VIP Interview with Jack Romanski Founder of FT London Gvibe

Jack Romanski is 33 years old, he is a renowned adult toy inventor who founded FT LONDON LLP, a company which developed a range of products under the name Gvibe. The idea for his company came around when he had visited an adult lifestyle centre with his wife, they found that most sex toys were created with similar features.

Within that moment it occurred to Jack that he wanted to design new types of sex toys that would break the industry mould. He wanted to provide new sexual experiences for women. He used his previous experience as a former engineer specialising in silicones for space industry and began to design his toys on a paper napkin. FT London LLP has now sold over 200,000 products worldwide. This is an exclusive interview with Jack Romanski and the Adultsmart Blog.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

In the field of work, my main accomplishments are of course my products. From the moment I have an idea for a new sex toy to getting grateful feedback from customers and winning awards.

What are your favourite quotes that inspire you?

I think one of my favourite quotes which recurs often in life is by Nietzsche who said:

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

From time to time, everyone of us faces some difficult situation which has to be overcome; and having coped with it, you feel stronger and you become more mature.

Who is your role model?

I can’t say I have one person who is a role model for me. All people who I have met and who impressed me in some way made their contribution in who I am today.

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

I got an idea for the very first product Gvibe when I realized that all toys in adult stores were the same. Moreover, the material wasn’t always good, and many toys’ shapes were far from bringing pleasure. As I specialized in silicones and I’m naturally keen on inventions, I had an idea for Gvibe. I was lucky enough to meet professionals who supported my idea and helped me fulfill it and now we have a whole range of various products – vibrators, kegel balls, butt plugs, a finger vibrator which is also a remote control for our other toys; we also invented the revolutionary material named “Bioskin” which is hard to overestimate.


G-Vibe Jack Romanski Portrait Photo
Photo: G-Vibe Jack Romanski Portrait Wall

What does your company value the most?

We are sure that the quality of our products is something you can’t hide or veil beneath bright packaging or good marketing. Quality is simply a must for FT LONDON, we always ensure the quality is always high. Also, artistic design and anatomical shapes are something that distinguishes our products among others on the market. Needless to say, we highly value our customers and when we get their wonderful feedback about the toys they tried we feel like we are one big family.

How does your company define and measure success?

Of course, the most important thing that measures our success is our customers’ feedback and the numbers of sales. One of our slogans even says:

“Approved by 200,000 happy customers”

I think this is more eloquent than any other words.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

FT LONDON products are high-end toys so definitely the quality is high. Our special features includes the design and anatomical shapes. We work with a famous artist Elena Mirosedina who makes exclusive packaging and drawings for our toys. As to anatomical shapes, we want everyone who buys FT LONDON products to be happy with it. So, we cooperate with gynecologists and create innovative shapes which adapt to any anatomy.

Tell me about your product range?

We have a wide variety of products. All of our toys are made of soft premium class hypoallergenic medical silicone (except Geisha balls2 – they are made of abs plastic), are rechargeable, waterproof and have 1 year warranty. Our sex toys are listed below:

Gvibe 2 and Gvibe Mini Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toys: Gvibe 2 and Gvibe Mini


A two-tipped vibrator with 3 motors, 1 in each tip and 1 in the shaft. It is made for simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot on the opposite walls of the vagina and the entrance of the vagina. It has 6 vibration modes with changeable intensity, from light tremors to intense vibration. Available in the colours raspberry, blue and black.

Gvibe MINI

A smaller version of Gvibe2 which was created for women who wanted to try the original Gvibe but were scared by its size. It is available in the colours mint and blue.


Gvibe Geisha Balls 2 and Gballs2 App Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toys: Gvibe Geisha Balls 2 and Gballs2 App

Geisha Balls2

The set includes 4 Kegel balls of different weights, they are the lightest and the heaviest balls that are available in the adult lifestyle industry. This revolutionary set allows you to have 5 stages of kegel training from 50g (1.8oz) to 100g (3.5oz). It fits the female anatomy perfectly with the balls being 30 mm (1.29″ inches) in diameter. It has a new velvet touch and a silicone strap. It comes with user friendly instructions and detailed advice. Available in the colour pink. This is a *NEW* product available in a couple of weeks!

Gballs2 App

A kegel ball which connects to a smartphone application. It allows you to access a personalized virtual coach, 6 individualized training courses, voice guide and biofeedback. It is an extremely smart and at the same time comprehensible toy. Available in the colour pink.


Gvibe Gplug and Gpop Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toys: Gvibe Gplug and Gpop


The first rechargeable silicone butt plug on the market, with six vibration modes and changeable intensity. It comes in the 2 size small and large. Available in the colours pink and blue.


A vibrator which stimulates the male P-spot and the female G-spot bringing incredible sensations; with six vibration modes and changeable intensity. Available in the colour blue. This is a *NEW* product available in a couple of weeks!

Gvibe Gring Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Gvibe Gring


A finger vibrator with six vibration modes and changeable intensity which can also be used as a remote control for the Gplug. Available in the colours pink and blue.

More new exciting products to come soon! Stay tuned!

How many adult lifestyle products have you sold?

As I said above, our sales amount to more than 200,000 units! And this number is always growing as we are adding great new items in our range and our customers are loyal to our brand because after trying at least one of FT LONDON toys they are 100% sure that the quality, functionality and design are on the highest level. We have a joke among our colleagues and customers that we are currently looking for a distributor in the Antarctic! Because FT LONDON products are already represented on the rest of the continents.

What are your best sellers?

I can say that each to their own. Women in search of new bright sensations and couples choose Gvibe2 and Gvibe MINI; women who gave birth and want to have stronger vaginal muscles choose Gballs2 App and Geisha Balls2; fans of anal pleasure choose Gplug and Gring as a remote control and a finger vibrator. So, anyone will find something for themselves.

If you could pick just two pieces from your product range, what would you choose and why?

A difficult question… You are trying to make me say who of my children I love more! Really, the best thing of FT LONDON products is that here you have toys for any of your desires, needs and ideas. We all aspire to bring something new in our sexual life. And all FT LONDON toys are a great tool for this.

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

We get a lot of grateful comments about our products and every one of them is important for us. I remember receiving a couple of emails where customers were sharing with me that our products saved their families! Or emails from women who were sincere enough to say that our toys helped them experience their first orgasm which they had been trying to get for so many years. And I guess these were the most memorable and touching comments about FT LONDON products.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to share with all readers that FT LONDON range is always expanding. Our inventions and developments never stop and our quality has been approved by hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

















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