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The Pheromone Experiment!

The Pheromone Experiment!

Bottle of sex, magic attraction spray. There is a lot of names for pheromone infused scented sprays.

Also, a lot of myths. As of today, I’m going to be wearing one for 14 days, just to see the effects and put this whole myth to rest. After all what harm could to do to seem more attractive for the next 14 days. Everyone wants to feel more attractive and if this stuff works as, it says. I’m going to be a stud!

So, the good foundation for research is facts. So, I have done my back ground checks on what hormones do and what kind are effective. So, the difference between a hormone and a pheromone is that hormones are inside the brain and affect us internally, while a pheromone is something external. When its detected by the pheromone glad, it affects us internally. as it turns out there are 2 types of pheromones. Plant based and synthic human. The plant based is no different from essential oils. Like lavender oil. When we smell it. Even if we don’t like the smell, it triggers a response in our body’s.   s for the human based it dose the same thing but it’s a bit more effective.   s humans are naturally more
attracted to other humans. As it turns out wearing this won’t turn me into a sex god, but constant use will make my body to admit more sexually attractive pheromones. Kinda a way of telling everyone “i am here, I am ready to mate” without words. It potently will help me relax and inspire, confidence and rase
myself esteem. Only time will tell

I had a look at some of the ones we had in stock at Penrith. The hardest part was choosing. Clearly, I’m going for the more effective one. I set to work on looking at the ingredients. I’m no chemist so I picked the biggest word on the ingredients list and I looked up what it is and where it’s from. The only one I
could find out information for is LURE you & me. Chose this as it has a synthetic pheromone,  androsterone (an inactive male sex hormone produced by metabolism of testosterone). This is found in humans, truffles and pigs. Sounds funny but I found out pigs and humans have a lot in common (in a chemical sense).

To have a successful experiment we need 3 things: control (the constant in the experiment), variable (The things we change to see the results), and in independent variable (the thing we measure). My control is the spray and how many days I’ll be wearing it; my variables are the places I go and my independent variable will be my interactions with people. To get the best results out of this I’ll be living out my day-to-day life. Going to the shops, going to work and going out 1 night a week. With all that out the way let’s begin!



Day 1:  I found some people to be a bit friendlier, as in small talk at the super market or bus stop became more common.

Day 2: I found myself feeling a bit more confident. I found I was feeling more attractive in genral. Still the same people where easier to talk to.

Day 3: I found favors easier to ask of others. Everyone seemed to be more agreeable around me and listen to what I said a bit more.

Day 4: I can’t really see any more improvement from day 3 I feel like this has peaked for how other are
affected, as for myself. I just felt like it was easier to talk to other and like I wanted to meet people.

Day 5: I found myself actually wanting to meet someone. Thinking about how to achieve that. People
were their normal friendly selves. No one I noticed was all that flirty just all friendly and easy to talk to.

Day 6: I found my confidence was really high, I felt like I could talk to anyone about anything. I found a few people were side eyeing me but nothing more than that

Day 7: since day 3 I have been having constant dreams about meeting people. I didn’t think it was

related but these are reoccurring. For someone who doesn’t dream often, it’s strange. I also seem to be compelled to talk to others.

Day 8: I think this spray is affecting my own mental state then others, not really the point of wearing it,
it’s like its back firing. I find myself talking to others more. It’s strange for my personality. So, I did some
more looking into it. The spray does not make you more attractive to others. Science has not found that
pheromone in humans. Instead, it activates the social part of our brain and helps us to relax. I can see
how this can help us meet someone. Even after learning this, I’m going to continue my experiment.

