Review: Blewit! Masturbator

Blewit! Masturbator Mens Stroker

I’m especially fond of male masturbators. I love them they are squishy, bumpy, ribbed and always so delightfully textured! The creators of Blewit have strategically made this product extremely masculine with their colour scheme but they have also made the product welcoming to all men of any sexuality or age. The lack of anatomically correct opening or lingerie clad bodies on the outer packaging makes this product perfect for the couple or solo masturbator. The Blewit! Masturbator is less of a fantasy object and more of a pleasure training tool which makes this product especially easy to introduce into the bedroom as a fun addition to spice up any standard routine.

Blewit are very dedicated to marketing their notion of ‘mindful masturbation’ as opposed to what they called ‘mindless masturbation’. According to Blewit ‘s creator mindless masturbation is a learned behaviour in your adolescent years. Mindless masturbation is goal orientated, rushed due to the sense of urgency and desire not to get caught. The Blewit! Masturbator it claims to help users become more mindful when masturbating with the Blewit as it mimics real life sex more closely than a hand.  Blewit encourages users to review how they masturbate, slow down and focus on their body’s responses and how different types of stimulation affects your body. You can take these newly learned sensations and responses and communicate them to your partner. This masturbator is the perfect tool to for increasing confidence in the bedroom as regular use can help users to increase their sexual stamina. The increased stamina and confidence boost can help some people get over their sexual dysfunction or performance anxiety. The CEO of Blewit has designed a program called Controlit! and has built up an online community of mindful masturbators sharing tips and tricks in regards to mindful masturbation and men’s health issues.

Blewit! Mens Masturbator
Graph: Blewit! Masturbator


Whilst all that performance training is happening in the background, Blewit! Masturbator is first and foremost an object made for men’s pleasure and self-indulgence! The sleeve has a multi textured channel of various sized nodules which stimulates from tip to base trying its best to closely mimic real life sex acts.  The internal sleeve is a series of bumps and indents with ridges just past the non-gender specific opening. Whilst the internal pattern may not be as intricate as some of the other male masturbators on the market such as the Tenga flip holes, Blewit   has added some bells and whistles to their product to make sure their product caters to all masturbators.  Blewit  has introduced features to their product to make yourself love a little more customizable.  There are two included rings which attach behind the entrance of the sleeve to provide tight or extra-tight stimulation. There is a two aspects to Blewit! Masturbator suction control first there is a quick-flip cap that allows or restricts airflow through the unit and there is the cap which can be unscrewed or completely removed allowing the user to find the right internal pressure.

After use the Blewit! Masturbator can be cleaned up within minutes! All that needs to be done is to remove the suction control cap and run hot water from the faucet through the sleeve and out of the grate at the bottom (also the suction end!). Unlike other hard cased mastubators where the sleeve can be removed and flipped inside out to be cleaned and air dried leaving the sleeve susceptible to catching dust and lint Blewit has an attached internal sleeve which keeps it foreign particle free. To help the drying process the suction vent unscrews and the base becomes a vented drying dock. Owners of the  Blewit   will occasionally need to use corn starch or a renewing powder on their product to help remove the tackiness of the external part of the sleeve and there is a powdering dish provided to make the clean-up and care of the  Blewit   much more easier and convenient. The sleeves material has also been lightly scented so that it always smells fresh!

The internal sleeve of the Blewit! Masturbator is made of thermoplastic elastomer, a blend of plastic and rubber which is semi-porous. To combat the potential bacteria growth inside the internal sleeve due to the semi-porous nature of TPE the creators of Blewit it have added antimicrobials.  The TPE sleeve is encased in an aqua capsule which is discreetly shaped and easily mistaken for shampoo bottles, air fresheners or Bluetooth speakers. The octagonal shaped case makes is ergonomic for both left and right handed people of all sizes, the rubberized exterior also helps to keep a firmer grip if hands become lubey.

Blewit does have their specially branded lubricant aptly named Lubeit! But the Tenga Hole lotions have a much easier delivery system especially for enclosed masturbation sleeves such as the blewit as it has a nozzle which can be squeezed directly into the Blewit. Hole lotion also comes in 4 types mild, wild, solid and natural

The Blewit team have spared no luxury when designing this product and it hasn’t stopped at the packaging either! The Blewit! Masturbator colour scheme is certainly eye catching when on the wall as its black background and bright aqua blue illustration really standout on the information slip. Once the slip is removed the Blewit is stored in a black heavy cardboard box which is opened on the side and inside you will find the Blewit extremely secured so there is no damage or future damage as it can be used as a super discreet storage box!

