Katsuni Is Just A Fleshlight Lotus!

Katsumi Pussy

The Fleshlight Girls lineup includes Katsuni Lotus, who is a very beautiful Asian woman. Just like Katsuni the Fleshlight is also stunning as it is a mold taken directly from her real life pussy. Katsuni entered the porn industry in 2002 at 23 years old and has sbeen in more than 250 pornographic films. Katsuni has won numerous awards whilst creating porn and is in the top ten  porn stars on the planet as indicated by 2010 Genesis magazine. Katsuni has homes in Los Angeles and in Paris. Katsuni is known locally in France for her extraordinary stage exhibitions and she now even has her own TV show. Katsuni is a genuine sexy lady and has gotten to be highly in demand by the adult business. Katsuni is of Vietnamese and French origins.

Porn Star Fleshlight
Katsuni Fleshlight

You can get your Katsuni Fleshlight with the Lotus Garden texture. On the front of the sleeve is Katsuni’s signature so you know it is from a genuine mold of her vagina. At first look I thought the texture of the Lotus Garden would be a let-down. Fleshlight claims the Lotus Garden texture is:

“The most remarkable and extreme feeling surface we offer; it craves nothing else you’ve ever attempted”

The Lotus Garden is a somewhat of a lubricant consumer I would say. You need to keep your lube convenient while stroking this one, frequently reapplying lube. There is one noteworthy disadvantage to the Lotus Garden and that is cleaning and drying it. Every one of those little lotus hubs are a genuine trap for gunk and for moisture. For best results on cleaning this one I suggest turning it inside out. I recommend this reluctantly as I feel that doing this includes a lot of wear and tear to the sleeve and may reduce it’s life span. The same for drying, those hubs make this an extremely troublesome surface to dry. When I first tried and cleaned this Fleshlight I attempted to simply air dry it and I discovered it was still clammy around after 36 hours. Now I turn it back to front to clean it and afterward dry it out with a towel before putting away it away it dries a lot quicker.

Katsuni Lotus Garden Fleshlight is a genuine victory and is in my top 3 masturbators. The Lotus Garden would take a place there but number 1 is my trusty STU. Every last stroke has you truly feeling it and enjoying it leading you to a strong and steady climax.

I bought my first fleshlight about a year ago after reading about them on the AdultSmart blog. At first I didn’t take any notice, however after processing the article over time my curiosity got the better of me and I wound up watching a couple of product adverts on it before buying. I simply had to try one and see if all that was being purported to be and was actually true. Since the day that my first fleshlight arrived in the mail… I’ve never had such a lavish wanking and I’ve never masturbated so often in my life. Before we get into the ins and outs (particularly the ins) of the Fleshlight, I firstly need to discuss why I thoroughly recommend that EVERY single gentleman out there own one. I am serious about that and I will give you 5 solid reasons to do so.

1  It’s the nearest thing to a real pussy:

So for quite a long time ladies have been known to use dildos, however it’s generally been scowled upon for men to use fake vaginas. However over recent years the silicone vagina itself has soared in design and availability. I have yet to own or read about a more realistic silicone sex toy available on the market today. Nothing compared to the Fleshlight. Since it’s truly the nearest thing there is to a “genuine vagina”..  This is the closest thing to the real deal and have to experience it once to know what I am talking about.


2  You never get tired of it:

You would believe that after one go you would simply place it in the pantry and forget about it. You are so wrong! This little container of euphoria will be in and out of your draw consistently, I promise, you will not want to leave it alone and best of all it never says no. After several pumps of a water based lube inside it you’ll ask why you spent all these years without one. In the unlikely event that you ever did get tired of it, the range available is crazy so you just choose your next one. Not only are you able to purchase various silicone sleeves that have all various types of compositions, you can also purchase a mouth, butt or vagina to mix things up a bit or even one of your favourite porn star molds with various Fleshlight Girls available. Yes it’s true, you can finally feel what its like to be inside your favorite porn queen! Talk about a dream come true. They even have a Fleshlight V-Stroker which is the most recent fandangled mechanical sex toy in men’s masturbation range I have seen. It essentially attaches with your PC to synchronize with the vagina, and strokes in time with the action on screen… what’s better than that.

