VIP Interview With Sherry Owner & Designer Of Adult Baby Welt

Interview Adult Baby Welt

Adult Baby Welt are the creators of hand-made fetish wear, specializing in latex garments and furs.  They specialize in the manufacture and supply of babified clothing, diapers, pet play as well as pvc bondage outfits, latex gear, sensory deprivation apparatus, masks, bed-covers, furniture s&m, cross-dressing and transvestite fashion as well as creating tailor made outfits and designs.  Loeselotte (Sherry) and Rosemarie Heinrich have owned and operated this business since 2001 and their creations have graced the pages of many fetish magazines as well as some mainstream ones.

All clothing is manufactured in Germany using the highest quality ingredients and as many are custom made, sizes and styles can be quite flexible.   Apart from welded PVC items all apparel is hand made in their workshop.   Having a loyal following worldwide they are accepted as one of the pioneers and leaders in extreme fetish wear.

babified bonnet
adult baby welt

Here is a VIP Interview With Sherry the Owner And Designer Of Adult Baby Welt

Tell me about yourself

I am the owner and producer and have designed most of the articles in my shop. My name is Sherry, I am 63 years old.

What inspired the creation of your company?

In 2004 in my function as a domina I came to this business. A slave of mine humbly asked if I could sew him a PVC ruffle apron. I’ve thought of a cut, ruffled sewn and I’ve found that it is a lot of fun to work with this material. I sewed the same apron again and she was torn out of my hands at Ebay. I initially limited myself to various aprons and masks. Later I added trousers, coats, bodies etc until I had created a complete collection.

Where are your products made?

I work from home in my workshop. What I feel as real luxury.

What is the manufacturing process like?

I am working with a special sewing machine with which I can sew thin PVC and latex. I do not stick to a haute fashion, but I have specialized in wide, waving articles. There are many fetishists who like to have a lot of their favorite material around them. That is why I designed, for example, a latex-cape, which brings the immense circumference of 12 meters.

What materials are your product made from?

I am working with PVC, latex, fabrics (mainly with adult baby patterns, and artificial fur.

What is the difference between the feeling of Latex and PVC?

This is a matter of taste. I personally prefer latex which has been chlorinated. All my articles can be chorused afterwards. This has the great advantage that you no longer have to oil and powder it and also sweats less in it. The pores of the material are sealed during chlorination. However, I am making this transfer from third-party companies.

Why do people enjoy the feeling of these materials?

That is hard to say. Because there are so many fetishes. I understand it somewhere. Some love the enclosed, others like to dig in soft fur. Where these preferences come from is certainly different.

What inspires your designs?

My customers inspire me the most. They approach me with ideas because they know that I am open for their special wishes. Then bizarre things arise like the down mask, or a panties with an integrated latex vagina.

PVC Body Bag
BDSM Sleeping Bag

What are your best sellers?

My bestsellers are various bodies and diapers, because I have many adult babies in my customer circle.

What fetishes do you find are most popular?

I think people still love latex fashion, because it is very sexy.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I’ve never regretted entering the fetish area. The global customers are extremely pleasant, friendly and discreet. Yes, it is a discrete business – from both sides. I have a very good webmaster who keeps my shop up to date and a pretty daughter who occasionally mods for me. So Tortureangel is a completely successful thing.

I ship worldwide and am happy about new customers and their bizarre desires.

Guide For Latex Wear

Latex is in the natural raw state .It still has transport-conditioned talcum layer to keep it beautiful for a long period of time.  To keep it that way you must

  1. Moisten the whole latex surface with Latexfluid or Latexspray.
  2. After use wash the article by hand warm water.
  3. Then rinse it thoroughly and add drops silicone oil spreading it over
  4. Touch dry it carefully with a soft towel. This will keep the gloss and the latex will look wonderful for years to come.


VIP Interview With Simon Rose Owner, Creative Director And Co-founder Of Libidex

Founder of Libidex

Libidex are at the forefront of creating latex clothing for the BDSM and fetish community who make all their products to order including their new hard and heavy ranges. There clothes are also used by Instagram lovers and latex enthusiasts. The popularity of their products surged with Libidex extending their products from men’s and women’s clothing to also include grading levels of hard and heavy 1, 2 and 3. Their products include all the different types of latex and rubber wear that you could ever think from bondage hoods, bedding restraints, fully body suits and dresses just to name a few! They are amazing pieces clothing that can be used for bondage roleplay! This is a VIP Interview with Simon Rose owner, creative director and co-founder of Libidex.

