Bisexual’s Bi-curious Facts And Figures

Woman on Woman, Men on Men

In this article, we are going to talk about the question “what is bisexuality?”.

What is a bisexual?

A bisexual is a man or woman who is sexually attracted to both sexes. There are varying degrees of bisexuality. People can find out they are bisexual at different stages in their life.

Is bisexuality common?

Bisexuality is extremely common nowadays. You will find many bisexual people around you without even knowing it. In the United States of America, 9 million Americans (3.5%) identify as lesbian, gay or as sexually promiscuous. Around 19 million Americans (8.2%) have reported that they have participated in same-sex sexual conduct and about 25.6 million Americans (11%) have some same-sex sexual fascination. There are additionally about 700,000 transgender people in the US.

Bisexual information
Image: Bisexuality

In Australia, 11 in 100 people are diverse in their sexual identity or gender identity.


LBGT statistics
Image: Australian LGBTI Facts and Figures

Is it wrong to have sexual desires for both sexes?

It is not wrong to have these desires or engage in bisexual behaviour. It is actually very normal and many people do – even people who consider themselves to be straight. It is not a crime! You have the full right to enjoy your life in any way you like as long as it is not at the expense of others! Some people suppress their sexuality due to what they have been taught through their families, friends, religion and society.

Why do people explore their bisexuality?

Many people will explore their bisexuality to find out their true sexual identity. It is better than living in the closet. Bisexuality can add an excellent spark in your sexual lifestyle. If you consider yourself as a bisexual, you can explore your bisexuality in a number of ways.

Many people are not aware of their bisexuality

Sexual thoughts can be confusing especially if you don’t have a lot of sexual experience. Many people have secret desires to experiment and experience intimacy with people of the same sex. Some people view themselves as a straight person who can get turned on by the same-sex. Some straight people even watch gay porn, bisexual porn and lesbian porn. Many people fantasize about having a threesome and some actually do it. Threesomes are considered to be a bisexual fantasy even if both the lovers you are with are of the opposite sex.

It is not like homosexuality, where you slowly discover that you’re attracted to the same sex but it can be even more confusing. Bisexuals do not get a clear cut definition of who they like and don’t like, rather they experience a blurred landscape whereby they discover that they have feelings for both sexes and they struggle to identify with this. Some people do not know whether they are bisexual or not.

Is there a test to identify a person’s sexuality?

The Kinsey Scale rates people from 0 to 6. A rating of 0 means that a person is exclusively heterosexual and a rating of 6 means that a person is exclusively homosexual. People are also able to rate in-between these numbers. The Kinsey Scale determined that sexuality is not only situational but there is no standard sexuality. The Kinsey Scale is also known as the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale.

Some bisexuals conceal their sexual identity

Most bisexual people do not want to bring attention to their sexual identity. In fact, they tend to conceal their sexual identity and make friends in general social circles. This often presents enormous pressure when a bi person gets to know a person more intimately as they then have a dilemma as to whether to tell their new friend their sexual identity. If two bi people live together with each other then they can better understand each other and they also can support each other whether they are in a relationship together or not. But bisexuals often try to hide their true selves, they often fail to find the perfect partner for them as a bisexual person.  It is really difficult to find the perfect bisexual partner when often they do not know whether a person is bisexual or not. Normally people say that to find the perfect partner is very difficult but finding a bisexual partner is even harder than that.

It is important to keep in mind that there can be many issues when someone comes out with their sexuality which is one of the reasons some people do not talk about their sexual preferences. One of the other reasons is that most of the time a person’s sexual identity does not come up in day to day conversation. Although times have changed with the raising of awareness of different sexual identities and the legalisation of same-sex marriage almost all around the world!

Bisexual Pink Purple Blue Flag
Image: Bisexual Flag

How to meetup and date other bisexuals?

A quick and very useful way to find and make bisexual friends and lovers is to use adult dating websites and applications. Once you meet up, you both have the opportunity remain friends, become lovers or move on and find someone completely different. When trying to find a dating match you should be patient and meet up when the timing is right. Love who you are and your sexuality, share your love with the person who you choose is your best match. If they see you trying, they may try just as much as you do.