Author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo

Pulse II Duo Couples Sex Toy

Pulse II Duo is a male pulsator sex toy made by the company Hot Octopuss. Hot Octopuss revolutionised how they wanted male sex toys to be used and perceived. There first vibrator was launched in September 2013 and was called the “Guybrator”. Hot Octopuss has won multiple Xbiz awards from 2014 to 2016 for the Guybrator. From making the Guybrator,  Hot Octopuss made the Pulse II Duo after  years of hard work to make a highly functional male sex toy which can be used for solo masturbation or during sex. Today, I will talk to you about the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo which is my personal favourite men’s sex toy.

Masturbation is not as easy as it seems, believe me. I am talking about male masturbation here. If you are having a solo session with your little boy, it is easier to make him happy. You should be knowing how to touch him, where to rub him; you have been living with him for years after all. Still, there may be times that you experience kind of erectile dysfunction or you may feel like you ran out of all tricky numbers you can do with your both hands to give him happy moments. On the other hand, a partner might be giving a companionship in your session, either a guy or gal, it can be a bit hard to handle though. Even sometimes you don’t know how to caress him properly, how would you expect that somebody else will do it satisfactorily? That’s why adult toys industry has manufactured lots of masturbators like Fleshlight, Tenga or some other pocket pussies. Each of them has different features; some are rotating around the shaft, some have air controller valve to suck you, some are vibrating etc. I really appreciate every design which have been made to fulfill a man’s desires.

I’ve met Pulse months ago. To be honest, it didn’t manage to get my attention, the idea was nice though. They wanted to produce a masturbator that you can even use hands-free by the help of its cuddling wings around penis; then, they added vibrations but different from usual methods, I’ll explain it to you later. Whilst vibrations were powerful enough, the material selection, and a few other things too, must have been thought again. So, they realised the need for improvement in their toy and worked hard on it. They launched the upgraded version of Pulse as Pulse II Solo and Duo at the same time and they used the slogan saying that “the World’s first Guybrator” while the previous Pulse had a slogan “with PulsePlate technology”.

Well, let’s start with pulse late technology. The most similar toy to Pulse in our shop is Cobra Libre by Fun Factory with its caressing body and powerful vibrations. However, it is known that high-amplitude oscillations instead of low-amplitude vibrations allow men to have powerful orgasms and Pulse applies this information to itself wisely since Hot Octopuss use medical knowledge in their toys. This is kind of similar to obtained feeling that you squeeze your shaft while rubbing on it or when you push the buttons on the masturbator if you use Tenga Flip hole. Preferably, you want your partner to contract their muscles while you are penetrating them, however, they cannot do it constantly, Pulse does.

Detailed Informed on Hot Octopuss Pulse
Diagram: Hot Octopuss Pulse
As you can see in the photo above, the toy itself fit into your palm easily. It is completely made of silicone material unlike the regular Pulse (The outer surface of the regular Pulse is made of ABS plastic while the inner surface is silicone) and controlled by the 3 buttons; 1 to turn the toy on/off on one side and other 2 is on the other side to increase/decrease the intensity of vibrations. Using the buttons is not the easiest thing in the world as they are a bit stiff to push, it is not a big deal though. On the other hand, the wings are flexible enough for easy insertion and also pretty firm to hold even the flaccid state of penis just in place. Speaking of wings and flaccid state, as I stated above that Hot Octopuss has benefited from medical knowledge, dealing with erectile dysfunction is another distinctive feature of Pulse 2 Duo. For further information you can visit the company’s website.
Hot Octopuss Pulse How To Use
Instructions: Hot Octopuss Pulse
The Pulse can be used like the way in the figure below in couple sessions as well. Most favourably, the wearer lies on his back and his partner can straddle his penis. Once you turn the toy on, it is easy to use as it has remote control which allows you to scroll through 3 different intensities of vibrations provided by the second motor near the outer surface. On the other hand, the inner motor provides you with 6 different patterns which are; constant vibrations, slow pulse, fast pulse, very fast pulse, three fast pulses and a long pulse and lastly light heartbeat pulse. As I told you before, the idea is brilliant, however I should say a few things about it. First of all, Pulse 2 is an upgraded version and they seem they fixed some bugs in the first generation of the toy which are weak vibrations on the outer surface and material selection of outer surface. However, putting the second motor in the toy makes it a bit heavier so the wings can be helpless to defy the gravity during missionary position. On the other hand, females who like pin-point clitoral stimulation may not enjoy the vibrations as they thought they would but the toy gives extended surface area stimulation which is perfect for labia and vulva.
Hot Octopuss Pulse Usage Instructions
Instructions: Hot Octopuss Pulse
When it comes to the other features of the toy; it is rechargeable (the remote control is battery operated) and waterproof which every toy has these features nowadays as we all know. It is easy to clean under running water with mild soap and then you can store it in its satin pouch. It is fully charged in 3 hours and gives you 1 hour play which is pretty efficient when you take into account its vibrations. Last but not least, the Pulse comes with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty; warranty service is only applicable if the product was purchased from an authorised Hot Octopuss retailer; I can proudly say that Oh Zone Adult LifeStyle Centres in Sydney at four different locations which are Caringbah, Kogarah, Penrith and the city is one of those retailers.

