Fleshlight Warmer Review – For That Cold Winters Night!

Fleshlight Warmer Review – I recently chose to try warming up my Fleshlight Mini-Lotus using the effective Fleshlight warmer to see what all the fuss is about.

Fleshlight Warmer Review

To make sure I used it correctly, I read the box for the how to use fleshlight warmer instructions. It was a cold morning and perfect for me to get my Fleshlight from the wardrobe.   Had been stored there for the winter months.

Before warming it up, I felt within the Fleshlight with my finger and it was  colder inside than i would have liked.  There was no way i would have been slipping into it, without warming it first.

And as if i would have had the patience to warm it in a sink loaded with boiling hot water. Set the warmer on the bedside table.

“I entertained myself with some porn”

While the warmer went through its warming cycle. I pulled the Fleshlight off the stand. It took two hands to pull it off, with one hand to hold the warmer down and another to pull it off.

I placed some of the Fleshlight lubricant inside the masturbator and to my delight it was excellent.

fleshlight warmer review with added porn

 “Ahhhhh, now that is pleasant”,

I thought as I slid my penis inside. Because I had used to warm the Fleshlight in water more than once in the past.  And found the whole process time consuming and moment spoiling. The Fleshlights aren’t warm. But they weren’t generally cool either.

When I did warm it, I was constantly aware of the fact that without warming it to at least room temperature does not give you that

Totally true experience of being inside a real vagina or anus.

Fleshlight Warmer Review
Heating Tool For Fleshlights

Using a Fleshlight that has been warmed to 93 degrees

Or somewhere in the vicinity is positively spoiling yourself sensation wise. It makes it so realistic that using it sends your brain into an sensual dream rush. I’m married, and my wife and I are blessed to have as dynamic of a sexual relationship that I could have ever wished for.

I’ve never truly required or needed the Fleshlight be totally realistic.  And use it when the wife is away or incorporate it in our foreplay sessions.  But now having felt it when warmed up first it puts a whole new perspective into my solo play.

It really felt like having sex with someone without a condom.

 “OMG, that feels warm and stunning”

Is the sensation you will feel as you enter it. You may wish to do it again and again as I did cumming like a geyser enjoying the male sex toy in a way I had never before.

This warmer certainly improves Fleshlight sex. It is better and less messy than warming it with warm water in the sink.

It’s box says it will heat up to 135 degrees farenheit and mine did not go close to that. But entering it at body temperature gave me a whole new appreciation of how male masturbators should feel.

I give it a thumbs up and my dick is up too!


This Fleshlight Is Going To DeStoya!

Fleshlight masturbators are staple pieces in any man’s masturbation collection.  I would know because I absolutely love them.

Forbidden Sleeves are a realistic sex toy that replicates the feeling of what it is like to have penetrative anal sex. It is made with a textured interior that has three different main areas of stimulation.

Let’s Talk About The Textures

  • First area is the entrance which measures around 2 centimetres long.  It’s a tight and straight tunnel that has absolutely no texture. This is perfect for the feeling of entering someone at the beginning of sex before they have fully warmed up! Gives that body-hugging sensation that can provide you with just the right amount of stimulation
  • Second area is just after the entrance and is 3 centimetres in length. It features ridges that are closely positioned one after the other. This style of texture is known as cross-ribs which will provide some pleasurable stimulation as you push further into the sex toy
  • Third area is around 14 centimetres (5.5 inches) in length. It is a tunnel with gentle waves that will give you just the right amount of stimulation.
fleshlight warmer review
Image: Stoya’s Fleshlight Forbidden Sleeve

How The Fleshlight Forbidden Is Molded

These sleeves are molded directly from a porn stars back-side so they look incredibly just like the real thing. There are many Fleshlight Girl’s who have their very own version of this sex toy.  So it is with delight that I had found that Stoya has her own range of Fleshlights.  And I couldn’t help myself but I just had to try her out!

My Personal Experience

You see, I already had a Lotus which replicated her vagina.  Stoya’s Lotus is beautiful with her vaginal lips delicately opening up like a butterfly. This makes it easy to imagine fucking her especially if you watch one of her DVDs at the same time.  I have used this Fleshlight a countless amount of times.