Day 9: knowing that it doesn’t actually make me more attractive didn’t affect my confidence at all. I
really felt like I could talk to anyone. I even went out of my way to talk to people I normally wouldn’t

Day 10: I’m honestly getting sick of smell but I love how confident I feel, I even been sleeping a little better. I didn’t really go much this day so there wasn’t anything to report

Day 11: after wearing this around the family I live with I noticed that my dad has become a lot chattier,
mum too. I can see how this can help you talk to someone you spend time around but never really talk

Day 12: I headed out to the local club with my friends, after spraying it on them I noticed that even our mate who doesn’t talk often was talking to lots of people. He was talking to love of people and even met a nice girl who he exchanged numbers with him. It was a nice change of pace for him

Day 13: after spending sometime around the local lake someone started to talk to me and we talked for hours. Ended in exchanging numbers and plans to meet again

Day 14: these 2 weeks flew by fast; I actually feel a lot better talking to people. I find with my new found
confidence it’s easier to make people laugh. I feel little happier and just enjoy social settings more than I
did before


the spray didn’t turn me into some kind of super hunk, I didn’t become more attractive. Neither did it increase others interests in me. It did how ever make me feel more confident. They do say confidence makes you more attractive. So, if you’re the kind of person that struggles to talk someone, you’re interested in. This is defiantly for you. Using it will not make you the sexiest person in the room but will make you feel that way, it’s up to you how you use it. I really believe others to try it from themselves. After all only way we grow is to try something new!

Gauge is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores….

Sex Toys For Men!

This one’s for the boys out there, I’ll let you in on a little secrete. Sex toys for men are not just all about women! There are toys out there for boys. I’m not just talking things to help you keep an erecting. I’m talking about toys that stimulate the penis and the prostate.  a study showed that only 44% of Heterosexual males use sex toys and 64% of gay or other males have. This is due to the stigma around male sex toys. Your personal pleasure dose not define your sexuality. Only you can do that. There is nothing wrong with adding a sex toy into your masturbation. While yes, we all know we can use your hand but there is a difference. It’s like the difference between manual tools and power tools. While manual tools can do the same job, power tools get the job done a lot better than most manual tools. Some male toys can even help you last longer in the bed room. Men disserve pleasure as well. Toys just make it more fun

Now before we talk about what kind of toys are out there let’s talk about hygiene and lube. This is really important for men because the right kind of lube can make a world of difference. As the male penis doesn’t have its own self-lubricating system. I’ve heard a lot of guys say they just use spit. That’s just unhygienic. A thick Jelle like water-based lube is the one I always suggest for men. It being quite thick means it lasts a lot longer. Now cleaning the toy is also super important. Not just as a way to not be gross but as a way to keep the toy alive longer! When you clean and store the toy in the proper way. It stops the silicone from breaking down or getting moldy. Nobody wants that. When cleaning the toy make sure to always use a body safe soap or sex toy cleaner. This will prevent any skin irritation. Nobody wants that in there down stairs area. This also helps to keep the toy alive a lot longer. As the seaman will destroy this quality of the silicone if you just leave it there. When drying the toy. This is just as important. Make sure to use a clean dry cloth. A lot of people use paper towel. This would work great if it didn’t leave little bits of paper towel all though the toy. That stuff is a pain to get out of toys and off surfaces. Like all toys when you are done drying it with cloth or towel. Rember too leaves it to air dry as well. This will help with the moisture that the cloth or towel just couldn’t get. Finally. Before putting toy back in the draw or box where ever you store your toy. Get some fresh powder to keep moister from building inside the toy. If you don’t have any of that some corn flower will do as well! This will keep toy super soft and alive for a lot longer.

Now we got past the most important part of owning a toy. Let’s talk about the different types. The main types are known as

Pocket pussies: silicone sleave like toys normally with a vagina on the end, they typically come with ribbed on the inside to feel as close to a vagina as possible. this has a closed end to feel as close to a vagina as possible.

Sleaves: these are toys are opened ended tubes of silicone come with ribs and bumps to add extra stimulation for more fun. The open end makes clean up easier

Flesh lights: this is more than just a brand; this is a type of male toy. They typically have a solid outside and a soft silicone center. The hard shell actually adds extra stimulation. It helps creates a suction type stimulation.

Male vibrators: these come in all shapes and sizes. They can target the tip or even the whole penis with powerful vibrations. Some even come hands free. So, no effort at all! Some even stimulate the balls instead of the penis.

Male sex machines: also known as automatic male masturbaters. some machines move back and forth, doing all the work for you! Others have auto beads in them that swirl around your penis as you move back and forth!

Prostate toys: the p spot is like the g-spot for men these toys are made to directly stimulate the prostate, some vibrate, some tap, some rotate and others just put pressure on the prostate helping increase orgasm intensity.