3  It’s attentive:

This is the way the entire vagina in a container came to fruition. Fleshlight began as a careful male masturbation toy. It is disguised in the shape of a torch or a beer can so is discrete should someone inadvertently walk in whilst it is out (pardon the pun).  It will always be ready and willing to service your needs.

4  Extremely reasonable in Price :

For less than the cost of a dinner you can own your own fleshlight. And you are on a sure thing, each and every time.

5  Assists with your stamina:

My favorite he Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or any fleshlight will help get your penis used to the effects of stimulation which will in turn help your levels of sexual stamina increase. When you use this bad boy, you’ll have the ability to not only enter a porn stars love holes but your sexual stamina will increase making you a sex god.

They also have great accessories to make your experience even more realistic like the Fleshlight Warmer.


8 Masturbation Techniques You Will Want To Try!

Man Looking at Banana

From time to time a fellow simply needs some alone time to reconnect with himself with male masturbation. Everyone needs to know simple methods to gain sexual fulfillment without needing to satisfy another person. When you think about it, it’s not selfish because if you feel good and your sexual health is taken care of that is what matters. There are times when masturbation needs to be done. Obviously, I’m not proposing that you start stroking off chronically and demonstrate to your lovely young lady the exit door. Yet sometimes, on the off chance that you feel the need to stroke it, here are seven masturbation strategies you ought to go for a little of difference to spice up your stroking techniques.


Man Looking Down His Pants

Be a little daring and try one or why not try all of them?

1  The Masturbation Sock:

People use the sock method of male masturbation mainly because the feeling is nicer as inside of the sock is soft. People like trying new things and experiencing different types of sensations because using a hand for masturbation all the time can get boring. When you have came and blown your load into the hamper, just throw it into the washing for reuse. People can’t tell what type of adventure your sock has been on as there won’t be any staining on the outside. People don’t actively look at sock’s because sock’s do smell bad after they’ve been used on someones feet for a whole day. If your a person of texture, you can even turn the sock inside out for some more fun times. The main types of people who use socks are people who are not circumcised as it is less likely to irritate their skin.

2  The Sandwich Bag:

Fill a plastic sandwich bag with petroleum jelly and put your erect penis straight in, squishing the jelly so that your whole penis is secured. At that point, put your penis, still in the bag, between the sleeping mattress and the base. Pump until climax. The best part? No mess to clean up afterwards.

3  The Hand Job Plus:

While standing, contort your lubed-up hand. Our house favourite lubricant is SuperSlyde. Pick the hand which you feel most open to using. Your hand position must be with your thumb against your stomach. Wrap your hand around your penis. Instead of stroking with your hand, move your pelvis to pump hard until you are done with your hand. It’ll make you have a feeling that you’re really infiltrating a vagina. Alright, perhaps not quite.

4  The Tapper:

Despite the fact that you need to have a touchy penis for this to work, this will at any rate prove that you don’t in the event that it doesn’t work. Keep your clothing on and make yourself erect. Once you’re at your fullest erectness, tap the tip of your penis with the tips of your fingers. It ought to take some degree longer than common masturbation for you to achieve climax yet when you do, it will be beautiful no doubt…

5  The Ball Squeeze:

Whenever you’re stroking off and feel just as you’re going to cum, put your other hand over your scrotum and gently crush and draw it down (or all the more forcefully, on the off chance that you like that kind of thing). That way, you get to feel your semen going through your body, going through your urethra and out the hole.

6  The Palmer:

Once you’re erect, put some lubricant within one hand, and instead of rubbing your penis with your hand, continue rubbing the tip of your penis against the palm of your hand to climax.

7  The Ring In:

Spread both your hands with lubricant, and structure a ring with your thumb and pointer. Place it around the base of your penis. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head begins). Presently structure a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do likewise thing. Continue stroking with one ring or both until you peak.

