconds ago, were not going flaccid. In fact their cocks were still at attention and throbbing up and down at the spectacle of my finger fucking, and to the sounds of a shrill Japanese actress getting fucked by an army of men. Sam sat at the edge of the couch, he grabbed the wineglass and pointed his dick downwards into it, he then looked directly at my glistening fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, and came. He also shot rope after rope of cum inside the glass just as I was shuddering from my very own orgasm. My body trembled as I managed to whimper out, “Oh yes!”.

I could feel every inch of my body twinkle in and out of existence. It was a very intense orgasm. When I opened my eyes and looked at my boys, and they looked at me I could tell they had no idea what just happened, so I explained, “I just came too.” Then all opened their eyes wide and nodded.

“I was almost expecting for you to ask for the wineglass in order to cum into it,” chuckled Roger, as he turned toward the TV to turn off the VCR and retrieve his tape. That’s when I turned to Sam, who was still recovering his breath from his own orgasm, and asked for the wineglass.

Roger almost lost his balance when heard me ask for the glass and quickly spun around on his heels.

Sam obliged.

I swirled the slimy white goo at the bottom of the wineglass like a fine wine. It felt heavier than I expected, and was indeed a larger quantity of cum than I would have though my boys were capable of producing. I placed the edge of the glass to my lips and tilted the salty, sticky mess onto my tongue. My eyes darted from boy to boy as I sipped the cum into my mouth and swallowed it little by little. Their mouths were agape. They couldn’t believe what I was doing.

I steadily swallowed the entire load, waiting for it to slide slowly down my throat. When I finished, my boys clapped and cheered.

Roger reached for the wineglass, and asked if I wanted anything. “Seeing as to how you have a wineglass in your hand, some wine would taste pretty good right about now,” I said. And he served me some of his dad’s wine from the wine cooler. It tasted like heaven after all that salty cum.

We never had another Gokkun session with the boys after that. But we did a whole lot more masturbation sessions soon afterwards.  Here is one of them entitled pool time with the O.R.G.’s.

My First Lesbian Experience

Sexy Woman in Lingerie Photo

It was the first date and they were meeting at Likanya’s house.  Roxy ensured she had made herself gorgeous with her silky honey brown hair that fell straight above her firm butt. The crystal blue eyes suggesting a sultry and sexy demeanor are always capturing the attention of others. Their chatting on the net had led to some frank and open sex stories. Likanya had shared an encounter from the Sydney Mardi Gras. It was quite enthralling since the whole thing was about lesbian seductions and romantic issues.

Roxy was new in the LGBTQI community but was invited to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade with Likanya to participate in the event that very night. She had dreamt of being a lesbian for many years but the dream to reality had not yet come to pass. When she had met with other lesbian friends, she felt strong impulses of sexual tension between her thighs but shied off from having lesbian sex.

Now they met, the discussion was all about sex with themselves. Roxy found Likanya with her Sri Lankin ebony smooth skin, big breasts and inviting lips the most beautiful woman she had ever met. They talked about themselves and how they played sex games on the internet. The discussion and games made them become more intimate. The conversation was turning Roxy on, all she could think of was tasting those sweet lips and tongue.

It was then that Likanya, the owner of the house, shared her lesbian dreams with Roxy.  Roxy listened to Likanya carefully with her jaws open and was amazed to realize the hidden dreams and fantasies were almost identical to hers. They both continued to admire each other and they began to watch movies together holding hands.

It was then that Likanya revealed that she had come into the house a few years ago to discover her girlfriend was watching lesbian porn DVD’s whilst wearing lace, lilac lingerie. Likanya said that is then that she discovered a passion for watching sex movies and that she was somewhat astonished how much they turned her on.

The two women in the movie they were watching were making love in the 69 position and Likanya began to squeeze her nipple while rubbing her private parts through her clothes with a finger. This immediate encounter made Likanya’s legs tremble as she dropped down her bag. She moved close and asked Roxy whether they should engage in what the two women were doing in the movie. The acts made Likanya burn like fire with lust and told Roxy that she was wet with desire between her legs. Roxy was also feeling it right down to the pit of her stomach and she wanted someone to make love to her for the very first time.

