Sex Pumps: What Are They and How Do They Work?

LA Pump is an American owned and operated sex pump manufacturer established in 1998.  LA Pump’s are designed with safety, comfort and maximum size gain in mind.  They have a variety of pumps that can be used with water or with lubricant. There are different types of Sex Pumps and reasons why they are used.

A most common reason people use the pumps is to enlarge the size of the of their penis.  Some people use it because of medical issues where they may have trouble becoming erect.  Health issues which commonly have this issue include diabetes, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress and depression.   Sometimes drinking too much alcohol or smoking can affect a man’s erection.

Types of Sex Pumps

Wet and Dry Pump

These are one of the best penis pumps to enlarge the penis size because it can be used dry or in the water.  For example you lay back on bed and pump you genital area.  Or you can take shower or lay in bath with hot nice water and same time pump you gentile area.

It’s cheaper to buy wet and dry pump more than just buying them separately. It also has extreme suction to draw all oxygen from the cylinders causing enlargement by pulling the plunger.  Easy to maintain.

Deluxe LA Pump PSI Pressure Pump

Like all of the LA pumps, it is easy to use and the pump connecting to a hose. This pump can only be used dry so it cant be used in water.  It has a handle grip lever that is used to allow for greater pressure.  There is a meter to control the pressure on the body part.  Also it is important to make sure you don’t exert too much pressure.  

Penis Cylinders

These are made of class acrylic material and they are shatter proof meaning they are rarely damaged.  One thing you must be careful of is damaging is the connecting valve by dropping or bumping it.  If you damage the connecting valve you always can buy another one separately.

Penis Cylinders come in a variety of sizes and allow people to change the size of the cylinder as their penis size grows.

type of sex pumps and breast pumps
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Two Stage Cylinders

Many penis pumpers after a while want to step it up and enlarge other parts of the body like their testicles. Two Stage Cylinders allow the user to pump and enlarge their testicles at the same time as enlarging their penis. Which really is good for some men.

Buddy Cylinders

These cylinders are designed for two people to pump their genital area together at the same time.  It could be used for penis enlargement with your partner or some one close to you, so you won’t be lonely and will enjoy the mood.

Two cylinders are connected to the same connector valve.  You buy the hose, connect it to the pump and then connect the cylinders.

Mushroom Head Cylinder

This is used specifically to enlarge the head of the penis. For people who will use this kind of cylinder, they will end up with a penis head that looks like mushroom and a shaft that looks like a stem.

Pussy Pumps

These are becoming really popular for some women and couples.  Pussy pumps are deigned to enlarge the size of the pussy.  You place the cylinder on your pussy and then starts pumping the vagina lips. will turn on the man more by sucking her pussy lips.  By enlarging the pussy lips it will become tighter which will gave him more pleasure and will feel different.

Breast Pumps

These are used by women to enlarge their breasts. When you are buying them be careful as different women have different size breasts and the cylinder’s need to fit accordingly.  They also can be used for men and transgender.

Clitoris Cylinder (Clit Pump)

This has been made for a good reason. It will give women a bigger and longer clitoris. Because the more area there is that can be manipulated can enhance sexual sensations.  A clitoris cylinder comes in different sizes and is used to treat clitoral atrophy.  Over all its seems interesting to use but I wont use it on myself unless I really have to.

sex pumps types
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All You Need To Know About Pussy Pumps

Pussy pumping, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until a few weeks ago.  But what are they for? Who uses them?  and most importantly,  how can they spice up our sex lives.

I  have decided to take a look at the Doc Johnson plus size.  Its a pussy pump for larger ladies but the basic principle of a pussy pump is the same regardless of which one you choose.  It is a vacuum enlarging device.  I discover that this refers to the measurements of the vagina not the size of the lady.

A pussy pump is designed to create a vacuum over the labia and clitoris which will in turn make the tissue swell.  Encouraging more blood to flow and making the skin much more sensitive.  Whether you use a pussy pump alone or with a partner, the unique sensations and the engorged look of the area are for some a gigantic turn on.

Don’t Leave it Laying Around

It isn’t the kind of toy you can leave lying around with out having to explain yourself.  Looks like it might drop out of the ceiling in a troubled plane.

It resembles a hard cup  (phthalate free, bodysafe ABS plastic) , measuring  6 inches long , 3 inches wide and 2 inches deep.  A shame it has to be hard as that’s potential pretty uncomfortable.  But if it wasn’t it would be impossible to create an effective seal.

It’s cup has a 16 inch  hose and finger pump  which attach.  The hose is put together in two parts because there is a quick release button to let air back into the cup quickly in case you get sore.

Get One that Fits

A most important thing when using a pussy pump is to get one that fits. That’s why Doc Johnson has two sizes.  It is a useless piece of junk if it doesn’t fit.  I am usually good at thinking outside the box when it comes to uses for sex toys, but I give up with this one. You need to create a seal with all of your bits and pieces inside or it won’t work.

So please… MEASURE the pussy, before you purchase the pump!

Here is how you do it, firstly measure  from just above the top of the clitoris,(Where the fatty part of the pubic mound begins) right down to your perineum, (Just below your vaginal entrance.) You can also measure the width from one side of the bikini line to the other.

Once you have picked the right size you are ready to go

I will explain how you use them, then go into a bit about what you can expect from them.  You begin  by  lubricating the outside edge of the pussy pump using a water-based lube to help to create an air-tight seal.

  • Make sure that the quick-release valve, located on the hose , is closed and only allowing air out, not in.
  • Spread your legs wide , it helps to lift your pelvis.
  • Press the pussy pump plus chamber over the whole vagina area – making sure that you achieve a firm seal.
  • Keeping your fingers through the pump trigger pull it until you feel suction.
  • Now you would think that the suction would be most obvious as you were pulling the trigger.

But the real suction happens when the trigger is released and the vacuum is created, so let the air out slowly.

  • A pump chamber should be able to be  held in place via suction only and it should not come away from the skin unless specifically pulled.
  • If it hasn’t yet sealed against your skin, continue to hold it in place and keep pumping.
  • Carry on pulling and releasing the trigger of the pussy pump until you can feel and see the clit and labia swelling in the chamber.
  • Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, you will find it hard to pump any further.  This is the maximum you will be able to pump.Y
  • ou can then give it a rest for a while and start again.
  • It will take around 30 minutes of on/ off pumping to get any sustainable swelling.  But it will feel super sensitive before then.
  • It depends what results you are hoping for.

Why Use a Pussy Pump?

Reasons why people put themselves through this are many and varied.  It actually feels great to have all the blood pumped to the area and makes it super super sensitive to the touch. Every touch and sensation is heightened. You will need lots of lube though because the vacuum can create dryness.

Pussy Pumps are popular with people practicing BDSM.

There can be significant amounts of pleasurable pain enforced.  It’s always best to let the girl play her self first to establish levels of comfort.  Too much continuous pumping can leave the labia very swollen, even the following day.

Some people love this hangover from a kinky night as it’s a sexy reminder of the night before.  Others would probably prefer not to be getting their knickers twisted around their labia all day.   Your pussy does eventually return to normal, with regular pumping the effects only really last a hour or so.

Some partners love the aesthetics of the pumped vulva and the feel of it during oral and intercourse. There are lots of movies dedicated it!  Although I don’t think you can get the results you see in those  with the Doc Johnson plus. It is definitely an introduction and  something new to try.

For more information on pussy pumps why not visit, a site totally dedicated to them.

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