By Goki a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Review: Verspanken Masturbator

German Masturbator

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Katsuni Is Just A Fleshlight Lotus!

Katsumi Pussy

The Fleshlight Girls lineup includes Katsuni Lotus, who is a very beautiful Asian woman. Just like Katsuni the Fleshlight is also stunning as it is a mold taken directly from her real life pussy. Katsuni entered the porn industry in 2002 at 23 years old and has sbeen in more than 250 pornographic films. Katsuni has won numerous awards whilst creating porn and is in the top ten  porn stars on the planet as indicated by 2010 Genesis magazine. Katsuni has homes in Los Angeles and in Paris. Katsuni is known locally in France for her extraordinary stage exhibitions and she now even has her own TV show. Katsuni is a genuine sexy lady and has gotten to be highly in demand by the adult business. Katsuni is of Vietnamese and French origins.

Porn Star Fleshlight
Katsuni Fleshlight

You can get your Katsuni Fleshlight with the Lotus Garden texture. On the front of the sleeve is Katsuni’s signature so you know it is from a genuine mold of her vagina. At first look I thought the texture of the Lotus Garden would be a let-down. Fleshlight claims the Lotus Garden texture is:

“The most remarkable and extreme feeling surface we offer; it craves nothing else you’ve ever attempted”

The Lotus Garden is a somewhat of a lubricant consumer I would say. You need to keep your lube convenient while stroking this one, frequently reapplying lube. There is one noteworthy disadvantage to the Lotus Garden and that is cleaning and drying it. Every one of those little lotus hubs are a genuine trap for gunk and for moisture. For best results on cleaning this one I suggest turning it inside out. I recommend this reluctantly as I feel that doing this includes a lot of wear and tear to the sleeve and may reduce it’s life span. The same for drying, those hubs make this an extremely troublesome surface to dry. When I first tried and cleaned this Fleshlight I attempted to simply air dry it and I discovered it was still clammy around after 36 hours. Now I turn it back to front to clean it and afterward dry it out with a towel before putting away it away it dries a lot quicker.

Katsuni Lotus Garden Fleshlight is a genuine victory and is in my top 3 masturbators. The Lotus Garden would take a place there but number 1 is my trusty STU. Every last stroke has you truly feeling it and enjoying it leading you to a strong and steady climax.

I bought my first fleshlight about a year ago after reading about them on the AdultSmart blog. At first I didn’t take any notice, however after processing the article over time my curiosity got the better of me and I wound up watching a couple of product adverts on it before buying. I simply had to try one and see if all that was being purported to be and was actually true. Since the day that my first fleshlight arrived in the mail… I’ve never had such a lavish wanking and I’ve never masturbated so often in my life. Before we get into the ins and outs (particularly the ins) of the Fleshlight, I firstly need to discuss why I thoroughly recommend that EVERY single gentleman out there own one. I am serious about that and I will give you 5 solid reasons to do so.

1  It’s the nearest thing to a real pussy:

So for quite a long time ladies have been known to use dildos, however it’s generally been scowled upon for men to use fake vaginas. However over recent years the silicone vagina itself has soared in design and availability. I have yet to own or read about a more realistic silicone sex toy available on the market today. Nothing compared to the Fleshlight. Since it’s truly the nearest thing there is to a “genuine vagina”..  This is the closest thing to the real deal and have to experience it once to know what I am talking about.


2  You never get tired of it:

You would believe that after one go you would simply place it in the pantry and forget about it. You are so wrong! This little container of euphoria will be in and out of your draw consistently, I promise, you will not want to leave it alone and best of all it never says no. After several pumps of a water based lube inside it you’ll ask why you spent all these years without one. In the unlikely event that you ever did get tired of it, the range available is crazy so you just choose your next one. Not only are you able to purchase various silicone sleeves that have all various types of compositions, you can also purchase a mouth, butt or vagina to mix things up a bit or even one of your favourite porn star molds with various Fleshlight Girls available. Yes it’s true, you can finally feel what its like to be inside your favorite porn queen! Talk about a dream come true. They even have a Fleshlight V-Stroker which is the most recent fandangled mechanical sex toy in men’s masturbation range I have seen. It essentially attaches with your PC to synchronize with the vagina, and strokes in time with the action on screen… what’s better than that.

