VIP Interview With Angela Mohlfeld Head Of Communication From JOYDIVISION

JOYDIVISION is an award winning adult lifestyle company which was established in 1994. They have designed over 250 different products ranging from sex toys, sexual health aids, massage oils, swings and personal lubricants which are all manufactured with love in Germany. Their products are made in Germany so that they are able to maintain high levels of quality control.

JOYDIVISION’s design products are well thought out with careful detailing which always take into consideration the current adult lifestyle and environmental trends. Their products are made with a sex positive approach which supports the exploration of sexuality. JOYDIVISION have won countless awards including the Universal Design Award, Reddot Design Award, Deltra Award and the Erotixxx Award.

JOYDIVISION are well known for developing the worlds very first 100% all natural lubricant that sells worldwide and the soft-tampon which is worn by women during sexual intercourse. They have a strong focus towards making products out of Silikomed which is a type of hypoallergenic material that can be used with all different types of personal lubricants ranging from water-based and silicone.

What inspired the creation of JOYDIVISION?

Our CEO Oliver Redschlag is the head of the company and his inspirations have shaped JOYDIVISION. The German lubricant, adult toy and hygiene manufacturer, JOYDIVISION was established in 1994 by Oliver Redschlag. Like many start-ups, Oliver Redschlag worked from his garage, in his case designing and manufacturing Loveswings. Within weeks, he had revolutionized the market of Loveswings and overwhelming reviews were published in over 36 journals and magazines across the country.

By 1997 and now based in Hannover/Germany, JOYDIVISION developed and started shipping BIOglide – the first 100% all natural lubricant. This was followed a year later with the Soft-Tampon, the tampons without strings for hygienic intercourse during menstruation. JOYDIVISION are the only company to manufacture the string less Soft-Tampon which has allowed women to enjoy sports, spa & love anytime they want to, without a second thought.

A soft tampon for penetrative sex
Image: Soft Tampon

Tell me about your product range?

The extensive JOYDIVISION product range comprises more than 250 sensual erotic premium products, which are successfully sold in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to lubricants, the products ranges from love toys, hygiene articles, massage, love swings and special products for sexual preparation. JOYDIVISION attaches great importance to the highest quality and production in Germany for all its products.

How many products has JOYDIVISION created?

JOYDIVISION has made a name for itself as an innovative inventor of the world’s first 100% natural lubricant (BIOglide) and the millionfold popular lubricant (AQUAglide).

Personal and medical lubricant
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In 2011, JOYDIVISION introduced the world’s most discreet loveballs with the patent integrated loop and technology inside. Joyballs secret are comfortable to wear and quiet as a whisper and are an innovative adult product that has earned three awards including the reddot design award and the Delta Design award. Joyballs are made of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and velvety-soft Silikomed® – making them dishwasher safe and usable with both water based and silicon based lubricants.

The latest invention is the XPANDER.

What materials are used in the creation of JOYDIVISION’s products? What quality are they? Are they body safe?

JOYDIVISION has always been very important for material and skin compatibility. JOYDIVISION has developed Silikomed®, for example. Silikomed® is an innovative and non-porous material of the highest medical quality, developed by us, as well as silicone. It is characterized by a very soft, velvety and skin caressing surface. In contrast to other materials, Silikomed® can be used with all lubricants, even with silicone-based lubricants. Silikomed® has been specially developed to meet the high quality demands of JOYDIVISION: medical quality, mucous membrane friendly, hypoallergenic, dermatologically and clinically tested.

Are all your products manufactured in Germany?

Yes, all our products are:

“Made with love in Germany“

JOYDIVISION was the first ever company to release a 100% natural lubricant named BIOglide. What are the benefits of having an all-natural personal lubricant?

BIOglide is a product that offers the consumer absolutely worry-free application.

In cooperation with the German BDIH (Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for Pharmaceuticals), JOYDIVISION developed a new standard and seal of approval, “Natural Product – Standard approved by BDIH, specifically granted for selected medical devices meeting the requirements. After an extensive examination BIOglide is the first product allowed to carry the seal, guaranteeing the naturalness of a medical device.

Since 1995, JOYDIVISION has supported AIDS-Hilfe by UNICEF and Terre des Hommes, why is it important to support these organisations?

Social and environmental commitment has always been a top priority at JOYDIVISION. Since 1995, JOYDIVISION has been an official supporting member of the AIDS-HILFE, of UNICEF e. V. and TERRE DES HOMMES e. V. and is also involved in the creation of jobs and training places.

What are your best sellers?

Original AQUAglide has been creating trust for more than 15 years. The “AQUAglide” lubricant brand is known for its top quality made in Germany. The AQUAglide series has been extended to include AQUAglide sensitive. Due to the valuable and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, the sensitive gel not only provides optimum long-term gliding properties for intimate intercourse, but also develops caring properties on a natural basis. Without glycerine and parabens, the sensitive vaginal flora is gently protected and pampered with additional moisture. We recommend everyone to test the product once, because the skin sensation is sensational.

Our special threadless soft tampons are another top seller. Unlike conventional tampons, the soft tampons are not made of viscose or cotton, but of a special soft foam material that is compatible with mucous membranes. Soft tampons are not only suitable for all everyday activities, but also for discreet wearing in the sauna (no thread is visible) carrying it safely while swimming (reduces the risk of infection) hygienic intimate intercourse during the period of the rule (is not noticeable for the partners)

With the lifestyle product soft tampons, millions of women in many countries have already been able to enjoy their freedom.


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