Getting to Know Your Body Again After the End of a Relationship

Most women have been there, haven’t they? A long-term relationship has, for whatever reason, crashed and burned, and you feel pretty much at your lowest ebb emotionally and lacking in self-esteem. Maybe the last few months of your relationship saw lots of conflict alongside a dip in the quantity and quality of sex, your partner cheated on you with someone else, or you found the courage to leave a mentally or physically abusive relationship – whatever happened, you’re nursing a bruised and broken heart, feeling quite lost.


Once you get over the initial heartache, though, you’ll realize that this is the perfect time for you and your body to get reacquainted with one another in a slow and sensual fashion. In all likelihood, you spent a large proportion of your relationship trying to please your partner sexually and, if this is the case, neglected your own needs and desires in the process. Or, alternatively, you may well have been with your ex-partner for a number of years and forgotten who you are without them. Either way, one of the key ways to come back to yourself after the end of a relationship is to love yourself and explore the boundaries of your pleasures (or beyond them, if that’s your thing!).

Set the Scene

As relationships mature, some of the romance and excitement eek their way out of the bedroom – which is perhaps why there is a purported orgasm deficit between couples of the opposite sex. Instead, sex becomes a dull, missionary affair that you feel obligated to engage in to try and keep the spark alive just a little longer.

Being newly single, however, gives you the unique opportunity to treat yourself like the absolute queen you are. Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath, light some candles, and pour yourself a glass of whatever tipple you fancy; you can take this a step further and create yourself a sexy playlist to listen to on your phone to get yourself in the mood.

Once you’ve settled in the suds, you can start to gently stroke the curves of your body, focusing on the feeling of your fingers running down your body under the water.

Lavish Yourself with Lingerie

Who said that indulging in some sexy lingerie should be reserved exclusively for those in relationships? A great way of boosting your confidence and feeling sexy is to spend some time choosing lingerie that you find alluring and that you will feel comfortable in. Opting for satins and silks are perfect, as they tend to gently skim your skin and feel sumptuous.

Touching yourself over the top of said lingerie is both arousing and sensual, engaging multiple senses at one time. If you’re feeling particularly racy, you can even take some risqué snaps on your phone to admire yourself and your body (just be careful to hide them from prying eyes).

Learn More About Your Sexuality

In many cases, spending a long time with one person – particularly if you got together at a young age – can repress your knowledge and understanding of your own sexuality. You might not have had the opportunity to explore or identify what turns you on, or you might have been more focused on pleasuring your partner over yourself.

For women, in particular, it’s often the end of a relationship that spurs them on to learn more about themselves and their sexuality, leading to a discovery that they are gay, bisexual, bi-curious, or polyamorous, or have certain kinks they were previously unaware of.

An interesting way to explore this further is to look into exclusive, high-end sex parties. Most of the time, you can remain anonymous and uninvolved in the antics, or get stuck in as you wish, and an added bonus is that the women often have to make the first move, preventing you from receiving any unwanted attention.

Get Yourself Going

For some, watching porn with their other half can be an awkward experience, which is why it’s a great way to get yourself aroused when you’re alone instead. Not only can you choose from a whole range of categories on the top porn sites, covering all sorts of kinks and desires, but it’s a less intense way of figuring out your sexuality and what you’re into.

Change Things Up

If you have ever found yourself getting bored of missionary position during sex, consider your position when masturbating – if you are always laying back with your legs open (essentially the missionary position for masturbation), it’s likely that you aren’t having a very exciting experience or learning new things about your body and how to please yourself.

Thinking back to the orgasm deficit in heterosexual couples, one great way of dispelling this in future sexual encounters is to try masturbating in a variety of positions, which will help you to discover what works for you when your body isn’t in the standard on-your-back position. When you do then get with a new partner, you can show them how you like to be touched during sex and what works for you in different positions.

Go Electric, Baby

These days, there’s a vast array of different sex toys that work to pleasure different parts of your body in the most exciting of ways and you would, quite frankly, be a fool if you didn’t use this time to familiarize yourself with the all-singing, all-dancing models that are available today.

From clit suction toys to specially shaped dildos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so grab the lube and get down and dirty with some electric fun!

Strength and Self-Esteem Building

Pole dancing is a craze that has really taken off over the past few years, demonstrating that it is a difficult sport to master, but one that helps women to build their muscle strength and self-esteem at the same time. Learning a range of moves that build your core and push your body to the extreme can help you develop a powerful sense of self – particularly if you know that the only reason you’re doing this is for you and no-one else! Although it may take time to master some of the more complex moves – along with lots of bruises and metal burns on the way – you’ll no doubt develop a fierceness that you can own and that you know comes entirely from within yourself.