Now while these toys add extra stimulation to your personal time and feel amazing. There are even ways to take it even further! Here are just 4 tips to add some more fun to your sex life.

  1. Try different positions: if you been masturbating in the same position for all your life. Try it in it a different position. Try standing, kneeling or even thrusting your own hips into the air. Mix it up. You might like it more than you think
  2. Play with grip and speed: why have the same thing every time. Mix it up try softer grip or even slower strokes. It’s not always about the orgasm. Even try putting on a condom to add some more texture
  3. Try edging: no better way to have an explosive orgasm then edging. Before you reach orgasm, take a break. Let it soften up a little. Then start masturbating again. Repeat these 3 to 4 times and you’ll find the orgasm to be more intense!
  4. Add a partner: toys both male and female are not always meant to be used alone. Our partner likes to pleasure us to. So bust out your toy and let them use it on you! Not only will it be more fun for you. But your partner will have fun giving you pleasure

Rember to always mix it up when it comes to even your personal time. Always to keep it interesting and explore because that’s the best way to grow and learn what you enjoy.

How to have a MMF without including another Male

Fantasies can be tricky subjects especially with something like How to have a MMF when you have a long term partner who might not be as sexually inclined as what you would be. Sometimes if they are not as sexually experienced or sexually mature, your requests to try not so common things can come off as either an attack or something that might be ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’ to your partner. This tends to be a common theme when women ask their partners (most of the time they struggle to muster up the courage because they don’t want their partner to think that they want to cheat on him) to have a threesome that includes another male joining her and her male partner, making it a Male Male Female (MMF) threesome. This idea also plays on the sexual fantasy of Double Penetration which is a female being penetrated both vaginally and anally simultaneously. But how do you fulfil this fantasy when your partner doesn’t want to invite another male into the bedroom? There are a few things you can do to actually substitute the additional male out (although it won’t be the actual fantasy, this solution is a lot better than nothing at all). By substituting another person for multiple different positions and toys, you can actually have more fun for yourself and your partner. So here are a few steps you can take and/or do to get you close to fulfilling the fantasy without another man marching all up on your partner’s masculine territory.


First things first, you have to communicate to your partner about your fantasy. This might be a tough conversation depending on who you choose to lay with. If you have experienced issues in the past when it comes to being open and communicating, then it might be best to really consider if this is the right person for you (Why do you want to be with someone who won’t even hear you out?). However, if you are with someone who is open to listening to you communicate then the first option would be to sit down and express to them what your fantasy is. It is super important in this conversation that you reassure him that it’s not about emotionally involving another man into the equation but rather the physical aspect. Explain that he is more than enough and that this has just always been a one off fantasy. By reassuring your partner that he is more than enough and he provides you with all the pleasure you need, this will heap him hopefully come to a decision to consider inviting another male into the bedroom. Also if he isn’t so comfortable with the idea and says he isn’t interested in doing it, he doesn’t walk away with a bitter taste in his mouth thinking that he isn’t good enough. In the case of the later option, this is where you can bring in a whole bunch of toys to substitute and fulfil.

As we all know, toys are a comrade for men rather than a competitor. They are designed to help increase pleasure for both partners and often help women reach climax. So what type of toys can you introduce to give you that MMF feeling? Well there are 2 different options that I would recommend.


A double penetration dildo (Please see image for visual recognition). This toy is great for the exact same rhythm that the penis is doing when it comes to anal penetration. How it works is, it is held in place by 2 rings (One goes around the testicles and the other goes around the shaft of the penis). The dildo actually sits comfortably between the shaft of the penis and the testicles. It will move with your body when you thrust, giving the exact same motion of when you insert your penis. There are a vast amount of different positions you can use this toy with including the usual missionary, cowgirl and doggy. To really add pleasure to the experience, have a clitoral stimulator working the clitoris at the same time.

Suction cup dildo’s have always been an amazing addition to any single or couples toy collection. Reason being is that they are the closest toy that can simulate the real thing, especially when you’re using it on walls for doggy or on chairs for cow girl. How can you include it for your MMF experience? By using it on the glass you can either give the dildo oral whilst your partner pounds from behind, you can use the dildo anally whilst your partner is holding you up thrusting from the front vaginally. Switching up the different variants are very fun when it comes to involving both the dildo and your partner.


