3 Of The Best Male Masturbators! – A Deep Dive

When it comes to solo play, male masturbators are an excellent way to spice things up.  Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of options available. We’ve taken a closer look at three of the best male masturbators on the market right now.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Three of the Best Male Masturbators

Fleshlight STU – Best Male Masturbators #1

One of the top rated male masturbators world wide.  They are one of the bestselling masturbators on the planet.  No other sex toy verges on validating the experience of a genuine pussy wrapped around your dick then a fleshlight.

Fleshlights are made from moulds of real porn stars vaginas, asses and mouths.  They are made out of an extraordinary, patented, ultra-soft and stretchy material.

When you see the Fleshlight you will realize just how real looking they are.  The only difference is these sex toys are textured beautifully inside to stimulate the penis to the ultimate pleasure.

best male masturbators online
Fleshlight STU Stamina Kit

Fun Factory Cobra Libre – Best Male Masturbators #2

World’s first genuine male vibrator designed to be used on the tip of a males penis whilst he is masturbating.

It’s not a stroker, and you don’t push your penis into it. You basically let the smooth vibrating engines of the sex toy automatically pleasure your penis head and the top of your shaft.

Sensations are glorious.

They will feel unlike anything else you have experience as it’s specifically designed to stimulate the frenulum.

Cobra Libre is easy to clean and looks more like a toy auto than a male sex toy. You could keep this on your windowsill and the neighbours won’t suspect that you are in sexual paradise when they hear its engines gently thunder!

Fully rechargable and has no batteries rattling around inside it, so it is a quiet vibrator.  Even though its a quiet sex toy the vibrations send a very scrumptious buzz completely through your penis.

The outcome is similar to a cross between a sexual massage and your best wank ever.

best male masturbators for cumming
Cobra Libre

Hot Octopuss Pulse II – Best Male Masturbators #2

A winner of the Male Sex Toy of the Year at the 2015 XBIZ Awards.  As the name suggest “Pulse” is a pulsator and not a vibrator.  Pulsators massage the head of the penis, in a back and forth motion without any hand movements.

Established on medicinal research and patented across the world, Pulse is a standout among the most capable and viable simulators ever made.

Harnessing state-of-the-craftsmanship oscillating innovation, by means of the front line PulsePlate™, Pulse delivers a significantly more intense experience than conventional vibrators through profound and capable oscillations.

Creatively designed to also be a fantastic couple’s toy, the underside delivers double stimulation.

Whilst it’s without hands design leaves partners allowed to focus on one another.


best male masturbators realistic
Masturbators and strokers – BUY NOW


This sex toy was made for an extensive variety of clients of all ages, sexualities, sexes and all levels of capacity.

While Pulse II Solo is specifically for male solo masturbation, the Pulse II Duo has been created particularly for hetero couples who would like to masturbate together.

Whilst the man has the vibrator resting on his penis, the women can gently place herself on top and feel the vibrations on her clitoris to.

Pulse is perfect for persons with mobility issues and other special needs. 

Despite the fact that the activity needed for masturbation comes characteristically and easily to most men, this is sadly not the situation for everybody.

A mixed bag of physical conditions and disabilities can make the conventional hand masturbation technique troublesome or even impossible.

Some health issues which may effect masturbation include arthritis, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

Those who suffer from physical impairment as a result of a these health conditions can discover Pulse to be accommodating to help achieve erections and orgasm with almost no exertion or development on the user’s part.

Individuals who need assistance with masturbation may discover their carer can simply set the Pulse up and let it do its work.

where can i buy the best male masturbators
Male Masturbator

The Pulse II range of products is the Solo and Duo.

Pulse II Solo, to be used by men.  Is completely waterproof and features five preset vibration modes.

PULSE II Duo, to be used by couples, also comes with five preset vibration modes and is waterproof, additionally features autonomous, controllable vibrations for her by means of a remote control.

They still hold the groundbreaking, creative qualities of the world’s first-ever “guybrator,” PULSE, which allows men to use the sex toy from both flaccid and erect states.

An advancement which has won rave reviews from pleasure products reviewers, as well as the sexual well-being groups.

UK’s National Health Service estimates that 50% of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree – and it’s not just an issue for aged men.

A late study in the USA found that one in four men recently diagnosed with ED were under 40.  While ED can stem from a wide mixture of causes, Pulse II can support numerous men with ED, regardless of what the cause.

Oscillating innovation behind Pulse allows users to cum without the requirement for an erection, ideally prompting a lessening in the requirement for therapeutic treatments such as Viagra or pumps.