Tell me about yourself?

I am Simon Rose, Libidex owner and creative director and co-founder. I have a Psychology degree from Lancaster University. I am an avid reader, world traveler and latex fashion trendsetter.

What inspired the creation of Libidex?

In 1994 I was working with English latex designer pioneer Helen Saffery at Libidex in London. The label was still in its infancy and earlier on I spotted a huge opportunity to take Libidex to the next level making it the fetish powerhouse that it is today.

My inspiration came from the idea of offering customers, both fetish and fashion latex clothes in one place.

What are your proudest moments from working at Libidex?

From gluing my first suspender belt in 1990 to the present day, Libidex has had to overcome a huge number of challenges and obstacles. Every collection photographed and each of our fashion shows are always memorable moments. The fact that we are still here, bigger and better and appreciated by rubberists the world over, over 25 years later is what gets me out of bed with a smile on my face.

BDSM latex bed restraint
Image: Vac Bed

What inspires your designs?

I have many different sources of inspiration, from classic literature, to films, music, art, period costumes and contemporary fashion.

The fetish scene in Europe and its many clubs and events is an endless font of inspiration. Seeing what people are wearing is a fun and fabulous way to come up with new designs and ideas.

BDSM latex hood
Image: Inhale Hood


Tell me about your product range?

Libidex offers a huge variety of styles. From full enclosure catsuits and full face hoods for the hardcore fetishist to a classic pair of jeans and a t shirt. We have over thousand items available on our website. We recently launched our hard and heavy collection which is a sex and play range, it’s mainly male and unisex at the moment, but we plan to add lots of female products soon. The range also includes inflatables and bondage latex gear. We are constantly bringing out new collections and we are in the process of shooting our new male fashion range.

What materials do you use?

We use natural Latex from Malaysia considered the best source in the world. In 2004 we’ve launched our own latex sheeting company – Radical Rubber. Owning our own latex sheeting business meant we could create some amazing new colours such as our Metallic range.

On the Libidex websites there are different levels of wear from Hard and Heavy Level 1 & 2 to Hard And Heavy Level 3, with the more constrictive items that restrain the body from movement and other senses like sight, touch and sound – How does wearing these products make someone feel? Why do people enjoy being fully restrained?

Latex is like a second skin, it reveals all the contours of someone’s natural shape, whatever it is that turns you on, be it a smooth muscled body, a curvaceous or slender being, latex will accentuate your favourite curves and enhance your sexual experience.

I believe the psychology behind people’s desire of being fully encased and restrained, is basically that in everyday life they tend to be always in control and the idea of complete sexual surrender is a very powerful, complex and fascinating concept that they feel drawn to. To completely and utterly lose all control is very intoxicating.

What was your first introduction to latex wear?

Probably a pack of 3 at my local pharmacy aged 16. Just joking. I grew up in a military family and from birth I was surrounded by uniforms, rubberised chemical warfare suits and gas masks (one of my favourite bondage toys). When I first started working for Libidex, I was club at kid at heart and one of the first latex costumes I’ve made was a Clockwork orange inspired straitjacket and cycling shorts in black and white which I wore with my Dr Martins and a bowler hat.

What products would you recommend to someone beginning to use Libidex products?

As an introduction piece I would recommend a dress or jeans and top. For the slightly more adventurous a classic tight-fitting catsuit.  The former are easy to get into but the latter not so, but worth the struggle.

Fully body catsuit
Image: Credit @kink_engineer @frenzy_red

What are your best sellers?

Our best sellers are our catsuits, full face hoods, stockings, gloves as well as fashion essentials like dresses, tops, jeans and t-shirts.

VIP Interview With Simon Aisbitt Owner Of Tlclatex (TlcDesigns)

Purple Suit By Tlclatex

Tlclatex (TlcDesigns) a designer latex clothing company is taking the world by storm, with an incredible and well deserving surge of popularity through social networks. Countless fetish, Instagram and fashion models are showing off their beautiful pieces for the world to admire. It couldn’t be helped but to talk to the man himself who has a cult like following in the sexual lifestyle and fetish community, Simon Aisbitt the founder and owner of Tlclatex.

