VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos

Collective Chaos is a luxurious and high end latex fashion range which accentuates the natural curves of a woman’s bodies. Did you know that wearing clothing and lingerie can help to increase your self-confidence if it is made for your body type? This is why buying the right products for you is extremely important.

At Collective Chaos, the head designer Aliona places her musings down on paper which she personally drafts and designs with intricate detailing. Aliona’s designs are exclusive to Collective Chaos which celebrates and values people’s desires. If you are a lover of latex clothing you will be tremendously charmed by their unique designs which are handmade to ensure their level of high quality standards are always maintained.

An important aspect of Collective Chaos’s is her partner who takes photographs of the clothing range which includes fantasy lingerie, dresses, leg wear, swimwear, tops, bottoms, accessories and cage skirts. The photographs perfectly capture the detailing of the products which displays what you are shopping for. The photographs are extremely impressive and speak for themselves!

This is a VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Aliona and I am the co-founder and the head designer for Collective Chaos.

What does fashion really mean to you?

To me, fashion is like a two way mirror through which we are able to project who we are and what we feel to the world, and in turn, it reflects all its events and drama against us. The dance of the social, psychological and artistic aspects of fashion is what attracts me most to the field.

What inspired the creation of Collective Chaos?

Collective Chaos was created with intention to reflect that dance and take an active role in it, delicately levitating on the edge of fetish apparel, body art and functional mainstream clothing. Latex allows us to hit that niche beautifully, with its endless design possibilities, sensuality and visual appeal.

How were you able to combine photography and fashion together?

Our photography, made possible by my very talented partner, is meant to enhance that experience by creating a visual context for the clothing, as well as adding the networking aspect for the brand through interaction with models and agencies. Some of my favorite photoshoots include intricately designed sets and outfits, yet some others were simply effortless accidents. Keeping an open mind for the outcome makes the creative process much more exciting.

Dres Gown By Collective Chaos
Photo: Ursula Tentacle Gown

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes to me most often through patterns, in catching the essence of things i find beautiful and interpreting them through the language of clothing. Some of my favorite things include octopus tentacles, poppy flowers, peacock feathers, snake scales, beehive combs, circuit boards and dreamcatchers. But nothing would be possible without the greatest inspiration of all – the sensual essence of human form and the divine spirit that it houses. I am most inspired by people and their stories and passions, which makes designing for a specific model or customer my favorite type of work.

Do you find your clothes help people express their sexuality and personality?

All clothing has great impact on how we feel and positions us in the world accordingly. Latex clothing makes you feel invincible, sexy, powerful and confident, like a superhero. That sort of confidence not only brings out people’s sexuality, but provides an opportunity for numerous life changing experiences. Which makes latex that much more rewarding to work with.

Mini Dress By Collective Chaos
Photo: Mini Dresses And Stockings

Tell me about your product range?

We have a wide product selection ranging from lingerie and catsuits to ball gowns, from simple to overly decorated, futuristic and retro, off the shelf and custom… there’s is something for everyone! We mostly work with latex, but also use lace, feathers and other materials as needed.

Why do people love Cage Skirts?

Cage skirts is another unique product line of ours that has been immensely successful over the years. We specialize in highly durable, uniquely shaped cage skirts that collapse for easy storage and can be work either under clothing or as a fashion statement on their own. We have supplied museums, dance troops and circus performers with our product and are currently working on expanding the line with more shapes and colors.

Latex Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
Photo: Dome Cage Skirt

How are your products designed?

All our products are designed, drafted and tailored by me personally or my team, and hand manufactured, right here, in the US, with the highest quality materials we can find. All latex clothing is hand made, which is an art form in itself, as it needs to be designed, hand glued, cleaned and shined, all with a great amount of patience, skill and knowledge of the material.

What products are you proud of?

I am extremely proud of our octopus appliqué pieces and all our perforation work, as well as our cage skirts. These products and methods are unique to our company and I am looking forward to expanding the range with the addition of laser cutting and other never seen before techniques in the coming year! I am also extremely proud of our simpler items, such as our halter and collar dresses, as well as the zip-it leggings, which are our best sellers, and the fit of which has been perfected so much over the years, they are simply flawless. There is always room for risky experiments, but there is something to be said for tested out, perfected patterns and styles that just work!

Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
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