$4 Million Settlement For We Vibes Lawsuit in US

This month We Vibes US class action lawsuit about how they were found to have collected intimate customer data of sex toy usage, was settled out of court.  Where they agreed to pay an estimated $4,000,000 in settlement ffor the We Vibes Lawsuit.

People who used the We Vibes We-Connect application before 26th of September 2016 will be paid up to $10,000.  Customers who had bought the We-Vibe and did not use the application will get up to $199.  It had appeared that around 300,000 people had bought We-Vibe products. Only one-third of these people used the We-Connect application.

This is the couple’s sex toy application that allowed customer to control the vibrator remotely for long distance use.

We Vibes Lawsuit Prompts Privacy Updates

This article will look into how We-Vibe has enhanced their adult lifestyle range over the last couple of months to ensure the privacy of their customer’s sex toy usage data is protected.

Exposure of customer data within the adult lifestyle industry can reap some pretty hefty costings.  We had previously seen Ashley Madison a social networking affair website hacked which released users confidential information to the world.  Their parent company Ruby Life Corp had to pay $1,650,000 to 13 U.S. states and the fair trade commission.

We Vibe App Problems Exposed

At a Def Con conference in August 2016, New Zealand hackers spoke openly about the We Vibe 4 Plus number 1 couples vibrator. And how it appeared to be able to record the user’s name, address, email address, usage dates, usage times, processor chip temperature and vibration intensity data. Which were then stored on their manufacturers Standard Innovation Corporation servers.

They were accused of not openly telling their customer’s about their data collection details. On the 12th of August, in response to this event We-Vibe released a statement.

Statement from We Vibe In Response 

“We do collect certain limited data to help us improve our products and for diagnostic purposes. As a matter of practice, we use this data in an aggregate, non-identifiable form. Processor chip temperature is used to help us determine whether device processors are operating correctly.

And vibration intensity data is used for the purposes of helping us better understand how—in the aggregate—our product features are utilized.

Steps being Taken

We have already taken steps to enhance the data security measures for our product offering. As part of this effort, we have engaged external security and privacy experts to conduct a thorough review of our data practices with a view of further strengthening data protection for our customers.

We will also do a better job of communicating about our data practices in order to provide greater transparency. We continue to be committed to create products that meet the highest standards and overall customer experience.”

we vibes lawsuit for app
Photo: We-Vibe’s Class Action Lawsuit $4 Million Settlement – Remote Control We-Vibe

Statement About Steps Being Taken 

On the 13th of September 2016, We-Vibe released a statement which outlined that they had already began to take steps to make changes to the We-Connect™ application. In order to inform the user about their privacy, data policies and practices.

They also said they would improve their levels of data security. Although the We-Vibe class-action lawsuit only applies to the U.S. We-Vibe said that the changes are updated on a global scale.

On the 3rd of October 2016 We-Vibe updated their We-Connect™ application and their application privacy notice.

Updates Included 

  • We-Vibe has improved their communication about their privacy practices, policies and data collection “in both the onboarding process. And in the application settings”.
  • We-Vibe no longer requires their users to register or create an account for product usage. This means users do not provide any personal details including their name, email or phone number.
  • We-Vibe now provides an option in the We-Connect settings. That allows users to choose whether they would like to share anonymous application usage data.
  • We-Vibe updated their privacy notice in “a new plain language” form which talks about how they collect and use data for the We-Connect application to function. And how the data is used to develop future We-Vibe adult lifestyle products.

Data Collection is Not Needed

Although the We-Connect does require data collection for the application to function. Anything which is now collected is done completely anonymously and will not identify individual users.

Data collection only happens if you use the We-Connect application with their products. We-Vibe now works with leaders in application security and privacy to help build a better adult lifestyle product. That ensured the privacy of it’s users is maintained and protected to the highest standards possible.

If you have any questions about your We-Vibe products you are able to contact them on care@we-vibe.com.

Adult Smart Blog has made many positive We-Vibe sex toy reviews

We-Vibe has always been one of our most popular adult lifestyle brands sold worldwide. Some of Adult Smarts most highly recommended We-Vibe products.

