VIP Interview With Amie Wee – Founder Of Rule 34 Club

Welcome to this week’s VIP interview with the founder and director of Rule 34 club Amie Wee! We’re very interested in learning more about Rule 34 Club because it labels itself as Sydney’s weirdest and wildest theatre show!

“If it exists there IS porn of it – no exceptions.”

In other words, no matter how mundane, boring, weird or whacky an item someone has turned it into porn. Nothing is sacred. Whether you are thinking of hot buttered crumpet, a strawberry milkshake, your favourite TV show or balloons, there is porn out there which features it. This is a rule of the internet which celebrates people’s unlimited creativity and diversity in their sexual lifestyles, it has changed the face of porn.

This is the beauty of the internet, that everything can be shared and accessed so freely. Rule 34 is now a famous internet meme. Peter Morley-Souter started its origin in a web comic, making light of his surprising find of a Calvin and Hobbes themed porn parody.

In Sydney, Rule 34 club takes these perversions and turns them into a monthly performance art show. Rule 34 club performances are sexy, shocking, surprising, dirty, erotic and so much more. They push through the boundaries and break free of any social constraints that hold people back to deliver amazing performances.  Perverting the unpervertable has never been more entertaining! Props and costumes may include BDSM gear, body stockings, face masks and dildos! Rule 34 club began in 2017 with its popularity soaring, each monthly show has quickly sold out of tickets.

Just look at what other audience members have said about their previous shows.

“When I’m at Rule 34, I feel like I’m in a John Waters movie.”

“What has been seen, cannot be unseen”

VIP Interview With Amie Wee – Founder And Director Of Rule 34 Club

Hi Amie Wee! Welcome and tell me about the Rule 34 club

Hello! I’m Amie Wee and I created and produce Rule 34 club – a monthly perverted performance art show. Rule 34 club runs once a month in Sydney, plus we also put on parties and make apparel.

What inspires you?

I pick up inspiration from all over the place. I’m especially inspired by people who create stuff on their own terms and don’t give too much of a shit about how their work will be perceived.

People who revel in creating stuff that isn’t ‘beautiful’. In a world where there’s so much pressure to beautiful, skinny, sexy and liked by everyone, I’m really inspired by creatives who aren’t afraid to create work that isn’t pretty and freaks people out a bit. But then again, I recently got a cockroach costume for free and it’s inspired me more than it probably should have. Rule 34 is my outlet for my inspiration.

rule 34 club
Image: Rule 34 club milk

What inspired the creation of Rule 34 club?

Theatre and porn are probably two of my most favourite things to talk about so it made sense to combine them! I always wanted to create a space where anything went and people could feel free to experiment. Plus I’d just turned 30 and thought… fuck it. Let’s just do it.

How did you pick the name Rule 34 club?

Well, Rule 34 is an internet term that means, “if it exists, there is porn of it” meaning that even the most mundane of things can be perverted. The show had a bunch of different working titles in the beginning but the concept of Rule 34 really summed up what I find funny and what I wanted to create.

Plus, the name “Rule 34 Club” sounds deceivingly random and innocent… unless you know what it means.

Perverted performance art
Image: Rule 34 club gremlin

What goes into the process of producing a show at Rule 34?

So, I curate the shows. Each month I pick a theme and put the word out to a bunch of different performers and invite them to send me their pitch for a 5-10 minute performance. The themes are always cheeky and open to interpretation. Some of my favourite past themes have included: Size Queens, Hot Mess, Science Friction, The XXXorcist, Objectification… and our next show (11 April) is Shit Happens.

What type of performances can people see at Rule 34?

Rule 34 is a true variety show… but like, a really dirty one. I have a soft spot for shows that are more like skits and scenes because you just don’t see other places really doing that. But there’s also bent burlesque, spoken word, singing, drag, filmmakers and all sorts of other types of performance. As long as it’s Rule 34-themed… it’s welcome!

What mundane things have Rule 34 been able to pervert?

Oh lord, I don’t know where to start. Some mundane things that have been perverted at Rule 34 are: swimming safety, cockroaches, donuts, clowns (are they mundane?), Ronald McDonald, Nutella, ET, Trump, Jesus, roast chickens, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, cops, JENGA!…

Sexual performance with trump
Image: Rule 34 club Trump

What are the most memorable performances that have occurred at Rule 34?

That’s a difficult one and totally subjective. One of my favourite things about Rule 34 is asking people after the show what their favourite moments were and I always get different answers. That’s what I think part of the appeal of Rule 34 club is… there’s really something for everyone.

It’s hard to pick between the possessed vagina dentata and the rubber chicken cocks really… Honestly, my best moments are just watching someone who’s never performed or is anxious about getting up on stage but really wants to, pushing through that, totally rocking it on stage and breaking down that barrier for themselves.

Rule 34 really lends itself to providing that safe space for expression.

Why is it important to provide performances for members of the fetish and kink community?

That’s a good question. I don’t really think about Rule 34 club as being about ‘providing’ performances. For me it feels like providing a space for the performers and inviting people to come and watch. I do think that the BDSM world can take things a little too seriously… so it’s nice to shake it up and remind people that what’s kinky is subjective. Except clowns. Clowns are the kinkiest of all kinks.

Looner dressed in costume
Image: Rule 34 club Jeepers Creepers

Are the performances made purely for entertainment? Are there any messages or meanings people can get from the shows?

Sometimes the shows are purely for entertainment, and that’s not a bad thing at all. We all love to laugh. Some of the shows aren’t meant to be funny… some are darkly funny… Other’s you wonder if you should be laughing at them but you can’t help yourself… some are emotional… others are cathartic for the performers.

I love how at Rule 34 you can go from watching a funny burlesque act to watching something deeply personal on the stage. Expect the unexpected!

What have you found were people’s reactions after they have attended a Rule 34 show?

People are generally really excited by the show. They love to be shocked. It’s a very fun show and every month is totally different. It’s not uncommon for me to see people at a show and then see them come back the next month with their workmates, brother, sister, Aunty, AirBnB guest or neighbour in tow.

I really can’t stress enough how diverse the audience is. We have 18 year old non binary people, couples who make a date night out of the show and 80 year olds who get up and have a crack at our open mic section. There’s this strange cohesion. I think the fact that it’s a show for anyone with a dirty mind over the age of 18. All genders and sexualities welcome.

Splooshing performance art
Image: Rule 34 club splooshing

What can people expect from Rule 34 club in the future?

More shows! We also threw a big party at the Red Rattler for Sydney Mardi Gras called CRISCO DISCO. We’re planning another party towards the end of the year. We’ve also just started designing some apparel… we have a bunch more bizarre event concepts that will be released over time… and we’re planning on touring the show to another state or two later in the year. Really… just come along for the ride and expect the unexpected.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Come and check out the show! Plus, we’re always looking for performers. You can follow us on Rule 34 club on Facebook, Rule 34 club on Twitter and Rule 34 club on Instagram, or visit our Rule 34 club website.

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