Bisexuals and long term relationships

Some people are afraid that if they had a relationship with a bisexual that there would be relationship problems. People are often scared that a bisexual may leave them for a person of the same or opposite sex as there is more people that they can choose to date. Some people are scared that may never be able to fully satisfy a bisexual. Some people also struggle to understand that someone can be attracted to multiple types of people. There are many myths about bisexuals.

The truth is, many people get through life, believing that the person that they have married is the love of their life, but they inevitably realise that there is something missing within their lives. Some people act on this, either in the form of threesomes or with an extramarital affair, and others will simply ignore this and move on.

Many bisexuals can have a monogamous relationship with just one long term partner even though they have an inclination to be with a person of the opposite sex to their partner. If you are married or in a committed relationship and you are planning on exploring your sexuality, it is recommended that you honestly communicate with your partner your sexual needs.

If you intend to build a serious relationship with a bisexual person then you will need to accept the idea that your partner may find people of both sexes attractive. Remember, a leopard cannot change it’s spots no more than a bisexual can change their sexual desires. Take your relationship slowly, be as open and honest when you’re dating. If you create a foundation of honesty and trust, you can build a healthy relationship.

Bisexuals and sex toys

There is now a large range of sex toys for bisexuals including strapless strap-ons, strap-on dildos and harnesses.

Are there any bisexual celebrities?

There are a lot of celebrities and YouTube stars who are bisexual including Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Shane Dawson, Lady Gaga and Marlon Brandon just to name a few who come to mind! Below I have included a video of the YouTube star “Shane Dawson” who has over 16.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Why do people love bisexuals?

Many people love bisexual people as they are conscious of their sexuality and needs within a relationship.

Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

Top Secret World Of Crossdressing Husbands

Men Love Dressing as Women

Many people do not know exactly what a transvestite actually is. This article will look into answering some of the questions you may have about transvestites and the top secret world of crossdressing husbands.

What Is A Transvestite?

A transvestite is a man who feels and is interested in wearing women’s clothing. Transvestites feel more comfortable wearing women’s clothing than wearing men’s clothing. Another term for transvestite is crossdresser. There are transvestites from all kinds of backgrounds.

What Pronouns Should I Use For A Transvestite?

In this modern world, most transvestites who like to dress like women do not want to introduce themselves as a transvestite.  The term transvestite may not be the preferred label that a person would like to be called. Some people may feel that the term transvestite is very offensive and would prefer to be called a crossdresser.

How Do Men Wear Women’s Clothing?

Crossdressers may be more comfortable and feel happier when they crossdress. Some men enjoy the feeling of women’s clothing as it can feel delicate and soft. Men can wear women’s lingerie under their clothing. This is a way to crossdress without openly showing other people publicly. In some cases, their spouses are unaware that their husband, boyfriend or lover is crossdressing.

People can crossdress privately in their own homes or in a public setting. They may choose to wear dresses, lingerie, and costumes. They may also wish to use jewellery, make-up, bras with breast fillers, wigs and get their eyebrows done.

Some crossdressers look like men dressed as women which may not be their ultimate aim. This may happen if they apply make-up incorrectly or wear clothing that doesn’t compliment their body type.  Learning the art of dressing as a woman might make their life much easier and often with practice and perseverance they can succeed.

If you are crossdresser keep it simple to start off with. Avoid high heels, especially those which have sling-backs as you will look clumsy and awkward.  Stay clear of glittery cocktail dresses unless you have practiced going out, standing and sitting just like a woman.  Most importantly, use make up sparingly at first. Make sure the make-up does not have glitter or harsh colours.  After you are comfortable with practice and experience you can then start to experiment.

Sexy crossdresser
Image: Crossdressing Man

Are Crossdressers Aroused By Wearing The Opposite Sexes Clothes?