Simon had explored the latex market and had found that mainstream clothing designers were not able to provide high levels of customer service needed for custom designs. His motivation catapulted him to learn anything and everything about latex and to find the best way the material can be tailored for people’s needs, interests and desires.

Simon began receiving clothing requests from friends, so he decided to create his own company Tlclatex where people could work with him to design their own one of a kind custom orders and he could also sell his own designs. With support and a growing customer base, Simon has now been creating designer clothing for well over 19 years now. Tlclatex is known for their incredible attention to the finest of details of their kink and fetish gear. They are also motivated to find the latest and greatest innovations in their industry. This is a VIP Interview with Simon Aisbitt the owner of Tlclatex.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Simon Aisbitt. I live in Scotland although originally I was born near London.

I own and run Tlclatex also known as TlcDesigns. I’ve been making latex clothing since around 1999 mostly for friends but after much pushing and encouragement I decided to start selling to the public. I’m only a very small one man operation just now but hope to expand as time goes on.

How did you become passionate about working with Latex?

I first started wearing latex many years ago. I love its feeling against your skin and just how soft it was… very sensual and tactile. I also love colours and I loved the diversity of colours you could buy it in… Although back then it was mostly black you could buy.

Anime cosplay with latex dress
Image: #YuiIzmori

What inspired you to create TlcDesigns?

That’s a good question. Long story really… But simplified… I got fed up buying products from many ‘Big Names’ because they took so long to make your item. They often sent it either badly made or not how you’d asked for it. Their customer service was appalling too. If you challenged them on it after waiting months… They honestly talked to you as if they were doing you a favour… No apologies… All very frustrating.

I thought to myself:

“I am good at making things… Why can’t I do this myself?”

So I set about learning as much as I could. I started trying to make really difficult things like hoods but I figured if I get that right the rest should be easy… how little did I know!

Of course you then come up against people not wanting to help you learn. And I suppose I understand that to a degree as it’s like an exclusive club, they don’t want new people to join. So you could say I learned the hard way. I’m self-taught, I don’t have a degree in fashion design but perhaps that’s not a bad thing because I approach things from a different angle and being honest it’s something you never stop learning about.

What inspires you?

That’s a hard question to answer but I remember seeing a quote by Henry Ford:

‘If you think you can… or you think you can’t.. you’re right!’

I suppose if anything I inspire myself to a degree, because I’m quite self-motivated. However if I had to pick several people in the latex world who have been a big influence LatexJim from LatexWorkshops is perhaps top of the list because he is someone who wants to help people. Also Rebecca from Yummygummylatex for her creativity. Of course you have to admire pioneers of the fetish scene like Tim Woodward, and David from TG to mention a few.

Full Body Suit By Tlclatex
Photo: Latex Purple Body Suit

Where and how are your products made?

I make my products from my studio at home. Everything is handmade including the applique which surprises many. I haven’t invested in a laser cutter yet but it’s something I am certainly looking at for the near future. I cut all the patterns myself. I’m a perfectionist really. I guess you could call it a blessing or a curse.

What quality of material do you use?

I quite selective about what I use.. I order most of my latex from Radical Rubber..4D Rubber and YummyGummyLatex. I have looked at others but despite making contact with some of them, they don’t seem very keen to get orders from smaller makers. I really hope that changes.

What do you love most about working with latex?

I love being able to transform someone into something special. I get a big kick out of seeing people wearing something I made. Wearing it myself now isn’t important.. people liking what I make is a great compliment.

What inspires your designs?

That’s a hard one. I get ideas pop into my head. I’ve always been quite creative and loving colours the way I do.. I think sometimes I’m perhaps open to trying colour combinations might shy away from. I get a picture in my head of what I want to make. Thankfully others seem to like it too.. hehe

What are your best sellers?

Best sellers are my dresses which most contact me directly about. However I hope to have an online shop up and running very soon.