But I had a growing lust to have a sleeve for anal so I purchased the Forbidden Sleeve. With great delight I opened her up, the sleeve and mold were almost perfect.

I salivated at the chance to experience what anal sex with this amazing porn star would be like.

Anal Sex with a Porn Star

First, I generously lubricated her and my erection with some water-based lubricant.

I entered her, and I could not help but enjoy how snug and tight it was. Feelings were astounding as I experienced the ridges and waves that lined her canal. Using her this way whilst watching her DVD was almost voyeuristic and a real turn on.

fleshlight warmer review

It Was So Realistic I Thought I Was Fucking Stoya

Felt like I was fucking Stoya, America’s darling of porn as she is commonly referred to.

She is said to be known for her confidence and pride. Judging by her movies it looks like she can handle any sexual encounter regardless how lewd or dangerous it may be.

Stoya is a natural brunette and her beauty is enigmatic.  She is a no bullshit, get what she wants kind of girl. Lately, I have noticed that she is getting more risqué!

She is known to frequent BDSM and fetish forums and groups on the internet.

Stoya Is No Bimbo

She is no bimbo either having written articles for the New York Times, The Guardian and Esquire Magazine. To top that off she is active on her personal blog. She claims to be a bit of a naturalist which helps me to day dream about her in the kitchen sashaying along butt naked.

Stoya’s Forbidden Sleeve will make you hard really quickly and makes you feel like your orgasm is only minutes away. Ribbed and smooth anal canal feels so pleasant that it’s very difficult to not blow your load after simply two or three minutes of jerking off.

Climax is SO intense to the point that it can be difficult to stay inside that ass during climax. But it feels so great that you will do everything in your will not to stop. It is one of the best Fleshlights out there.  All the customer reviews I have ever read are positive.

Experience Sex Like Never Before

Even if you are not a fan of Stoya like I am, it is worth the purchase price to experience the closest thing to anal sex that you can.  Without being in the real thing.  Remember to take care of it and it will take care of you.

Another one of my favorite men’s sex toys is the Katsuni Lotus but that discussion is for another time!

Get Into The Jessica Drake Fleshlight

#1 Selling Male Sex Toy Fleshlight Jessica Drake.

Showcasing a precise copy of Wicked star Jessica Drakes intimates, this attractive toy is a fabulous expansion to a line of porn starlets from Fleshlight.

Texas local Jessica Drake was a dance artist in an El Paso strip club that regularly included porn stars as featured acts. She would watch them and imagine that she could improve in what they do.

After talking with companions who were in the porno business she chose to try it out herself.  She made her first film in 2000, and that year was named Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards. Notwithstanding her work in bad-to-the-bone.  She has also showed up in various “softcore” movies made for digital TV and some TV sit-coms.

In 2003, Jessica signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures.

Noticing an interest for present day sex education, Jessica Drake and Wicked Pictures produced Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.  An educational arrangement of suggestive instructional movies.

Principal DVD in the line, Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio, was awarded the 2012 award for Best Educational Release by AVN Media. The arrangement has been profiled on ladies’ way of life shows.

In 2014 Drake added another feature for larger sized women. Teaming up with BBW entertainer Kelly Shibari, Wicked and Jessica Drake released Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size.


Jessica Drake Fleshlight
Fleshlight girls

Jessica Did Not Limit Herself To Film Or Television

Not limiting herself to Film and Television, Jessica also found her way to Radio. “Manual for Wicked Sex” was a weeklysegment on Jessica’s Playboy Radio show, “IN BED with Jessica Drake.”

Jessica Drake travels around the world to conduct sex education classes and workshops. She has addressed a group of licensed counselors at UCLA on May 3, 2012 and participated in a panel discussion at the CatalystCon West sexuality conference. In February 2014, she spoke at the University of Chicago’s Sex Week alongside fellow performer Tasha Reign. The panel discussion was titled “Jessica Drake: From Porn to Sex Ed.”

In February 2014, Drake and Tasha Reign talked on a board titled Porn, Prostitution, and Censorship

Politics of Empowerment at Moore Hall at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). A yearly board is supported by the Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art (SANAA) out of appreciation for Eve Ensler’s V-Day Organization.

