Redefining The Spirituality Of Love

Recently, there was this video doing the rounds on various websites where a couple was engrossed in sending love messages on their mobile, across a dining table in a restaurant over a dinner date. The commentator was of the opinion that the technology was putting face to face conversation on the back burner and the mobile was being loved more than the living human being who forms the very core of the thing called love. This, he said was something called “distance love”. Now, the mobile has become an intermediary between two human beings who seek love. Could this device provide warmth of a loving soul, a touch filled with empathy, a hug of assurance and comfort, or the feeling of oneness when two hearts and bodies are joined together? Can it express humanly emotions of pure love?

It was almost sixty years ago in 1950 that David Reisman had written his book Lonely Crowd about this disintegration of face to face communities. It denoted the decay of social life and the feeling of insecurity amongt people. Juxtapose this against Indian tradition of the love between two people, for the people and for the community. Love of Radha and Krishna whose soul stirring narratives makes the reader experience how this love was sublime and cosmological. These love stories have an essence of spirituality in them.

Love has many shades. (Now, please do not mix this up with Fifty Shades Of Grey!).  These shades spread a pure joy.

The Divinity And Spirituality Of Love

There is a devotional love for Krishna by Meera. Love for Krishna goes beyond soul searching.  Meera sacrificed all princely comfort to come to Vrindavan from Rajasthan in search of Krishna. Vallabhacharya, an intellectual philosopher who introduced Adwaita – (non dualism) philosophy, came to Vrindavan from Andhra for the love of Krishna. Surdas, a blind poet came to Vrindavan to immerse in divine longings. Haridas, a renowned Dhrupad singer made Vrindavan his abode for the love of Krishna.

It was in 1570 that Mughal King Akbar listened to a song by Haridas and felt deep spiritual vibrations. Haridas was a Guru of Tansen, one of the nine gems in the court of Akbar.  Then came Chaitanya, walking on his barefoot from Orissa , and he saw Krishna, body and soul and he was prostrate on the ground, tears flowing down his cheeks. He built temples there.

What Is The True Meaning Of Love?

The majority of people misunderstand the concept of love. The globalization of the Hindi film industry has literally made these three words “I love you” carry a sensual tone almost filled with lust. The word love, is interpreted as the symbiotic relationship between nature and the divine power that creates the inner emotional self which in turn pours out love.

Divine love quote
Image: Worldly love

The Different Types Of Love

There is a reverential love for a mentor by a mentee, a self-fulfilling love for a role model, togetherness that comes from the love for friends, duty-filled love for one’s own family, and that strong pull of love between two which is karmic love. Most of us have experienced these shades but few of us understand the true meaning of love. There is another shade called self-less love which is unconditional.

Yes, a person can reach the level of God if he/she indeed understands the true meaning of love. Mother Teresa reached sainthood because of her unconditional love for the downtrodden. Australian cricketer Steve Waugh met Mother Teresa and was filled with love for the downtrodden children. He set up a charity foundation to help them.

Such is the soul-filled tune of true love.

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