Laura Von Der Brelie – Fun Factory Exclusive Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Laura Von Der Brelie, Fun Factory’s Sales Manager of the Asian and Australian market at the 2017 ARexpo in Sydney, Australia.

Laura Von Der Brelie is only 26 years old and has worked for Fun Factory for 2.5 years in Germany.  She is the face of Fun Factory and spends much of her time traveling to meet up with members of the adult lifestyle industry to talk about her award winning brand.

Fun Factory is one of Adultsmart’s and Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s bestselling brands.  This is due to their product’s design, motors, high quality and reliability which can be seen through our numerous sex toy reviews.

laura von der brelie
Fun Factory in Ostertorsteinweg, Bremen, Germany Shop Photo

VIP Interview:  Laura Von Der Brelie

“It’s great to work in a challenging industry which is about more than sex, fun and adult movies. Fun Factory offers a lifestyle product. These days society is more open minded. Recently our brand visibility within Australia grew immensely and it is our goal to grow on from there.”

When asked about what inspired the establishment of the company Laura explained.

“We value fun, passion, performance and quality which can be seen through our special designs. 20 years ago Fun Factory wanted sex toys to be colourful and made out of medical grade silicone. Back then everything was made in a plastic material that was not body safe. Everything was made in flesh tones.”

When asked about what she loves most about Fun Factory, Laura’s smile filled the room and she made a gesture towards her face.

“I love that they authentically create the product’s right next to the office building. I know the faces of the people who are constructing the products. People often don’t believe me when I tell them that I can see them through the glass but we operate right next to them in Bremen, Germany.”

It is refreshing to hear how important this was to her.

laura von der brelie

About Fun Factory Sex Toys

Fun Factory adult lifestyle products are made and designed in Germany. Afterwards they are than imported over into Australia. Everything is made with hand poured, medical grade, 100% body safe silicone.

Care that they instill into each and every product they make is what sets them apart from their competitors. The silicone is silky, smooth with a matte finish. Their sex toys are slightly flexible to gently work with the contours of the natural body.

“Fun Factory has a Stronic range which is made with patented Drive Technology. They are pulsators not vibrators.”

Their Fun Factory Stronic range is made differently from the standard vibrator that uses a weighted turning engine.  This technology features an ergonomically designed sex toy that automatically moves back and forth in a natural thrusting motion.

They have 10 rumbling, stimulation levels including low speed rhythms to something which is powerfully pleasurable.  Stronic range include the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, Stronic Drei, and Stronic Eins.

laura von der brelie vip inteview
Photo: Fun Factory Shop in Bremen, Germany

“Our best sellers include the Tiger and the Big Boss which are products of the latest vibrator generation that come in bright colours and are available in Fun Factory’s Black Line. “

Recently released Fun Factory Black Line includes some of their bestselling products including the Laya II Miss Bi, Tiger and Big Boss. This line differs from it’s usual colourful range with a sleek statement that exudes luxury.

Big Boss is a phallic shaped vibrator that measures 9″ in total length, has a 7″ insertable length and is 2″ in girth. Tiger is a rabbit vibrator that measures 8.5” in total length, 6” insertable length and is 4 ¾” in girth. It features pronounced ribs along the shaft and base. It can be used for vagina or anal play.

Both sex toys have 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities.

“I love the Miss Bi!”

Miss Bi a waterproof rabbit vibrator with a 3″ insertable length and 1.5″ girth. It has two independent motors, one is placed at the base of the clitoral arm and another placed within the shaft. Vibrations are extremely powerful, deep and rumbling which are sent throughout the whole sex toy. It has 6 vibration intensities, 3 on each motor and 6 vibration modes.

I asked Laura what quotes and role models inspired her successful career.

“My favourite quote is by Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

This quote is my motivation, I gained by doing a hobby I love. I am dancing in a first league Latin dance team for years and there I learned to hold on on what you believe in, to break barriers, to leave your comfort zone and to reach for new goals.

I don’t have any specific role models except my parents of course but in general I really look up to those people who know how to work in a team and to motivate people and those who just make it a happy day just by their presence.”

laure von der brelie
Sex toys in Singapore

Patchy Paul Loving Fun Factory Generation 5!

When you have a bestselling product that is beating the sales targets and continues to perform year after year would you change it?

