VIP Interview With Haris Chaudhry – Founder Of InnovaDerma

Welcome to this week’s VIP Interview with Haris Chaudhry – Founder and CEO Of InnovaDerma. InnovaDerma is a company who focus on bringing into the world a new range of medically approved health products. Their newest device is making headlines in the health industry. Prolong is a climax control training program to treat premature ejaculation. Prolong doesn’t have all the side effects that normally come with the use of delay sprays, cream and ointments.

It’s the world’s first FDA-cleared premature ejaculation medical device that’s available in Australia and the United States.

To create this ground breaking device InnovaDerma conducted research on over 4000 men and women. Research collected has found premature ejaculation problems to be very common.

– In the United States 1 in 2 men believed they had problems with premature ejaculation.

– In Australia 1 in 3 men believed they had problems with premature ejaculation.

InnovaDerma is now seeking CE Mark regulatory approval so that it can also be sold in the United Kingdom and Europe. Haris Chaudhry, InnovaDerma’s founder said:

“Through Prolong and Smiling Dick, we aim to provide a non-prescription solution with long term benefits and a platform to help people feel open and supported in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.”

If you have tried other methods to delay ejaculation or would like to start your journey training your body to last longer in bed why not give Prolong Climax Control Training Program a try!

This is a VIP Interview with Haris Chaudhry the founder and CEO of InnovaDerma to find out what inspired the creation of Prolong Climax Control Training Program and everything you need to get started on your journey for a better lifestyle.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Haris and I am the founder and CEO of InnovaDerma, the parent company of Prolong. My expertise lies in identifying opportunities for better health and personal care; supporting trusted and clinically-proven solutions; and most importantly, bringing them to individuals across the world.

VIP Interview With Haris Chaudhry Founder Of InnovaDerma

What inspires you?

I draw constant inspiration from the innovation we’re witnessing all around us. In the last five years, computing, robotics, AI, and global connectivity have transformed industries and social norms. I see tremendous potential for these advances to further shape our health and wellbeing sectors; impacting the ways in which we perceive, treat and continuously enhance personal wellbeing.

What inspired the creation of Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

The Prolong Climax Control Training Program addresses a neglected issue among men, tackling shame and stigma. Premature ejaculation’s impact on sexual health extends to relationship problems, mental health issues, and substance abuse. The stigma surrounding the topic of sexual health only serves to reinforce these issues. Prolong offers a lasting solution, while Smiling Dick aims to reduce isolation around this common issue.

Premature ejaculation control - VIP interview with Haris Chaudry
Image: Prolong Climax Control Training Device

What is Prolong?

Prolong is the world’s only medically-cleared climax control training device and program, proven to improve endurance. We designed this solution for anyone seeking more control over their sexual endurance, regardless of clinical diagnosis. Our research shows 35% of Australian men believe they experience PE, and 10% say this happens ‘all the time’. Prolong provides a lasting, affordable solution at a one-time cost, ensuring trust and enjoyment for men.

How does the Prolong Climax Control Training Program work?

Participants use the Prolong device, employing the ‘Start-Stop’ technique over a six-week period. Consistent training with Prolong, three sessions per week, reduces oversensitivity during sex, empowering users with ejaculation control.

What separates Prolong from other solutions to PE on the market?

Unlike other treatments like pills and numbing creams and delay sprays, Prolong comes with no side effects, and offers a permanent solution that doesn’t induce dependency (as pills and sprays/creams require consistent use). When compared to the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – the Gold Star treatment — Prolong is equally if not more effective, and far less costly.

Medically approved climax control trainer
Image: Prolong

Does Prolong have scientific backing?

Clinical trials demonstrated that upon completing the six-week program, users were able to last an average of 8 minutes longer in bed. Independent studies also showed an overall improvement in users’ sexual satisfaction and communication with their partners.

Do you see a stigma attached to issues of men’s sexual health such as premature ejaculation?

Absolutely. Sexual health issues like PE have been taboo, causing shame and embarrassment, negatively affecting mental health and relationships. Unsurprisingly, our research confirms this, showing there remains a major stigma associated with discussing sexual health issues – with 46% of men and 54% of women both agreeing – and many men not seeking the help they need as a result.

If so, how do you aim to tackle this stigma?

In line with our launch, Prolong has introduced – a new sex-positive platform designed to provide a fresh perspective on men’s sexual health. Through offering a mix of information, tips, and humorous content, we aim to pioneer a more progressive and positive discussion amongst those who may be experiencing the issue but are too ashamed to speak up about it. Ultimately we want men to feel open, supported, and comfortable in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.

What are the best techniques to use with the Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

Our six-week program combines the ‘Start-Stop’ technique with the Prolong device to stimulate the penis during control training. The technique consists of the user holding the device under the penis as he masturbates, and then bringing himself to a stop just as he feels he is about to climax. This process continues for three consecutive rounds until the user allows himself to ejaculate.

How long does it take to see results from using Prolong?

Users can expect to start seeing results from week one of stating control training. However, best results will be achieved by the end of the six-week program with our clinical trials showing gains of up to 8 minutes. As mentioned, our study participants not only reported a reduction in issues with premature ejaculation, but also higher levels of sexual satisfaction and communication within their relationship and diminished anxiety symptoms.

Once a person finishes the Prolong Climax Control Training Program, do they need maintenance sessions? How often?

None at all. The best news about Prolong is that the gains are long-term. Our clinical trials have showed that six months after completing the program, time to ejaculation amongst users had either stabilised or improved even more. Once the six-week program is complete, you can say goodbye to control training and hello to longer-lasting sex.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We hope Prolong gives users new confidence in and outside of the bedroom, as well as a willingness to speak up about their sexual health challenges so that more men feel comfortable in seeking the support they need.

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