Roxy planted a kiss on Likanya’s lips and then began to lick those luscious lips forcing her tongue into Likanya’s mouth.  The carnal desire rose up between them and they kissed for many minutes passionately with the background moans of ecstasy coming from the movie in the background. She continued to kiss her on the face and neck. They both held hands and moved into the bathroom.

Roxy applied some Superslyde massage oil onto Likanya’s body and massaged it carefully. She then removed her bra and panty. She was amazed when she saw her private parts. Roxy was happy to see such an erotic body for her first time. They moved into the shower. The next question was whether Likanya liked her breasts. She fondled Likanya’s breasts.

They moved to the bedroom naked whilst the sounds of the hot lesbian DVD could still be heard in the background. It was initially quite romantic which made her keep kissing Likanya on the lips. Likanya began to move her body around spreading her legs, straddling Roxy on top and coming to the 69 position.  She began to move her wet and luscious pink pussy over Roxy’s face but Roxy was a bit shy and placed her hands over her face.  Her heart was beating a million times a minute or so it felt.

Likanya changed to a sex position where she moved Roxy’s hands away from her face and took her erect nipple into her mouth.  She sucked the puckering nipple and teasingly bit it.  Roxy could feel an orgasm building deep within her loins.  Likanya then moved down to her now throbbing cunt and began to like softly around her labia, then delicately sucking her clit and finally plunging her tongue deep into her pussy.  Roxy could hold on no longer and she climaxed over and over again squirting all over the bed and Likanya’s face.

Roxy then maneuverered Likanya’s pussy over her face and began to devour her juices and pussy. This made Likanya experience a beautiful feeling and felt as if not in this world.


Two Women kissing
Photo: Women Kissing at Party


Roxy then inserted the finger in Likanya’s dribbling cunt and continued to move it in and out for several minutes and as Likanya became more and more aroused Roxy inserted another and then another.  Within five minutes Roxy had her whole fist inside Likanya and was fist fucking her.  Likanya was shouting out “More, fuck me hard bitch”.  So Roxy was fist fucking her with fury.  Lukinya screamed, “Fuck my ass”.

Roxy was a bit taken aback by this request but in the throes of passion she grabbed the bottle of Superslyde and inserted the top into Likanya’s ass and delivered a generous squirt up her butt.  With her other hand still in Likanya’s throbbing pussy Roxy slowly and gently began to penetrate her other fist in and out of Likanya’s now gaping hole.  Likanya was making a noise like a wildcat and thrashing about and screaming ”harder, harder” and it was not long before Rosy was fist fucking her anally and vaginal fist fuck.

Likanya’s finally yelled one more time loudly and then began to uncontrollably squirt everywhere.  Roxy removed her fist from Linkanya and she was prized to see that gape remain open for her viewing pleasure and as she removed her fist from Likanya’s pussy they both collapsed onto the bed.

It was many minutes later that they both simultaneously began laughing and agreed that they could not resist the feelings they were having and revisited the erotic encounter multiple times that afternoon as they both squirted on each others faces, go down on each other and even Roxy tried a bit of fist fucking – but only vaginally.

As early evening began to approach both the women decided it was time to get ready in order to participate in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. Now that Roxy had had her first real lesbian encounter she could not wait to experience more.

When they got there they joined the Dykes on Bikes group and it all began to run smoothly.  It was soon that Roxy saw all the lesbian encounters and hot sexual experiences during the parade and events. She learnt that lesbians could create erotic stimulation through using their mouths, lip, and tongue on the erogenous zones of their lover causing great sexual fulfillment through oral sex. She saw lesbians kissing, embracing, sweet talking, biting, breast stimulation and foreplay. She was excited for her future lesbian encounters.



My Loving Uncle at Mardi Gras

Sexy Man Photo

It all started when I was a 17 year old boy. I used to attend the Sydney Mardis Gras LGBTQIA+ pride parade every year and would stay at my 32 year old uncle’s place. I had learned a lot about self-acceptance from attending the Mardis Gras, and I was not afraid to admit to anyone about who I really was.

My uncle was not married so it was just me and him in the house. He used to leave me all by myself in the house while he went to work. One day as I was going through his adult movie collections and I came across a collection of gay XXX videos with “Sydney Mardis Gras” labeled on them stuck  in-between some magazines . It was almost the time my uncle would get home so I decided to hide them and watch them later after he retired to bed.