3  It’s attentive:

This is the way the entire vagina in a container came to fruition. Fleshlight began as a careful male masturbation toy. It is disguised in the shape of a torch or a beer can so is discrete should someone inadvertently walk in whilst it is out (pardon the pun).  It will always be ready and willing to service your needs.

4  Extremely reasonable in Price :

For less than the cost of a dinner you can own your own fleshlight. And you are on a sure thing, each and every time.

5  Assists with your stamina:

My favorite he Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or any fleshlight will help get your penis used to the effects of stimulation which will in turn help your levels of sexual stamina increase. When you use this bad boy, you’ll have the ability to not only enter a porn stars love holes but your sexual stamina will increase making you a sex god.

They also have great accessories to make your experience even more realistic like the Fleshlight Warmer.


Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

8 Masturbation Techniques You Will Want To Try!

Man Looking at Banana

From time to time a fellow simply needs some alone time to reconnect with himself with male masturbation. Everyone needs to know simple methods to gain sexual fulfillment without needing to satisfy another person. When you think about it, it’s not selfish because if you feel good and your sexual health is taken care of that is what matters. There are times when masturbation needs to be done. Obviously, I’m not proposing that you start stroking off chronically and demonstrate to your lovely young lady the exit door. Yet sometimes, on the off chance that you feel the need to stroke it, here are seven masturbation strategies you ought to go for a little of difference to spice up your stroking techniques.


Man Looking Down His Pants

Be a little daring and try one or why not try all of them?

1  The Masturbation Sock:

People use the sock method of male masturbation mainly because the feeling is nicer as inside of the sock is soft. People like trying new things and experiencing different types of sensations because using a hand for masturbation all the time can get boring. When you have came and blown your load into the hamper, just throw it into the washing for reuse. People can’t tell what type of adventure your sock has been on as there won’t be any staining on the outside. People don’t actively look at sock’s because sock’s do smell bad after they’ve been used on someones feet for a whole day. If your a person of texture, you can even turn the sock inside out for some more fun times. The main types of people who use socks are people who are not circumcised as it is less likely to irritate their skin.

2  The Sandwich Bag:

Fill a plastic sandwich bag with petroleum jelly and put your erect penis straight in, squishing the jelly so that your whole penis is secured. At that point, put your penis, still in the bag, between the sleeping mattress and the base. Pump until climax. The best part? No mess to clean up afterwards.

3  The Hand Job Plus:

While standing, contort your lubed-up hand. Our house favourite lubricant is SuperSlyde. Pick the hand which you feel most open to using. Your hand position must be with your thumb against your stomach. Wrap your hand around your penis. Instead of stroking with your hand, move your pelvis to pump hard until you are done with your hand. It’ll make you have a feeling that you’re really infiltrating a vagina. Alright, perhaps not quite.

4  The Tapper:

Despite the fact that you need to have a touchy penis for this to work, this will at any rate prove that you don’t in the event that it doesn’t work. Keep your clothing on and make yourself erect. Once you’re at your fullest erectness, tap the tip of your penis with the tips of your fingers. It ought to take some degree longer than common masturbation for you to achieve climax yet when you do, it will be beautiful no doubt…

5  The Ball Squeeze:

Whenever you’re stroking off and feel just as you’re going to cum, put your other hand over your scrotum and gently crush and draw it down (or all the more forcefully, on the off chance that you like that kind of thing). That way, you get to feel your semen going through your body, going through your urethra and out the hole.

6  The Palmer:

Once you’re erect, put some lubricant within one hand, and instead of rubbing your penis with your hand, continue rubbing the tip of your penis against the palm of your hand to climax.

7  The Ring In:

Spread both your hands with lubricant, and structure a ring with your thumb and pointer. Place it around the base of your penis. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head begins). Presently structure a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do likewise thing. Continue stroking with one ring or both until you peak.

8  Ice, Ice, Ice Baby:

For this strategy, stroke off as you typically would, yet when you feel the impression of sperm going through your urethra, seize some ice blocks or pulverized ice with the other hand, then keep stroking off to finish. The inclination of ice in one hand, warm in the other will enhance your ejaculation

So why not try these 8 great masturbation techniques and they can only improve your male sexual health.




Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.