Blow Your Mind: Exploring the Blew It! Masturbator

Exploring the Blew It Masturbator, it’s less of a fantasy object and more of a pleasure training tool, making it easy to introduce into the bedroom. It’s welcoming to all men, regardless of sexuality or age, with its masculine design and lack of anatomically correct openings. I particularly love male masturbators for their squishy, bumpy, ribbed textures!

Exploring the Blew It! Masturbator

Blewit is very dedicated to marketing their notion of ‘mindful masturbation’ as opposed to what they called ‘mindless masturbation’. According to Blewit ‘s creator, mindless masturbation is a learned behaviour in your adolescent years. Mindless masturbation is goal orientated, rushed due to the sense of urgency and desire not to get caught. So much so there is a whole range of masturbation techniques for men.

The Blewit! Masturbator claims to help users become more mindful when masturbating with the Blewit as it mimics real life sex more closely than a hand.  Blewit encourages users to review how they masturbate, slow down and focus on their body’s responses and how different types of stimulation affects your body. You can take these newly learned sensations and responses and communicate them to your partner.

This masturbator is the perfect tool to for increasing confidence in the bedroom as regular use can help users to increase their sexual stamina. The increased stamina and confidence boost can help some people get over their sexual dysfunction or performance anxiety. The CEO of Blewit has designed a program called Controlit! He has built up an online community of mindful masturbators sharing tips and tricks in regards to mindful masturbation and men’s health issues.

Exploring the Blew It
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What Makes the Blewit Masturbator Stand Out for Solo Pleasure?

Whilst all that performance training is happening in the background, Blewit! Masturbator is first and foremost an object made for men’s pleasure and self-indulgence! The sleeve has a multi-textured channel of variously sized nodules which stimulates from tip to base trying its best to closely mimic real-life sex acts.

The internal sleeve is a series of bumps and indents with ridges just past the non-gender specific opening. Whilst the internal pattern may not be as intricate as some of the other male masturbators on the market such as the Tenga flip holes, Blewit has added some bells and whistles to their product to make sure their product caters to all masturbators.

Blewit has introduced features to their product to make yourself love a little more customizable.  There are two included rings which attach behind the entrance of the sleeve to provide tight or extra-tight stimulation. There are two aspects to Blewit! Masturbator suction control first there is a quick-flip cap that allows or restricts airflow through the unit. There is also a cap which can be unscrewed or completely removed allowing the user to find the right internal pressure.

How to Clean Up After Exploring the Blew It?

After using the Blewit! Masturbator can be cleaned up within minutes! All that needs to be done is to remove the suction control cap and run hot water from the faucet through the sleeve and out of the grate at the bottom (also the suction end!). Blewit differs from other masturbators. Its sleeve isn’t removable or reversible for cleaning. Instead, it has an attached internal sleeve. This design prevents dust and lint from accumulating inside.

To help the drying process the suction vent unscrews and the base becomes a vented drying dock. Owners of the Blewit will occasionally need to use cornstarch or a renewing powder on their product to help remove the tackiness of the external part of the sleeve and there is a powdering dish provided to make the clean-up and care of the Blewit much easier and convenient. The sleeves material has also been lightly scented so that it always smells fresh!

Will it be Easy to Hide After Exploring the Blew It?

The internal sleeve of the Blewit! Masturbator is made of thermoplastic elastomer, a blend of plastic and rubber which is semi-porous. To combat the potential bacteria growth inside the internal sleeve due to the semi-porous nature of TPE the creators of Blewit it has added antimicrobials.

The TPE sleeve is encased in an aqua capsule which is discreetly shaped and easily mistaken for shampoo bottles, air fresheners or Bluetooth speakers. The octagonal shaped case makes is ergonomic for both left and right-handed people of all sizes, the rubberized exterior also helps to keep a firmer grip if hands become lubey.

Which Lubricants are Best to Use When Exploring the Blew It?

Blewit does have their specially branded lubricant aptly named Lubeit! But the Tenga Hole lotions have a much easier delivery system especially for enclosed masturbation sleeves such as the blewit as it has a nozzle which can be squeezed directly into the Blewit. Hole lotion also comes in 4 types mild, wild, solid and natural.

The Blewit team have spared no luxury when designing this product and it hasn’t stopped at the packaging either! The Blewit! Masturbator colour scheme is certainly eye-catching when on the wall as its black background and bright aqua blue illustration really standout on the information slip. Once the slip is removed the Blewit is stored in a black heavy cardboard box which is opened on the side and inside you will find the Blewit extremely secured so there is no damage or future damage as it can be used as a super discreet storage box!

Here are some other masturbation techniques that you may wish to try –

  1. Hand stroking: The most basic technique involves using your hand to stroke the penis up and down.
  2. Frenulum rubbing: Focus on the sensitive area just below the head of the penis, known as the frenulum, and gently rub or stroke it.
  3. Using lubrication: Adding lubrication can enhance sensation and reduce friction, making the experience more enjoyable.
  4. Edging: Stimulate yourself to the edge of orgasm, then pause or decrease stimulation before continuing. This can lead to a more intense climax.
  5. Fleshlight or sleeve: These are sex toys designed to simulate the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. They can provide a different sensation compared to using just your hand.
  6. Prostate stimulation: Some men enjoy stimulation of the prostate gland, either externally through the perineum or internally via the anus.
  7. Using a vibrator: Vibrators aren’t just for women. Men can also use vibrators on the penis or other erogenous zones for added stimulation.
  8. Trying different grips: Experiment with different hand grips and pressures to find what feels best for you.
  9. Incorporating fantasy: Fantasizing about specific scenarios, people, or experiences can enhance arousal and pleasure.
  10. Mindfulness and breathing techniques: Focus on your breath and stay present in the moment. Pay attention to how your body responds to different types of touch and stimulation.

Author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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  1. Great blog and very informative. A pocket masturbator is this man’s best friend. (Sorry, Spot!) But choosing the best one can be tricky, what with all the options. There are a lot of websites selling quality pocket pussies and pocket masturbators. So, it’s best to do some research before you buy.

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