Ensler’s The Vagina Monologs is a yearly presentation on ladies’ issues. Also on the board were Ph.D. applicant in Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA and speaker at Otis College of Art and Design Jennifer Moorman and UCLA Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Christopher Mott.  He drives a class titled “Erotica and the Politics of Sexual Representation.”

Panel organizer Alec Moore said,

“We are greatly excited to have Tasha Reign and Jessica Drake on board for our board.”

As a sex industry insider, and a Bruin, Tasha can give us a remarkable viewpoint from her own particular epistemological angle.  Loaning us her significant understanding into the legislative issues of sexual representation.” Reign is an alumna of UCLA.

So it comes as no surprise that Jessica Drake should, in conjunction with Fleshlight the men’s sex toy company put our an ultra-exact replicas of her most intimate body parts in both look and feel,

Jessica Lotus, Forbidden and Swallow were made to fastidiously nitty gritty determinations.  With a final result that is completely dream commendable, and constantly prepared and ready for you when you are.

fleshlight warmer review
Jessica’s Pussy

An Exact Replica Of Jessicas’ Pussy

Formed into an a precise copy of Jessica Drakes’ pussy, ass and mouth, you’ll feel delicate lips.  As you enter the famous Fleshlight men’s masturbator inside.  Next you’ll encounter a smooth, ultra-tight passage that augments unobtrusively into hot undulating waves.  Grasp and discharge you sensibly completely through.

It was made to flawlessly imitate vaginal, anal and oral sex.  Reversed passage gets you in speedy, and the joy chambers give compelling isensations.  This can really help you prepare yourself to last longer in bed.

With all Fleshlight models, you have the capacity to modify how firmly the internal dividers grasp yo by differing the suction.

Fleshlight Masturbator Configuration

Configuration is pure self-delight and easy to handle.  This can be donw by grasping it or wedging it between your matress and base or sofa and cushions. Fleshlight mount can give you extra sex positions whilst being in Jessica Drake.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

You will appreciate the way Superskin maintains its shape resembling actual tissue, and is both soft and flexible while also providing a gentle grip. It has a long lifespan if taken care of properly.  Once you have tried the Fleshlight, it is likely that you will want to continue using it.

To clean, rinse thoroughly with warm water and avoid using any detergents – only use mild soap and warm water.

Let it air dry completely before storing it away. Over time, the sleeve may become slightly sticky. But this can be remedied by generously sprinkling Fleshlight’s Renewing powder to restore its softness.

fleshlight warmer review
Jessica Drake Porn Movies

Some of Jessica Drake movies

Massage School Dropouts (Video)


Sinners Ball (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: BDSM for Beginners (Video)


Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Satisfy Her Like a Legend (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: The Art of StripTease (Video)
Aftermath (Video)
Hot For Teacher (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size (Video)
Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Video)
The Evil Queen
Asa Gets Wicked (Video)


Underworld (Video)
Sexpionage: The Drake Chronicles (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Woman to Woman (Video)
$ex (Video)
Tuff Love (Video)


Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal Play for Men (Video)
Crazy in Love (Video)
Lesbian Romance (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: G-Spot and Female Ejaculation (Video)
Countdown (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Threesomes – Every Man’s Fantasy (Video short)
Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody (Video)
Estrella ‘The Vaginian’
A Love Story (Video)
Craving II (Video)
Narrator / Mistress Miller (segment “Rumpelstiltskin”) / Goldilocks (segment “Goldilocks”) / …


Sexy (Video)
Horizon (Video)
Captain Ezra
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Positions (Video)
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal (Video)
About Jessica (Video)
Friends with Benefits (Video)
Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody (Video)
Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody (Video)
Office Encounters (Video)
Jenna Is Timeless (Video)
I In Your Dreams (Video)
Private Lessons (Video)


Jessica Tonight (Video)
Kaylani Tonight (Video)
Kirsten Tonight (Video)
Speed (Video)
4 Some (Video)
Angie Wood
3 Days in June (Video)
he Alibi (Video)
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Wicked Games (Video)
Lies (Video)
2040 (Video)
Monica Sweet
II Hush (Video)
Rebecca Carter
Alektra’s Favorites (Video)
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House of Wicked (Video)
Always and Forever (Video)
Karen Madison
Revenge Inc. (Video)