Most people say if it ain’t broke then why fix it but that is not the motto of sex toy market leaders Fun Factory. Their most popular Fun Factory Patchy Paul is now improved with the G5 (Generation 5) of Fun Factory vibrators.

So what is so different and why is it improved?

I am glad you asked so let me explain.

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 comes bundled in the standard solid box with a picture of the toy on the outside like you get with most of the Fun Factory sex toy lines.

This comprises of a sleeved colorful box, the sleeve has all the details of the vibrator written, and the gold box looks great with the Fun Factory logo on the cover; making it a perfect spot to store your toy when not being used.

Inside the case you’ll discover the Patchy Paul vibrator, a USB attractive charging link, and the product manual. The Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 is phalate free and is available in green, purple, orange and pink.  It’s just over 7.5 inches long and about an inch diameter It’s horizontally ribbed, totally  perfect for stimulating the vaginal opening and it has  a g-spot curve at the head.

The box is inscribed with the words

“Your perfect moment”

I adore the USB chargers from Fun Factory, and I wish more of the sex toys available on the market utilized this system for charging their toys as it is just so simple and easy.

It is just fabulous how the magnet charger works, with just two metal points on the base that connect with two metal points on the end of a USB. It has a magnetic charger inside  Magnets are very solid so tend to stay together easily, yet there’s no chance to get of harming the toy if the link is accidentally reversed out at the wrong edge.

Likewise with the new G5 line, there is a now a battery level display – improving the charging better than it was; the display on the handle will light up. The buttons blazing will demonstrate battery life of 0-33%, a static – and glimmering + shows 33-66% and both the – and + static with the FUN Factory logo glimmering is 66 – 100% battery power.

laura von der brelie
Patchy Pauls

Colours of Patchy Paul

The Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 vibrator comes in pink, orange and green. The vibrator is 9 inches long, 7 inches of insertable length and is 5.5 inches at its widest point. The shaft is completely ribbed and straight with a bowed tip for g-spot stimulation.

It’s made totally from 100% silicone – apart from the handle, which is ABS plastic. The silicone itself isn’t like other sex toys I have reviewed but when lube is added it gives a sensuous soft feeling.

G5 is very flexible

I initially thought this might be a problem, as my g-spot requires direct and constant contact, but that’s where the handle comes in. The handle has an ergonomic, sleek silver lined circle finger holder which, is a feature on all their toys and is located at the base.

This makes it easier to use when it is inside you and is an enormous benefit for me.  It makes it so natural to move whilst inside you – and in light of the fact that you have lube on it makes controlling it a delight.

Weight of your finger through the finger hole can keep the pressure there with minimum effort.

So lets turn Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 on and see how it handles.

Firstly, hands in the air!

This is THE most idiot proof device ever, to use, the controls and instruction booklet can be understood by an absolute moron and I LOVE IT!  Three buttons, ‘+’, ‘-‘ and a red ‘fun’ button…which even blinks at you if you accidentally press the wrong button to turn it on.

Control buttons on the handle are in a perfect position, making it simple to switch between settings whilst you are having fun with it.

To turn it on you just hold the Fun button down for about 3 seconds and then there are 6 steady vibrations in addition 6 variable speed vibrations. The vibrations are ranging in intensity from, as they describe it …

‘Constant’ to ‘Aerobic’ all the way up to ‘Razzle  Dazzle’ which I love.

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 really packs a punch

When it comes to the vibrations. The vibrations are both rumbly and capable and deep just the way I love it.  Kind of like a growling Bear!

Even on the top setting it doesn’t become overly buzzy.  The motor is in the middle and the flexibility and thick silicone dilute the rumble at the point where the toy meets the g-spot, but the vibrations are so unique and great that I don’t even care.

I could certainly get off clitorally with this too, although some people might find it too buzzy at the head. As far as noise goes, I wouldn’t necessarily call it noisy, but on its top setting its probably not best to use it at your mums house with out music on.

Mind you, the orgasms you could have with this thing would probably wake her up anyway.

Whilst being used you can rapidly kill the vibrator by squeezing the FUN catch for 0.5 seconds but I do not think many people would need to use this emergency switch unless you are doing a sneaky solo act and the kids walk in.

