VIP Interview With Lila Luxx Director Of Bombshell Burlesque And The Bombshell Burlesque Academy

Bombshell Burlesque is an adult performance company who can be hired for hen’s parties, event entertainment, productions and pinup perfection experiences. Bombshell Burlesque are well known for their traditional productions that bring to the audience an authentic experience with all the bells and whistles of on stage lighting, sound technicians and management. They have award winning performers and booked out shows in Australia. They also operate a sister company named The Bombshell Burlesque Academy where people can attend burlesque, dance and vintage beauty classes as well as burlesque workshops.

This is a VIP Interview with Lila Luxx and the Director of Bombshell Burlesque and the Bombshell Burlesque Academy.

Group photo of Bombshell Burlesque performers
Image: Bombshell Burlesque

Tell me about yourself

My name is Lila Luxx and I am the Director of Bombshell Burlesque and The Bombshell Burlesque Academy.  After teaching, choreographing and performing in a number of performance disciplines including burlesque, contemporary dance, commercial dance, American style cheerleading, as well as studying Fine Arts in Acting and Arts Management, I dreamed of passing on my knowledge and experience to a new generation of burlesque bombshells. With a focus on vintage beauty, glamour, technique and presentation, The Bombshell Burlesque Academy is the realisation of this dream.

What inspired you to create The Bombshell Burlesque Academy?

When I discovered burlesque, I was enraptured by the confidence of the performers and supportive community in Brisbane.  I wanted to be just like these ladies, and with their help I was on a stage in no time!  It helped me to express myself in a way that was truly individual and my self confidence soared. The Academy allows me to share that experience with hundreds of students each year and I hope they reap the benefits that I did!
Director of Bombshell Burlesque Academy
Image: Lila Luxx In Red

What services/workshops do you provide?

Classes at The Academy include Classic and Neo Burlesque, Beginner and Intermediate Courses, Vintage Styling and Professional Development. The Academy also offers tailored hens party packages, pinup makeovers and photoshoots, corporate entertainment and private tuition.

The Bombshell Burlesque Academy prides itself on its highly skilled tutors, with every one employed being a professional performer in their own right. Workshops held by visiting professionals are a regular occurrence.

The Academy also has a well known performance troupe – The Bombshells. The Bombshells are comprised of current students and tutors and provides performance opportunities at events in and around Brisbane. They’re known for their high energy performance, choreography and presentation and many have gone on to establish solo burlesque careers. The professional troupe is made up of the Bombshell Academy’s tutors and brings glamour and spice to corporate events.

At the end of each term, the students are invited to perform at The Bombshells Ball, a showcase featuring students, tutors and interstate guests. These events are held in a professional theatre and give the students a chance to strut their stuff and experience the energy of a live performance. These performances always sell out well in advance – our students are popular ladies and gents!

You can view more information on our shows and classes at

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by vintage glamour goddesses like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn and aim to bring a little bit of that glamour into our modern world.  I also look to so many wonderful performers in the Australian burlesque scene, and I am constantly inspired by the creativity, growth and courage of my students.

What does it feel like to perform a Burlesque show with a live audience?

It’s a rush!  There’s a wonderful dialogue that occurs between artist and audience and being part of that live experience is amazing.  Burlesque audiences are normally very loud and very encouraging, so it’s incredible to know that they are enjoying your work in real time!

What goes into a Burlesque performance?

Blood, sweat and glitter! (Ok sometimes a few tears too.)  For a professional performance, you’re looking at hours and hours of concept development, sewing costumes and rehearsing to bring something to the stage.  At The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, we do all of the hard work for you – students perform after only 6 hours of classes in glamorous but easy costumes that anyone can create.

How does someone gain the confidence to perform Burlesque on stage?

An amazing part of burlesque is the inclusive, welcoming community that take part in it.  You may come to a class feeling unsure and shy, but with the encouragement of your tutors and classmates, 99% of our students choose to perform!  I think the confidence comes after doing the risky thing and it feels amazing.

What happens during a regular day at The Bombshell Burlesque Academy?

We are very busy Bombshells!  Once the less glam tasks like admin and marketing are taken care of, we begin to transform!  Vintage hair, stage makeup and costumes dripping in crystals and feathers are donned and we head off to our bookings.  This could be teaching classes, hosting parties for hens events, photoshoots, entertaining at private soirees, appearing at a burlesque show or providing a showstopping routine at a nightclub!

What have been your most memorable Burlesque performances?

For me, I have had the honour of being invited to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas twice.  It’s the most amazing rush to perform before your peers and the artists who were elemental in establishing burlesque in decades beforehand.

Adult performer from Bombshell Burlesque
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What would you say to someone thinking about starting Burlesque?

Many of my students have told me that since beginning burlesque that their sense of self has grown and their confidence has increased, even in their day to day life.  It’s a little holiday from their everyday lives, an escape into a world of glitter and giggles, even for just one hour a week.  Everyone has an opportunity to take to the stage if they choose and indulge in their most glamorous fantasies!

Why do I love burlesque?

Burlesque is one word for a very broad range of performance styles.  It combines theatre, dance, comedy, parody and vintage striptease and every performer is encouraged to develop their own unique take on it so there’s always something new to see.  There is a very strong DIY culture within it, as we create our own acts and costumes, and there’s something very satisfying in creating something entirely on your own and have it be accepted and celebrated by others.

All of that on top of the fact that burlesque is open to anyone that wants to participate.  We celebrate bodies just as they are in a world where we are constantly barraged by images of what ‘perfect’ should look like.  Burlesque helps you to realise that you are perfect, regardless of your dress size!

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