Fallen (Video)
Kissing Girls (Video)
Public Service (Video)
Monica (as jessica drake)
The Artist (Video)
Dating 101 (Video)
Tasty (Video)
Narrator / Pastry Chief #1 / Ice Cream Girl #1 / … (as jessica drake)
Bad Girls (Video)
Narrator / Elevator Woman
Kirsten’s Favorites (Video)
Seduction (Video)
What Girls Like (Video)


II Girl Talk (Video)
The Craving (Video)
Narrator / Sleeping Beauty / Harlet
Love Always (Video)
Coming Home (Video)
Delilah (Video)
Most Valuable Pornstar Kirsten (Video)
Mobster’s Ball (Video)
Narrator / Gangster Moll – Segment #1 (as jessica drake)
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Fuck (Video)
French Doll / The Android
Manhunters (Video)
Curse Eternal (Video)
Samantha Stewart
Women on Top (Video)
House Sitter (Video)
Jessica Drake: Raw (Video)
Slingshot (Video)
The Fling (Video)


Tiffany’s (Video)
Clam Smackers (Video)
Eternity (Video)
Sold (Video)
Cynthia Stevens
Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre (Video)
Megan (as jessica drake)
The Sex Spa II: Body Work (Video)
Lovers Lane (Video)


Naked Ambition (TV Movie)
Kim Taylor
One Man’s Obsession (Video)
Celeste Richards
Beautiful/Nasty 3 (Video)
But I’m with the Band (Video)
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Creme Brulee (Video)
Forever Jessica (Video)
Forever Stormy (Video)
Perfect Life (Video)
The 69 Club (Video)
Wicked Fourgy of Whorror (Video)
Wicked Sex Party 7 (Video)
Jenna Uncut & Uncensored (Video)
Mood Ring (Video)
The Art of Anal 2 (Video)

More 2004 

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Jeanette Lamont
The Collector (Video)
Eye of the Beholder (Video)
Killer Sex and Suicide Blondes (Video)
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Valley 911 (Video)
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Voyeur: Inside Out (Video)
The Stalker (1st Segment)
Brunettee Adult Actress
Suspicious Minds (Video)
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Porn Star
Pilot (2003) … Porn Star
Space Nuts (Video)
The Assignment (Video)
No Limits (Video)
Falling from Grace (Video)

More 2003 

About a Woman (Video)
Angelique (Video)
Behind Closed Doors (Video)
City of Sin (Video)
En porrstjärna föds (Video)
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Restaurant Patron 2
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What Girls Like (Video)
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Without You (Video)
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The Boss (Video)
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Trailer Trash Nurses (Video)
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Puritan Video Magazine 24 (Video)
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Ethnicity 3 (Video)
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Video Model
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Pussyman’s Decadent Divas 4 (Video)
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fleshlight warmer review
Man’s Orgasm

There Is No Lite-Joy When You Get Your Anal Love!

Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator is a sex toy for men that is to be used as an aid to masturbating making it more exciting and realistic.

How does the Joy-Lite Compare to other fleshlights? 

Which is better?

Joy-Lite comprises of a hard three-piece case encasing the delicate cyberskin Insert.  It’s case allows it to be transported anonymously and safely.  Entire case does resemble a thick torch. But it won’t stand under close examination or have the capacity to pass itself off as a genuine light.

Particularly if one of the top ends is unscrewed as that will reveal the passages that are contained within.

This sex toy is the precise, custom molded reproduction of a woman’s anus.

If you are interested in enjoying masturbation as if it were the real things than a Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator will let you enjoy her most intimate behind in the most sexual way possible.

Texture within the male stroker will consistently suction itself around you, giving an experience that titillates your sensations. This sex toy is made for the comfort and safety of your skin. It is created out of body safe materials which are phthalate and toxic free.

Material will move, flex and adjust according to your body size.

It is also made to be durable

As long as you take the proper care and clean it after each use. Clean it with luke warm or hot tap water with soap after each use.  Maintain the gentle nature of the product you can also use some fleshlight powder.  Stroker is safe to take with you as it can be packed up into it’s plastic covering.

