What Is Video Streaming – Has It Replaced DVDs?

Video Streaming is when you play a video on your computer, laptop or mobile when it is being stored on another device. People are able to live stream an event which is happening in real time which is used for 10 hottest blonde webcam models shows or stream content that has previously been stored like adult movies.

Benefits of Video Streaming Adult Movies 

  • Streaming can allow you interact with your favorite webcam star live

If you are watching a webcam show, you will be placed within the experience at the time it happens. Most streaming platforms have chat room areas that give you the option chat or make requests directly to the star.

Maybe some of your requests are kinky or naughtier than usual and the star choose whether he or she wishes to interact with you. The shows can be as personal as the star would like to make them.

This form of interacting with an adult movie star happens in no other way. Just think of all the different sex toys you can request for them to use.

  • Streaming allows you to choose the video quality

There are normally three quality options to choose form high, medium and low. Depending on your level of bandwidth will help you choose which video quality you would like to view. Of course the higher the quality the more bandwidth you will use and unless you have a good provider it may slow the downloads down.

  • Streaming allows the viewer to watch the adult movie instantly

You no longer have to wait for a download to finish before you are able to watch it. Now you can watch the adult movie as soon as the file begins to download. This is especially great if you have an urgent need to attend to.

  • Streaming does not store the adult movie on your computer or laptop

Sometimes people don’t have the storage on their computer or laptop to save a complete movie. When you choose to stream an adult movie, it will not get stored on your computer.

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Buy Adult DVDs if You Can’t Stream
  • Streaming does not store adult movie history

Since you can’t store it, you will not need to delete anything so you no longer have to worry whether someone might view your adult movie history with just a few clicks. Simply delete your web browser history!

  • Streaming technology prevents adult movie piracy

So, streaming videos are much more difficult to download. This means the content you are watching is a onetime only offer. You may be in some of the only people who had gotten to see that webcam show. Since the webcam show is rare, it will generate a bigger viewing audience.

video streaming
Image: What Is Video Streaming & Why It Is Replacing DVDs! – Mr Porn Geek, The King of Adult Site Reviews

Adult Video Streaming 

Streaming requires a reasonably quick internet connection. If you are planning on streaming adult movies, it is recommended to press play. And then press the pause button to allow the adult movie to download.

Press the play button in a couple of minutes and you will be ready to go.

Mr Porn Geek Reviews 

Luckily to make your life easier, Mr Porn Geek has put in the hard yards into providing an adult movie reviewing platform. Their logo is of a man intensely drooling, teeth chattering whilst looking at an adult movie streaming from his iPad.

What I love most about the website is he provides you with only the best adult movie companies. So it will be no surprise if everything he personally reviews has high ratings. Although he provides only the best, he gives a list of the pros and cons of each website. So you are able to choose what works best with your sexual lifestyle.

Quality Reviews from Mr Porn Geek

Like all quality reviews, Mr. Porn Geek spends an average of 45 minutes on each website.

This is an amazing feat. Especially if you consider he has hundreds of reviews. This guy has really done an incredible job. It’s impressive how much work he has done that has went into collecting all the information and taking screenshots.

Mr. Porn Geek is an extremely user friendly website.

Pick a category and select the magnifying glass. Your webpage will load to a personal review of the adult movie company he is recommending.

I highly recommend you check out his site and read the reviews. No matter what type of adult pleasure you are excited by, there is a nice chance that this dude will be able to provide something for you.

Some of Mr Porn Geek Best Lists

  • Top Adult Movie Websites.
  • Best Live Webcam Websites.
  • Premium Adult Movie Websites.
  • Best Adult Dating Websites.
  • VR Adult Movie Websites.

The websites he reviews just doesn’t stop there. He has reviewed kink, fetish, multicultural, amateur, hentai and video games!

How can you go wrong when his number ones include the likes of Porn Hub, Live Jasmin, Brazzers and Naughty America VR?

You just have to ask yourself? What are the other best websites that he recommends? You can access them all within a single click of your button. You can go on over to Mr. Porn Geek’s porn list right now and see it!

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