  • We-Vibe Wish a plush personal massager that offers broad and pinpoint clitoral stimulation.
  • Sync their most advanced hands free couples sex toy used during penetrative sex.
  • We-Vibe Rave a firm g-spot vibrator that offers strong vibrations through it’s curvaceous body.
  • Tango a bullet vibrator and one of the world’s most powerful pinpoint clitoral stimulators.
  • We-Vibe Nova a rabbit vibrator that has an extremely big and bendable clitoral stimulator that reacts to different amounts of pressure.
relaxing in a bath of petals
woman relaxing in a bath

Now Who Doesn’t Love A Waterproof Toy!

We Vibe Wish deserves to be named the sex toy of the year.  I will be surprised if We-Vibe doesn’t get some sort of recognition for this adult lifestyle product.

I’d say they are set to take home an AVN or an XBIZ Award for the genius that is the Wish! I’m so impressed with this product that it sold out within the week at my Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre.

This asymmetrical sweetheart had its shape inspired by the beautiful Laid Stone Dildo designs.  We Vibe bought Laid from their Norwegian designers Line Iren Andersen and her friend Karianne Rønning Ellekrans just before We-Vibe released it’s asymmetrical G-Spot vibrator the Rave.

Wish Caters for All 

Beauty of the Wish being asymmetrical means that it can cater to different body shapes and sizes whilst providing many styles of stimulation.

We-Vibe Wish can provide broad (Bodywandesq coverage) and pinpoint (Think We-Vibe Tango expertise targeted) stimulation simply by flipping, swapping or turning it to the desired side.

sex toys expert blog about we vibe
Blog: Sex in Shower

We-Vibe Wish is approximately 10cm in length with its widest width being 6.6cm and a 4cm depth.  Size makes it perfectly palm-sized and extremely easy to hold on to during sex or a solo romp.

Slight curvature is a great feature

For resting over the pubic bone for a lazy hands-free massage or grinding on. Design is a lot like the Fun Factory Laya Spot or the classic Lelo Lily.  Shape only makes up a quarter of what makes this sex toy a necessity for any clitoral stimulation lover.

Outer shell is a plush, squeezable, body safe silicone really reminiscent of the Tenga Iroha but with more firmness.  Wish’s outer layer is free from any BPAs, phthalates and latex materials so it should be skin safe for most users.

Inside this plush, eccentrically shaped gem resides a dual motor that features We-Vibe’s latest, probably their best technology yet, PowerPulse.

PowerPulse is perfectly crafted for those who love deep rumbling vibrations.

Plush outer silicone does not suppress the intense vibrations emitted from the double motors. PowerPulse is a pretty impressive design feature which needs to be felt to be fully understood!

We-Vibe Wish Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Wish

I can best describe it as the ebb and flow of the ocean.

But the wave never leaves the shore! You can feel the second motor pulsing away whilst the other is silent and strong on a constant rumble of pleasure waves.

We-Vibe Wish truly needs to be felt in person to have this new technology fully appreciated.

  • Comes with 10 set performance and pattern modes.
  • Set modes include 3 levels of PowerPulse (high, medium and low), pulse, wave, cha-cha, tease, ramp, tempo and massage.
  • If the set programmed modes aren’t enough variety for you, the Wish is fully application capable. So you get all the luxury of the We-Connect application.

We-Connect Application

Allows users to create their own patterns, connect with lovers and control the wish from their mobiles. Best feature of the application is the pinch, pull, swipe way of controlling the products. It’s so easy when the controls are a visual way you can adjust the vibration strength and pattern.

Wish can also be controlled by your lover anywhere in the world through the free We-Connect application. Please check the We-Vibe website to make sure your device is compatible with the application.

We-Vibe didn’t let consumers down with this sex toy.

Fully waterproof unlike its solo predecessors Rave and Nova.  Wish boasts the same luxurious functionalities as the other We-Vibe products. Which include it being fully rechargeable with a low battery indicator and application capabilities.

Included with the We-Vibe Wish is a USB cord for recharging and a satin storage pouch. Updated magnetic charge cord has made it much easier to connect to and stay connected to the Wish. Minor accidental bumps will now be less likely to knock the cord out.

A full charge takes about 90 minutes for a massive 2 hours of play time.

We-Vibe Wish is a fantastic external sex toy!

It has a one year warranty worldwide which can be claimed through the We-Vibe website. I’m really Impressed with what We-Vibe have done with this product, it is such a huge upgrade since the Touch and Tango.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an external massager as it certainly will tick a lot of peoples boxes!

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