All That Goodness With Tenga Flip Zero!

For the very first time, I took a look at the Tenga Flip Zero. My initial thought was “What the hell is this thing??”. Due to the design, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a futuristic bedside lamp or an external hard drive of some sort. My second thought was “Why on earth would I spend that amount of money on a thing you stick your dick into? Why not just have a quick wank?”. The¬† Tenga Flip Zero is one of the more expensive men’s sex toys in the adult market with a price point of around $200. Let’s take a look and see what goes into this $200 masturbator.

The Tenga Flip Zero insides are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is meant to be substantially more body friendly than PVC, jelly or cyber skin sex toys. Supposedly, during the process of making this masturbator, the properties enable them to customise the softness. I flipped it open to have a look to see what would it reveal. I found that I was immediately intimated by rows of teeth and edges that at first did not entice me enough to want to put it anywhere near my private parts to masturbate with.

But then I touched it and my opinion absolutely changed. Oh snap! This thing is soft as hell! I mean, shit it felt like my finger just discovered a new world. I was captivated and it had me curious about how to actually use it. So what’s the deal with usage? You pop this beauty open, fill it with as much lubricant you need. Snap the lid shut and slide the cover back on to keep it all together. Then you fuck it. The whole process is pretty straightforward.

EXCEPT for this thing also has a one-way valve at the top of it to allow air through. When you grip the sex toy among the other things you are doing with it, as you push in and out with your erection, it creates a natural vacuum that will feel like you are being sucked. So although it may at first seem like you’re fucking a laptop or some sort of modern piece of sexual technology. You won’t worry about the technology feeling too much when the vacuum suction becomes super intense as it stimulates the friction at your knob. You know what’s amazed me, was that the suction will come from every angle while it simultaneously sucks you off. That’s just so cool!

Tenga Flip Zero Inside Photo
Sex Toy: Tenga Flip Zero Inside

Obviously, you’re going to want to clean it at some point unless for some ungodly reason you don’t want to, which let’s face it happens as people tend to get tired after they have ejaculated. The process to clean is pretty straightforward. Slide off the case, pop it open and according to their website rinse it under cold or tepid tap water. I, on the other hand, would highly recommend using a bit of neutral soap or mild toy cleaner then hang it on the case it came in to air out. Due to its alleged porosity, you would want to make sure it is as clean as a whistle and dry as a bone before putting it away. Oh, and being rubber you certainly wouldn’t want to expose it to temperatures above (or probably even close) to 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise you’re going to end up with a super expensive melted rubber paper-weight.

Tenga Flip Zero’s Goodness: This masturbator actually looks cool. It doesn’t look like a fake pussy, it has a modern sleek design which is a great alternative when you want a change. It is reasonably discreet and non-anatomical so it will please all sexualities alike. It is reusable and if it is well looked after should last for ages. Plus it’s easy to clean, so you won’t spend more time cleaning then you do having a quickie.

Tenga Flip Zero’s Bad stuff: It could potentially leak lubricant all over the place through the valve at the top. Sex and masturbation are messy, it’s not a huge deal. To be honest, all the extra leakage makes it pretty sexy. The other negative thing I can think of is that it could potentially feel bulky after a long session.

What I Think Of The Tenga Flip Zero Overall

Get one!

There’s only one way for me to be sure so I guess Tenga is going to have to send me home with a complimentary one and I can do some more thorough “research”… Just let me know… ūüėÄ

About the Author: Chris is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres is a trusted sex toy and sexual lifestyle shop.

Time To Spice Up Your Sexlife With This Gem!

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a men’s masturbator specifically made for oral sex. It feels like jello with a silky satin texture that is made from the patented material called the “Real-Feel Super Skin“. The ¬†Real-Feel Super Skin has been made to feel as closely as possible to the act of sexual intercourse. The rounded bumps within it are made so men can experience textural sexual satisfaction when masturbating. There are two holes you can use for penetration but both of them offer the same feeling. The sex toy is also 100% body safe as it is made from a non-toxic material that is phthalate free. The product dimensions are 3 x 3 x 4.5 inches.

You will need to use a lot of water-based lubricants or use a high quality sex toy friendly lubricant like SuperSlyde where you will barely need to reapply it. Due to the lubricant creating a light sexual suction, it can be a little bit noisy but who really cares when you are having that much fun. This sex toy is amazing especially if you are looking to really spice up your sex life or if you would like to experience what it is like to use an affordable, travel-friendly, discreet fleshlight for the first time.

Putting on a show during mutual masturbation is a lot of fun especially when you use the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Allow your lover complete control over the sex toy and you will be able to experience complete pleasure without any fear of someone’s hand slipping and they won’t get tired from jerking you off. You are able two twist the Fleshlight in a circular motion for a unique experience.

Take over the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage and put on a show. Use your body by pelvicly thrusting into the masturbator almost as if you are having sex or use your hand for maximum control. It is not like the other fleshlight’s because it is made from clear plastic allowing you to see the motion of your erect shaft as it is being used as you pump back and forth.

