VIP Interview With Istvan Keszei Inventor & Founder Of Vivian Technology’s Sex Furniture

Vivian Technology is known as the designer of the world’s first high tech luxury sex furniture. Vivian Technology has developed a sex chair which features the classic Chanel quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the leather which makes it feel incredibly luxurious. The chair can be used in a variety of different sitting positions so you are able to change the experience as you need to. It features black piano lacquer coating and polished copper which make the sex chair stand out.

The sex chair features a crystal dildo that has different levels of pulsation and vibrations modes. The control is built underneath the leather which allows the subtle touch on the chair to change the levels and modes. From how your hands grips the chair to how hard your thighs are pressed against the sides will allow you to change and control the experience. There is one main on/off button which is accessibly on the top of the sex chair. When it is turned on the dildo will glow a beautiful blue colour. The button also has a LED display that controls the penetration depth which can be easily adjusted during use.

The first exhibition of the product was in Europe at the eroFame 2017. This is a VIP Interview With Istvan Keszei Inventor & Founder Of Vivian Technology’s Sex Furniture.



High End Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture

Tell me about yourself

I’m Istvan Keszei the designer and a founder and inventor of Vivian Technology’s sex furniture. I’m a freelance designer and also teacher at two universities. I’m the inventor of the chair and I have planned all the details, both in its function and form. Vivian Technology’s product is still in the prototype stage. What you see on the web site is a real photo (not rendering) and 100% of tested and working prototype, but still not in serial production. We do not have any products to sell yet. We are at the very end of a relatively long development phase. The next step is to start the series production based on the prototype for which we are looking for an investor and this is why we will set up a booth this year’s at German exhibition, EroFame 2017, so for the first time everyone could see the sex furniture in real life.

What inspired the creation of Vivian Technology?

This concept was born out of a response to a problem I have raised, based on market research. Since I started working as a designer, I was always in search for a new design challenge and this is how I found myself creating innovation in the sex industry. I found that area where design could have needed. One of my areas in the field of education is the Innovative Materials and Technologies, so the use of innovative technology within the VT is no coincidence. Many of my research has shown that most of the furniture-type sexual aids have a very industrial appearance, especially for sex machines. Actually a lot of well-designed handheld small objects in the field of sexual aids but not many large, furniture-like sexual aids. Some machine is more like a drill or cutter, it is not sexy at all, sometimes even aggressive. Sexual products are becoming more popular and therefore I think as a designer, design is becoming more and more important in this area.

Highly Functional Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Woman

Tell me about your luxury sex chair?

I started the sex chair project in 2012. My design target was to develop an aesthetic luxury ride-on sex furniture for the 21st century that comes to life through the judicious use of luxury materials and smart technology. A perfect product is a good balance of form, emotion, technology and function all in one. I did start my concept with one question. How can I make the controlling of a love chair more natural? After I did make many design concept, I spent over three years to create a functional prototype, where smart technology is combined with a “form follow function” design.

Who can use the chair?

The purpose of the chair is one person at the time, but ergonomically the top front part of the chair is perfect for a second person to sit down to face the user. Besides this complete control of the chair is computer-based so the control can be entirely from a tablet or phone and therefore the use can be also considered between two persons.

Luxury Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Woman At The Front

What products have you made in the past?

When you are a designer, life can usually determine the design direction or the designer can set goals for himself. During my career I design many trophies and awards for different organizations, like oil company or motorcycle racing event. I have been design exhibitions for larger companies such as Nespresso or Mercedes Benz. I also design a selective waste collection containers for residential use, which are still in use throughout my country to this date. But I spent most of my time as a designer in industrial lighting design. I worked with two companies in the field of lighting and designed many industrial lamps. As I mentioned, after that, I began to design sex furniture.

What does it feel like to use a luxury sex chair?

This is a very interesting question. I personally have difficulty in defining exactly the concept of luxury product, but it has been classified in this category because most of the user who saw or tested our sex chair they are considered as a luxury product due to its appearance. I would slightly modify this question as to how you feel to use a product that is ergonomically and functionally well designed. Of course the materials used in the chair is very good quality, but this is more than a luxury product. Because of its appearance, even before use, arouses our sexual desire. Most users felt compelled to touch it before they knew exactly what it is or how it works. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is very comfortable and during the use, it provides several sitting positions, which provides completely different sexual pleasure. With pressure-sensitive control, the use is so natural that in most cases the user concentrates only on sexual pleasure. So answer your question with a single sentence, according to the tests so far, everybody was impressed by the variety of seating positions and the pressure-sensitive interface control.

High Quality Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Different Views

What were the pinnacle moments during your design process?

As a designer I never feel perfect for my design. There is a lot of fluctuation in the planning process regarding the plan’s emotions. One of the most significant points I would point out was the exhibition in Germany, because I personally experienced how people would accept our product. We received a very high percentage of positive feedback.

The dildo is absolutely beautiful, what is it made out of?

About the appearance of a dildo, I got inspiration from the classic crystal glass design. Of course, the dildo is made of silicone. Hopefully after the series production start, the chair will be available with a variety of size, color and hardness of dildos. The final product will also include a dildo with vibration function as a extra option.

Cystal Dildo By Vivian Technology
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Who or what are your biggest design influences?

It is difficult to say a person. One of the decisive classical era is bauhaus (founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar) I also think the sci-fi world is very inspirational for me, and today’s automotive industry, especially luxury sports cars.

Is there any questions or information you would like to add to the article?

We are beyond the German exhibition and the result is very successful. We got a lot of positive feedback on the chair. Since we have come back from Germany, then more and more orders have been received, which we are unfortunately unable to satisfy, because we did not find the right investor yet. Investor negotiations are taking place now, so there is quite a chance that production will start soon.Save







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