5 Effortless Secrets To Reignite Sexual Chemistry

No matter what people may say, being sexually attracted to your partner is equally as important as being in love and having those kinds of emotions for him. Sexual chemistry really matters a lot in a loving relationship, but if you aren’t really sure how to create it, just stay with us and keep on reading for those sex secrets unveiled. Here are five useful tips on how to get it done, so check them out and enjoy!

Imagine that he’s really hard to get

The first and one of the best ways to create sexual chemistry with your partner is imagining that he’s hard to get, as the power of a perceived obstacle can be stronger than you think. If you’re wondering why that is, you should check out a formula designed by Jack Morin, a famous sex therapist, which goes like this: A + PO = E. A stands for attraction, PO for perceived obstacle, and E for excitement, so if you really like that guy and he’s just too nice, you should imagine something standing between the two of you. You can always find out when he’s taking a business trip or hanging out with his buddies, so that you know that you can’t be with him then. Everyone knows that people always want exactly what they can’t have, which will undoubtedly spice up your sex life and lead to mind-blowing sex later on.

Remove any obstacles when it comes to sex

In case you weren’t aware, nothing can decrease your sexual desire more than dealing with an unresolved sexual block that’s highly likely to bog you down.   Don’t keep more sex secrets than you have to for the sex secrets revealed will only promote trust and bonding. This often happens when people have some kind of traumatic sexual experience, heightened performance anxiety, or when they grow up in a family or community where sex is considered dirty and sinful. Of course, you can’t have a high libido with unresolved sexual blocks, which is why you should do your best to deal with anything that bothers you. Working with a sex therapist or a specialized coach is a good first step, and even your partner can help you out if you trust him enough to share your fears with him.

Make fantasies work in your favour

A lot of ladies these days are dating good guys, but are actually turned on by bad ones, which is definitely one of the most common sexual fantasies among women from all across the globe. Needless to say, mental attraction is what sometimes matters much more than physical attraction, but your fantasies are just your thing, so try your best to make them work in your favour. Depending on how open you are with your partner, you could share your sexual fantasies and let him share his, too. You never know what’s in his head until you hear him uttering it, and you know what? Even the nicest guys can have the dirtiest fantasies, so be sure to know what he’s into and you might end up surprised!

Add some aroma to spice things up

Even though finding that crazy sexual formula may not be the easiest task to accomplish, the fact is that you can do it with the help of your sense of smell. As simple as that! So, if you want to create chemistry that will last for a long time, you definitely have to find out what your (and his) favourite aromas are. You can always set the scene with your favourite perfume or flowers, so that you get seduced more easily and create mind-blowing sexual chemistry with your partner. The same goes for fragrances and even foods he likes, so find out what those are and you’ll see instant improvement. Besides that, you can also opt for different sex pheromone products which will surely help you achieve what you want!

Experiment with different locations

Last but not least, experimenting with different locations will undoubtedly spice up your sex life and help you create that sexual chemistry or take it to a whole new level. If fooling around at your place doesn’t do the trick for you, then try out something else and do it at his apartment to see if the outcome is any better. The change of scenery can be quite beneficial, but if you want to experiment even more, you should definitely go for something new. Public places like movie theatres, bars, and nightclubs are at the top of many people’s must-have-sex-at list, so don’t be scared to test them out and you’ll see how beneficial that adrenaline rush can actually be.

Reveal your intimate sex secrets and fantasies – how will your partner know if you do not tell them.

As you can see, there are a lot of fabulous ways to create sexual chemistry with your partner and spice up your sex life. All you have to do is to stick to our tips and tricks, as that’s one of the best ways to accomplish your goals and have amazing sex on a daily basis. If you’re up for that, you know what you should do!

Author: Peter is a sex columnist for HighStyleLife magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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