Wearing the opposite sexes clothes may have nothing to do with being aroused. Like everyone else, they may not even be interested in having sex while wearing clothes.

How Do Crossdressers Act?

Crossdressers often desire not just to dress like the opposite sex, sometimes they also feel that they should behave with a more feminine nature than a masculine nature.

What About Crossdressers And Sex?

Sometimes, the crossdresser’s partner may not be aware of who they are at the beginning of the relationship. If a crossdresser later comes out to his partner they can sometimes become sexually confused. They can feel uneasy, upset and intolerant with gender play. Women who are in a relationship with a crossdresser may feel that they are not with a real man even though they are. For these reasons, women often just don’t feel interested in being intimate with their partner when they are crossdressing which is perfectly acceptable. Though this will cause their relationship to suffer. However, there are ways to deal with it and make sense of it.

It is seen that often many crossdressing men dress identical to their partner, or someone else that they idolise as this is the person that they love however this may even put more pressure on their relationship.  It can be a tough thing to deal with when your partner keeps stealing your clothes.

For this reason crossdressers must compromise. In order to compromise they must be aware of what their partner is comfortable with. Some partners may choose to leave the house or be in a different room when their husband, boyfriend or lover crossdresses. It is highly recommended to seek professional help for couples counselling.

Are Crossdressers Women Trapped In A Man’s Body?

Most crossdressers never feel that they are trapped in the wrong body. Most enjoy being a man and they never feel that they should be a woman. Instead, they are a man in woman’s clothing. They don’t require assistance with hormonal therapy or surgery to make them look more female.

What Is Trans?

Transgender or trans is an umbrella term for individuals whose sexual orientation character or expression is unique in relation to those regularly connected with the sex that they were born with. Being trans is about a person’s gender whereas being hetero, bi or gay is about their sexuality. Gender and sex are two distinct things.

What Is The Difference Between A Crossdresser And A Transsexual?

Many people are confused about the differences between a crossdresser and a transsexual. People who wish to change their gender are called transsexuals. Most of the time people who do not feel comfortable being a man, may feel that their psychology does not match up with their body. In the event that they feel unhappy, distressed and anxious it can cause the man to find a way to change his gender through gender modification surgery and hormonal therapy. A man who feels this way is said to have gender dysphoria. Women can also experience gender dysphoria.

Transvestite Man
Image: Famous Crossdresser

Why Do People Become Crossdressers?

There is no real known psychological reason to be a crossdresser or why people would like to be one. Nobody actually knows why some men prefer to wear women’s clothing. Most men who crossdress summarise it as a possible outlet for stress and anxiety that they had experienced in their lives. They had said that they tend to crossdress more through times where there is tension at work or in the home. When men crossdress they may feel the need to express themselves through their clothing which in turn makes them happier.

Do Crossdressers Want To Change?

It has recently been discovered that almost all crossdressers out there have never even considered having any psychological or medical treatment because these people find that their lives are just fine the way they are. A lot of crossdressers are happy and do not wish to change. However, some men may feel bombarded with guilt because they have hidden their desire to crossdress for so long they may require counselling.

Being a crossdresser is not a disease or a mental illness and a surprisingly large number of people crossdress to some extent. Many people do not share it with others. Those that have not accepted that this is part of their persona may feel better by talking about the situation to someone who is non-judgmental and understanding.

Why Is It Important For Crossdressers To Meet Likeminded People?

There are LGBTQIA+ communities who have social networks where people can meet likeminded people for support. Many support groups will not only offer advice on how to accept being a crossdresser but may help in selecting the most appropriate clothing to wear and make-up to use.

How Does Society View Crossdressers?

In the 70s there was a sexual revolution which supported the experimentation with gender and sexuality. Now there are entire communities and organisations raising awareness of different genders and sexualities which has made a great increase in acceptance and understanding within the community.

I hope this article answers some of the questions you may have had about crossdressers.

Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

Top 14 Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever Used

Guy looking down womans top

So you may ask, what are the worst pick-up lines ever used? You can definitely use them for a laugh, embarrassment and very rarely you can actually pick-up someone with these lines. If you do it right, you may be able to score a date, a kiss or even a one night stand.

