Warm My Fleshlight On That Cold Winters Night!

Fleshlight Heating Tool

I recently chose to try warming up my Fleshlight Mini-Lotus using the effective Fleshlight warmer to see what all the fuss is about. Just in case I read the box for the how to use fleshlight warmer instructions. It was a cold morning and perfect for me to get if from the wardrobe where the Fleshlights had been put away for the winter months. Before warming it up, I felt within the Fleshlight with my finger and it was significantly colder inside than i would have liked, so there was no way i would have been slipping into it without warming it first. And as if i would have had the patience to warm it in a sink loaded with boiling hot water.

I set the warmer on the bedside table and

“I entertained myself with some porn

while the warmer went through its warming cycle. I pulled the Fleshlight off the stand. It took two hands to pull it off, with one hand to hold the warmer down and another to pull it off. I placed some of the Fleshlight lubricant inside the masturbator and to my delight it was excellent.

 “Ahhhhh, now that is pleasant”,

I thought as I slid my penis inside. I used to warm the Fleshlight in water more than once in the past and found the whole process time consuming and moment spoiling. The Fleshlights arn’t warm, however they weren’t generally cool either. When I did warm it, I was constantly aware of the fact that without warming it to at least room temperature does not give you that

totally true experience of being inside a real vagina or anus.


Heating Tool Masturbator
Fleshlight Warmer


Using a Fleshlight that has been warmed to 93 degrees or somewhere in the vicinity is positively spoiling yourself sensation wise. It makes it so realistic that using it sends your brain into an sensual dream rush. I’m married, and my wife and I are blessed to have as dynamic of a sexual relationship that I could have ever wished for. In this way, I’ve never truly required or needed the Fleshlight be totally realistic and use it when the wife is away or incorporate it in our foreplay sessions.  However now having felt it when warmed up first it puts a whole new perspective into my solo play.  It really felt like having sex with someone without a condom.

 “OMG, that feels warm and stunning”

is the sensation you will feel as you enter it and you may wish to do it again and again as I did cumming like a geyser enjoying the male sex toy in a way I had never before.  The warmer certainly improves Fleshlight sex and is better and less messy than warming it with warm water in the sink.

The box says it will heat up to 135 degrees farenheit and mine did not go close to that but entering it at body temperature gave me a whole new appreciation of how male masturbators should feel. 


I give it a thumbs up and my dick is up too!

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