8  Ice, Ice, Ice Baby:

For this strategy, stroke off as you typically would, yet when you feel the impression of sperm going through your urethra, seize some ice blocks or pulverized ice with the other hand, then keep stroking off to finish. The inclination of ice in one hand, warm in the other will enhance your ejaculation

So why not try these 8 great masturbation techniques and they can only improve your male sexual health.




Stroke Your Way To Happiness!

Ejaculating Man

Do you want to experience more in your solo sex sessions? Are you a man searching for a change to your regular stroking experiences? Male strokers and masturbators can give a  far superior than-normal feel, with compositions that empower and tease the nerve endings in the penis better than a hand ever could. Men like to look for sex toys designed for males like strokers and set aside a few minutes each day for enhanced solo sex play – they’re anything but difficult to use and simple to clean giving out-of-this-world excitement. Most are affordable too and if you calculate how many times you will use them divided by their cost are well worth the limited investment.

Perhaps you are feeling hesitant about purchasing one having reservations because it takes you out of your comfort zone or perhaps you are worried what your partner will thing about it.  There is no need as almost every man has used or owns a masturbator of some sort and they are also used as tools to extend the time you are having sex increasing your sexual stamina and delaying ejaculation.

Some partners may have reservations about you purchasing an anatomical replica of a vagina, anus or mouth but there are many masturbators and strokers out there that come in a cup or other innate object.  Using a stroker will help you develop your erotic performance and take you to a lovemaking peak – whether you are with someone or not.

Each stroker you purchase is unique some having tighter openings, with peaks, ridges, nodules and chambers inside.  These textured tunnels will help maximize the sensations that your penis will feel and invigorate it to heights of joy. Some strokers are also double ended so that you can two styles of masturbation in the one unit giving totally diverse experiences.

It is important to used plenty of water-based lubricant in this style of sex toy as it will enhance the experience and make for a more realistic session.  It will also ensure that there is no friction that would make your penis uncomfortable and even hurt.  It is essential to use water-based as most strokers and many masturbators are made with cyber-skin or similar and the material will perish if silicone or oil is used.

When you and your stroker are lubed up, you can put your cock inside the entrance. Begin by opening up to entry and around the head of your penis, appreciating the impressions and guaranteeing everything is smooth and lubey. At that point, get prepared to enter the male stroker with zest.  When you start, the entry door to the stroker may seem like a tight fit, however the stroker will grow to and take your cock regardless of its size. Hold the base of your penis and the stroker solidly and ease into the stroker. Once you are inside, now is the ideal time to work out your most loved approach to it.

Begin by holding the outside of the stroker and tenderly stroking it all over your full length. Be mindful so as not to go to far over and over again, so you don’t slide right out – as you get to understand what you can do with the stroker you can be more lively with your penis fun. Have a go at turning the stroker as you move it, kneading the head of the penis, twisting it with back and forth motions of the wrist. Don’t simply just stroke it up and down like a crank as this, whilst pleasurable, won’t fully explore the sensations of the ribbing inside.

If your stroker has an opening on the flip side (and the greater part of them do) you can use your finger to mostly or completely cover the gap to expand suction inside the stroker. It can take a couple of tries to effectively ace the craft of changing suction and keeping a hold on your stroker while stroking, yet as with all things rehearse does make it great.

couple stroking
stroking for couples

The first occasion when you use your stroker, you’ll most likely come rapidly yet slowly developing your sexual stamina is all piece of the stroker’s motivation. Couples have been using vibrators into their love-making sessions  for a considerable length of time so why not add a stroker to your foreplay, they’re awesome. Choose a transparent sleeve so you both get a close perspective of this sexy activity.

Using a stroker is awesome as a feature of foreplay with your lover, escalating your pleasure before sex, but on the other hand they’re incredible for shared masturbation or now and again when you need to be close together however don’t want to go down the road of full sex. In the event that your lover gets tired while providing for you with a hand job, a stroker will facilitate their assignment and you’ll adore your stroker much more when your partner is working it for you.

