VIP Interview With Frank Kok Sales Director At Kiiroo

Welcome to this week’s VIP Interview with With Frank Kok – the sales director at Kiiroo.

Frank Kok, please tell our readers about yourself

Hello Adultsmart blog readers 🙂 My name is Frank Kok, Sales Director at Kiiroo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before I got into this industry, I was a stockbroker for 18 years! I switched industries in 2008 to start a new adventure in the adult industry.

Over the past 10 years I have seen multiple areas of the adult industry which gave me the opportunity to build up a large global network in the novelty, content (video / VR) and the webcam industry.

As I have been in this industry for quite some time now, I know which companies we can work with to continue revolutionising interactivity. Next to that, my existing network in the novelty industry can help to open doors and make more exciting deals with partner companies.

Frank Kok
Image: Frank Kok From Kiiroo

What inspires Frank Kok?

In the sex-tech / interactive sex toy market, the demands are moving so fast that you need highly skilled people on board that are all able to keep up with the fast-paced environment. I’m blessed with motivated colleagues, specialists enjoying work in a revolutionary interactive world.

Modern technologies in the adult industry have inspired me as they have created a new and exciting demand in the industry for interactivity. Customers are longing for a complete experience with a high level of pleasure, without too much effort. In the future, more adult products will become interactive and it will get easier to connect to other users, or content. It is all about the experience. See and feel what you see. I`m happy to say that Kiiroo is a pioneer in this field and I am glad that I have a helping hand in this new era of sexual pleasure.

What inspired the creation of Kiiroo?

One of Kiiroo’s founders; Toon Timmermans, got the idea for Kiiroo from the 1993 movie Demolition Man. In the movie, there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have “Virtual Sex” using connected helmets.

Whilst watching the movie, the idea sparked in Timmermans head “how could we have sex through the internet?”

An Indiegogo campaign and a very enthusiastic team set out to make this happen. They created sVir and oPue as the first prototypes – a vibrator and a masturbator as proof of concept.

By the beginning of 2014 the Onyx and Pearl were released to the public. The interconnected sex toys that could facilitate intimacy and transmit touch through the internet.

Tell me about your product range?

Our current product range consists of:

Kiiroo Onyx2; the second-generation Onyx. A masturbator that has 10 contracting rings in it, that simulate intimacy. It can be connected to a partner(s) device(s) through the FeelConnect App and the internet. It can also connect to 2D, VR and Webcam performers; simulating intercourse in real time.

Kiiroo Pearl2; the second-generation Pearl. A touch-sensitive, waterproof, G-spot vibrator that reacts to your body’s natural movements. When the Pearl2 is inserted into the body, the vibration intensity is controlled by the depth the device is inserted. As with the Onyx2, Pearl2 can be connected to partner device(s), 2D and VR content, and webcam.

Can you explain what you mean by VR content?

The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a masturbator that connects an ordinary Fleshlight to the ‘interactive world’. The Launch moves the Fleshlight up and down at various speeds and lengths. The Launch mimics intimacy in the most realistic way possible. Like other Kiiroo products, it connects to interactive content, partner devices, and webcams. Put on your VR goggles and let the Launch take you on an adventure you have never been on before.

The OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo is a dual-stimulating, touch-sensitive vibrator with built in LED lighting. The lights on Fuse change color depending on vibration intensity. As with the aforementioned Kiiroo products, connect to partner devices, interactive content and webcam.

Fuse comes in Black, but we will be releasing it in hot pink in July / August 2018 (date tbd).

Last but not least, we have the OhMiBod Esca Powered by Kiiroo that is an egg-shaped wearable vibrator. Esca was inspired by the webcam industry, as the LED light on the end of Esca’s tail flashes depending on vibration intensity. Esca is the only product of ours that does not have a 2-way connection possibility, but it can still be controlled by interactive content, partnered device(s), webcam and the FeelConnect app.

Kiiroo Pearl Competition
Free Kiiroo Pearl

What are your best sellers?

The Kiiroo Onyx2, the Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo and the OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo are definitely our best sellers!

What can we look forward to from Kiiroo in the future?

More devices, more interactive content, more connection possibilities with companies such as We-Vibe, OhMiBod, the Cowgirl etc.

What has the response been for Kiiroo adult toys being LGBTQIA+ friendly?

The Kiiroo technology itself is what we pride ourselves on.

We like to think that sexuality or gender should not matter, if you feel you can enjoy our toys, we are never going to tell you not to use them. We do however, advise against using devices with non-flared bases anally, and of course if you do not have a penis 2 of our masturbators are not for you.

Our biggest issue (or not) is that it takes over 1 year to bring 1 toy to market because of the technology. Trial and error and months of testing goes into just one product, so unlike other pleasure product companies, we are unable to push out more products in our range for everyone.

Any of our devices can connect to one another though. Example: Onyx2 – Pearl2, Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo – Onyx2, Onyx2 – Onyx2, Fuse – Pearl2 – Esca and so on and so forth.

The interactive content we are compatible with ranges from straight, lesbian, trans*, gay and more.

This year we are working with partners to attend 9 Pride events across the USA. It is one small step for 2018, but we are working hard to be inclusive and appeal to everyone.

Just how many matching adult toy combinations does Kiiroo currently have?

That’s really hard to say because all our devices can connect to one another (as mentioned above).

What is it like to use FeelConnect and FeelVR technology?

We recently merged all of our applications into the FeelConnect mobile app. We have made our app as user-friendly and straight-forward as can be. You are guided every step of the way in the app.

The connection process is simple, and you can find out how to connect here (SFW):

Within the app, you are able to connect to partner devices – both in the same room and across the world, to 2D and VR content websites, you can control the devices by sound and you can also control the device through “device control” function in the app. Lastly, you can watch compatible VR videos directly in the app using a mobile VR headset.

Everything is possible in the FeelConnect 🙂

How many VR and standard videos are available? Are there amateur and professional videos in the video range?

Kiiroo does not produce content. However, we have partnerships with other companies such as BadoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn, WankzVR, PornHub to name a few. We also have a site called where you can find interactive content from some of the biggest brand names in the industry. As for the number of videos, your guess is as good as mine 🙂

How have Kiiroo devices changed the adult lifestyle industry? Do adult entertainers use Kiiroo devices for their live shows?

Yes, they do! With the technology, viewers of live shows can tip the performers and those tips translate into vibrations, in real time. Because of the 2-way capabilities of our products, live shows can turn into private shows where the performers take viewers into private sessions and pair their interactive devices to one another.

With the Esca and the Fuse, the visual aesthetics with the LED lights on the ends of the products make live cam shows more appealing to viewers. Being able to see tips translated into vibrations is an exciting addition to live shows.

What technology does the Onyx use?

Onyx and Onyx2 have 10 contracting rings inside it that contract in an up down motion mimicking intimacy. Onyx also has a haptic touch pad on the outside of it that you can use to control the Onyx in manual mode or control a partnered device’s vibrations or strokes.

How did the partnership of Kiiroo and Fleshlight come about?

When Kiiroo was just starting out, we had no idea how the adult industry worked. All of Kiiroo’s founders were not from the industry. By partnering with Fleshlight, the Onyx got a removable SuperSkin™ sleeve, and the Fleshlight name helped give our products credibility in the market.

How can couples feel even more connected when using Kiiroo devices?

Using Kiiroo products “closes the gap” between lovers, no matter how far apart they may be. Each device has its own unique aspect that simulates intercourse in some way or the other. The fact that you can use a social chat platform of your choice – Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc also helps to give you a more comfortable atmosphere for your intimate moments.

A huge thank you to Frank Kok for participating in this interview!

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