Whether your relationship was a bad one that needed to end, or the romance simply fizzled away, the greatest gift you can give yourself to help you heal and polish your armor is to look after, and love, yourself. Because, at the end of the day, you’re stuck with yourself each and every day, so why not treat yourself like the most important person in the world? No one else is going to do it for you!

Boosting Sexual Satisfaction In Couples

boost sex

5 Sure Fire Ways To Boost Sexual Satisfaction

The pandemic changed our lives completely, especially our sexual practices. While some of us staying with our partners got too much time for action, others staying without them missed all of it. And unfortunately, following the safety guidelines, there is no way even to get sexual satisfaction from the best hookup sites. However, irrespective of the current relationship status, gender, and even age the sexual satisfaction remains the topmost concern for most people. Hence, a discussion about the subject grabs attention without any effort. So let us dig in deep into the wetlands and find out the secrets of sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness with the following tips:

Tip 1: Foreplay Has More Power Than You Believe For Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from sex alone. It is the build-up of arousal that makes the release so pleasurable. So, instead of doing it like a duty, enjoy the process the way you did initially in a relationship.

For example- Watching romantic movies with intimate scenes in dim lighting can set the mood well.

Tip 2: Experiment For Sexual Satisfaction

If you keep eating your favorite dish every day all day, it becomes boring. Experimentation helps with excitement in bed and boosts sexual activity in couples for longer years. Not all experimentation will be satisfying, but you might some that give you more sexual satisfaction than others. It also stops sex from becoming a routine activity.

For example- Try new positions, role-plays, toys, etc.

Tip 3: Communicate For Sexual Satisfaction

Another most essential step we often neglect in a relationship is talking about sex. Many couples find it uncomfortable and even unnecessary to discuss their likes and dislikes. It can change the experience, increase the comfort level & trust in a relationship. While it is easier to satisfy a man, men face problems understanding how to know if a lady is sexually satisfied.

How To know If A Woman Is Sexually Satisfied?

Sexual satisfaction is best determined by facial expressions and responsive actions. If your moves and actions arouse your partner, then they will respond with their touch and eagerness for your body. Women try to express their satisfaction with post-sex cuddles, hip movements showing interest in round two, kisses, moans (gibberish statements lost in the air).

Tip 4: Find the Turn Offs For Sexual Satisfaction

As individuals, we always think of activities that ensure sexual satisfaction for the partner and us. But how many times do we talk about the turn-offs? Instead of avoiding doing something stating you are not in the mood, talking it out helps. Your turn-off could be a particular action, body hair, odor, or anything else. Tell your partner and ask them about theirs. It supports both of you to address the issues and feel more wanted. Also, in the case of actions, you can easily opt for other alternatives and ensure sexual satisfaction to your partner without being unsatisfied yourself.

For example- toys and hands can replace oral pleasure.

Tip 5: Invest In the Relationship for Sexual Satisfaction

Sex is not just about physical attachment. The need for touch comes from the mental requirement of being close to your partner. Love is the essence of sexual satisfaction; hence, putting efforts to show love to your partner outside the bed can show beautiful results on the bed. Leaving something for your partner’s pleasure or doing something specifically for their liking can have a more profound effect on your partner.

For example, a massage, a small gift, cooking their favorite food, deleting the number of someones your partner doesn’t like.

Research on sexual satisfaction has found that mental health affects the relationship and pleasure. Hence, doing activities like yoga and meditation can help improve the mental health of couples and, in turn, increase sexual satisfaction. What do you think is missing in your relationship that is hindering your desired pleasure? Comment below!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Best Types of Sex Toys for Spicing up your Relationship

sucking sex toy

Do you feel bored of doing the same things in your lovemaking sessions and want to add something new for adding extra fun to the relationship? No need to shame as every couple goes through this type of situation at some point in their life. However, it doesn’t mean your partner has stopped loving you as most people thought.

He/she want a new touch to rekindle the old romance in both of you. Today, we will tell you about the top 8 sex toys for spicing up your relationship and reliving the glory days of your life. Let’s read about all of them and buy the one you like the most.

  1. Cock Ring

We will begin up with a cost-effective sex toy in the form of cock ring that allow the males to have stronger erections. The girls who want to make the penis of their partner harder before sex should think about using a cock ring.


