VIP Interview With Marcus Galka Head of Global Sales At Noir Handmade

Noir Handmade is a designer clothing company based in Poland who create  products for men and women of all different sexualities. Their products are styled in an amazing mixture of BDSM and club wear which mainly features wet look materials, mesh and leather. The clothing is sensual, sultry, racy and highly detailed, it is everything you could have ever asked for. It is expertly handmade by a team who have taken their time to design and create products that are dedicated to their customer base.

What I love most about their product range is that they have a selection of sizes including small, medium, large, 2 x extra-large to 3 x extra-large. This means you will be able to find something which perfectly fits your body type. There are not too many designer companies who create products to fit almost everybody and that is incredibly admirable.

This is a VIP Interview with Marcus Galka the Head of Global Sales at Noir Handmade.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Marcus and I`m the Head of Global Sales at Noir Handmade.

How do you describe Noir Handmade’s fashion and style?

Noir Handmade collections are closer to fashion than erotic lingerie. We play with fetish undertones and just a touch of BDSM boutique styling.

Tell me about your product range?

There are four collections for women (the fifth just about to be launched!) and two for men. We create new designs every year however we keep our bestsellers from past seasons. We listen to our clients and do not take their favourite models away from them. You can find variety of sexy dresses, skirts, overalls and tops in our offer. We don’t forget about small details like thongs or garter belts which are always desirable.

What are your best sellers?

And we come to the point mentioned before: we have our ‘evergreens’ that are in our offer for years now (like F034 our garter belt or F052 overall) but the latest collections have surpassed all expectations. Diva and Unchained had enthusiastic reception and we keep receiving amazing feedback from our clients about these two lines.

Noir Handmade F034 Garter Belt And F052 Overall
Image: Noir Handmade Garter Belt And Overall

What products would you recommend to someone who is new to wearing BDSM wear?

The best thing about Noir Handmade’s collections is that we are somewhere in the middle between hard BDSM and clubwear. There are no models you wouldn’t wear even if you are a newbie!

What was the inspiration behind creating the company Noir Handmade?

When fetish meets fashion with strong design it’s a work on a sliding scale. Noir Handmade designs are perfectly balanced and that was what we were missing on the market. When it’s about fun there are variety of ideas and styles clash to be inspired with. When it’s about erotic there are plenty of ways to emphasize sensuality. Noir Handmade encourages women and men to go one step further and derive pleasure from both. Our main goal is to empower feminine and masculine strenght at any level. We wanted to encourage people to be inspired with their own sexuality.

Noir Handmade F127 Wetlook Dress
Image: F127 Powerwetlook Minikleid mit Ecoleather Appl. CHEEKY

What educational training does the founder have?

Roksana has a master of Psychology.

What work ethics, concepts and standards of fashion design does Noir Handmade value the most?

We’re focused on quality a lot. We supervise production every step of the way proudly keeping ‘made in Europe’ label. Manufacturing Noir Handmade collections ourselves lets us know what we offer from the very first thread. We also know how important is to constantly provide new designs. We do it with our clients in mind driven by great support we receive

Describe the creative process and how do you get unstuck creatively?

It is not always easy! Sometimes the idea seems to be perfect until it comes to the pattern. And it turns out you have to say ‘no’ to creativity and let your practical side speak. In the end we want our models to be seductive and beautiful but comfortable and easy to wear at the  same time. The good thing is we haven’t been out of ideas yet- there are so many inspirations all around. I guess the secret is to really love and understand fashion.

What goes into the making of the products? Are all your products handmade?

We are not huge company with hundreds of people who don’t know each other. There are about 50 people working on our lines in total. All the magic happens in our headquarters: patterns making, cutting, sewing, ironing, finishing each product. There are real people working on it. Yes, part of our brand’s name describes the way we manufacture Noir Handmade collections.

But there is one more aspect our clients appreciate the most I think: flexibility with production schedule. Even if ordered items are out of stock we can easily adjust our plan to certain needs. Sometimes one or two days of delay can make a big difference- and then you need a trusted supplier who works with you closely.

Noir Handmade H041 Power Wetlook
Buy Now | Noir Handmade Adult Store

What materials do you use when making your products?

We look for best quality so our clients could enjoy our products longer. As one amongst few we still don’t think about erotic fashion as one-time-use. Our main fabric is ‘powerwetlook’- 3 times more stretchy, wrinkleproof type of wetlook. We also use faux leather, soft tulles and meshes. We get a lot of compliments about our choice of fabrics.

Where are your products manufactured?

We’re based in Poland and we manufacture our collections here as well. There are many benefits of keeping our production here. We are in charge with the whole production process and our clients can rest assured that product they purchase has been made in the safe area and comply with ethical and health standards.

Can your products be used for day to day wear?

Absolutely! There are many models you can wear on daily basis.

How do you find your products make people feel when they have worn them?

Strong, sexy and confident!

Do you feel that your fashion range helps to create the scene during sexual intimacy?

I know it does. Our collections are very inspiring.

What are your favourite tips to enhance people’s sexual lifestyles?

Listen to yourself. Don’t be afraid to express your sexuality. Find your kink and let it make you happy!

It is a great idea to read a guide on how to clean leather fetish gear and bondage toys, so that you are able to take care of your products so that they can last a lifetime!Save




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