The + and – catches will work through the settings, whilst the FUN button is utilized to kill the vibe on and.

As such, everything about the Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 is by all accounts astounding about this vibe.  It’s a given that I really cherish this vibrator a considerable amount actually.

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 ticks each of the boxes that I need from a sex toy.

  • It has effective deep rumbling vibrations.
  • Girthy, long, strong.
  • Flexible.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Produced using body safe materials.

Never owned a g spot vibrator and felt that each requirement for a sex toy has been met but it has finally with the Patchy Paul.

There isn’t a lot not to love about this product.

If you want premium  brand vibrations with an unpretentious, fun, edge, at a really reasonable price, this is a great choice.

I also just discovered that this German brand.  Already famous for its excellent motors. designs, produces and packages its products all under one roof! They are fair trade employers and the only unionized factory in the adult industry.

What’s not to love about all that….not that I needed any other reasons at all to purchase the Patchy Paul G5.

It can deliver jolly fine orgasms and that’s what really counts!

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 is completely submersible in water

Making it great for shower time and shower fun; and it additionally makes it staggeringly simple to clean.  Just pop it in some warm foamy water and/or splash with some sex toy cleaner and wipe down.

There are three upgraded versions of the G5 and the other two are the G5 Big Boss and the G5 Tiger.  I am so delighted with the Patchy Paul that I think I will try them all out.

Learn more about the award winning brand fun factory, one of the great sex toy companies.

laura von de brelie
Fun Factory Duke Sex Toy Image

Get Dirty With The Duke From Fun Factory!

Fun Factory Duke is described as the ‘prince’ of anal sex toys.

With the Fun Factory Duke you will be delighted with the soft and flexible silicone curves of this baby that have been ergonomically designed. Initially when looking at the Fun Factory Duke, my mind couldn’t figure out where the flexible silicone prong would sit.

It actually rests up against your perineum which is the area between your testicles and anus. I initially thought it would rest between your cheeks. Whilst it sort of sounds silly that I thought that, I was looking at the top bulb, which would actually be facing away from the prostate. The top bulb is supposed to create sensations of depth and ‘fullness’ as well as acting as an anchor to keep the toy in place.

Duke was designed this way so that it is the part on the central bit of the shaft that is resting against the prostate.

It fits the male anatomy like a glove!

If you are just trying anal play for the first time I would not recommend this toy. Something like the Aneros Syn would probably be more appropriate.

Syn is small enough to barely realize you have penetrated your ass.  But so well designed that it is easy to milk your prostate and thereby appreciate just how good anal play from men can actually be.

First time your successfully milk your prostate you will understand what all the fuss is about.  Not to mention that many people believe it is extremely beneficial to men’s health especially in terms of lowering one’s risk to developing prostate cancer.

Using Fun Factory Duke for Prostate Stimulation

Though if you would like to use the Fun Factory Duke for prostate stimulation you just have to be aware of where it would sit in the body for successful use.  Whilst some would say this shape is a little daunting for the first time.  Its not that sizeable.

When used correctly would be more than comfortable and forgiving due to the super soft and flexible silicone.

In stark contrast to the simply designed Aneros, the Fun Factory Duke has quite a few twists and turns.  It is wide enough that you are certainly going to stretch yourself whilst inserting it.  But it is not that big that it is a task you will have to prepare yourself.

In saying that liberal amounts of lubricant will make the whole thing more appealing and easy.

laura von der brelie
Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager


Fun Factory Duke is fully rechargeable using the ‘Click and Charge’ technology Fun Factory has made famous.  It can be charged through a usb port on almost any device or charger.

Put simply ‘Click and Charge’ technology is two diodes on the charging cable and on the toy that are magnetized to when you place them close enough they stick and charge.

Average charge time is about 2 hours that gives you up to 4 hours of continuous toy play. The great thing about this, is that because the Duke is powered through Fun Factory’s removable bullet.  It means you don’t have to have the entire unit on display whilst charging.

You can used the Fun Factory Duke a number of ways

It is flexible enough to allow it to be worn whilst having sex as it can gently move with your body.  Just remember to use plenty of lubricant. It is a bit large to wear around in public.  But easily fits and stays inside if you are so inclined to do so in the sanctity of your own space.

It doesn’t thrust, prod or poke.

