Tenga Flip Zero – All That Goodness In My Hands

For the very first time I took a look at the Tenga Flip Zero my initial thought was “What the hell is this thing??”  Due to the design, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a futuristic bedside lamp or an external hard drive of some sort.

My second thought was “Why on earth would I spend that amount of money on a thing you stick your dick into?  Why not just have a quick wank?” Tenga Flip Zero is one of the more expensive of the popular male sex toys in the adult market with a price point of around $200.

Let’s take a look and see what goes into this $200 masturbator.

Tenga Flip Zero insides are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is meant to be substantially more body friendly than PVC, jelly or cyber skin sex toys.

Supposedly, during the process of making this masturbator, the properties enable them to customise the softness. I flipped it open to have a look to see what would it reveal.  Immediately I found I was intimated by rows of teeth and edges.  That at first did not entice me enough to want to put it anywhere near my private parts to masturbate with.

But then I touched it and my opinion absolutely changed.

Oh snap! This thing is soft as hell! I mean, shit it felt like my finger just discovered a new world. I was captivated and it had me curious about how to actually use it.

So what’s the deal with usage?

  • You pop this beauty open.
  • Fill it with as much lubricant you need.
  • Snap the lid shut and slide the cover back on to keep it all together.
  • Then you fuck it.  Whole process is pretty straightforward.

EXCEPT for this thing also has a one-way valve at the top of it to allow air through.

When you grip the sex toy among the other things you are doing with it, as you push in and out with your erection, it creates a natural vacuum that will feel like you are being sucked.

So although it may at first seem like you’re fucking a laptop or some sort of modern piece of sexual technology.  You won’t worry about the technology feeling too much when the vacuum suction becomes super intense.  As it stimulates the friction at your knob.

You know what’s amazed me, was that the suction will come from every angle while it simultaneously sucks you off.

That’s just so cool!

Tenga Flip Zero Inside Photo
Sex Toy: Tenga Flip Zero Inside

Cleaning the Tenga Flipz Zero 

Obviously, you’re going to want to clean it at some point.  Unless for some ungodly reason you don’t want to.  Which let’s face it happens as people tend to get tired after they have ejaculated.

Process to clean is pretty straightforward.

  • Slide off the case.
  • Pop it open.
  • According to their website rinse it under cold or tepid tap water.
  • I, on the other hand, would highly recommend using a bit of neutral soap or mild toy cleaner.
  • Then hang it on the case it came in to air out.
  • Due to its alleged porosity, you would want to make sure it is as clean as a whistle and dry as a bone before putting it away.
  • Oh, and being rubber you certainly wouldn’t want to expose it to temperatures above (or probably even close) to 50 degrees Celsius.  Otherwise you’re going to end up with a super expensive melted rubber paper-weight.
tenga flip zero
Realistic Masturbators & Strokers

Tenga Flip Zero’s Goodness

This male masturbator actually looks cool.  It doesn’t look like a fake pussy, it has a modern sleek design which is a great alternative when you want a change.

Reasonably discreet and non-anatomical so it will please all sexualities alike. It is reusable and if it is well looked after should last for ages.  Plus it’s easy to clean.  So you won’t spend more time cleaning then you do having a quickie.

Tenga Flip Zero’s Bad stuff

It could potentially leak lubricant all over the place through the valve at the top. Sex and masturbation are messy, it’s not a huge deal. To be honest, all the extra leakage makes it pretty sexy.

Other negative thing I can think of is that it could potentially feel bulky after a long session.

What I Think Of The Tenga Flip Zero Overall

Get one!

There’s only one way for me to be sure so I guess Tenga is going to have to send me home with a complimentary one and I can do some more thorough “research”… Just let me know… 😀

About the Author: Chris is a consultant from Adult Lifestyle Centres. Adult Lifestyle Centres is a trusted sex toy and sexual lifestyle shop.

tenga flip zero
Man who used a mens masturbator

One Way To Masturbate With All The Holes

I do not have a penis and I am fine with this fact. But being sans penis makes it really difficult for me to write about men’s sex toys.  Because of this I have steered clear of them for the most part.

Instead, I choose to write about toys I could give a firsthand experience of. But as more and more men kept coming into the store to ask about them I thought, penis or no penis I need to know what all the fuss is about.

Now while I do not have a penis, the person I married does.  And he, being the open minded sexually informed dude he is, was more than happy to play sexual guinea pig to my curiosities.