What is the Opening Like? 

It’s opening is more intricate than that of similar masturbators.  Canal inside is secured with customary tubular knobs around 18mm long and 6mm in measurement. Giving the feeling and appearance as though you’re going to embed your dick into a section lined with spines.

These projections are delicate and expected to stimulate your penis as you come to use this sex toy.  Makers directions demonstrate that just water based lubricants should be used as the cyberskin may react negatively to oil or silicon based lubes.

With each Joy-Lite a 15ml water based lube is provided just in case you do not have any lube at home the first time so you will not be disappointed and have to go out to buy one.

fleshlight warmer review
Joy-Lite Anal Love Masturbator

You have to be erect first before you can use this Sex toy

A wide opening makes passage simple and it is amazingly tight.  On close examination looks and feels close to a genuine butt hole. You have to use a lot of lube in it to really enjoy it to its fullest and it can get a bit messy.

It feels exceptionally good and you can unscrew the opposite smaller end to adjust the suction that you like the best.  Joy-lite is exceptionally long so it does not matter if you have a small penis or a huge cock.

Everyone can enjoy the Joy-Lite.

Depending on how deep you penetrate your cock will get an amazing array of feeling courtesy of the ridges, canals and nodules inside it.

It is a very fulfilling experience.  When I got to the stage I wanted to come I had my whole cock inside it and was stroking off.  As I came it felt amazing and warm, just like the real thing.

All in all I found the Joy-Lite Anal to be similar to but not exactly the same as the Fleshlight Forbidden Style masturbators.  Whether it is better or worse I guess is up to each individual to decide.  Being a similar price it is really a toss of the coin.

Joy-Lite like Fleshlight has specific moulds of girls

That have starred in Mark Dorcell productions.  So I guess if you are into Vivian, Anna, Claire or any of the other Marc Dorcell girls that would be the deal breaker.

But at the end of the day cleaning of the is simple, simply slip the sleeve out and put it in the sink and run warm water through it for a wash – you can use a very mild detergent if you wish.  Then air-dry to guarantee the anal sex toy stays in great condition.

2 Replies to “Fleshlight Warmer Review – For That Cold Winters Night!”

  1. As a loyal customer of Adultsmart, I recently purchased the Fleshlight Warmer and wanted to share my thoughts on this incredible product. Let me tell you, it has truly transformed my experience with my Fleshlight.

    The Adultsmart Fleshlight Warmer is a game-changer for anyone who enjoys using a Fleshlight. With its simple yet effective design, this warming device enhances the overall sensation and realism of the Fleshlight, taking it to a whole new level of pleasure.

    The compact size of the Fleshlight Warmer makes it easy to use and store. It’s designed to fit most Fleshlight models, ensuring compatibility and convenience for all users. The sleek and discreet design makes it an ideal companion for both solo play and intimate moments with a partner.

    Using the Fleshlight Warmer is a breeze. Simply plug it into a power source, insert your Fleshlight into the device, and let it work its magic. Within minutes, your Fleshlight will reach the perfect temperature, mimicking the warmth and texture of real human skin. This added element of realism intensifies the sensations and creates a more immersive experience.

    One of the standout features of the Fleshlight Warmer is its ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your playtime. Whether you’re indulging in a quick session or an extended pleasure session, the Fleshlight Warmer ensures that the warmth remains constant, heightening your pleasure and prolonging your enjoyment.

    Not only does the Fleshlight Warmer enhance the overall experience, but it also helps to preserve the longevity of your Fleshlight. By warming the sleeve before use, it reduces the risk of damage or tearing, ensuring that you can enjoy your Fleshlight for as long as possible.

    I cannot recommend the Adultsmart Fleshlight Warmer enough. Its innovative design, compatibility with most Fleshlight models, and ability to maintain a consistent temperature make it a must-have accessory for anyone seeking to enhance their Fleshlight experience. Trust me, once you try the Fleshlight Warmer, you’ll never go back to using your Fleshlight without it. Thank you, Adultsmart, for providing such a fantastic product.

  2. How do we get this product in Russia? Fleshlight stocks are low – I think maybe US has embargo on products here.

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