Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus – It’s Not Just Another Act!

Fleshlight Girls lineup includes Katsuni Lotus, who is a very beautiful Asian woman. Just like Katsuni the Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus is also stunning as it is a mold taken directly from her real life pussy.

Katsuni entered the porn industry in 2002 at 23 years old.  She has been in more than 250 pornographic films. Katsuni has won numerous awards whilst creating porn.  She is in the top ten  porn stars on the planet as indicated by 2010 Genesis magazine. Katsuni has homes in Los Angeles and in Paris. She is known locally in France for her extraordinary stage exhibitions and she now even has her own TV show.

Katsuni is a genuine sexy lady.  She has gotten to be highly in demand by the adult business. Katsuni is of Vietnamese and French origins.

fleshlight katsuni lotus
Katsuni Fleshlight

Fleshlight Katsuni Lotus

You can get your Katsuni Fleshlight with the Lotus Garden texture. On the front of the sleeve is Katsuni’s signature so you know it is from a genuine mold of her vagina.

At first look I thought the texture of the Lotus Garden would be a let-down.

Fleshlight claims the Lotus Garden texture is:

“The most remarkable and extreme feeling surface we offer; it craves nothing else you’ve ever attempted”

Lotus Garden is a somewhat of a lubricant consumer I would say.  You need to keep your lube convenient while stroking this one, frequently reapplying lube.

One Disadvantage

There is one noteworthy disadvantage to the Lotus Garden and that is cleaning and drying it. Every one of those little lotus hubs are a genuine trap for gunk and for moisture.

For best results on cleaning this one I suggest turning it inside out. I recommend this reluctantly. As I feel that doing this includes a lot of wear and tear to the sleeve and may reduce it’s life span.  Same for drying, those hubs make this an extremely troublesome surface to dry.

When I first tried and cleaned this Fleshlight I attempted to simply air dry it and I discovered it was still clammy around after 36 hours. Now I turn it back to front to clean it and afterward dry it out with a towel before putting away it away it dries a lot quicker.

fleshlight katsuni lotus
Realistic Masturbators & Strokers

Katsuni Lotus Garden Fleshlight is a genuine victory

It is in my top 3 best male masturbators. Lotus Garden would take a place there but number 1 is my trusty STU.  Every last stroke has you truly feeling it and enjoying it leading you to a strong and steady climax.

I bought my first fleshlight about a year ago after reading about them on the AdultSmart blog.  At first I didn’t take any notice. But after processing the article over time my curiosity got the better of me.  I wound up watching a couple of product adverts on it before buying.

Simply had to try one and see if all that was being purported to be and was actually true. Since the day that my first fleshlight arrived in the mail… I’ve never had such a lavish wanking and I’ve never masturbated so often in my life.

Why Every Man Should Own a Fleshlight

Before we get into the ins and outs (particularly the ins) of the Fleshlight, I firstly need to discuss why I thoroughly recommend that EVERY single gentleman out there own one.

I am serious about that and I will give you 5 solid reasons to do so.

1  It’s the nearest thing to a real pussy.

So for quite a long time ladies have been known to use dildos. But it’s generally been scowled upon for men to use fake vaginas.  Over recent years the silicone vagina itself has soared in design and availability. I have yet to own or read about a more realistic silicone sex toy available on the market today.

Nothing compared to the Fleshlight. Since it’s truly the nearest thing there is to a “genuine vagina”..  This is the closest thing to the real deal and have to experience it once to know what I am talking about.

2  You never get tired of it

You would believe that after one go you would simply place it in the pantry and forget about it.  So wrong! This little container of euphoria will be in and out of your draw consistently.  I promise, you will not want to leave it alone and best of all it never says no.

After several pumps of a water based lube inside it you’ll ask why you spent all these years without one. In the unlikely event that you ever did get tired of it, the range available is crazy so you just choose your next one.

Not only are you able to purchase various silicone sleeves that have all various types of compositions. You can also purchase a mouth, butt or vagina to mix things up a bit. Or even one of your favourite porn star molds with various Fleshlight Girls available.

Yes it’s true, you can finally feel what its like to be inside your favorite porn queen!

Talk about a dream come true.

They even have a Fleshlight V-Stroker which is the most recent fandangled mechanical sex toy in men’s masturbation range I have seen.

It essentially attaches with your PC to synchronize with the vagina, and strokes in time with the action on screen… what’s better than that.

3  It’s Attentive

This is the way the entire vagina in a container came to fruition. Fleshlight began as a careful male masturbation sex toy. It is disguised in the shape of a torch or a beer can so is discrete should someone inadvertently walk in whilst it is out (pardon the pun).  It will always be ready and willing to service your needs.

4  Extremely reasonable in Price 

For less than the cost of a dinner you can own your own fleshlight. And you are on a sure thing, each and every time.

5  Assists with your Stamina

My favorite is the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. Or any fleshlight will help get your penis used to the effects of stimulation. Which will in turn help your levels of sexual stamina increase.

When you use this bad boy, you’ll have the ability to not only enter a porn stars love holes. But your sexual stamina will increase making you a sex god.

They also have great accessories to make your experience even more realistic like the Fleshlight Warmer.

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