VIP Interview With Keith Jones CEO And Joint Founder Of Sensuous

Sensuous is an adult lifestyle company with well over 15 years experience in the romance and sexual health industry. Sensuous was established in 2003 with a focus to create products in Australia that follow strict standards of high quality control whilst sourcing only the best natural ingredients that can be found. Let’s begin by looking at what the word sensuous means:

Sensuous – adj

aesthetically pleasing to the senses

appreciative of or moved by qualities perceived by the senses

of, relating to, or derived from the senses [C17: apparently coined by Milton to avoid the unwanted overtones of sensual ; not in common use until C19: from Latin sēnsus sense + -ous]

As their brand name suggests, Sensuous ignites the senses with new experiences that arouse and delight. If you use their products, they can bring a world of intimacy, passion, love and pleasure into your love life as they have already for many men and women all over the world. Sparking sexual arousal has never been easier! Their product range includes:

  • Edge™ – Delay gel for men
  • Frenzy™ – Pleasure gel for women
  • Frenzy™ Extreme – Pleasure gel for women
  • Raging Bull™ – Male enhancement formula
  • Sweet Touch™ – Kissable massage oils
  • Deluxe Body Chocolate
  • Smooth™ Personal Lubricant (Water Based)
  • Smooth™ Silicone Personal Lubricant

This is a VIP interview with Keith Jones of Sensuous to find out what inspired the creation of Sensuous and more about how their products can be used for better sex.

Tell me about yourself

Keith Jones, CEO and joint founder of Sensuous Pty Ltd.  Originally from the UK but been living in Australia for almost nineteen years and loving it.

What inspired the creation of Sensuous?

My wife and I have always run our own businesses and when we were in the UK we owned and operated a successful video production company (before you ask, it wasn’t that sort of video production, it was mainly corporate and training).   Having ran a service industry for many years, when we emigrated to Australia we wanted to re-invent ourselves and do something completely different and we were drawn to selling something more product based.

Originally, we imported and introduced the Kama Sutra range to Australia and we built this up over five or six years getting it into most adult stores, gift outlets and even some pharmacies.  Things naturally run their course and with the parting of the waves we decided to start again, but this time with our own brand.  Sensuous really was the Phoenix from the ashes and we literally had to start from scratch creating our own products.  This was an enormous challenge and looking back probably quite foolhardy!  We went to market with only three products and surprisingly quite a few of our customers bought, it was probably more out of sympathy than anything else.  Over the next couple of years, we kept adding to our range, improving packaging and culling any products that didn’t work.  Slowly we started to get more and more traction and more importantly more and more acceptance in the industry.  To say the least, it has been a very interesting and exciting journey so far.

What inspires you?

Lots’ of things inspire me, from Dale Carnegie to the Shawshank Redemption. I think one of the most important human traits is tenacity and I love to read or hear stories about people who have overcome adversities to achieve greatness.

Tell me about your product range?

Our range isn’t huge and is currently 18 SKU’s.  We have what you might class as two categories, romance and sexual health.  In the romance category we have our Deluxe Body Chocolate and Sweet Touch™ Kissable Massage Oils, and in the sexual health we have personal lubricants, clitoral stimulants, a delay gel for men and our latest product a genital and libido enhancer gel for men.

What are your best sellers?

Undoubtedly Edge™ Delay Gel for Men, followed by Raging Bull™ (male enhancer) and for women, Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme our two clitoral stimulants.

What makes a good sexual wellness product?

Probably the most important thing is that it does what it says it on the box.  Also, for us quality is extremely important and having all our products made in Australia is the way we achieve that. Finally, although it doesn’t make any difference to the product the way it is packaged is paramount.

What is it like to use Raging Bull™?

Raging Bull™ is a topical gel which is applied daily to help men with their size strength and libido.  Without going into too much personal detail, I have found that the product does what it says on the box and it has certainly increased my sexual desire.

What ingredients are used in the Edge™ Delay Gel for Men? What are the benefits of the ingredients? What is the best way to use Edge™ Delay Gel for Men?

Edge™ is a propriety blend of herbal ingredients and works in a completely different way to traditional delay products. Edge™ is non-numbing, lasts for hours and can be applied long before required.  Each pack comes with a multilingual instruction leaflet, but basically all that is required is to apply one drop of Edge™ to the head of the penis.

Image: Sensuous Edge Delay Gel For Men

What ingredients are used in the Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme Pleasure Gel for Women? What are the benefits of the ingredients? What is the best way to use Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme Pleasure Gel for Women?

Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme are a propriety blend of herbs and flower essences known for their aphrodisiac qualities.  Frenzy™ Extreme gives a slightly warmer sensation.  Both products are designed to increase sensitivity and sexual arousal.  Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme can be used for some fun solo play or used with a partner for a more intimate experience.

Image: Sensuous Pleasure Gel For Women Image: Sensuous Frenzy Extreme Pleasure Gel For Women

How would you recommend people include delay and excite gels beforehand or in the heat of the moment?

As Edge™ can be applied long before required, it is completely discrete and therefore doesn’t have to spoil the moment.  With Frenzy™ and Frenzy™ Extreme it’s easy to introduce and include them as part of your foreplay.

What are some fun ways to use Kissable Massage Oils and Deluxe Body Chocolate?

Our Sweet Touch™ kissable massage oils come in 7 delicious flavours including Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée and Cookies n Cream.  Massage a small amount onto your partner, blow gently to release the warmth and then let your lips explore.

With our Deluxe Body Chocolate, choose your favorite flavour, Milk, Kahlua or Cointreau and then use the small artist’s brush to draw on your partner to see who has the best artistic tendencies and see who can resist the longest before tasting.

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