After about 30 minutes he walked through the door and sat down next to me on the couch. He told me to go get him some coffee which I did in a hurry because I always knew he would take a nap after his coffee. As I was coming back from the kitchen, I noticed my uncle was looking at me in a weird way but I brushed off the thought. I gave him the coffee but instead of taking it, he told me to place it on the table, which I did.

He continued looking at me for some time before he cleared his throat and said “Harry, you took something that belongs to me, please give it back”. At the back of my mind I knew exactly what he was talking about but I chose to pretend not to know a thing. I told him I only used some of his whiskey and that was all. He continued staring at me but this time, he was slowly sipping his coffee. He spoke again, this time not looking at me but at his fingernails “Harry, did you take porn DVDs from in-between the magazines on the top shelf?”. This time I did not see any use in denying it and I accepted. To my surprise, my uncle was not angry at all. In fact, he was smiling. He asked me to go get them, and I did. I blushed as I handed them to him and stood glued to the spot waiting on his next move which was probably a scolding.

That did not happen, instead he told me to play one of them. At this point I was hesitant but I decided that I deserved the punishment. He then asked me to join him on the couch so that we could watch them together. At first, all we did was watch the adult movie but after sometime, my uncle started to say how the movie was making him horny. He then turned to me and asked me if I wanted to feel it. I didn’t know exactly what he meant by this so I just smiled and continued watching the movie. I could feel my uncle’s eyes on me but I chose to ignore the feeling.

Sexy Men Photo
Photo: Men watching an adult movie

By this time, I already had a hard on myself but all I could do was shake my leg and hope it would go away soon. My uncle noticed the big bulge in my trousers and whispered in my ear “You feel it too? Do you like it? Come on don’t be shy, it is very normal”. Then he did something that I did not expect. He started rubbing the top bulging part of my trouser. He then took my hand and placed it on his erect dick inside his trouser. This was all too much for me, it was so arousing at the same time. He inserted his hand inside my jeans and started stroking my cock. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started stroking his cock too. Yes, I wanted this as much as he did.

Suddenly, he stood up and pulled down his trousers. What I saw what was inside it almost made me almost pass out. His erect cock was the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life. It stood at a magnificent 8 inches. He saw the shock on my face and told me that even mine would grow one day. This I doubted. He asked me to pull down my jeans which I did but by this time, the blushing has subsided. We then sat down on the couch again but this time, our knees were touching skin to skin. My cock was just about 6 inches long, which was a considerably big size for a young man my age. We continued to watch the movie while jerking off each other. At some point, I almost nutted but my uncle noticed this in time and stopped stroking my cock.

He instead concentrated on his own while throwing back his head in pleasure. I was so into this and I didn’t want it to end. So this time, I was the one who made the next move by placing his hand on my cock. This time I wanted to cum, this time, I would not shy away. It’s like my hot uncle read my mind because he changed his position and knelt down before me. He placed his mouth on my dick and started sucking my cock. It was the most ecstatic feeling I had ever experienced and in no time, I shot my load into his mouth. He licked his lips and swallowed my load. To my surprise, this made me horny again. He then whispered “your turn” and sat back up on the couch. It’s like I was waiting for the green light because in no time, I was down on him sucking his oversize cock and licking his balls. To my amazement, my uncle took a lot of time before cumming which made me desire him even more.

“Yes, fuck me! Yeessss! Fuck!” moaned my hot uncle, “You are a natural cock sucker, you are my own cock sucker now, you understand? Fuck, take it, take all of it!” he continued while rubbing my head. I sucked to the best of my ability and I could tell that my uncle was really enjoying this from the way he was moving his hips. All of a sudden, he took my head in both of his hands . He start moving my head up and down at a very high speed. I almost gagged but he didn’t stop. He continued thrusting more and went deeper down my throat. I didn’t know how much more I could take but in no time, I felt a warm fluid flow down my throat. My uncle gave a soft groan and I knew it was over. We stayed in this position for some time then my uncle asked me to lick his balls clean. I licked all the spit and cum that had overflowed from my mouth. “Good, that will do for now.” said my uncle as he stood up and left for the kitchen. To be honest, I was somehow frustrated as I didn’t want it to end there. But I knew there would be a next time so I decided to be patient.