Your erection will become the biggest it will possibly be. As you push it into your body completely, the silicone edges will mould to your body shape. The masturbator will not hurt you so you can use it as hard, as soft or as quickly as you would like to. When your erection pushes through the end, your foreskin will be pushed back completely, your tip will look almost like a mushroom putting on a display for your lover to see.


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

One of the best blow jobs is when someone wraps their hand around the base of the erect shaft and jerks you with the movements of their mouth. Rather than using your hand, replace it with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Not only will it take up more space than a hand, but you can also place your mouth as far down as you need to or relax comfortably on the tip of the penis. It is not every day a person will feel like they are having penetrative sex but receiving a blow job at the exact same time. For extra fun, you can slip it off and give a blow job, but when you get super tired or just can’t be bothered to slip it back on and they won’t know the difference. It is the ultimate sex toy for giving effortless blow jobs.

Once you have mutually masturbated or had some serious foreplay, you can begin to have sex. If you want to make sex more interesting, you can do different sex positions. Once you need a break or get tired, switch sex up and use a sex toy to masturbate with. Complete the job with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, when you are getting closer to the peak of orgasm it is recommended to masturbate with your hand and cum where you want to. This is because the tip of your penis may be too sensitive to experience too many pleasurable sensations.

It is messier than using a regular Fleshlight as the Quickshot has two openings rather than one this means there is nothing to capture the semen. Though clean up is a breeze, you can take the sleeve out of the plastic casing, turn it inside out for a full clean. Or you can simply run it under some soapy water whilst it is in the plastic case and the lubricant will run right off. To be extra hygienic, you can invest in anti-bacterial spray since the material is porous you can get a complete clean. It is easily stored away with dust getting on it, place it back in the clear plastic container so that is ready for next time.

I highly recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage especially if your a beginner or would like to experience a fleshlight for the first time. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasurable orgasms.

A Pleasure Training Tool & A Fun Addition To Spice Up Your Routine!

I’m especially fond of male masturbators. I love them they are squishy, bumpy, ribbed and always so delightfully textured! The creators of Blewit have strategically made this product extremely masculine with their colour scheme but they have also made the product welcoming to all men of any sexuality or age. The lack of anatomically correct opening or lingerie-clad bodies on the outer packaging makes this product perfect for the couple or solo masturbator. The Blewit! Masturbator is less of a fantasy object and more of a pleasure training tool which makes this product especially easy to introduce into the bedroom as a fun addition to spice up any standard routine.

Blewit is very dedicated to marketing their¬†notion of ‚Äėmindful masturbation‚Äô as opposed to what they called ‚Äėmindless masturbation‚Äô. According to Blewit ‚Äės creator, mindless masturbation is a learned behaviour in your adolescent years. Mindless masturbation is goal orientated, rushed due to the sense of urgency and desire not to get caught. So much so there is a whole range of masturbation techniques for men. The Blewit! Masturbator claims to help users become more mindful when masturbating with the Blewit as it mimics real life sex more closely than a hand. ¬†Blewit encourages users to review how they masturbate, slow down¬†and focus on their body’s responses and how different types of stimulation affects your body. You can take these newly learned sensations and responses and communicate them to your partner.¬†This masturbator is the perfect tool to for increasing confidence in the bedroom as regular use can help users to increase their sexual stamina. The increased stamina and confidence boost can help some people get over their sexual dysfunction¬†or¬†performance anxiety. The CEO of Blewit has designed a program called Controlit! and has built up an online community of mindful masturbators sharing tips and tricks in regards to mindful masturbation and men‚Äôs health issues.

Blewit! Mens Masturbator
Buy Now | Blewit! men’s masturbators and lubricant

Whilst all that performance training is happening in the background, Blewit! Masturbator is first and foremost an object made for men’s pleasure and self-indulgence! The sleeve has a multi-textured channel of variously sized nodules which stimulates from tip to base trying its best to closely mimic real-life sex acts. ¬†The internal sleeve is a series of bumps and indents with ridges just past the non-gender specific opening.¬†Whilst the internal pattern may not be as intricate as some of the other male masturbators on the market such as the Tenga flip holes, Blewit has added some bells and whistles¬†to their¬†product to make sure their¬†product caters to all masturbators.¬† Blewit has introduced¬†features to their product to make yourself love a little more¬†customizable.¬†¬†There are two included rings which attach behind the entrance of the sleeve to provide tight or extra-tight stimulation. There are two aspects to Blewit! Masturbator suction control first there is a quick-flip cap that allows or restricts airflow through the unit and there is the cap which can be unscrewed or completely removed allowing the user to find the right internal pressure.

After using the Blewit! Masturbator can be cleaned up within minutes! All that needs to be done is to remove the suction control cap and run hot water from the faucet through the sleeve and out of the grate at the bottom (also the suction end!). Unlike other hard cased masturbators where the sleeve can be removed and flipped inside out to be cleaned and air dried leaving the sleeve susceptible to catching dust and lint Blewit has an attached internal sleeve which keeps it foreign particle free. To help the drying process the suction vent unscrews and the base becomes a vented drying dock. Owners of the Blewit will occasionally need to use cornstarch or a renewing powder on their product to help remove the tackiness of the external part of the sleeve and there is a powdering dish provided to make the clean-up and care of the Blewit much easier and convenient. The sleeves material has also been lightly scented so that it always smells fresh!