Learn more tips and tricks for male strokers!




Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men!

Black Gift Box Photo

So after much ado I finally got two Men’s Valentines Sex Toys to review. The reviews are of the Pulse by Hot Octopus and the Cobra Libre from Fun Factory.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse

Who Needs To Go Out Anymore

Male Masturbator

After pleasant trials with different toys, I was starting to think I would never discover my true intimate romance. At that point the Pulse arrived and I knew we were a match. The Pulse is stunning. It would appear that something Picasso might draw it is so aesthetically pleasant: smooth, intriguing, with powerful bends and fragile wings to grasp the uncovered cock. This one took me to the following level in “Dear Lord, I’m going to cover myself in my own soul sauce!”

When I had charged the gadget, by means of the included USB link. Though, I required my own connector plug. I was prepared to give it a go. Genuinely, the holding it up was the most troublesome part. (I was going to say “hardest,” yet the hardest part was the point at which I let the Pulse work its wonders.) First, however, I viewed the tasteful instructional feature in which Adam indicates how, through props and drawings, the toy can be utilised solo or for couples play. With or without a touch of lubrication, you lay your throbbing cocking between its silicone wings and let it fly. One will most likely appreciate the way Adam smothers a constrained laugh when he says, “… the toy makes you hard and afterward PULSE will make you cum without you needing to do much at all… ” in that swoon-impelling voice.

The Pulse is not waterproof, however cleanup requires simply a little thought and a warm wet sponge or towel – a minor hindrance when its operation made me question 30 years of making do with wanking on my own. Swaying as opposed to vibrating, the protected PulsePlate “moves more like a cylinder,” Adam says. What the hell does that mean.

However I adored it. I touched it. I brought it to City Hall to see if it was legal to marry a sex toy..

At that point it jumped out at me that Adam and Julia, prime developers of Hot Octopuss (and of the charming couples club) are without a doubt the most savage individuals on the planet; with the development of Pulse, it is clear they need to make my Valentine’s Day every day of the year.

In this way my mission finished. I may have discovered my intimate romantic sex toy however I think our promises will require more to have an open relationship. Curiosity and what not. Great Valentine’s Day Gift to me!


The Fun Factory Cobra Libre

A Real Head Only Job

A Real Head Only Job

Like the Tango Smartvibe, this is a Fun Factory item. I adore the Fun Factory as their sex toy range as it is brilliant, full and their items are suitably named. At that point there’s the great craftsmanship and staggering customer service. The Cobra Libre, which looks like a dashing auto vehicle, is intended solely made for male vibrating excitement, in the same way as a souped-up, simple and clean Fleshlight.

Cobra Libre is rechargeable and waterproof, without troublesome alcoves and corners to hold your flowing jism. It has “boundless vibration causing conceivable outcomes” by means of two vibrators, worked by a delicate tap on top of the device. The novel yet constraining thought is that is it intended to invigorate just the male glan so it is a head job that does not go past the head. You can place the Cobra Libre on the head of your penis, whilst you use your hand to stroke the available shaft area. Or you can just let the Cobra Libre do all the work for you.

Often in the throes of the strokes one would be tempted to thrust ones cock all the way in but the Cobra Libre may leave your head purple and battered if you do. So the Libre will give you delightful torture and forces restraint in a novel mens sex toy. Be gentle with yourself always and respond to how your body reacts. Fun Factory product’s also have a 2 year warranty.

So these are my men’s Valentines Day Sex Toys Reviewed. Hope you liked them.

5 Popular Male Sex Toys!

Young Man Laptop

When it comes to women, owning a dildo or a vibrator is considered normal. But if a man is caught with a cock-ring in his pocket, he is called a pervert and a deviant. Do not let society make you shy away from sex toys. If you don’t know much about men’s sex toys then start looking for more information on these devices and find out more. They are amazing tools to use privately or with a partner. Sex toys can help you spice up your sex life and build confidence in bed. If you have not used any sex toys before, you might want to start soon as you definitely do not want to miss all the fun that sex toys have to offer.

