VIP Interview With LoneWolf Founder & Owner Of Primal Hardwere

Primal Hardwere is a fantasy sex toy manufacturer who create a large range of products which are dedicated and geared towards people who are interested in sexual fetishes. They are an amazing company who focus on their customer’s needs, their product range is made with a unique blend of features.

With the need to develop a company which allowed LoneWolf to to freely and independently design the products that he wanted to, in an eye opening way which pushes other people’s boundaries and expectations! At the beginning LoneWolf began creating customised dildos, when he place YouTube videos which demonstrated how his product’s work he had found out that the need for these types of sex toys were needed within the fetish community due to high levels of demand.

Primal Hardwere develops a selection of products including:

  • SciFi: Science fiction based dildos.
  • Wereables: Wereables are harness or strap-on compatible dildos.
  • Humpables: Humpeables are men’s masturbators
  • Dildos: Dildos are made in a range of shapes and designs.
Fantasy Sex Toy Ovipositors By Primal Hardwere
Sex Toy: Ovipositor With Eggs

They are well known for creating “Oviposter” a patented phallic shaped dildo which lays eggs that are made from gelatin. The Oviposter is made with a hollow body that allows people to place the eggs inside, one at a time from the bottom of the dildo, as a new egg is placed inside the egg at the very top is pushed out. People who love the Oviposter say that the experience is reminiscent to that of an alien laying eggs inside someone’s body to impregnate them, this can feel extremely arousing.  The Oviposter has a cult like following and has been so big that LoneWolf has done interviews with many media outlets.

This is a VIP Interview With LoneWolf the founder and owner of Primal Hardwere.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is LoneWolf (yes, that is my real legal last name given to me by my father, not an alias – I do not use my first name) and I am the owner of Primal Hardwere.  My favorite color is meat.  I don’t really like to talk about myself, so without specific questions, I’m going to leave it at that.

What is the inspiration behind the creation of Primal Hardwere?

It lies somewhere between my love of special effects and my libido.  I originally wanted to work as a costume/special effects person for movies, but didn’t want to move to Hollywood or other big cities where that sort of thing is more prevalent.  After working on my own projects I realized that the materials I was working with felt really nice and could be used for….other….things.   Enter the libido.

What inspires you?

That’s a tough question.  I would guess I’m inspired most by nature, and the fantasy works based on it that feel plausible and real.   There are too many great artists and writers to name.

Why do people enjoy fantasy sex toys?

This is like asking why people like to breathe.  People’s fantasies are their deepest desires, and can be the most motivating of principals.  If you could experience something you deeply desired but didn’t think would be possible, would you not leap at the opportunity?

What do you find interesting about the fetish market?

I find it most interesting that the majority of people I have talked to open up considerably when I tell them what I do.  It is rare that I find a person who doesn’t have (at least secretly) a kinky side, and openly telling them that I work in a sexual profession is an awesome ice-breaker.  After all, if you can talk about sex with someone, you can talk about almost anything!

Fantasy Sex Toys
Sex Toys: Primal Hardwere Product Selection

Do you feel peoples fetishes reflect their personal psychology?

Not always.  A lot of people are in denial about their fetishes, and because of the pressures of a societal “norm” are taught from a young age to be ashamed of their feelings and desires.  As a result, I see a lot of internal turmoil and conflict between what turns a person on versus what they feel is moral and right.  It is extremely relative to the person and how/where they grew up.  On the other side of this coin are those whom embrace their kinky side and are relatively “homogeneous”, if I may.

What niche markets and fetishes are your products made for?

We try to cater to the lesser known fetishes.  We are always on the lookout for something new and crazy, and currently find ourselves nestled firmly in sci-fi, furry, pup/pony-play, and club wear.

Tell me about your product range?

Our products range from dildos to wearable penis extensions, to body harnesses and even apparel.  We have toys that inflate and squirt, or even lay eggs in you (made of gelatin so they melt).  Some are inspired by animal shapes, while others are entirely unique.  We make nylon harnesses and collars and will eventually introduce bondage equipment.

Fantasy Sex Toy Dildos By Primal Hardwere
Buy Now | Dildo Sex Toy Store

What material are your sex toys made from?

Our sex toys are made from premium platinum-cure silicone.  It is a body safe material that can be boiled to disinfect, making it one of the safest materials to use available on the market today.

What is the fetish community like? What is it like to be a member of the fetish community? Where can people go if they would like to find other people who have similar interests?

This is another difficult question because there is no single “fetish community”.  Fetishes range far and wide, and what one group of people thinks of as normal, may be kinky and fetishy to others.  There are places where a simple blowjob is considered disgraceful and scandalous, even among consenting adults.  That being said, there are plenty of conventions and gatherings where one might openly express their kink.  We have vended at several furry conventions that are based on the love of anthropomorphic animals, nerd conventions where people enjoy cosplaying as their favorite super hero or villain and read comic books together, and even the more vanilla sex conventions where it’s all about plain old ordinary sex, bondage, flogging, ect.  (see what I mean about fetishes being relative?)  Some of these are rather small, bringing in a few hundred, while others are huge and can entertain numbers in the twenties of thousands.  In general, if you are open-minded, like myself, most of these are great fun.

What are your best sellers?

Ovipositors (egg-laying dildos) have been a great success for us, and are unique enough to the market to merit many news interviews and even, perhaps, a documentary.   Our inflatables are also widely popular.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I always enjoy the opportunity to reach out to those who feel like they are alone because they like something that isn’t considered “normal”. We try to produce toys that can be safely used to experience things that might otherwise not be possible.  I personally have longed for encounters that fall outside the realm of possibility and I’m glad to be able to offer a real alternative to those whose personal reality falls short.












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