I started by having him pick one out as I was interested in why guys go for the sex toys they do.

Tenga flip hole
Mans masturbator for big penises

His Choice? The Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga is a sex toy manufacturer from Japan that makes mainly male focused toys, masturbators and lube.

Difference with the whole Tenga range is that they do not look at all like a “sex toy”.  Tenga range doesn’t even attempt the realistic game.  They instead go the exact opposite way choosing a super futuristic geometric styling that helps the toys hide in plain view.

My husband and I were discussing what else we thought the Tenga Flip Hole could be confused for.  We both said a Bluetooth speaker.

Why Did He Pick The Tenga Flip Hole?

I asked him why he picked it.

For him it was a combination of this non-realism style (he has had a Fleshlight in the past, so he wanted a different experience) and the ease of cleaning.  Tenga Flip Hole systems splits completely in half opening the entire toy so when you are finished you can really get in there and give it a proper clean.

This is important as the Tenga is made from a TPE type plastic that can harbour bacteria and germs.  Most masturbators are made from this material or the genuine feel rubber that has similar issues.  With the use of a sex toy cleaner these products are perfectly safe to use but cleaning needs to be a priority.

tenga flip zero
SHOP ONLINE: Mens Sex Toys

Tenga Flip Hole Experience

The Flip Hole feels like a piece of high end technology.  When opening it, it feels like you are opening a Google Home or a new iPhone.  And that is the experience they want for their customer.  It makes the product feel more like a tool than a toy and I think for some men (my husband included) they appreciate that.

We got it home, opened it and started playing with it together.  Tenga comes with three hole lotions (lubes).  For our first turn with the masturbator we used the mild, to keep it basic and see what the masturbator on its own could do.

  • First thing he noticed was that it felt a little snug on him.

Now my husband won’t mind me telling you that he is an average sized guy in that department.  So for it to feel a little sung on him made him wonder how a well-endowed guy would go with it.  But after playing with it for a while we figured out that even if you couldn’t insert the whole way it makes a pretty excellent head massager/stroker.

  • He described the feeling as very intense

I wasn’t surprised.  When you look inside the flip hole you are greeted with texture on top of texture on top of texture.  While most masturbators will keep it pretty simple with a bump here and some grooves there, the Tenga guys go nuts!  Each part of the toy has a different texture and sensation which means that the toy can be used in very different ways depending on what you like.

If you have a head focused penis, keeping the penis inside the Flip Hole with the head of the penis pressed against the head of the massager.  Then spinning it in place can be crazy.

For the dudes who are all about the fucking, the opening of the toy and its seam are covered in the same soft TPE that is inside the toy.  Because of this you can really go hard and you won’t hurt yourself if there is a slip.

tenga flip Mens non-phallic masturbator
Image: Tenga Flip Hole In Red

Using The Tenga Flip Hole With The Hole Lotions

After our first session with the toy I asked my husband to use it a few more times with the different Hole Lotions and in different ways.  With porn, without porn, In the shower etc.

Here are his findings.

  • Lube makes a big difference. Wild Hole Lotion was my favourite because it also had a slight warming effect to it and that improved the experience.
  • Cleaning is awesome.  Being able to open and clean the toy made it really easy. Plus it comes with its own stand to dry on, perfect lazy guy toy.
  • It is better with porn (big surprise there).
  • Can get a bit sloppy but this isn’t a bad thing.
  • Buttons that activate different sections of the toy to provide sucking sensation are a nice touch but not something I would use often.  Texture of the toy is enough most times.
  • I like that it wasn’t trying to be a vagina.  In that I mean it wasn’t trying to simulate a real sexual experience. Tenga is going for something else and I like that.

What’s The Different Between A Fleshlight And The Tenga Flip Hole

I then asked him if he had to pick between the Fleshlight and the Tenga which would he pick.  But apparently it isn’t that simple.

They both provide very different experiences.

  • Fleshlight is softer, more realistic.
  • Tenga is like a fun sex experiment that you want to keep doing.

His eventual decision.  Buy both, then you won’t have to choose.

Unsurprisingly when buying a masturbator, like when buying any other adult toy, it is always up to the individual’s preference.

Some people will not like the Tenga, they will miss the real feel and the lifelikeness.  Tenga knows this and they are ok with it. They are more focused on innovation and really exploring what all the new technology and techniques can add to sex.

If you are looking for a male masturbator that is as cutting edge as it is stylish Tenga is your toy… well according to this guy I know.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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