Why Do Bad Pick-Up Lines Work Sometimes?

Did you know that using a pick-up line is actually a method of flirting? That is why you hear people use pick-up lines so often. They are a quick and simple way to get the message across that you are interested in another person. Here are some tips that you can use to give the pick-up line and yourself the best chance of working.

Be Hilarious

Well, it’s about hitting the right tone, with just the right amount of playful cheek you can do just that. One of the reasons why people use pick-up lines is because they have the capability to make the person you’re saying it to become happy. If you can make them happy which will help to improve their self-esteem and confidence, they may just be interested in what else you can offer them. Humour is also a sign of intelligence.

Be Authentic

If you are being your true self, you will have the best opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes under the pressure of the situation, people blurt out things that are not true in order to fill in the silence. If you are prone to do this, you should plan different topics you can talk about beforehand, this way you will always have something to say.

Be Self-assured

It doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of the confident arrogance needed to pull them off as well. But you don’t have to be arrogant, you just need to be positive about what you are saying. If you able to communicate the message with a positive outlook, you may send feel good vibes out and the person will react accordingly.

Be Sincere

If you are looking to build a relationship from a pick-up line rather than a one night stand, you should choose Pick-Up lines that reflect the true message that you would like to get across. So if you would like to choose one that has some honest and meaningful qualities to it you will be better off. You can also do this by changing up the pick-up line to fit in with your personality.

Wait For The Response

If you are lucky, you will find that the person that you had attempted to pick-up will talk about the pick-up line for a conversation or to make another friendly joke. If this is the case, you can definitely continue the conversation and see where it goes from there.

Man picking up at a bar
Image: Picking Up

Top 14 Really Bad Pick-Up Lines

But please DO NOT try them yourself as it is likely that you may end up with a drink in your face and no-one to keep you company. Or better yet try them out and see how long you can last and whether you can luck it out. If you do use them, other people will sit back and relax as they watch you throw them out there into the world as they wait for the most unexpected reactions from the person that you are pitching them to.

  1. My love for you is like a fart. Everything about it is powered by my heart.
  2. Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?
  3. How much will a 10 get me?
  4. Breathe if you’re horny. Alright! Score!
  5. You are almost as beautiful as my sister. But well, you know, that’s illegal.
  6. Do you like to dance? Good, then go dance so I can talk to your hot friend.
  7. I have a dictionary in my pants. Let’s say we go back to your house and put some words in your mouth.
  8. Wanna do a ’68? You go down on me and I’ll owe you one.
  9. You might as well just sleep with me, because I’m going to tell everyone you did.
  10. There are 216 bones in the human body… Would you like 217?
  11. Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?
  12. Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
  13. Nice legs… What time do they open?
  14. It must be raining outside… Because the heavens must be crying as they are missing an angel.

So What Do You Think?

Maybe you can twist them into something amazing and worthwhile! Or you’ll remember them when you are drunk and say them to the wrong person. Were they the lamest?  Do you have any better or even worse ones?

I would love to hear from you what the worst pick-up lines you have heard. Post a message in the comments section to let us know. If you want to give people tips, you should let us know what are the best pick-up lines you have ever used? You know, the ones that actually are almost fail safe and will get that girl or gal to ride home with you. Sometimes it is charm that works but more often it is the gift of the gab and those funny one liners people use that send an endearing message. Whatever pick-up line you choose to use, make sure you have lubricant and condoms on hand just in case it works!

Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

Tera Patrick The Hottest Asian Pornstar

Porn star Tera Patrick

Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick has a men’s masturbator range which includes a Forbidden, Lotus, Swallow, Twisted and Tease. Today, I will be talking about Tera Patrick’s Lotus and Forbidden.

Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick’s Lotus

Lotus has a classic design with one of the most popular textured masturbation sleeves in the world. The Lotus begins with a moulded copy of Tera Patrick’s vaginal lips. Once you enter them, there is a tight entrance that is smooth and straight without any texture. As you go deeper you will be surprised by different types of textures that are made to provide pleasurable stimulation. But if you already have a Fleshlight in this texture, why not try something different?

