The Single Life – Free and Easy!

Young, free and single!  Being single is awesome. Yes they are the days when you thank god you are living the single life with no responsibilities or dramas to deal with each day. But deep down everyone wants that partner to spend there time with. There is just some things in life that being single limits you to or just isn’t quite the same without that another half.

Sex was always one of my main problems with being single. I had mentally drilled into myself that sex was about two or more people. And only having a partner was the only way I could have they types of pleasures especially in that department.

How Wrong I Was About The Single Life

Yes you do miss out on the little things like the cuddles, the kisses and the holding hands down the road with them by your side.

But i have now been single for around 6 months. For me instead of feeling sorry for myself and going out on the hunt for mister right I have used this time to discover and explore myself with my hands. Or even what sex toys that I can use to satisfy myself solo.

I feel its my time for being selfish and figure out how to pleasure myself

Before i can allow someone else to join in.  A lot of  people I have found recently have this fear of actually exploring there own bodies.

Its like they feel a shamed or guilty for being able to make yourself achieve an orgasm.  Problem is if they could just shake off that feeling and come out there comfort zones they would realize how empowering and exciting it can be.

There is no better feeling of release when you can finally give yourself your first orgasm its such an explosion of satisfaction.

Don’t get me wrong for some people especially women it can take a lot of practice.  Figuring out what area or areas can give you an orgasm and ejaculate.

How can you make your other half make you reach your climax if you yourself are unsure how to?

Its all about failing and learning. Not everyone is the same. So this is why its important on figuring out what works best for you and don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t find it start away.

Another problem that came up for listening around were couples in a relationship not being open with each other. Or wanting to hurt there other half feelings by explaining to one another on what works for them in the bedroom.

Sex together should always be about trust, honesty and feeling comfortable enough to open up.

Did you know that 60% of women don’t climax during sex. Most will cover this up by not speaking up about what pleasures them or they just do the simple thing of faking an orgasm hoping this pleases there partners.

This sadly can lead to a boring and unsatisfying sex life and lets be serious no one ever wants that.

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Maybe sit down one night and speak about what each others willing to try and also what limits they are. Having limits is never a bad thing it just gives you a boundary and this will also add to the trust between one another.

Going to a sex shop and finding out information was a massive help for me.

It also opened my eyes up to being able to masturbate solo and also how the toys could be changed into a couples sex toy later down the track.

Doing a bit of research online also opened my eyes up to what type of styles could work for me and my body. It also showed me that am not alone with certain problems i thought i having but was actually a very common problem.

the single life and sex toys
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Sex Toys for Everyone!!

Most  women experience orgasm through stimulating their clitorises rather than penetrating their vaginas. Its harder for a women’s g spot to played with while sex so most women prefer having oral sex.

With males it can be a lot easier to orgasm through both intercourse and oral. But what some don’t actually know is that a man’s g spot (or also called p spot) is up there anus at there prostate. Problem with this especially with heterosexual men that they get so put of the idea due to feeling a bit gay, which in my eyes is a horrible way to look at it.

Studies have shown that prostate stimulation can make a male orgasm up to 33% more intense, which means a lot of you are missing out. Another amazing fact about stimulating your prostate is that it can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

So tell me what’s gay about that!!

It is time for everyone to start exploring solo or with a partner

Stop being so afraid of trying new things. It’s time to see what new adventures you can figure out about you or your partner’s bodies that you never knew could be possible.

Find the ultimate collection of sex toys for singles at the adult lifestyle center adult shops.

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