These 2 options are fantastic if your partner does not want to include another Male. However, they can also be used if you’ve wanted to experience a multi-person gang bang also. Make sure to always look for ways to increase your pleasure. Have fun!

AJ is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores

How To Make Yourself Last Longer During Lockdown

last longer during lockdown

What do most men do in their spare time? Masturbate and everyone wants to take the opportunity to Last Longer During Lockdown. We all know as men, that if you have the house to yourself or we are sitting down for a profuse amount of time either procrastinating or doing nothing, our mind starts to wonder and we start to fantasize. We start to get horny which generally leads to us chasing a little dopamine hit by masturbating. However, over the course of our life, most men masturbate as quickly as they can so that they can 1. Get that sweet dopamine hit straight away and 2. Get it over and done with so no one awkwardly interrupts them (Either though the thrill of getting caught is pretty hot). Without even realising it, this simple act of trying to get it over and done with quickly, becomes a habit that can severely hinder how we perform in the bedroom. Ejaculating as soon as you get aroused becomes a habit, which becomes a problem.


A major theme that COVID has taught the majority of humanity is to slow down and to embrace the moment, to appreciate your downtown and to use your spare time to better yourself. So how can you use your spare time to improve your sex life and conquor your bad relationships with ejaculating pre maturally? It’s simple. These methods that I am going to provide you will help you without having to spend a single dollar. They will also give you a long term solution rather than just put a bandaid on it for now (The problem with the bandaid solutions as it makes you overthink, especially when you want to have spontaneous sex and the bandaid is no there). So here they are:


less but masturbating for longer periods: One of the most powerful things in this world is the power of self discipline. Being able to control your mind and body can lead you to do some great things and in this case.. Have some great sex! By cutting down the amount of times that you masturbate and picking and choosing when you do, this sends a signal to your mind that you are in charge of your urges. You will not be a slave to your sexual desires. This in itself will play a big role in your ability to control your climax and ejaculation. Why should you masturbate for longer periods of time? Well this all comes back to habit. By slowing down your mastubation process, edging yourself and playing with yourself for a solid 15-20 minutes at a time, for a minimum of 3 month period, will teach your body and your mind that in order to ejaculate; you will need prolonged stimulation. This one habit in itself will play a big role in helping you conquer quickness in the bedroom.

Mantak Chia’s method

Shower scrub method: Mantak Chia is one of the worlds best spiritual teachers especially when it comes to the area of masculine sexuality. In his interview with Brian Rose from London Real, he discusses that in order for men to last longer, we must give our penis constant stimulation to get ourselves used to the feeling. To really feel into our bodies. The best way he explains to do this is, whilst in the shower you have to pull your penis in a downward motion 50 times from the base to the tip of the shaft. Then upwards 50 times in the same motion. To the left 50 times and to the right 50 times. By doing this everyday for 3 months. This will begin to program the mind and the body to sustain continuous amounts of pleasure. The shower scrub method isn’t for the faint hearted. This method is great for men who are not circumcised. See your foreskin actually protects the penis head making it more sensitive. Those men who are circumcised are constantly having their penis head desensitized because it is rubbing up against the underwear all day long. The best way to desentize the penis head is whilst in the shower, get a body scrubber and slowly for 2-3 minutes twist it on the head of the penis. Do not do this hard however do it with enough pressure that you can feel it. By doing this everyday for 3 months you will notice a difference.


The pull out method

One of the oldest tricks in the book. The pull out method if you don’t want to do point 1 and 2, if applied right… will never fail you! So this method is used when you’re having intercourse or in the middle of foreplay. You’re getting too excited and heated, instead of ejaculating. You pull out. You bring all the attention back to your partner. Continuing to stimulate them. Continuing to arouse them. Whilst your body slowly calms back down. What this will also do is showcase that you are a generous lover and you aren’t just about your own pleasure. It shows that you can hold your urges and have enough self control to prolong your ejaculation.