After that, our relationship grew even more intense. Each evening after work, my uncle would come home and suck my cock. I would do the same. Sometimes he would make me lay on the couch and pump his cock down my throat. I found this so hot and I would jerk off while sucking his cock. He would then let me do the same and I would fuck his throat and spray my load all over his mouth and lips. He seemed to enjoy this just as much as I did. Slowly but surely, I was falling for my hot uncle, I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t help it. We would also go to the movie theatres and sit in the very back seats. We would kiss, jerk each other off and give each other blow jobs.

Unfortunately, the holidays were coming to an end and it was time for me to go back to college. I have never felt so bad as I did when the day finally came and my dad came to collect me. I could tell that my uncle didn’t want me to leave either because that day he stayed home instead of going to work. I almost cried but since my dad was present, I just gave my uncle a quick hug while my dad wasn’t looking and walked away very fast into my dad’s car. I didn’t want to look back at my uncle as this would surely make me cry. I didn’t know why I had become so emotional.

Just as the holidays had ended, the school days passed just as fast. I was so happy that I didn’t spend the last day of Mardi Gras at home. I went straight to Sydney. I didn’t even wait for my dad to drop me there, I went by bus. Saying that my uncle was pleased to see me is an understatement. He was overjoyed. We hugged for a long time then kissed passionately. I told him I had to take a bath and he smiled and followed me to the bath. We continued kissing and caressing in the bath tub. My uncle had an unexplained effect on me. I couldn’t think when he was around. I couldn’t feel. All that mattered was his kiss and touch. We had a chat and I told him all about my college life. He was keen and attentive. He told me about his work and that he had been promoted. I was honestly happy for him. My birthday was coming up in a few days and my uncle said that he had a surprise for me. I just knew that I would love the surprise, no matter what it was.

My birthday finally arrived and that day my uncle didn’t go to work. Instead, he stayed at home and cooked some of my favorite dishes. Finally, evening came and my uncle said it was time for my surprise. He told me to go wait in the bedroom, which I did in a hurry because I honestly was looking forward to the surprise. He followed me upstairs and didn’t waste any time. In a short time, he was completely naked. He unbuttoned my shirt and my jeans while kissing and licking my ears. I loved it when he did that. After I was completely naked, he pushed me down the bed and knelt with his legs astride my body. His dick was so hard as usual and I couldn’t resist stroking it. It was so hot and hard, soon my own cock was hard as a rock.

He said “Today I want to show you how much I love you, Harry. I will show you another way I want us to love each other.”. He beckoned me to turn around and lay on my belly. I trusted him with my whole life so this was no trouble at all. He stated kissing my neck and my back. I could feel his warm breath on my skin. I wanted this so much. Using his legs, he slowley spread my legs apart and started touching my asshole. This was a new level of sweetness that I had not experienced before and I loved it.

My uncle stopped touching my asshole and instead placed his mouth on it. He kissed it for a while then started inserting his tongue inside. It felt so warm and nice, I didn’t want it to end. After sometime, I felt the head of his large cock press against my anus. He said “Relax and enjoy it, I will be gentle on you”. I did that and sure enough, he slowly and gently slid his cock deep inside my ass. It was a little uncomfortable at first but my muscles soon grew accustomed to the feeling. He then started pumping gently up and down and soon I too picked up the rhythm. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but moan softly. My uncle heard my moans and increased the rhythm. It was not long before I felt him shoot his load deep in my ass. It felt so good. He then asked me to do the same to him but to my surprise, his asshole was already gaping open, ready to receive my cock. We made love the whole night and the days that followed. Today, we are both members of Sydney Mardis Gras LGBTQIA+ pride parade. It is the best decision I have made in my entire life because I got the chance to be a part of a larger group of people who accept all sexualities. It makes me feel like I belong somewhere.