But rather rests and vibrates giving a very comfortable and filled feeling. It is also suitable, once placed inside, for hands free fun if you are inclined to masturbate.  Or in some other way stimulate yourself or someone else.

laura von der brelie
BUY Anal Sex Toys

Vibration and Controls 

There are 6 vibration choices with  3 speeds and 3 functions and is powered simply by a one button control system. You can turn the sex toy on by keeping the plus button down for about 3 seconds. Turn it off doing the same thing in reverse.

Vibrations travel really well throughout the toy, even on the external prong. These vibrations were strong enough for me and I would say that would include most.

It is not the quietest toy in the world but the silicone coating I believe cloaks the sound a bit too.  You would be comfortable that no-one could hear you behind a closed bedroom door.  But could not use it in the same room as somebody else without them hearing it.

You can also remove the bullet for it to become a non-vibrating prostate toy or to use the bullet as a separate sex toy.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Being a non-waterproof sex toy when you want to really clean this you should remove the bullet.  Clean it warm water with just a bit of normal liquid detergent. Afterwards dry it off and then place it in a silk or similar storage bad so as not to attract dust.

Duke is a great anal sex toy and functions well as a butt plug as well.

Extra versatility of a removable bullet I find a benefit. Vibrations of Fun Factory Duke is deep and rumbly which is what I prefer with any vibrating prostate toy.

I would highly recommend this toy for people that enjoy anal sex or have used anal sex toys before

Not for anal novices.

This is my recommendation mainly because of the shape of the product and the unbelievable amount of stimulation this sex toy can offer. It may be to much for a beginner.

What I love most about the Fun Factory Duke

Is that it really is a “no frills” prostate stimulator that is genuinely good at what it is designed to do.

With anal sex toys you can comes across ones with weird functions or something equally distracting that does not add to the sex toy. This is not the case with Duke.

Duke was made with the male anatomy in mind and whilst it does have an interesting shape.  It was well thought out and pays off.

laura von der brelie
Calla Vibrator

Amazing Rumbling Feelings Between My Legs – Fun Factory Calla!

Fun Factory is a sex toy company who does everything right!

I get excited with any Fun Factory product.  So thought it very amiss of me that I had not purchased the Fun Factory Calla as it has been out for quite a few years.

When it arrived I could not wait to take it out of the packaging and give it a bit of a whirl. Presently I am not in a relationship so having a variety of sex toys to choose from. Means that I am more than satisfied of a night with just me and my friends.

It also helps that they are Fun Factory.

So I took the Fun Factory Calla out of the box, read the instructions and the first thing I saw is that I have to fully charge it for 6 hours before use….

Sigh… so I plugged it in and then continued to read the instructions and look at the toy.

One way to describe the Calla is that it is a ‘greenie’ organic looking vibrator.

But that is not to say it is very pleasing on the eye. It has steps at the base of the shaft being wider where your clit will sit.  And at the very base is a white plastic ‘holder’ that has a ring in it I guess if you where to use it as an extension of your finger.

Calla is easy to operate

With + and – controls that obviously increase or decrease the speed of the vibrations.  There are six separate speeds with 4 patterned vibration modes.  When you depress the on/off button the control panel lights up.

Oh… I almost forgot… it does not come with a charger you have to order it separately.

Luckily I had read the product description before ordering it on line at  As otherwise I would have had to wait for a couple of days for the charger to arrive separately.

I really think this is not a great idea from Fun Factory.  And I can imagine the thousands of disappointed recipients that would not have read this.  Or thought to order the charger with their toy assuming it was already in the box.

laura von der brelie
Fun Factory Calla Massager

Calla by Fun Factory is made of a smooth silicone material that is soft to the touch.  It is advisable to use only water based lubricants with it.

Night approached and my six hour sabbatical had come to an end

I ventured into my room with aromatic candles and my trusty SuperSlyde lubricant on the bedside.  Lubed up Calla, fired her up to the third vibration mode and slowly slipped it inside me.

It was a little more stubbly than some of my other sex toys.  But when the extended base hit my clitoris I knew that I had a sex toy I loved. With my pussy now warmed up and juicing I hit another + on the button bring things up a notch.