Under the Pennant  ‘Sex Not Stigma’

Hot Octopuss is welcoming individuals to join a worldwide discussion, urging couples to talk sincerely and straightforwardly about their sexual experiences to enhance their relationships.

Beginning the discussion with an intriguing feature demonstrating couples speaking honestly about sex and how acquainting sex toys with the bed-room has improved their lives.

pocket pussy best male masturbators
The Vicky Masturbator

Having Sex With A Porn Star – Maturbators

Extinguish Your Carnal Desires

All men need sex to extinguish their carnal desires. Often the desire is so great that you will have a quick tug in the bathroom or bedroom before going out.  But what about when you have time on your hands?

Shouldn’t your masturbation experience be enhance?  To Give you more pleasure!

The how about you take these golden opportunities and do it with a porn star.  Doc Johnson and other companies now take molds from your favourite porn star private parts and turn them into masturbators.  Fuck!

We all know that Faye Reagan is one hottie with perfect boobs and have perfectly curved bodies with perfect assets which make your adrenaline flow stronger.

Do it to a porn-star today as this is a pleasure you may not want to get barred. She is one of the sexiest porn stars which every man fantasies upon. You can spend a night with her, one of the https://xvideo.com.au/

You will be able to spend the night or part of with her naughty pussy whilst watching your favorite adult movie.

This is just one of the Doc Johnsons pocket pussies! Doc Johnson has made a whole range of affordable celebrity famous porn star pocket pussies to fulfill all your masturbation desires.

To just name a few that are on this list including Remy LaCroix , Sophie Dee, Dani Daniels, Sasha Grey, Kimberly Kane, UR3 Faye Reagan, Ashton Moore, Belladona and Jessie Andrews.

life like best male masturbators
Sex Toy: The Vicky Quickie Pocket Pussy

Get The Privileges You Love

The pocket pussy, mouth or ass is a sex toy product which can give you all these privileges you will love.

They are so realistic and will give you more pleasure than just a quick tug with your hand because it is molded from the real person and replicated into a silicone model that is as good as the model herself but will never say no to you!

It will feel just like you are having sex with her the whole night you use it. The pussy will always be waiting for your cock and you can get all your wildest dreams come true in the night by using the pocket pussy.

Enjoyment you get would be unparalleled and you can switch between the different pocket pussies to give yourself the fantasies of a lifetime, that never has to end.

The material is made from Ultra realistic material composed of UR3 which provides you true pleasure.

You will never experience any type of hindrances when you are using it. Your year of pleasure awaits you and is just a purchase away.

Give your desires a true mode of fulfillment. Its not so highly priced and you can keep it rather than hiring Reagan for a night to bang her on the bed that would cost you thousands of dollars it if could be arranged.

For pleasures without compromise have her today!!

The Doc Johnson pocket pussies and mouths are fairly uncomplicated to use which is all the more reason why you should make use of it. There is no harmful compound that is associated with the design of this product.

It can be used with ease. Those who are always horny would be able to use these sex toys to their advantages. And when you have used this toy once and twice, it would be very easy for you to climax within a short time.

And when you do not have the urge to make love anymore simply clean and put away until the next time the urge hits.

Doc Johnson products are built to be durable, to last and be sensitive to the feel like human skin.

The climax is enhanced and there is less challenge with quick ejaculation that can mar the experience of a lot of people. This is why you should take advantage of this product.

How to take care of your pocket pussy, mouth or ass


After using your pocket buddy, make certain to wash it with warm water. It is encouraged to open up the tunnel to give the water a chance to run through the toy.

Flip around the pocket buddy and repeat the same procedure. This technique for washing will permit you to clean any bugs that might sneak inside the surface.


Use an anti bacterial toy cleaner to ensure there are no nasties left.

Air Dry

Subsequent to cleaning your pocket pussy to expel any microscopic organisms, lay your toy on a towel to air dry.

The procedure may take a couple of hours but by drying the toy, you guarantee that it doesn’t stay moist and become a breeding ground for microbes.


Key to keeping your pocket pussy, mouth or ass delicate and supple is a liberal amount of talk or sex toy renewing powder.

The stuff your ma used on your bottom is the same that can keep your sex toy feeling like it did the day you removed it from the packaging. Talk keeps the toy from getting sticky.

At the point when a pocket pussy gets sticky, it will hold fast to anything that is around it.

Once that happens, the pocket buddy’s material will fall to pieces. Take it from someone that has had the pleasure of owning quite a few of these this it the most important tip to improve the longevity of your toy.

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