VIP Interview With Josh & Emma The CEOs & Founders Of Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys is an adult lifestyle company who specialise in the creation of fantasy sex toys. Have you ever wanted a collection of dildos in the shape of your favourite leading Pokemon characters (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) because you “Gotta Get Em All’? Have you ever wanted to indulge in Game Of Moan’s Long Shaft or use Sailor Moons magical wand for some extra curricular activities? Geeky Sex Toys has made it or will invent it for your own personal pleasure! The names of their products are extremely funny and are reminiscent of adult movies spin off series which adds to their product themes.

This is a VIP Interview with Josh and Emma the CEOs, founders and product designers of Geeky Sex Toys.

Tell me about yourself

Josh (25yrs) – Emma (24yrs) – Founders, CEO’s and Toy Makers (It’s currently just the 2 of us so we pretty much have all the titles).

We’re from Redcliffe, QLD

We are a young couple who have been in a relationship for a couple of years.

What inspired the creation of Geeky Sex Toys?

It was never really one of those cool epiphany moments. It was more of a

“What do you mean that doesn’t exist?”

moment. We were both extremely naive in the realm of sex toys and on our first venture into an adult store together we both just kind of assumed there would be something in the pop culture realm for us to choose. There wasn’t. So we looked online. Nothing. After our online search for ANY kind of geek themed dildo came up with relatively nothing, we decided to look at Google Trends and Analytics to see if other people were searching for such products. The numbers of people searching were so large we almost didn’t believe it!

It was the day we got back from the adult store and did our google research that the planning began. 4 weeks later we had a couple of working prototypes and a live website. It’s now been almost 15 months since we launched our site.

Pokemoan Dildos By Geeky Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Pokemoan Dildos

What movies, comic books, books, and quotes inspire you?

This is a hard question to answer! We find inspiration everywhere, whether it is a small, obscure character from an unknown sci-fi show or a character that everyone seems to know and love from popular movies or games. What we love is that the ideas are never ending and there are always new toys to create!

What do you love most about geeky pop culture?

I think my favourite aspect of nerd/pop culture is the incredible inclusivity. Everyone is welcome and everyone is safe to just geek out over whatever they want. Nobody is ashamed to be a nerd/geek and we love it! I love the passion that people have over their favourite characters etc. and there is something for everyone to identify with.

Tell me about your product range?

We are continuing to expand our range and have so many new ideas for products. We have a suggestions page on our website where people send through what they would like to see. We receive emails daily from people with a wide number of suggestions. We have created a tally and the most popular suggestions will be made first!

Josh is the brains behind turning an idea into a working product.

Dildo Wand – Sailor Girl by Geeky Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Dildo Wand – Sailor Girl

What materials do you use in the production of your sex toys? Are the materials that are used body safe?

All our products are handmade. A big thing that we like to promote is that we only use 100% body safe silicone. We find a lot of cheap sex toys that companies are selling are not 100% body safe and people are not aware of this.

Are all your products handmade to order?

As it is just the two of us all the orders are handmade to order.

What are your favourite memories from working at Geeky Sex Toys?

Josh and I have loved creating a company together. It was the best feeling when we could quit our day jobs and both work completely on the business. We never thought that our crazy idea would get this big and have such a positive reaction from everyone. We were initially worried about telling our family that we quit our jobs to make dildos for a living. Surprisingly everyone was so supportive and jealous that they hadn’t thought of the idea first.

Have you funny stories about your products?

Our unicorn horn was the first suction cup product that we designed. Josh decided to test it and make sure it would stick on his forehead (of course!). It stuck so well and he thought he was so funny until he pulled it off and he ended up with a big bruise on his head!!! It was purple you could not cover it up with make-up. Now we are seeing videos and photos pop up all over social media of people doing the exact same thing with this product… the suction cup definitely does work.

Unicorn Dildo By Geeky Sex Toys
Buy Now | Adult Store That Stocks Dildos

What are your best sellers?

Our best seller by far is the unicorn horn!!!









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