Porn stars fleshlight
Image: Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick

Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick’s Forbidden

Forbidden is made with a moulded copy of her perfectly made anus and booty. Once you push yourself inside there is a tight straight entrance that almost instantly becomes ribbed. Once you are ready to go deep the texture has a spiralling edge that creates waves of stimulation. The deep you are and the more you push, the tighter the canal gets. The spiralling edge will not overwhelm you, it will tenderly stroke you as if you were having lifelike sex.

With every stroke you make you will be able to feel the textured pattern. It will tickle and tease your frenulum and shaft. The minute I began to use this sleeve, I knew it would turn into one of my top men’s masturbation sex toy choices. My penis is 6.5″ long and I experienced no difficulty using the Fleshlight. The width of the Fleshlight measure 4.5″, so if you do have a wider dick you’ll appreciate the snug feeling that this Fleshlight provides. I feel that this Fleshlight could fit almost any penis size and the bigger you are the better it will feel. Just be careful, as the sleeve will make you cum hard!

Porn star Fleshlight of Tera Patrick
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My climaxes with Forbidden were the biggest I’ve had with any Fleshlight that I have ever used. I couldn’t believe how extreme and intense my experience was when I orgasmed and ejaculated. Every wave my shaft came across was invigorating. You have to use plenty of lube with this Fleshlight (as is the case with most) in order to fully appreciate the experience and get the most realistic sensations. When it comes to lube, I feel a little more is always better even if it is a bit of a pain to clean up afterwards.

I give the Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick’s Forbidden a 10/10. It can take your climaxes to a whole other level that you may not have experience before. This men’s sex toy is one of my top choices and I recommend it to everybody and anybody. Regardless of what size your penis is, you can appreciate Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick’s Forbidden.

Who Is Tera Patrick?

Tera Patrick wallpaper
Image: Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick has a stunning mix of Thai, English and Dutch genes. At almost 6 foot tall, she has a fantastic body suited for high fashion modelling, Tera spent five years as a model with the world-acclaimed modelling group The Ford Modelling Agency which is known simply as Ford Models.

Tera was born in Montana, and grew up in San Francisco by her father after her mother left them to return to Thailand. Tera was discovered by a talent scout from Ford Models while walking around Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco when she was just 13 years of age. She worked with the agency for 5 years before returning to her studies at 18 and earned a degree in microbiology.

Despite the fact that she was discovered and worked as a model Tera’s curiosity and interest in nude modelling and porn continued to bamboozle her until it became something she had constantly thought about. She was soon showing up to photoshoots for popular men’s magazines and by 1999, she was prepared to jump into porn.

Tera Patrick’s claim to fame was through bondage and discipline adult movies which started her brilliant ascent to the top as a full time porn star. Her beautiful looks, stunning body and passionate sexuality made her a favorite with fans who were tired of the run of the mill exhausted porn stars.

When Tera married her now ex-husband Evan Seinfeld, she planned to leave the adult film industry, but in a risky and unexpected move she broke her contract with Digital Playground to start her own production company named Teravision Inc and she also signed a working contract with Vivid Video. All in all, Tera has had a very successful career and has built herself a booming company. She now has an estimated net worth of up to 15 million dollars.

Tera Patrick’s Adult Movie List


  • Madhouse Mecca
  • Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith


  • Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Video)


  • Live Nude Girls


  • Grab and Bind of Tera Patrick: The Perils of Tera
  • Extreme Gagging


  • This Ain’t the Expendables XXX
  • Girls of Sunset Place (TV Series) – Beauty and Burlesque


  • Rintihan kuntilanak perawan


  • Reign of Tera 3
  • Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie
  • Sex in Dangerous Places


