Cum Again? Biohacking Multiple Orgasms For Men!

Despite men and women being on par on various playing fields, orgasms are not one of them. According to the Australian Study of Health and Relationships survey of more than 20,000 Australians between the ages of 16 and 69, only 66% of women had an orgasm during their last sexual encounter as opposed to 92% of men. That might seem like a win for the men until it was revealed that women apparently have the monopoly on multiple orgasms. Regardless of popular belief, it is by no means impossible for a man to have multiple orgasms.  All it takes is some practice, which, in itself is rather enjoyable. The main thing is to grasp that an orgasm and ejaculation do not need to go hand-in-hand. Here’s how to go about it.

Focus on your breathing and flex your PC muscle

Breathing can go a long way in expanding your sexual awareness. To be able to have orgasms without cumming, you should breathe deeply, focusing on how your breathing pattern changes as you experience various sexual responses like getting turned on, your sexual excitement building in intensity and finally having an orgasm and ejaculating. In case you didn’t know what your PC muscle is, it’s the muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine when you pee and it plays a huge role in your ability to have multiple orgasms. Start by locating your PC muscle and get well-acquainted with it. A sure-fire way to success is to learn how to do Kegel exercises which involves you squeezing and releasing your muscles in the same fashion women do to keep their vaginas in tip-top shape. This technique can also be used for men who want enlightened sex.

Practice, practice, practice

If you want to be able to have multiple orgasms when having sex with a partner you need to be able to do it while masturbating first. As with everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and this is one instance where practicing won’t feel like a chore. You can masturbate as you normally would, either free-hand or by using a specialized male sex toy. What is important is to take note of things such as your physical reaction when you get extremely turned on. Do you start getting a tingling sensation when you stroke harder and faster? If you are you can take it as a sign that you are about to blow your load, which is also known as the point of no return. Being familiar with this sensation will help you to learn how to prevent ejaculation.

Multiple orgasms men
Image: Multiple orgasms for men

Perfect the S.T.A.B method

Since you are making a concerted effort to masturbate more regularly, you may as well practice a method known as S.T.A.B which will enable you to have an orgasm without ejaculating.  While the method may sound rather ominous it is fairly simple and involves the following:


Squeeze your newly-discovered PC muscles as hard as you can right when you are about to orgasm. The best way to describe the movement is to imagine performing a very intense Kegel. Hold the squeeze for as long as you can. You will slowly feel yourself relax.


Thinking seems like such a simple thing to do until you have to actively do it. The only thing you need to think about is to not cum. It may seem easier than what it is in reality but after a few practice rounds you will find yourself doing it with greater ease each and every time.


Avoidance goes hand-in-hand with thinking. No one knows your body better than you do, especially after all the self-pleasuring you have been indulging in lately while trying to perfect the art of multiple orgasms.  This is the point where you need to divert your attention as much as possible and focus on something that does not turn you on.  Also, try to avoid stroking the head of your penis and turn down the intensity of your strokes without stopping altogether.


Once again focus on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths to slow your heart rate while continuing to pleasure yourself. If you were having sex with a partner you would continue thrusting. Keep at it until you orgasm, without cumming. As soon as your orgasm finishes you will be ready (and more than willing) to start all over again.

Now that you have mastered the basics of multiple orgasms, you can continue to practice until you feel like you have achieved your goals. You may take longer to master multiples with more intricate positions including anal but in time you will be a pro at it especilly if you use men’s masturbators and strokers. Not only will your ability to have multiple orgasms be the talk of the town (women talk more about their sexual escapades than we would like to give them credit for) but you will also be able to truly understand the intense pleasure of finally lasting more than one round in bed. Why not have all of the benefits of orgasming for men multiple times!

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