I understand that deciding to use sex toys is easier said than done. You might not know which toys are available or which ones to try, how to use or from where to purchase them. Sex toys are not a normal topic that people discuss over morning coffee, so it can be difficult to find out what would be best for you, or even where to get one.So today I will share what you need to know about men’s sex toys.

Cyberskin Doll

Common Men’s Sex Toys:

Male Masturbators:

  • Male masturbators are easy to use, easy to clean and give out-of-this-world stimulation. They’re also inexpensive, allowing you to experiment with a variety of textures and styles without breaking the bank. These toys are suited for single men for private use. These toys come in different sizes and shapes. You could find one with a replica of a women’s torso or just a female part. You can find the vagina, butt or breasts molded in the toys which can vibrate as well to give you maximum pleasure. If you are looking for a more realistic toy then these are better suited to you.


  • Strokers:

Strokers are generally more discreet than other male masturbators and are not anatomically modeled, making them universally appealing and non-intimidating. The inside of a stroker features a textured canal that stimulates the penis while the outside is often ridged to ensure a good grip during use and is a very common men’s sex toy.

  • Penis Sleeve:

Another for-him toy is a penis sleeve, which is a tube made of cyber skin or other soft material that slides over the shaft and supposedly mimics the feeling of your vagina or mouth some have textured lining for extra stimulation. Rub a little water-based lube on his shaft before inserting the sleeve, and glide it up and down manually. You’ll send him through the roof if you flick your tongue over the tip of his penis in tandem with your hand moves.

  • Cock-Rings:

You might want to use cock rings either for medical issues or recreational use.  It is a great device for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or hyper function. This ring attaches around the base of the penis and traps blood inside to give users a rock hard erection. This makes the user very responsive to even slight touches.  Others use it to have a prolonged erection. If you are aiming to last longer in bed then this might be the best sex toy for you. When purchasing a cock ring, look for the material it is made of. You may choose from steel, silicone or leather, all materials are great so choose whatever you fancy! A few words of caution: If you decide to use any type of penis ring, don’t leave it on for more than 20 minutes at a time, and be sure to take it off right away if your guy’s penis starts to feel cold, numb, discolors or gets uncomfortable.

  • Penis plug:

As the name suggests, a Penis Plug is a device to be inserted into the opening of the penis to make the penis more sensitive to touch. This toy is used to heighten the user’s pleasure during sexual activities.

Some other popular male sex toys are –

  • Penis Pumps
  • Anal Beads
  • Prostate Massagers
  • Butt Plugs
  • Sex Dolls
  • Dildos

When I wanted to find out about sex toys to try and experience them for the first time, I used Google. Considering the fact that I could not ask my friends without feeling embarrassed about it, I believe your best bet is to use Google or visit the Men’s Sex Toys Website. Men’s sex toys come in different styles, shapes and uses ensuring that a man can have the pleasure he secretly desires. Males are now given a variety of sex toys to choose between for solo play, couple play or just to improve and enhance their performance. Popular male sex toy brands include Fleshlight, Bathmate, Fun Factory Stronic and Perfect Fit.

If you have never used or purchased a male sex toy before the task may seem a little daunting and you may wonder what’s all the fuss about them – that is until you try one that you will not only like to use but love it.  There are a few things to think about before you buy, the first is if you want to buy online or at an adult shop.  Purchasing in person at an adult shop you get to see, feel and most importantly get advice from the sales consultant of what adult toy is best for you.  However the disadvantages of this is firstly that you are more likely to pay more and secondly if you have never before entered an adult store you may get a little embarrassed.

Buying online allows a first time buyer of male sex toys anonymity and also allows you to do your research in your own time in the comfort of your own home.  You can even do some price comparisons but cheapest does not always mean the best as you want to check out how long it takes for delivery, if they have the items in stock, their returns policy and the security of the site.  It is always a good judgement to choose a site that takes Paypal or some other secure method like E-Way so that your valuable credit card details are not know buy the vendor.


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