  • Teradise Island 2
  • Secret Lives of Women (TV Series) – Porn Stars, Exposed: Sexual Predators, Sideshow Gals and Fetishes & Fantasies
  • Porn Star Pool Party
  • Tera Goes Gonzo
  • Tera Patrick AKA Living Legend
  • Where the Boys Aren’t 19: Arabian Nights


  • Spread TV (TV Series) – Episode #1.21
  • World’s Biggest Sex Show 4
  • Reign of Tera 2
  • Flawless
  • Where the Boys Aren’t 18


  • Tera Patrick on Fire
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force (TV Series) – Grim Reaper Gutters
  • Teradise Island: Anal Fever
  • 2006 Fashion Underground
  • Test Drive


  • Ecstasy Girls: Raw 2
  • Jack’s Playground 25
  • Collision Course
  • Reign of Tera
  • The Girls of Asian Love Palace
  • Centerfold Fetish
  • Desperate


  • Big Tit Super Sluts
  • Island Fever 3
  • Soul Plane


  • Island Fever 2
  • Jaw Breakers
  • Private Reality 14: Girls of Desire


  • Penthouse Video: Virtual Harem
  • Foot Bottom Festival
  • Night Calls: 411 (TV Series) – Fetish Fever and First Times
  • Peds from the Past
  • Hogtied!
  • Helpless Heroines Volume 3: Girls Will Bind Girls
  • Helpless Heroines, Volume 2


  • Forbidden Tales
  • Toe Talk
  • Break-In Bondage
  • Sole Indulgence
  • Struggle Pretty Captive (Video short)
  • Sexy Urban Legends (TV Series) – Blind Lust
  • Personals: College Girl Seeking… (TV Movie)
  • Real Female Masturbation 8
  • Please Cum Inside Me 2


  • Angel Dust
  • Behind the Scenes 2
  • Behind the Scenes 3
  • Caribbean Undercover
  • Fast Lane to Vegas
  • Foot Lovers Only 2
  • Las Vegas Revue 2000
  • My Plaything: Tera Patrick
  • Nice Rack 4
  • Open Wide and Say Ahh! 6
  • Payback: Marciano’s Revenge
  • Tara Patrick AKA Filthy Whore
  • The Seduction of Maxine
  • Up and Cummers 80
  • Caught in the Act
  • Penthouse: Harlots of Hell
  • II Fire and Ice
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Ecstasy Girls 2
  • Shades of Sex


  • 18 and Nasty 11
  • Aroused
  • Asian Street Hookers 6
  • Blind Date
  • Farmer’s Daughters Do Beverly Hills
  • Foot Lovers Only
  • Gallery of Sin
  • Loose Screw
  • Of Time and Passion
  • Pick-Up Lines 44
  • Pick-Up Lines 46
  • Please 5: Fireworks!
  • Real Golden Showers Video 1
  • Real Sex Magazine 22
  • Real Sex Magazine 23
  • Sex Island
  • Sex Offenders #8
  • Tera Patrick
  • The Tera Patrick Show (TV Series)
  • The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 22
  • White Panty Chronicles 10
  • North Pole #11
  • Pick-Up Lines 45
  • Sex Court (TV Series) – Pleasurable Intent
  • Crossroads
  • Asian Street Hookers 7
  • Up and Cummers 73


  • Talking Blue (TV Series)

Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

This Is Going To Tor You A New Ring!

Tor Cock Ring

LELO is a sex toy company who design products that I consider to be perfect works of art. I have never been disappointed by their sex toy’s level of quality, style and power. So I thought it was time to use one of their sex toys with my lover during sex. So I enthusiastically ordered the LELO’s premium vibrating cock ring the TOR 2 which is intended to be worn around the base of an erect penis with the vibrator positioned upwards to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during intercourse. The LELO package comes with a TOR 2, charger, satin storage pouch, user manual and a 1 year guarantee.

Cock Rings are used to help maintain erections for those with erectile dysfunction and can also be used to help delay ejaculation. It keeps the blood flow within the penis so that men are able to maintain much harder erections that are stronger and longer lasting. LELO do come out with some pretty awesome products and the LELO TOR 2 vibrating couples ring is no exception.