They are very safe and comfortable to use even if you are using a sex toy for the first time. Having a long-lasting session ending up with an awesome orgasm will make both of you happy.


  1. Butt Plug

A butt plug is a great choice for everyone who hasn’t tried anal sex and wants to give it a try. It stimulates the anus before getting banged and makes sure the girl feel comfortable during first time anal sex. The addition of anal penetration will definitely make things interesting on the bed.


We suggest using a small butt plug, even if it is your first time for anal lovemaking. It will make sure you have a purely satisfying experience.


  1. Dildos

Without any doubt, dildos are the most conveniently used sex toys for girls. You can shop it in a variety of lengths and sizes according to your pleasure level. Using a dildo during the foreplay will give extra satisfaction to the girl and make her crave for the real banging.


On top of that, a girl can even ask her partner to stimulate her ass before the real anal sex using a realistic dildo. The feeling of fullness that this sex toy offers is tremendous to experience for the females.


  1. Metal Wands

Another toy that has recently gained tons of popularity after featuring in Fifty Shades of Grey is metal or glass wands. There are many times where we want something for creating a perfect bridge for penetrative sex. This sex toy can do it by warming up the penetration area, whether it is the anus or pussy.


Both of you will instantly begin super-interested in again with the presence of this wand that can be shopped in many different designs.


  1. Clitoral Stimulator

A clit stimulator can bring both physical and mental satisfaction to your relationship. These small sex toys use sonic air to give pleasure to the pussy that instantly creates a curiosity for sex. The best clitoral sucking vibrator can let the users get a near-instant orgasm before even beginning the penetration.


Having even a 10-minute penetration after using this sucker will make things purely satisfying for the couples. The terrific mental & physical satisfaction offered by this sex toy makes it a worthy choice to make.


  1. Vibrating Panty

Imagine your wife or girlfriend wearing the vibrating panty that you are controlling through the remote control! The addition of this sex toy into your love life will be an enjoyable thing to watch for sure. You can find a variety of settings and intensities for modifying the pleasure level exclusively.


Furthermore, it can be brought tons of amazing vibrations to the clit for ensuring sensual pleasure. You can add extra spice by using this sex toy while roaming in a public place.


  1. Sex Swings

We believe you understand how essential sex positions can be for an alluring sex session. Performing sex in the same type of positions can make things boring over a period of time. Thanks to innovative minds, you can buy a sex swing that will open a gateway for tons of great positions.


We suggest you to experimenting with every possible position that comes under your imagination after having a sex swing. Trust us; it has changed the lovemaking experiences for thousands of couples around the globe.


  1. Wand Massager

The couples who like to have fun at places like swimming pools, bathrooms, etc. should buy the wand massager for sure. It is a very lightweight & waterproof unit with numerous vibrations modes for letting users give stimulation in the way they like.


They are very brilliant in terms of power and sensation, especially if you use them for the first time. It is a perfect bet for those looking to add new vibes to their relationship.


We believe you love all the sex toys mentioned in this post. All of them can bring something brilliant to your lovemaking sessions and helps in maintaining the thrill that has lost over time. These are the best sex toys for spicing up your relationship from which you can choose as per your preferences. Still have any query regarding sex toys for couples; please write about it in the comment section.

Things You Should Try In The Bedroom To Spice Up Your Sex Life

satisfied sex

Is your sex life suffering because family issues and issues with your job are on your mind? Are those aspects of your life fine but the sex is not exciting anymore because you’ve grown comfortable with your partner? If the fire is starting to go out, then you should know there are ways to reignite that fire.

There are many different things you can try to bring the fire back to your sex life. Excite your partner by showing your partner that you learned some new sex tricks. Pick your favorites from the list below and try them the next time you have a romantic night planned.

Take A Picture

This tip is very easy to do thanks to smartphones. Why not have some pictures taken during the climax? No one is suggesting you put these photos online because these photos should be the eyes for you and your romantic partner only.

You can get creative with the photos you take. If you’d rather have video then set up a tripod or place your smartphone where it can see everything and record the romantic encounter.

You should only do this with someone you know you can trust to keep the pictures and videos private.

Read Stories From Other People

There are short stories about sex that you can share with your lover to get them in the mood. If you don’t know about these stories then you should do some research and look for them. There are many more stories out there than the 50 shades series if that isn’t your thing.

