Lure Pheromones With 3 Times The Charm

Our wonderful friends at Topco Sales sent us the Lure Range of Pheromones and Perfumes to review.  Topco are one of the pioneering sex toy and sexual health aid manufacturers from the United States who established their business more than 40 years ago.  Lure Pheromones have been a line that has also been around for ages.

Originally they were encased in an acrylic display box and in some bright pink and blue packaging.  Lure range of pheromones  and perfumes supplied are the third generation containing stronger signals with the improved formula.

A new range is the Lure Black Label Pheromone Personal Scents and come in a For Him, For Her and a You & Me. They are available in two sizing options the 74ml bottles and the 10ml bottle.  Packaging is an attractive black box and the bottle is matte black.

Lure Pheromones

Most of the pheromone perfumes are made in China. But this is proudly made in the United States in Topco’s FDA approved manufacturing plant.  Most attractant sprays use the pheromone androstenone which can be found in boar’s saliva and urine, celery, truffles and cytoplasm.  Do not worry Topco have not added boar’s urine to their spray.

Androstenone can be synthetically produced, allowing the strength to be increased or decreased as required.

Having produced Lure for more than 30 years this third generation is said to be right on the money as to the concentration required for maximum effects.

Lure For Him

lure Pheromones spray for men
Image: Lure Black Him

Ingredients in this Formula

Purified Water, Glycerin and Fragrance.   Fragrance is of a citrus base with a hint of lavender.

Full perfume description is refreshing Grapefruit and Lavender notes are infused with Cassis, White Flowers, Tea and Rose; and underscored by Cedar wood and Vanilla.

I took the perfume bottle out and sprayed some in the air and my nose picked up a distinct scent of citrus and rose.  It was a pleasant smell and the people in my office commented on it too.  I was on duty to pick up the kids from school so thought what better way to check this out than to spray myself with 6 or 7 sprays.  And then go out to the school grounds where all the mothers were to see if I would get any reaction.

I sincerely hoped that I would not be hunted by MILFs or end up in a Benny Hill style chase scene but the things one will do for their job.

lure pheromones
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Next day:  Well, I made it safely in and out of the school.

If any of the mothers there noticed that I was wearing the His pheromone perfume they made no indication, but to be fair it was windy.  Later in the evening I met up with my wife and she was her usual self.  Made no comment about the scent but she was in a pleasant and conversive mood.

My belief on most of these pheromones is that it is a placebo effect that the wearer has.  If the wearer believes it is going to work then psychologically he is going to be more confident around the opposite sex.  Confidence in most case breeds success.  I think a great thing is to use pheromones for sexual confidence.

Smell is pleasant and would give one confidence whilst wearing it. I went in with my mind open and leave with it still open but with no vindication that this pheromone in the product does what it is supposed to.

My verdict on the Lure For Him perfume is 7.5 out of 10.

lure Pheromones perfume for all genders
Image: Lure Black You & Me

Lure For You & Me

So here I am back at my office surrounded by both males and females.  Discreetly taking the You & Me from its black box I take it to the rest room where I have liberally applied 5-6 sprays.  Scent of lure for me as opposed to the Lure For Him I find absolutely fantastic.

My nose palate tells me it has citrus with a hint of sandalwood and is extremely bright and refreshing.  Topco says Citrus Bergamot dominates the top notes and evolves into Aquatic heart of Rain Accord, Ivy, Cardamom and Ginger; followed by a dry down of Tea Leaves and Sandalwood.

I cannot overstate that the scent is amazing and I am attracted to it.  Now let’s wait and see the results it has with the guys and gals that work here.

Be back with you in about 4 hours…

Well, again the Benny Hill chase song was not required however everyone commented on the perfume I was wearing.  Since my 4 hours window of being pursued by lust crazed men and women had elapsed I did a spray test on some of the people that work with me.

Here are the comments.

“That smells really nice.  It’s got a clean citrus smell.  I really like it.” – Stephen

“What is that?  It smells great.” – Sean

“Mmmm, smells great.” – Eon

“Wow, That is really nice.  What is it? (Lure for you and me: my reply).  I really like that.  The lure for men in the shop is too strong but that is a perfect perfume.  I really like the new bottle as well.” – Amy

“That is really nice.  It is much nicer than the other one. (Other one Lure for Men).” – Elaine

“I gotta get some of that for Ricky.  What is it?” – Anna

So the lure for you and I was an outstanding success as in fragrance

I certainly can imagine a man wearing it gaining confidence just by the way he smells. AND… who knows.  The pheromones and fragrance just may work.

My verdict on the Lure for You and I is a 10 out of 10.

sex pheromones Attractant spray for women
Pheromes Lure for Her

Lure For Her

I took the Lure For Her perfume bottle out and sprayed some in the air.  My nose picked up a distinct scent of musk mixed in with what I would described as a sweet talcum powder smell.

Scent was very strong and it reminded me of perfumes my mother used to wear as a child.  Being a male I should have found the scent at least a little attractive. But found it sickly sweet and certainly not something I would willingly hang around.

I got a similar reaction with whomever I sprayed it on or around.

One of the guys here said it smelt like Avon Vanilla Musk, which is the perfume his elderly mother wears.

My verdict of the Lure for Her is 2 out of 10.  I really think Topco missed the mark on this one and the scent from my perspective would turn off guys rather than attract them.

