Penis Enlargement Techniques

It will be accurate to say that a man is his penis. Different studies have come to confirm that penis size is to some extend linked to a man’s confidence with those with giant penises exhibiting more confidence than those with smaller ones. Other people argue that penis size is not really an issue and any size can fully satisfy women. That is a lie, because there is a whole difference between satisfaction and enjoyment; just because a woman enjoys sex doesn’t necessary mean that they are satisfied.  That sounds a bit philosophical but the point is, men all over the world have turned to penis enlargement and extension methods to elongate and add the girth of their penises.

As a result of the high demand, methods to realize this objective have been designed, and they include, among others the use of Boston pump¸ which are considered very effective. The effectiveness of any strategy actually lies in the problem at hand and the designed solution, and therefore, while pumps tend to work for some men, they may not render the same level of effectiveness if used by others. These tools are designed to create a vacuum in a glass or plastic cylindrical container that a penis is placed. The decrease of air in the container makes the penis swell, and if done consistently results in the multiplication of more cells which eventually results in penis size increase. With time, an individual attains permanent penis growth-it has scientifically been proven.

Penis extension is a process that takes time and calls for patience when using pumps. Note that they are not quick fixes, you are working towards finding a permanent solution to your penis size issues and therefore, you must exercise patience-don’t force it by using more pressure lest you injure yourself. If you are unsure on what product to go for, feel free to talk to your retailer.

Penis stretching devices are the perfect option for people who are not very happy with the size of their penis. These devices are extremely beneficial in boosting the length and girth of the penis, thus helping in providing you an improved sexual life. Penis Extension is the perfect place where you can get a solution to all your worries about having to deal with a small penis. This website offers various amazing devices and methods for penis stretching, such as, stretching, cock rings, penis pumps, pills, hanging, jelqing etc, which are extremely effective in enlarging your penis. Improving your sexual life is the ultimate aim of Penis Extension. Increased sexual pleasure for you and for your partner is what Penis Extension promises to offer.

Are you embarrassed about having a small penis? You don’t have to face this embarrassment any longer with the introduction of penis stretching devices, which help in making your penis longer. Men are extremely sensitive and concerned about the size of their penis because they feel that they are less sexually active and that they are unable to satisfy their partner while having sex if their penis size is small or bent.

People should be aware of the fact that he average size of the penis is between 3 to 5 inches, when it is not erect and 5 to 7 inches, when it is erect. You should be concerned about your penis if its size is less than 3 inches, when erect, because this is a medical condition, known as micropenis. A penis plays an extremely important role in a sexual relationship, but, understanding your partner’s desires is much more important than that. So, it is better that you talk to your partner about the size of your penis and decide a solution together.

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Penis Stretching

Penis stretching devices are the perfect option for treating your problem of having a small penis. These devices have been found to be extremely efficient. The basic principle on which these devices work is applying traction to the penis, which helps in stretching the penile tissue, which, in turn, makes your penis longer. These devices use gentle traction on the penis, but, consistent application of this traction helps in stretching the tissues of the penis and making it longer. Some of the major devices and methods that are used for stretching the penis are:

Penis Extenders

The penis extender is considered to be extremely effective in stretching your penis. This is attached to your penis for a fixed period of time. This device applies traction on the penis, which makes the cells in the penis expand, thus making it longer and wider.

Penis Pumps

Another device which is used for this purpose is a penis pump. These pumps help in drawing blood into the penis, thus helping in making it look larger, but, this lasts only for a temporary period of time. This device is considered to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. For more information read the penis pump buyer’s guide.


Jelqing is a very popular method which is used for stretching your penis and making it longer. This method helps in exercising the penis tissues with the aim of increasing the size of the penis permanently. Also known as milking, this process is done by wrapping the penis using your thumb and index finger when it is semi-erect and drawing them away from your body, which helps in drawing blood into your penis. Some people often mistake this process with masturbation, but, in reality, it is different from masturbation because this process is done to exercise the penis tissues and not for stimulation purposes.


Hanging is a method for making your penis long, but, this method is not usually recommended as it can prove to be harmful by resulting in conditions, such as nerve damage. This method involves hanging a weight to your penis for some amount of time and raising it in between to exercise your penis tissues and make it longer. Virtually the same principle as penis stretching but with weights rather than traction.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are also another extremely beneficial way to increase the size of your penis and for elongating the length of time before ejaculation. A cock ring should be placed at the base of the penis when it is semi-erect. When the penis reaches the point of erection, the cock ring will revert the blood back from the base of the penis, thus resulting in the penis becoming longer.

Pills and Ointments

Various pills, ointments and supplements are available in the market, which promise to make your penis longer, but, not all of them are effective. Products which contain natural ingredients are safe to use. Make sure you consult your doctor before consuming these pills or applying these ointments


Clamping is a method which helps in making your penis look longer. This device should be used very carefully because otherwise it can cause permanent damage to your penis. The device is clamped on the penis base.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Penis Stretching Devices

  • Penis stretching devices are definitely a better choice as compared to a penis enlargement surgery, which can be costly and risky. Some of the major advantages offered by the penis stretching devices are:
  • These devices are considered to be extremely safe to use and FDA has sad that less amount of risks are involved in using these devices.
  • The penis stretching devices are extremely easy to use, but, they should be used only for the recommended time.
  • These products are considered to be extremely effective and they have shown great results.
  • The stretching of the penis which results due to these devices tends to remain permanently.
  • These penis stretching devices are extremely helpful for people suffering from the problem of penis curvature.
  • Cost is a major advantage because penis stretching surgery can be extremely costly as compared to these penis stretching devices.
  • The penis stretching devices also have few disadvantages, such as, having to spend a lot of time and effort for this purpose. For better results, you have to wear these devices for long periods of time.

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