LELO TOR 2 is made of smooth, FDA approved and phthalate free silicone. It also stretches… a lot! I was a bit stressed at my first glance of the LELO TOR 2. It appears as though it will be excessively tough, inflexible and not able to stretch around the penis by any means. However it is sufficiently stretchy to place on a penis. It will definitely be able to accommodate to fit men of all sizes.

It vibrates in 6 patterns and speeds that are whisper quiet. You’ll be sure to have some fun experimenting with each and every single one. Imprinted onto each side is the LELO branding. It also has a + and – button. To turn on and increase the vibrations press the + button. To sift through the patterns it’s as easy as holding down the + for 2 seconds. To turn down the vibrations press the – button. To turn of the power hold down the – button for a couple of seconds. From a design perspective the LELO TOR 2 is fantastic as it has easy to use controls.

Luxury couples sex toy for longer lasting erections
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It is rechargeable and can be used for about one and a half hours of continuous play. LELO TOR 2 has travel lockable controls, so you can use it and take it almost anywhere.

TOR 2 fits comfortably in the middle of your lover and you and provides powerful vibrations to the clitoris and sends vibrations through the penis. It is also completely waterproof which means you can use it in the shower or bath. Additionally it can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. With a 1 year guarantee and a 10 year warranty it is a premium sex toy to own that is designed to last. According to LELO this re-usable premium cock ring has the lifespan equivalent of 10,000 disposable rings.

One of the things that I love about LELO is that pretty much all their products have incredible designs that look amazing and my first impressions of the LELO TOR 2 was no different at all. I’m starting to sound like a broken record when I discuss the quality, packaging and general configuration of LELO sex toys. LELO definitely take the time to research what the market wants and what they’re doing to bring to you the latest products.

My Experience Using The LELO TOR 2

I did apply a small bit of water-based personal lubricant to guarantee that it would be easy to slide on and slide off. Usually when I first put on a cock ring I am in a semi-erect state. However I had found that when I use the LELO TOR 2 it is best to be in a completely erect state before putting it on. I placed it over my erection at first without the vibrations on and I could feel it get straight to work. The snugness of the cock ring guaranteed blood was kept in my penis making it harder and more erect which was something my partner enjoyed seeing.

We played around with the settings to locate the right one for us and began our love making session. The vibrations of the cock ring are effective and agreeable. You can feel it vibrate up along the shaft which provided pleasure for the both of us. The vibrating piece of the ring presses against her clitoris during sex delivering intense vibrations. The cock ring adds a whole lot of pleasure to your love making session that feels absolutely astonishing. The LELO TOR 2 is very comfortable to wear which I was thankful for, it fits beautifully and softly in-between two people.

LELO Tor 2 has a large rounded vibrator on top which might look tame and small but the vibrations are anything but. Its vibrations are extremely pleasurable and intense. Since the product is made out of silicone you can feel the vibrations strong enough without it being too overbearing like some of the harder plastics used on other cock rings.

You’d think the pleasurable stimulation would accelerate the time it would take you to ejaculate but due to the solid structure of the cock ring it counteracts the added stimulation. LELO TOR 2 is made to keep you harder for longer, postponing the time it takes you to reach ejaculation. It does all of this while adding pleasure and extra stimulation during sex for both people. The TOR 2 certainly delivers on its purpose.

The only negative point about this cock ring is the cost. It is a tad bit pricey for the individuals who won’t frequently use it. Despite the fact that it’s a bit pricey you get what you pay for, it’s a LELO product that will stand the test of time. Since it’s rechargeable you’ll never need to purchase any new batteries for it which means you end up saving money in the long run.

We are both truly delighted in the LELO TOR 2. We think the LELO TOR 2 truly is an extraordinary vibrating cock ring which ticks all the boxes. The LELO TOR 2 is good to add into your adult sex toy collection, to such an extent we’ve discussed incorporating it in our travel kit the next time we go away. Its compact size makes it easy to store away and it absolutely packs a punch!



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