What Topco Says About Their Pheromone Products

“Pheromones send out silent, subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings. The scientifically designed pheromone based fragrance provides you with one of the most precious and powerful forces of nature ‘Lure” is working for you.  Not a mere perfume, but a sexual signalling aroma based on the chemistry of the attractant alpha androstenol.”

BOSO’s Trick To Keep You Going And Going!

Sex doesn’t last as long as we think it does and when we’re considering the idea of sex – there’s very much an element of Keeping Up with the Joneses.

By that I mean that when it comes to the depictions of sex in popular culture, media and entertainment, and even pornography anyone would incorrectly assume that everyone else’s sex lasts for hours and hours.

Well – here’s the facts.

Firstly, I’m going to point out that there’s a difference between foreplay and sex. By all means, foreplay can last for hours, but when we mention ‘sex’ within this review, I’m specifically referring to penis in the ass or vagina.

How long should sex really last?

Now – for the facts.

According to a Canadian study in 2008 the idea of ‘adequate intercourse’ was listed as lasting from anywhere between three to seven minutes. This doesn’t include the act of foreplay, oral sex and exploring each other’s bodies (where this can indeed last for hours) but 3-7 minutes of actual cock pounding penetration.

Study makes specific note that this doesn’t include foreplay, female orgasms, and non-heterosexual pairings.

3-7 minutes sex doesn’t sound like a lot does it?

Well, that’s the average. In fact, there’s a few other studies which indicates that a lot of people, in particular women, find that sex lasting longer than 13 minutes can become painful and irritating.

Study and reports on this finding doesn’t indicate whether there’s a change of position, whether there’s lubricant involved. Or any other secondary factors to consider.

Long story short

When it comes to sexual expectations, a lot of people don’t consider the average amount of time it takes to have sex and therefore there’s a lot of pressure on men to perform.

And short of using things like Fleshlights and masturbation toys to train us to last longer.

There’s not a real lot we can do.

Or… is there?

There are actually a wide variety of products on the market that are designed to help men last longer.  Big money is there in this industry as it preys upon the vulnerable that feel inadequate that their sex isn’t lasting as long as they’d like.

lure pheromones for sex
woman taking her dress off

Some of these products don’t work – so how can you separate the good and the bad?

Well, that’s where Boss Homme Delay Spray comes in.

Firstly, I’d like to thank them for the product which they have provided in exchange for an honest and open review.  I’ve never been a fan of sex performance enhancing products. It’s hard to know whether they work, whether it’s a placebo and what they’re actually doing to the body.

So I walked into writing this review a massive sceptic.

That’s not to say as a result of this review that there’s been a miraculous change.  I wouldn’t recommend anything else and this is the only product that I’m going to use forever and for always.  But I will say that through this review I have learnt some things.

Some great things, some not so great things, and some hilarious things.

Disclaimer: Sex was needed to fulfil this experiment.

Before we begin this review on lasting longer – I’d like to note that I’m not in a heterosexual relationship.  Length and duration of my sexual experiences is therefore different to the study.  I’m not going to discuss times, lengths and all that jazz in this review.

What I’m simply going to do is to examine the experience of using the product, in comparison to not using the product.

I had heard that there are many benefits using delay sprays.

Product Review

The first time that I used this product – I used it during some alone time.

I wanted to get the understanding of how it felt, how it worked, and what it was like before I used it during sex with my partner.  Having worked in a sex store before, and having used some testers, I was legitimately surprised about the lack of smell with this product.

There was no chemical smell, there was virtually no odour at all. So, I might just have overused it. Indeed, after putting on some of my favourite porn and starting to stroke.

I found myself struggling to keep it up because I couldn’t feel anything and I was horny and I wanted to be hard.  But there was absolutely no sensation and my body simply wanted to deflate my cock.

First lesson learned – it works, but don’t overuse it.

Curious, I tried a quick spray on the tongue.  Now it didn’t taste all that bad though I wouldn’t really recommend eating it.  But within seconds my tongue had become numb.

lure pheromones and Men's delay spray
Image: BOSO Homme Men’s Spray Bottle

After that experience I was kind of eager to try it with sex 

So waiting for the opportunity to arise, I let my partner know the situation, sprayed it on and waited a little while and then had a quick wash.

I was ready to go.

Sex was great, the pounding was great and we could definitely tell that I was lasting longer.  But there came a point in between changing positions, bringing out toys and what not where we were both like – this is great, but can we get some sleep?

That’s not to say that this moment of sexy time was forced.  We were definitely both in the mood, we were not exhausted, and we were horny.

I’m just saying even sex can go on for too long.

It did take a while to come, and when I did – I noticed that the orgasm wasn’t as great as it normally was.  I also noticed this when jacking off – but I was really working that one to achieve climax after over spraying.

Maybe that was a little to do with the time it took.  But I thought that the reduced sensation (and I used much less this time) resulted in a less than spectacular orgasm.

lure pheromones and Spray to delay premature ejaculation
Boso Homme Delay spray

I liked this product.

From the cute and discreet design on the bottle, to the way that it worked. I can definitely say that whilst I have it, I’ll use it every now and then.

It definitely calls for more experimenting, and I can guarantee that for guys that are a little quick off the mark then this will do the job. There are different ways to delay ejaculation.  BOSO HOMME men’s spray is definitely on of them.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed

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