What Affects The Acceptance of Sexuality

Human sexuality plays a very important part in everyone’s lifestyle. It is said that culture, religion, political views and media effects people’s views on sexuality. The majority of the community are becoming more accepting about the different sexuality types and/or they don’t care about it. But at the same time there’s a lot of ignorance and hate about sexuality. Many people believes that sexuality is a choice that people make rather than a natural attraction or how we were born. Some people were raised to believe love should be between man and women.  Below I have listed the most common reasons the world is experiencing to what affects sexuality.


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What Affects The Acceptance of Sexuality

  • Culture: Culture can be a very important for most of us especially for the younger generation. The younger generation may believe that they have to follow the road the older generation has paved. From my personal experiences my culture had an effect on my relationship between me and my family in lots of different ways. For example, my family care about what other people are going to think about my sexuality more than my personal happiness. My parent’s were raised a certain way and never developed the understanding that people can have different types of sexuality and be accepted in the community. But not all people believe they must follow their families culture. The culture difference can show favouritism in home environments where one child can be treated better than the other. The favourtism can teach children to change how they act to get attention. Sometimes the culture difference can have such a negative influence on people to the extent of a physical means of punishment.
  • Religion: Religion has been involved in the community for more than 2000 years, which make people follow religious laws so they are able to live a sinless lifestyle. There are a lot of rules that are written in religious books that affect human sexuality such as a relationship must be between a man and a women. Most religions believe in sex after marriage which can affect the human sex drive. But the thing they don’t realise is that there’s no book to tell us who we should love or who we shouldn’t love. It says love one another and don’t hurt each other which makes me believe that people don’t really follow what is actual written. Instead they follow how they have been raised and their culture.
  • Education: When we are growing up we expect our parent’s to teach us about the birds and the bees and get the rest of the important facts from our schooling education. At the moment, the school system does not include the teaching of different sexuality types. If school were to teach sexuality type’s it would help people create a respectful understanding that they can use in their day to day experiences. The lack of education can make people scared and wary of thing’s they do not know and this can create an environment of polarisation for people in the LGBTQI community.
  • Politics: Politics can have the most effect on people’s sexuality. Politics can affect not just sexuality but can affect society. Politics are controlled by a governing force which the population must follow whether they like it or not. But it can affect sexuality with not giving the the fundamental human rights. For example, physical protection as some countries don’t believe in gays right which it can be dangerous if the public abuse people who are gay, marriage laws for example in Australia you are allowed to be gay but we don’t have the right to get married to your beloved because of the law.
  • Media: Media plays a really important part of our everyday lifestyle. The media can be seen almost everywhere we look. We use the media to connect to the world through applications like facebook. Media can actually help people with their sexuality. It gives people the access to a wealth of knowledge. People can access information about sex and disease. Although, the media can affect people’s sexuality through bullying and trolling comments for anonymous users. These comments can scare people and let them down. It can hurt their psychology as they may not be able to cope with the mental abuse they go through.
  • Events: In Sydney and many other major cities around the world there are a host of many LGBTQI celeberation’s that promote anti-discrimination, community spirit, acceptance and the freedom to lover no matter what your sexuality is. These celebration open up the LGBTQI experience to the community so people can understand why it should be celebrated.

So the best thing is to be yourself and enjoy your life and don’t let others affect you in anyway.

About the Author: Majd is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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