My Sexual Escapades at Mardi Gras

Foreplay in Car Photo

The Erotic Sydney Mardis Gras festival has always been my favorite spot for meeting new friends, non-stop entertainment and a quick relief from the hassle of work life. This year I wanted something different, exhilarating and passionate. Staying single had become a little too dreary and I had my hopes in finding someone that I could consider the perfect mate. One who would last much longer than my previous catch – Wendy. When stuck in an ever tilting attraction for both men and women, you could say that I am a bisexual.


Big Barney

Talking to men is a bit easier. That is how I managed to chat up this fellah – Barney. Middle aged with all the best things that a man can be blessed with. Handsome, dressed fashionably and very well-toned. The Mardi Gras pool party.

One longing look that came with a devious grin was sufficient to get him interested. Apparently he was still waiting for his partner who was running late. A short conversation and that’s it – He was definitely into men and that meant that we could proceed on knowing a bit more about each other with a date of some sought.  Being the dirty minded person that I am it was so difficult to take my eyes off his perfect god like torso. Either he did not seem to notice or was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

After a few drinks at one of the nearby restaurants the vibe was rudely interrupted by an incessant ring. Barney’s mate had called in to cancel because of some emergency that had come up. Inwardly I felt a tinge of joy as Barney conveyed the news. This meant that the whole day would go on in the company of a sexy man that showed much interest in me too.

The crowds were wild and passionate. It posed a real disturbance for some up close and personal moments with my date. I was relieved when we sat in the theater for a musical which was a part of the event I really had not bothered with in the past.

As he raised his massive hands and placed them around me, I was assured of some hot action later on in the day. It had been a while since I had a romantic involvement with a guy that was this hot. A quick fast brush of the lips kindled something wild and dangerous inside me. I had to admit it was one of the things I was most afraid of- a guy that could send ripples down my spine with just a slight touch.

Art display is definitely the most perfect environment. Keeping up with Barney was a real challenge. He wanted to check out as many of the festivals attraction as time would allow and all I could do was to try and keep up.

At dusk I finally got my wish. As we made our way to a secluded street I could only make out a few couples along the dark corridors and alleyways. We made out for what felt like a very slow 10 minutes and soon the intimate grasping gave way.  It was time to make a quick exit before any more carnal desires overtake me. I thought as I began to make an excuse to get away. After jotting down his number, I hurriedly made my way over the Mardi Gras party for a bit of dancing.



An element of coyness followed by a wild card move like that. He must be thinking what kind of person does that?


Joy with Molly Brenda

Everything was going on pretty well by my standards. I was almost getting banged at some dark alleyway by some massive cock. That is when things took a completely different turnabout. All the dancing had brought got the attention of a good-looking blonde. She came up straight to me and complemented on my dancing style- which was pretty good by the way given my full time job as a dance instructor.

To describe Brenda as a sculpted angel would still do her a great injustice. She is the kind of women that is stunning, and seems to know it but again does not seem to think that it is a great deal. Dressed in a pink mini skirt with a tight fitting leather jacket. Whoa!! That is exactly the reason I always attend The Erotic Sydney Mardis Gras. Meeting beautiful people from all over the world that have come here to have a good time.

She had apparently lost her friend Eva in the thick crowds and the cellphone was not working. What is it with today? I asked myself as my arms run across her gorgeous figure and we danced gingerly across the floor. Having a pretty woman in my arms has a profound impact on me. I could feel the hard on slowly but steadily developing much to my shame. Brenda seemed to pick it up and could only smile occasionally like nothing had happened.

The motel door almost flew off its hinges as we made our way holding each other real tight. Her forwardness took me by surprise. Eva had been her girl for almost 2 months but she just couldn’t live without fucking a well-endowed man every now and then.  I decided to keep my reservations to myself and enjoy some lovemaking first. She took my belt off with such a quickness that was in fact admirable. Soon I was thrusting in and out of her tight pussy rather viciously and she seemed to love it like that given the screams of encouragement.

I soon collapsed in a shuddering fit and we lay silently for a long time without saying a word to each other. She put on her black lingerie and took off just like that. I later found that she had left a note at the back of my pants that contained her number. Lucky me.


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Photo
Photo: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade


Back to Barney

The Erotic Sydney Mardis Gras runs over a two week period which is ample time to get up and about. With the many events and performances on course it is easy to understand the allure of this special event.  Thoughts of Barney started creeping their way back one afternoon. Well to say the least I was a bit bored and I had the unfortunate instance of losing his contact.

