VIP Interview With Dr. Noelle Cordeaux – CEO Of SHFT

Welcome to this week’s VIP Interview with Dr. Noelle Cordeaux – SHFT Co-Founder and CEO. SHFT offers life coach training, online group coaching, and one-on-one coaching experiences. SHFT is based upon the concept:

“Rebuild yourself through others”

SHFT stands out from the crowd by offering all of their services online where people, communities and professionals are all able to interact freely in the virtual world. If you are looking for something more, they also offer life events where people can attend carefully constructed annual retreats. The retreats offer people the ability to participate in activities like workshops, meditation and so much more.

I think what is incredibly inspirational is that they have tribes which are online support groups. Where people can connect with other likeminded individuals to find further support within the community. The tribes are focused on individuals building up their personal skills to build their understanding and manage their ideas about self-confidence, purpose, calling, anxiety and much more.

What is most vital in these support groups is that they provide everyone with a structured and guided curriculum that they follow with a life coach, videos and interactions with others through texting.

Peer support with curriculum
Image: Online support groups

VIP Interview With Dr. Noelle Cordeaux CEO And Co-founder Of SHFT


This is a VIP interview with Dr. Noelle Cordeaux CEO and co-founder of SHFT. This VIP interview looks into what inspired Dr. Noelle Cordeaux to become a sexologist and fuel her passion to create easily accessibly online resources for people from all walks of life to use.

Tell me about yourself

Noelle Cordeaux, CEO and Co-Founder of SHFT; Feminist Coach/Sexologist.  I am a feminist coach who happens to be the CEO of a life coaching company  So I wear a lot of different hats. I went to grad school for coaching, social work, law, and finally arrived at a PhD in Human Sexuality.  I paused my PhD to take over my company.

What inspired you to become a sexologist?

A lot of things… First of all, the study of sex is fascinating.  Second, it is a rare field that lots of folks need help in. My clinical work was focused on body image recovery, positive psychology, and alternative relationship styles.

What is it like being a sexologist?

It is awesome!  Sexology is incredibly empowering work.  You work with individuals to move from wherever they are a to a place of celebration of themselves and their bodies. It is really beautiful.

What areas of a person’s life impacts their sexuality?

Oh god everything.  It’s how your brain is wired, how you grew up, who your lovers have been, what your hormones are like, the degree to which you like to be touched, your genetic makeup, your unique turn-on template, and so much more.  Not one of us are the same. We all have a completely distinct sexual makeup.

How can people explore their sexuality?

This is a really good question.  It’s not my area and I can only give my personal opinion.  My personal opinion is: go on a quest to discover yourself.  Decide for you what you like and who you like and why and honor yourself at every turn.

How can you develop self-confidence with your sexuality?

I think that the above concept of honoring oneself really applies here.  When you think about how many billions of people in the world there are and every single one of us has a completely unique sexual template, it makes it easier to understand that there is no such thing as normative and there is nothing bad about sexuality.  It’s a huge wacky part of human existence and everybody is on their own journey.

here is so much pressure out there around sexuality but you do have control over whether you succumb to the noise or not.  AND THERE IS SO MUCH NOISE: from body junk, to binary standards, to fat shaming to, LGBTQA rights, to fetish shaming, difficulty for poly folks, underrepresentation of diversity, lack of representation for disability, all of it, is utter and complete bullshit. The good news is that most people are just people, who don’t look like models and don’t have sex like in porn (not knocking porn, porn is great!).  So this was kind of a roundabout answer but you can build confidence by looking at the reality of the world and refusing to give into the BS.

How do people maintain sexual individuality when they are dating or in a relationship?

I think lots of people don’t really share their full sexuality with their partners actually.  Most people are too shy or don’t have the tools to talk about it.  This results in performative sex and dissatisfaction.  If you are in a place where you are totally in tune with who you are and what you want you can maintain that individuality by asking for it and finding ways for your needs to get met.

Why do some lovers end up becoming disinterested in sex?

This would take me a year to answer.  Every single scenario is unique.

What is a normal amount of sex?

There is no such thing as normal.  People exist on several different continuums from how much they like to be touched to the degree to which they are interested. Hormones are involved. Relationship is involved. It’s pretty diverse.

Do sex dreams mean anything?

I have no idea.

Are there any bad side effects to not masturbating?

Not that I know of.

What services do you provide? Where can people find you?

I am just a CEO these days.  I run a company that trains life coaches to work on our media based platform.  We give voice to progressive issues and are working to democratize the experience of behavioral health.  The company is called SHFT.  My training program is the Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive. You can find me at

Retreat with sexologists - Dr. Noelle Cordeaux
Image: Retreat

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