VIP Interview With Erol Opal Director Of Hologram Software & Product Owner Of VRotica

VRotica is a virtual reality headset that has been designed as an inexpensive sex toy that’s made with high quality materials and is extremely easy to use. It allows the user to become immersed in an adult movie for direct viewing pleasure. Its sole aim is to bring to you adult movies, so it is not over complicated with any features that you do not need! A lot of the current VR technology that runs adult movies needs to be hooked up to a laptop or computer with a large array of unsightly wires but this is not the case for the VRotica headset. It’s a standalone device, all you have to do is recharge it via a power supply and connect it to the internet so you have access to all of the online content.

Simply turn on and browse through the menus. The buttons on the headset are placed in specific positions almost like a gaming control, so you will be able to find them with time and memory when you are wearing the headset. The headset itself comes with 6 adult movies already installed onto the device, so you only need to download content when you are ready to try something new.

When you do find a new movie you would like to watch purchase the adult movie. Download the adult movie to your headset then sit back, relax and enjoy the health benefits of masturbation. Let the video take you a journey with an up close and personal experience of your favourite porn stars. The website is constantly updated by VR video publishers who are uploading their new content, most recently they have promised that adult movie studio Badoink will be one of those amazing companies who will provide you with 300+ new adult movies. What makes this amazing is that approved users can also upload their very own content. They are hoping to have well over 1000 adult movies to choose from by the end of the year. Everything really is at the edge of your fingertips!

This is a VIP Interview with Erol Opal, I am a director of Hologram Software and product owner of the VRotica project.

VR sex toy compatable with porn
Image: Side View Of The Vrotica Headset

Tell me about yourself

My name is Erol Opal, I am a director at Hologram Software and product owner of the VRotica project. I was initially a software developer when we first set out at Hologram 10 years ago and gradually moved into management. My acaemic background is in literature and I joined the tech industry in my mid twenties.

Tell me about VRotica?

VRotica is a complete VR platform. The main component is the VR headset. It is a completely standalone device, which means it does not require a phone or connection to a computer. It has been streamlined in the extreme for the easiest possible user experience. It is currently the easiest to use VR headset available.

The headset displays the VRotica video store which boasts over 100 adult VR videos and that number is increasing every day. Users are able to browse the store, purchase, download and watch the videos as they wish. There is also a website for users , where you can sign up and manage your account.

Virtual reality device for realistic sex
Image: Back View Of The Vrotica Headset

What inspired the development of VRotica?

We have been developing for VR for 3 years and were both excited at the possibilities but also disappointed in the slow uptake of VR sets. We decided to help the cause by creating our own easy to use and inexpensive VR platform. While putting in all the work to develop both the device and the supporting infrastructure, we were also wary that we needed to populate our platform with content. The industry with the most VR ready content and with the most difficulty to reach the mass market is the adult industry. VR porn is incredibly popular even though it is very difficult to access. Standard VR platforms do not allow adult content and so users need to hack their devices in order to play adult videos on their VR devices. This means that both publishers have difficulty reaching the mass market and consumers are put off by the required technical know how. By adapting our device to the adult industry we are solving these issues for both the publishers and the consumers.

What inspires you?

I think inspiration can be found in many mediums and in all areas of daily life, but at Hologram we are usually inspired and excited by technology and how fast it is moving in our time. We have always been interested in working on the cutting edge of new technologies whether that be VR or The Internet Of Things or whatever. The numerous ways we can bring comfort or provide services or entertainment to people is always exciting.



VR headset
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What is it like immersing yourself into the world or VRotica?

VR in general is an incredible experience. It takes a hold of your visual sense completely and provides an amazing immersive experience. if you can support that with audio and physical stimuli then all the better. Adult VR is a very good representation of this effect and is overwhelmingly considered to be a much richer and more immersive form of pornography than traditional videos. VRotica is the easiest way to experience this and to transport yourself into many different fantasies.

What are the most viewed videos on the VRotica Headset?

The most popular videos are those filmed in the first person as they create an enhanced sense of realism and immersion.

Virtual reality sex website
Image: Vrotica Website Menu

How do you get videos onto the VRotica Headset?

We provide the publishers of adult VR videos a portal on which they upload the videos themselves. The videos are displayed within the headset and can be downloaded directly to the device.

Since there are no bulky remote controls, mobile phone and PC attachments for the VRotica Headset, how do you use the VRotica Headset?

The controls have been simplified to the extreme with essentially just an on/off button on the left panel of the headset and OK and Back buttons on the right side of the headset. These are all you need to navigate the menus and watch the videos. There are also volume up, volume down and recenter screen buttons on the left panel if necessary.

Virtual reality sex toy company
Image: Vrotica Logo

The VRotica Headset is one of the most affordable products within its category, how were you able to pass the costs onto the customers?

The initial aim of the enterprise was to create an easy to use and affordable VR platform. We are motivated by the urge to make VR more viable and popular therefore we have done the most we can to keep the headset sale price as low as can be.

Is there anything question or information you would like to add?

The VRotica platform is a live platform which will be constantly developing, updating and evolving. We have projects in the pipeline to add to the offline functionality of the headset with videos downloadable from USB sticks. We will also be adding video based games like virtual girlfriends and strip poker.


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