This is a category that many different people have published stories. With how many there are available, you should find something that you and your partner will like.

Act Out Your Fantasy

If you want to spice things up then act out your favorite fantasies with your partner. While this may feel weird for people who have never tried it before, you can come up with the characters you want to pretend to be yourself. Pick roles that are different from your everyday life so this feels like a new experience.

If you are going to roleplay, you should include costumes and props to get the full experience. Whatever you want to do and whatever you want to see your partner do, try it all. Maybe you can improvise with costumes and props you already have so you don’t need to spend money.

Don’t Be Calling All The Shots

This has nothing to do with dominating and submissive roles. If you are still using vibrators, let your partner choose the settings before you use them. They also make vibrating panties that the female can wear while out on a date and let the man have the controls to add unpredictability to a date night.

Book A Hotel Room

A change of scenery always helps. Most people always have something they want to do in a hotel room. You could always combine two by roleplaying in a hotel room.

You can let the maids clean up after you leave but it’s more exciting if you two show up on your own. The one that arrives first can set the mood while waiting for their partner to show up.

Play Sex Games

Take turns trying to make each other cum and see who can last the longest. The first one to stop resisting the orgasm is the loser. When the game gets boring, change up the rules and you could end up creating new games.

Kiss Like Teenagers

Sometimes making things exciting doesn’t mean things have to get more intense. Sometimes you want to keep things simple. If there are no flames then you might want to hold off on sex because the forbidden fruit always tastes better.

When you went on dates in your teen years, some of your best memories might be when you were making out with your romantic partner. You could restore the flame and passion by only making out with your partner and not moving things forward.

Tell Your Partner, Where You Want To Be Stimulated

Get some body paint and paint X’s where you want your partner to kiss or bite or do whatever you are into. If the body paint is safe to eat, then your partner can lick it off when you’re done. You could use whipped cream if you don’t have body paint. Just make sure to put towels down beforehand because you do not want to create a mess.

If you are into different things then why not use different symbols instead of X? You could create memories as you experiment with this technique.

Things could always become boring but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The suggestions above are just a few things you can try to make things exciting again. You can also come up with things to try on your own to make your sex life more interesting.

Being Smart about Fluid Bonding

bonding with fluids

Fluid Bonding is a term that is gaining more traction in today’s society alongside polyamory, open relationships and consent. So what does it mean?


Fluid bonding is the intentional decision between parties/people where they decide to share bodily fluids. This decision can be made for many reasons ranging from person to person and it is important to have these conversations as to why to ensure that you and the people/s are on the same page. Some of the reasons may be for emotional connection, serious involvement, a step in a relationship, ownership, BDSM or fetish.


Fluid bonding is a serious subject because sharing body fluids comes at great risk. Bodily fluids such as saliva, semen, vaginal discharge and blood can carry STIs and diseases that can be harmful when spread.


Fluid Bonding is not a term thrown around for once offs, it is an ongoing commitment. Some Fluid bonded relationships are still open outside of their fluid bonded relationship but that means that any and all play is protected from start to finish and will require testing to ensure that everyone is safe.


Fluid Bonding is built on a basis of trust and open transparency upon past sexual health and future sexual health and testing. Discussing these may be difficult or uncomfortable but it is very necessary to protect everyone involved.


When making the decision to become Fluid Bonded, it is important to sit down and discuss why you would like to become fluid bonded, what it means to each of you. Then it is important to get tested either together or separately but to share those test results with each other. Communication and complete transparency regarding this and if you have had any STIs in the past is necessary for the safety of each other moving forward.


Work out if you are closed or open and how you will mitigate testing in the future. If you will be sharing partners, it’s important to know how to protect yourselves not just yourself. If you have more than one partner or are in a fluid bonded polyamorous relationship ensure that everyone is aware of the risks and discuss getting tested regularly to keep everyone safe and on the same page.


Another discussion point for hetero-sexual partners is to discuss further contraception option if children are not immediately wanted, or wanted at all.


Fluid bonding like consent can always be ended or retracted. If there is moment, or something that makes you feel uncomfortable you are always within your rights to ask to reinstate using barriers during intercourse


A note about Precum:

Precum can still carry bacteria, viruses and sexually transmitted diseases and still contract sexually transmitted diseases. Any and all play involving PIV (penis in Vagina) or PIA (penis in anus) or PIM (penis in mouth) should use a condom if you are not fluid bonded with another person to minimise the risk of transferable diseases and cleanliness.

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