And was pleasantly surprised that it had a fair bit of oomph to it with still more powerful settings to experience. I had not changed the mode but it was a very pleasant low resonating vibration … Changed the modes but went back to the constant vibration mode that I found the most effective for me.

It felt amazing rumbling between my legs.

I turned up the power even some more until I reached the highest setting which to be quite honest was too intense for me.  So I powered it back to level 5.  I found that by ‘rocking’ to toy up and down it intensified the stimulation to my clit.  And I was really getting off and after about 5 minutes had experienced a couple of orgasms and I was spent.

What I disliked was that the plastic handle sent through the vibrations into my hand without filter.  After turning it off I had pins and needles in my hand.

A small price to pay for the pleasures that I had experienced

Calla is a powerful vibrator and would be a good toy for a moderate to pro user like myself.

A toy newbie may be a little overwhelmed at the sheer power offered. But if they are ready to jump in at the deep end then I would certainly recommend the Fun Factory Calla.  If you like the Fun Factory Calla, you will also like the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei for anal penetration.

How can you expect anything less from Fun Factory’s bestselling sex toy range?

laura von der brelie
Couples Sex Toy Black and White

What Delight! Fun Factory Does It Again!

Fun Factory Delight is a couples sex toy with a eye catching design that almost looks out of this world.  It is intended to be a combination vibrator that allows you to stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris.

A secret with the sex toy is that it can be used for anal play and would be an absolute delight to use as a men’s prostate massager to.

Fun Factory Delight features the new click n’ charge technology.

To charge get the charging nodes on the toy close to the charger and the magnet will pull them together.  It is this fantastic click n charge technology makes the sex toy fully waterproof for some bath, shower and sauna fun.

Even though the looped handle kind of looks like an octopus arm it is made perfectly for your partner to control the sex toy. The handle is a little small on size. For me, it personally comfortably fits one of my fingers but believe it should be able to fit two or three.

At just 6 inches in length the actual insert able length is dependent on how much of the curve your body can take.

With experience of using this sex toy you will work out what is best for you.

A vibrating motor is situated on the ‘clitoral bump’ of the sex toy which is almost in the centre of the curve.

In the picture below you can see the bump situated on her pointer finger knuckle. This clitoral bump gives ample vibration but it’s not going to blow you off. I would describe it as a deep rumbling rather than a buzzing bee.

It allows you to hit your G-spot but not much more and once inserted you can tilt and roll the toy that toy that allow simultaneous G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation’s.

laura von der brelie
Fun Factory Sex Toys

When You Start Out

Fun Factory recommends that you charge this toy for 6 hours uninterrupted the first time you do so.  That will allow you over an hour of continuous usage. This toy is fully charged when the fun factory logo on the charger turns off.

When you first received the Fun Factory Delight it comes travel locked.  This is so it does not accidentally turn on when you are taking it to and from the store. You have to take it off the travel lock by holding the Fun Factory button and the plus button together.

Controls are easy

  • + button to increase vibrations.
  • a – button to decrease them.
  • There are also 9 different vibration modes that are also controlled by the + and – buttons so you can adjust it to your specific liking.
  • Pulse mode available that has 3 speeds. The modes are extremely fun as they are so diverse. With all Fun Factory sex toys they always go out of their way to find the best modes and always add them to their toys.
  • If the highest vibrations are to strong, you can definitely choose the lowest settings.
  • Very hygienic as it is made from body safe silicone.

Cleaning, Colours and Lubrication

  • After you use it, you might always use luke warm soapy water or use a good anti–bacterial toy cleaner which is highly recommended.
  • When Fun Factory made the delight, they choose to make it in a variety of different colours to fit people’s individual tastes and uses.  Fun Factory Delight is is very colorful and pleasing on the eye.
  • It is best to use water based lubricant with any type of sex toy made from silicone material.
  • I recommend using Wet Stuff Gold or Pjur Aqua.

All in all I found the Delight by Fun Factory a great sex toy to use

You can also use it as a prostate massager if you are daring!

Fun Factory Delight will remain in my sex toy box.  But it is not nor do I think it will ever become my favourite playmate in the bedroom.  Hope you enjoyed my review of the Fun Factory Delight.

Fun Factory sex toys come with a 2 year warranty which shows just how dependable Fun Factory sex toys are. These are some of the best and of the highest quality in the adult world.





















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