Never Lose To The Seven Year Itch

After marriage both the partners are in the pursuit of happiness. During the first few years of marriage everything seems rosy and heavenly but once the novelty wanes out the difference of opinions between two partners crop up. The activities are loved by both people at the beginning become abhorred at a later stage. As the saying goes, it is the seven year itch.

From our birth onwards we simply desire contentment.

We want happiness and a happy life.  This is especially true when we get married and enter into a new relationship. We are human beings and the human species on this planet earth wish to have a joie de vivre and we make every effort to attain it.

I don’t know about extraterrestrials, perhaps they may be visiting planet earth in their flying saucers just to find the thing called happiness. (We must ask Steven Spielberg about it….!)

There is a supreme dedication for one another as a thorn may prick at the sole of a husband and tears appear in the eyes of his wife.

The seven year itch
What Is Love?

Every kind of happiness and every kind of suffering is related to the mind and body.

Impact is both mental and physical. Between the body and mind, it is our mind which is primarily related to the sentiment of happiness. The body is secondary. If the body is content we even ignore its existence.

Sexual activity is a physical one and thus the body is content in the initial stage of marriage.  Touch, the friction of skin, the sexual attraction for each other’s erogenous zones and the building of fire.  And subsequent lustful crescendo, ending into a lethargic ambiance of relaxation and blissed out state of existence overtakes the honeycombs of the inner core.  The mind is fluid, and when the mind overtakes the body the turmoil begins.

A woman’s mind  is differently wired as emotion overtakes practicality. It registers every detail, however small it is. Then the result is joy if the detail is cheerful, or agony if the detail is painful.

How To Deal With The Seven Year Itch

Question then arises as to how to deal with such a situation?

Research has shown that if you happen to be charitable, philanthropic and bountiful than you emanate that quality of happiness. When I say be charitable, you don’t have to shell out money to be charitable. As the saying goes, charity begins at home.

You have a heart. Open it up.  Bestow your love.

Be compassionate towards others. When we understand that everyone in this world encounters suffering in one or the other way, our own problems become realistic and the obstacles don’t look unattainable. What is required is few soothing words instead of clashes of the ego.

With a few sweet words from the bottom of the heart and a broken heart starts healing itself.

the seven year itch
Image: Dating Problems

Importance Of Interdependence

However capable an individual may be, if he or she is left alone he or she is sure to diminish. A support system is a fundamental requirement of human beings and it is a vital part between two adults who are wedded to each other.

It is interdependence.

The whole of the universe is an example of how it has come to evolve to its present form is because of interdependence. From the planet to the space, oceans, mountains, forests, the flora and fauna, even the garden around your house, to the tiny world of insects all are entwined together. If they don’t interact they will decay, dissolve and die.

Be interdependent. Interact.

Develop a sense of compassion. Believe in the relationship, companionship and camaraderie. They are hard to come by. When the promise of a relationship and friendship breaks, there is no noise.

What remains is silence. Eerie silence. Unbearable silence pleading for communication that is asking for interdependence. If that is done you will feel special and loved.

It is of prime importance that we try to have mental tranquillity. This peace fullness and understanding of each other’s flaws is very vital between husband and wife because it is a union of two imperfect human beings.

My HotWife is Cheating On Me!

I’ve been getting cuckolded for around a year now. I’m 30, my wife is 26, and we’ve been married for a long time.

My wife is a very sex lady.  She is a real HotWife cheating on cuckold and is constantly getting hit on whether I’m with her or not. I never say anything in regards to it and simply sit there and quietly give it a chance to happen at whatever point it does. Regularly I’ll be rubbing my thickening dick through my pocket as it goes on.

But what my wife doesn’t know, is that I know she is cheating on me!

At any rate, my wife uses the same password for everything she uses. Whether its her email, facebook or her chat log in details the password is all the same. Now and again I like to snoop on her to check whether I can discover anything intriguing about her interests.

Around 8 months ago I logged into her facebook to try to find out what she liked in her life and what was happening around her. One day, I logged onto her facebook and she began chatting to someone named Colin.

Colin was a man she regularly meet up with to have coffee and lunch.

HotWife Email Account
Wifes Password

It had Been Going On A While

Going back through the conversation it appears they had been seeing each other for a considerable length of time. My wife only told me in the past couple of months that she was seeing him and they met on the Ashley Madison cheating website.

I kept reading their chat history and found that such a large amount of what they did together was all recorded. She never tried to clear the chat history so I assumed that she liked to re-read what they had written to each about and been through together.

It turns out, they had been doing everything together including going to bars to have kissing sessions, publicly hooking up, she’ll send him dirty picture’s of her all the time.

Her lingerie was beautiful and sensual.

Any person would be exceptionally happy to have these pictures. Yet, she definitely never sent me any dirty pictures for as long as we had been together.

I haven’t even seen this lingerie in our house that we have lived together in. When she’s around me she’s always relaxed and never really wanting to have sex.  Yet when she’s with him she becomes this whole other person I never get to see anymore.

In their messages she talk’s about how big his penis is, all that she’s going to do with him, and all that she has done with him.

the seven year itch

I’ve since gotten dependent on keeping an eye on her cheating, and I have a consistent history now of what’s happened, and even when things are going to happen. They both seem to be more inclined to have cyber sex, so I’m really fortunate there.

At whatever point I know she’s with him, or going to be with him.

I put on her bra, undies and pantyhose and jerk off to their talk log.

Figure since she’s now undermining what was my pussy and ass, I may as well go the distance with it.

I’d never give up to her that I know, in light of the fact that she truly appears to get off on betraying my trust and double-crossing me, and that I’m a confused mug about the entire thing. I wouldn’t have any desire to break that for her. She’s even gotten off on having me go down on her directly after she has been out with him and so obviously fucked. He must get an immense laugh out of that (Colin said that is one of the best parts of it in his writings to her).

Gracious yes, they’ve likewise been fantasizing about some way or another setting up somehow where I happen to meet him after they’ve fucked. He said something in regards to needing to shake my hand when it’s still crisp with their fuck juice,.

She wrote something like “I’d like to kiss him with your cum in my mouth”.

Cuckold the seven year itch
Cuckold Wearing Skirt

In any case, she’s out of the house at this moment.  So I think I’m going to go put on a skirt and rehash all this and when they began playing around while I pull my dick and cum all over myself.

I really get off on knowing my wife doesn’t know that I know she is cheating on me.

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