Sexy Clothing By Tlclatex
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VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos

A Popular Dress By Collective Chaos

Collective Chaos is a luxurious and high end latex fashion range which accentuates the natural curves of a woman’s bodies. Did you know that wearing clothing and lingerie can help to increase your self-confidence if it is made for your body type? This is why buying the right products for you is extremely important.

At Collective Chaos, the head designer Aliona places her musings down on paper which she personally drafts and designs with intricate detailing. Aliona’s designs are exclusive to Collective Chaos which celebrates and values people’s desires. If you are a lover of latex clothing you will be tremendously charmed by their unique designs which are handmade to ensure their level of high quality standards are always maintained.

An important aspect of Collective Chaos’s is her partner who takes photographs of the clothing range which includes fantasy lingerie, dresses, leg wear, swimwear, tops, bottoms, accessories and cage skirts. The photographs perfectly capture the detailing of the products which displays what you are shopping for. The photographs are extremely impressive and speak for themselves!

This is a VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Aliona and I am the co-founder and the head designer for Collective Chaos.

What does fashion really mean to you?

To me, fashion is like a two way mirror through which we are able to project who we are and what we feel to the world, and in turn, it reflects all its events and drama against us. The dance of the social, psychological and artistic aspects of fashion is what attracts me most to the field.

What inspired the creation of Collective Chaos?

Collective Chaos was created with intention to reflect that dance and take an active role in it, delicately levitating on the edge of fetish apparel, body art and functional mainstream clothing. Latex allows us to hit that niche beautifully, with its endless design possibilities, sensuality and visual appeal.

How were you able to combine photography and fashion together?

Our photography, made possible by my very talented partner, is meant to enhance that experience by creating a visual context for the clothing, as well as adding the networking aspect for the brand through interaction with models and agencies. Some of my favorite photoshoots include intricately designed sets and outfits, yet some others were simply effortless accidents. Keeping an open mind for the outcome makes the creative process much more exciting.

Dres Gown By Collective Chaos
Photo: Ursula Tentacle Gown

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes to me most often through patterns, in catching the essence of things i find beautiful and interpreting them through the language of clothing. Some of my favorite things include octopus tentacles, poppy flowers, peacock feathers, snake scales, beehive combs, circuit boards and dreamcatchers. But nothing would be possible without the greatest inspiration of all – the sensual essence of human form and the divine spirit that it houses. I am most inspired by people and their stories and passions, which makes designing for a specific model or customer my favorite type of work.

Do you find your clothes help people express their sexuality and personality?

All clothing has great impact on how we feel and positions us in the world accordingly. Latex clothing makes you feel invincible, sexy, powerful and confident, like a superhero. That sort of confidence not only brings out people’s sexuality, but provides an opportunity for numerous life changing experiences. Which makes latex that much more rewarding to work with.

Mini Dress By Collective Chaos
Photo: Mini Dresses And Stockings

Tell me about your product range?

We have a wide product selection ranging from lingerie and catsuits to ball gowns, from simple to overly decorated, futuristic and retro, off the shelf and custom… there’s is something for everyone! We mostly work with latex, but also use lace, feathers and other materials as needed.

Why do people love Cage Skirts?

Cage skirts is another unique product line of ours that has been immensely successful over the years. We specialize in highly durable, uniquely shaped cage skirts that collapse for easy storage and can be work either under clothing or as a fashion statement on their own. We have supplied museums, dance troops and circus performers with our product and are currently working on expanding the line with more shapes and colors.

Latex Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
Photo: Dome Cage Skirt

How are your products designed?

All our products are designed, drafted and tailored by me personally or my team, and hand manufactured, right here, in the US, with the highest quality materials we can find. All latex clothing is hand made, which is an art form in itself, as it needs to be designed, hand glued, cleaned and shined, all with a great amount of patience, skill and knowledge of the material.

What products are you proud of?

I am extremely proud of our octopus appliqué pieces and all our perforation work, as well as our cage skirts. These products and methods are unique to our company and I am looking forward to expanding the range with the addition of laser cutting and other never seen before techniques in the coming year! I am also extremely proud of our simpler items, such as our halter and collar dresses, as well as the zip-it leggings, which are our best sellers, and the fit of which has been perfected so much over the years, they are simply flawless. There is always room for risky experiments, but there is something to be said for tested out, perfected patterns and styles that just work!

Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
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