Your Partners Fetish – Are You Kinky?

A fetish is something which arouses a person but deviates from normal sexual expectations.  It can be seen as a personal eccentricity and it is believed that a lot of people have a fetish or may develop one over time. There are many different types of fetishes.  Even celebrities have secret fetishes. But why is it important to understand your partners fetish?

By taking your time to understand someone’s fetish it will bring them feelings of acceptance, trust and love. These feelings allow the person to fulfill their strong psychological and social need to belong.

When they feel they belong in a place in society, they are able to explore their fetish by themselves.  Or in a safe environment with you.  We must be able to tolerate the fetish by decently living aside it.

Acceptance is much more than tolerance.

We don’t simply just tolerate the fetish but we say that the fetish is okay.  Acceptance is when we are able to live with the person’s fetish and we do not try to change it or argue against it.

When we move past acceptance, we are able to understand someone’s fetish. This can be done by taking your time to think about the topic and then communicating or managing social interactions in a respectful and unprejudiced manner.

If you have a live-and-let-live attitude you will easily be able to accept other people’s views. This attitude will assist you to get along with other people.

Your Partners Fetish 

Trust is important because people have had their trust broken by a violation of an agreement that may have mentally injured them.

For example, there is an agreement between people in a relationship that they must care for the other person.  They disclose their fetish to you.  Maybe their fetish was that they watch tentacle porn or maybe they like dressing up as a furry.

In response, you may have accidentally humiliated them. They may then feel a sense of betrayal. When the humiliation is left unaddressed, they may develop hurt feelings.  

Betrayal of agreements will occur in any relationship. When it occurs you must be able to take responsibility for your actions, apologies whilst deeply feeling remorse.

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Image: The Doctor Porn Parody

Trusting One Another

To trust one another, we must learn about them and they must learn about us.

It is not about putting the best version of yourself forward. So, it is about consciously being honest with who you are which includes your eccentricities, natures and habits.

In this case, trust is built on these very human qualities.

This means your new definition of trust is that you may unintentionally hurt each other. Though each of you will take responsibility for your actions. And then work towards improving your relationship in a loving environment.

If you are in a loving long term relationship, when you touch your partner their fear response gets turned off and their stress levels are relieved. They are instantly comforted by your familiarity and soothed.

Loss of stress and inhibition allows them to feel aroused more easily. This environment provides your partner with a feeling of safety.


One ingredient that allows people the freedom of sexual exploration, imagination and play.  When people feel safe and ready, they can allow themselves to open up to you.

Safety is incredibly important, especially when used alongside BDSM which is one of the most popular fetishes.

Questions to ask a lover who has a fetish

Once they have opened up to you, it is important to ask them questions about their fetish.  You can gain enough knowledge about their preferences.

  • What is the name of your fetish?
  • And What is the fetish about?
  • How long have you had this fetish for?
  • When did you know you had this fetish?
  • What do you like most about the fetish?
  • So, what are you psychologically attracted to in the fetish?
  • Are there other aspects of the fetish you don’t like?
  • How often do you think about the fetish?

Experiment or find a workable compromise

You can take your time to tolerate, accept, understand, build trust and provide a loving environment for them to explore their fetish privately by themselves.  Or find a workable compromise.

If you would like to take the opportunity to explore it with them in your sexual interactions.  Do this through role play, costumes, literotica, pornography and sex toys like bondage and fetish gear.

On the other hand, it is also important to be aware of someone else’s fetish as sadly, sometimes people don’t share the same level of enthusiasm for the fetish. Or the fetish may cause distress through the harm of others.

In this case, it is important to question your long term compatibility.  So that everyone in the situation is taken care of.

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Piss Gag Fetish Sex

Gulping Down With The Urinal Piss Gag!

Have ever thought about Urolagnia the piss fetish?  Always wondered whether there was a sex toy which would help you in your sexual fantasies?

Oxballs has created the Urinal Gag.  It will help you become the piss pig or urinal you have always wanted to be. If you like what your hearing, you can now take things to a whole new level with this expertly designed, strap-on piss trough.

This trough is soft, flexible, pure platinum silicone and is quite deep so anyone needing to take a slash can fill it up just for you.  It allows a collection of piss to be stored in the bowl as the wearer has to smell it, drink it up fast. Or suppress the amount of urine that enters into his or her mouth via the gag inserts.

How to Use the Piss Gag

To use, simply place the gag in your mouth and strap on the waterproof neoprene strap with Velcro closure.

Now all your drinking buddies can step up and relieve themselves in their own personal human urinal.  Oxballs Urinal Gag comes with a removable silicone tube. You can accessories your urinal gag with other interchangeable gags (sold separately) for the perfect urine drinking experience.

Water sports will never be the same again 

It features silicone parts and straps with two-layer, grip-textured neoprene and soft velcro side straps.  Can be easily adjusted for a snug and comfortable fit. So get ready for the call of nature with the Oxballs Urinal Gag.

Oxballs Urinal Gag Instantly transform into a human toilet slave with the pure silicone.

partners fetish for piss
Oxball Piss Bag Review

Oxballs Urinal Gag is an innovative new BDSM sex toy that will bring joy and new adventures to even the most seasoned water sports and golden shower enthusiasts.

What is it made From?

Made from soft flexible black platinum cure silicone and top quality neoprene, this gag will transform the face and mouth into a fully functioning piss trough. Adjustable velcro black head strap is a full two feet long.  Can accommodate a small to a large head. While the trough is large enough to allow two people to urinate at once.

This device is very easy to use, wear, and clean.

Take your BDSM play to a whole new level

Turn your submissive, slave, toy, or pet into a working urinal with this kinky new piss gag from OxBalls.  This sex toy device is there to aid you in your piss play desires.

It is made to be a very strong long lasting product. Wash the urinal gag after each use to maintain the longevity of the product.

partners fetish online bdsm gear

Product Details

  • Strap Length: Adjustable up to 24 in (61cm).
  • Tube Gag (included) Insertable Length: 2.7 in (6.8cm), Width: 1.1 in (2.7cm).

Safety, Care and Usage

Oxballs Urinal Gag is easy to clean using warm water and anti-bacterial soap or detergent.  Its head strap is washing machine safe and the urinal gag can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Always remember to play safely.

Here are the interchangeable gags available at this time. 

Urinal Gag Insert

The Urinal Gag Inserts from OxBalls is the perfect line of accessories for the Urinal Piss Gag. There are three different yellow inserts made of pure silicone that bring even more fun.  And some extra variety to your piss gag water-sports and playtime. They allow the stopping or flow of the urine to go into the users mouth.

Tongue Supressor

Insertable length: 2.5in (6.4cm). A Tongue Supressor insert flattens the wearer’s tongue and makes sure the flow of piss keeps going. With this one there is no clamping down or breaks.  So we recommend it for experts, veterans, and piss drinking enthusiasts.

Ball Gag

Insertable length: 2.2in (5.6cm). Ball Gag insert is bigger, fatter, and fills the mouth. A wearer can still clamp down to stop the flow if they need a break, or when their thirst has been quenched.

Short Tube

Insertable length: 2in (5.1cm). A Short Tube insert is smaller, shorter, and easier to wear. This insert is perfect for beginners and those still in training. A wearer can clamp down to stop the flow if they need a break, or when their thirst is quenched.

Oxballs Urinal Gag is currently sold at Adultsmart Online.

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