The internal sleeve of the Blewit! Masturbator is made of thermoplastic elastomer, a blend of plastic and rubber which is semi-porous. To combat the potential bacteria growth inside the internal sleeve due to the semi-porous nature of TPE the creators of Blewit it has added antimicrobials.  The TPE sleeve is encased in an aqua capsule which is discreetly shaped and easily mistaken for shampoo bottles, air fresheners or Bluetooth speakers. The octagonal shaped case makes is ergonomic for both left and right-handed people of all sizes, the rubberized exterior also helps to keep a firmer grip if hands become lubey.

Blewit does have their specially branded lubricant aptly named Lubeit! But the Tenga Hole lotions have a much easier delivery system especially for enclosed masturbation sleeves such as the blewit as it has a nozzle which can be squeezed directly into the Blewit. Hole lotion also comes in 4 types mild, wild, solid and natural

The Blewit team have spared no luxury when designing this product and it hasn’t stopped at the packaging either! The Blewit! Masturbator colour scheme is certainly eye-catching when on the wall as its black background and bright aqua blue illustration really standout on the information slip. Once the slip is removed the Blewit is stored in a black heavy cardboard box which is opened on the side and inside you will find the Blewit extremely secured so there is no damage or future damage as it can be used as a super discreet storage box!

Author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Unique & Orgasmic Sensations With Verspanken Masturbator!

At Last The Secret To The Lingox Triple Masturbator Is Revealed!

Oral Masturbator, Realistic Stroker, Penis Sleeve, LingoX Product, Adultshop Online,

Aren’t you fed up with the same idea in all male masturbators? I wonder why manufacturers keep thinking like ¬†“Hmm, let’s use silicone material for the inner sleeve and textured internal surface could give more fun”. Then, add more ribs and nubs and sell it as an improved version of it. Do you think that it is enough for men to satisfy? Sorry guys, it is not. We need more effort than that! Thankfully, Lingox realised that a blowjob without a tongue is not a blowjob and designed this awesome stroker.


Sex Toy: Lingox Triple Masturbator

First of all, I am really impressed with the material. Its soft, super gentle, very supple and has a slight refreshing odour reminded me of gumdrops that I ate when I was a child. I don’t know whether you’ve seen what I’m talking about but you can find an attached photo above. After having shared one of the unnecessary childhood memories of mine with you, let me continue to praise the men’s sex toy. The¬†Lingox Triple Masturbator can be examined in three parts which are;

  • The Material and Design: Lingox Triple Masturbator inner sleeve is made of skin-like silicone material which is antibacterial, latex free and non-toxic. It has a slight odour as I said above but you need to put your nose in the mouth to smell it. You see the nubs and lines when you turn inside out but it is not that complicated, unlike the other masturbators. Apparently, the Triple wants to collect points with the tongue. The view you see is very tempting when you first open the toy, amazingly nice to touch and you can hardly distinguish it from a real mouth during play with plenty amount of water-based lubricant. The outer plastic case is perfectly designed to provide an easy grip for you. And also, you can take the sleeve out for easy cleaning. Lingox Triple Masturbator is almost 11 inches in length so if you are big in length you can use this toy easily but I cannot say the same thing for the ones with a thick penis. You will probably find it a bit tight, however, I believe you may have perfect sensations with the right amount of lubricant. I find the lips, teeth, and tongue to enhance the experience as they are all made from the super soft silicone so you don’t have to be worried about getting hurt by the teeth. You can simply close your eyes and imagine you are getting a real blowjob.
  • Adjustable Cap: Lingox Triple Masturbator has an adjustable cap to have intense stimulations. You can decide how much pressure will be on your shaft by screwing or unscrewing it. You have an empty mouth with a tongue and teeth (which are completely harmless unlike the real blowjob session), use your imagination and fill it up! Don’t forget the more vacuum the higher sensations you get. I believe this adjustable cap makes masturbation that much easier as some men’s sex toys have a hole that you are meant to press to maintain different pressures. This can prove to be challenging during masturbation.
  • Insertable Tip: Lingox Triple Masturbator is more than a masturbator; thanks to innovative designers who know the needs of a man, it comes with a bonus. They are really good at making men happier by adding little things to the design. What I am saying is an insertable textured tip enabling you to have anal play as well. There are multiple ridges all around the sex toy causing an overload of stimulation. As I mentioned in my other reviews earlier, life without prostate stimulation can no longer be thought for men. Put a condom on it, grab your favourite lubricant and you are ready to fly! I love this idea of a penetrative anal sex toy, as it is a hidden aspect of the Lingox Triple Masturbator. You really wouldn’t have noticed it if you walked passed it, it just looks like a torch.

All in all, I think I don’t need to emphasize again how much I like the sex toy after all comments that I’ve made above. This is the best one among the male masturbators I’ve ever seen so far. Don’t hesitate to have one and go for solo or couple play.

About the Author:  Goki is a consultant at the Oh Zone Caringbah and Park Street Stores.
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