I was lazily making my way towards the Mardi Gras parade experience when someone tapped my shoulder. To my surprise it was Barney dressed immaculately as usual but this time he had come with his partner. A tinge of jealousy rose up within me and I was forced to ditch any prospective sex positions that I had been fantasizing with him.  They asked if I could join them and I was not in a position to refuse. After bumming with the couple for a while as a third wheel, it was time to make a move of my own. There was no chance of getting a repeat performance and possibly more time with Barney.

Brenda’s number kept on ringing without a reply and I soon gave up. It seemed like a good idea to check up on her given that these other two lovebirds were so busy into each other leaving me feeling both miserable and horny. Mostly turned on.

She finally replied and agreed to meet me at the Mardi Gras pool party. Her idea, not mine. After waiting at the rendezvous for what seemed like forever I finally picked out her figure from far. She had definitely become more attractive that I had last perceived her or maybe it was the time of day that was messing my memory.

Barney’s affections soon shriveled as I took up her arm and guided her to the nearest sitting spot. I honestly apologized for not having called her earlier and felt a wave of excitement come over me when she accepted it.  Jeans and t- shirt gave her a girly look that stoked a deep craving in my loins. Eva was too tired to show up that day. She explained. This meant that she was all alone.

Having excused myself from Barney and his mate, it was time to catch up with my newly found muse. Everything started off well without any overtly advances. I started to wonder what it would be like to be in her vagina once more. This time it would be a bit more fun and sensuous than last time’s savage act.

We hit it off instantly after kissing intimately in the parade march. After some conversation she leapt in forward into my ear and asked if I wanted to fuck her there and then. Thinking it to be a joke, I instead offered to take her on a nice evening out where we would spend some quality romantic time.  She would have none of that. The Erotic Sydney Mardis Gras festival was in its last day and so was our fling. I could not believe my ears that such a lovely lady as this could desire such unabated pleasures.

Well since it was in my best interests, I decided to give her exactly what she had asked. There at the parking lot in my Jeep. We kissed longing like two lustful lovers and I licked her tits like they were honey dripped. Her jeans came of easy and I could see that a wet patch had already formed at the crotch.

Kissing down her belly button to her member made her gasp and unravel her legs further apart. I sucked her clits gently and she grabbed my head forcing me to continue with my efforts while she started to moan. After a few minute the moans grew louder and I was sure someone somewhere heard them.

All in all we tried to keep it discreet so as not to attract any attention to ourselves. The deep dark tint on the windows was an excellent cover. I had personally chosen it for the car.  She squealed with pleasure as I fondled her and we were soon butt naked. Getting inside of her was something that I had been waiting ever so anxiously. The back seat had enough room for her to stick up her legs and spread them open for me. What a lovely sight. I said to myself as I penetrated with all my might into her welcoming pussy.

The all too familiar shrills took over and I knew that I too could come at any minute. The rush of fucking a hot blonde soon took over and I was wasted in a heap. Her panting and heavy breathing was sign that she also had her fill. I stroked her long luscious locks as we rested in the front seats. Watching people come and leave the festival was kind of therapeutic for both of us. There is so much to see with so little time to enjoy it all. I complained. She assured me with a light kiss and we both knew that the lovemaking had not come to an end yet. To date I can’t recall a girl that was so open and passionate.

The sex was just a highlight of what was coming. Eva the girlfriend would be absolutely stunned so we thought it best to keep it on the low. The ride home was out of the ordinary. Brenda lay on my lap exhausted as I tried to keep my eyes on the road. Occasionally she stared at me and we both smiled. Perhaps this encounter would continue on into the night.

The day had played out just fine. Barney had got a taste of his own medicine when he saw me leave with a stunning lady in hand. We had bumped into them at one of the attractions and I could only gleam with pleasure after introducing Brenda Molly as my girl.  The best part was cruising in style after the main event.

Not getting caught having sex at the parking lot was a sure plus also. All in all I would give a very decent score to the developments. By the way I found Barney’s number stuck in between one the passenger seats and actually considered it for a while.  Not this time. There was so much at stake right now but maybe in the future I would look into that.