Using affirmations

The power of affirmations have been promoted for years and all across the globe. Constantly telling yourself a thought will soon implant it into your subconscious and then showcase through your actions. A few great affirmations to say every single day to yourself will help you in the bedroom without even realising it:

  • I am able to always control my ejaculation

  • I am able to have amazing sex for long periods of time

  • I am surging with sexual energy and testosterone

  • I am amazing at pleasing my partner and giving them the pleasure they deserve

  • I am a sexually confident male


These 4 methods if applied and completed consistently will not only supercharge your confidence but they will prolong your ejaculation which ultimately will allow you to perform better in the bedroom and please your partner for longer periods of time. I think that is a win-win for both parties.


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A Beginners Guide to Cleaning and Caring for your Sex Toys

Part 2 – Sex Toy Cleaning Continued

Moving on to electronic toys, now there’s not going to be boiling of any kind with these toys for obvious reasons so generally the route you’ll want to go down for cleaning these toys is the ‘rinse then use a toy cleaner’ one as previously discussed. Although you have to be careful with the whole ‘putting an electronic underwater’ thing because you might end up voiding the warranty or maybe even electrocuting yourself (depending on what kind of toy you’re trying to clean). Just about all of your electronic toys will come with an IPX rating, this indicates the level of waterproofing the toy is equipped with the most popular IPX ratings for toys are as follows; IPX7 is completely submersible in water upto 1 metre deep for a maximum of 30 minutes, going down a level we have IPX6 which is protected against a high pressure water stream from any angle so similar to IPX7 you can very easily wash off after use. Next we have IPX4 which is splashproof, so again fine for rinsing off your toy but be sure to avoid the charging port, IPX0-3 have even less water protection than this and you should read the cleaning instructions very carefully before using the toy for the first time. Although it’s important to note that most toys with an IPX rating lower than IPX4 will have a removable portion that is non-electronic for easier cleaning. Overall, make sure to be following the manufacturers recommended cleaning for any electronic toy, especially those with an IPX rating lower than 6.


Now onto something a good bit more complex, masturbators (both electronic and not) will generally require a more intricate cleaning routine than your average vibe (insertable or not) due to both their design as well as the materials used to create that supple realistic skin texture.

Some masturbators are made of a silicone, these are generally electronic and don’t involve any type of sleeve or lifelike material, so you’re able to clean them in an identical manner to a regular vibe.

Any type of masturbator that is or has a very soft non-structured sleeve, such as any Fleshlight, will need to be cleaned very thoroughly to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow. After use, first flush the toy out with some water to remove the excess lube and ejaculate, then remove the sleeve from any casing and flip the sleeve inside out. After doing this, rinse with water once again to remove the remaining lube and ejaculate, once the only liquid on your toy is water, allow to dry (still flipped inside out) until only slightly damp. Next spray a toy cleaner, I recommend using one that is foaming to allow for it to more easily get within all the grooves of the materials texture. After the toy is covered in this wait for it to dry fully (it is essential you don’t start the next step on a toy with any moisture on it). Once completely dry sprinkle refresh powder over the toy (pro tip: these powders are generally 100% corn starch), make sure to cover all surfaces including the entrance then shake so all excess powder is removed, leaving only a thin layer. After this is all done, flip the sleeve back and situate it within its case (if it has one), and then put the unit away for storage.


If the soft sleeve of the toy IS structured, like that of the Svakom Alex and Alex Neo, you won’t be able to flip it for cleaning but the tunnel of the sleeve will generally be a fair amount wider and shorter so cleaning remains fairly similar, minus the flipping obviously. You also have masturbators like those from Tenga, that instead of a removable sleeve you are able to just open for easy cleaning, with these follow the same original steps, minus the removal and flipping of the sleeve.

Now the truly difficult toys to clean are your bigger toys made primarily of a lifelike material such as TPE, a lot of these toys will be life size replicas of portions of the female or male body, such as the pubic or chest areas and you won’t be able to remove a sleeve at all, plus the tunnel and entrance will both be very narrow (stretching only during use) so cleaning these is very hard to get right and very easy to fuck up. As with all toys, washing these before using them is paramount to your intimate hygiene.

Madison is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores

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