Handsfree Orgasm – Look No Hands!!

Remember those businessmen in the mid 2000’s that ALWAYS had those annoying bluetooth earpieces? They might’ve been onto something. Getting the job done with just the touch of a button? Their hands are free to do other things? They were living the dream before we even knew what the dream was! While it may have taken a few years, the sex toy industry has recently perfected handsfree and so an handsfree orgasm is easier than ever. 

Technology they’ve created is bound to make those usually lackluster solo sessions both more fun, but also much easier on the forearms.

In this article, expect sex toys for everyone, regardless of what’s in their pants.

Take Charge of Your Handsfree Orgasm

Fun Factory – Stronic Line

Starting off with the big names, please give a warm welcome to the Fun Factory Stronics. Utilising magnets – yes, magnets – to replicate some pretty realistic thrusting, the various Stronic products can be used completely handsfree.

Completely waterproof, and available in a few different shapes, colours, and styles to satisfy all your cravings, the Stronic line like the bi-stronic fusion has earned its place amongst sex toy royalty. From Adultsmart, this product can be yours for only $290. To invest in your pleasure, and to save yourself the trouble of using your hands for anything at all, pick up the Stronic today!

handsfree orgasm
SHOP ONLINE: Funfactory

Svakom – Alex

This ones for the people with wangs. While I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seriously used the word ‘wang’, I would seriously use the Svakom Alex every damn day.

While visually comparable to a Nutri-Bullet, the Alex is a self thrusting masturbator made with every fantasy in mind. The Alex has earned it’s place in a few articles I’ve written before.  Similar to the aforementioned Stronic Line, and I feel I summarised it’s impressive abilities and features pretty well.  

The Alex sports a multitude of thrusting speeds, patterns, and compatible sounds that you can enjoy by just plugging in a pair of headphones. There’s no shame in going hands free, and this toy makes it very easy (and very enticing!). If you’re the kind of person that loves being pampered, this toy should be your next pick up.

People who have used this toy speak VERY highly of it, and for good reason, so swing by your local sex shop, and go handsfree with the Svakom Alex today!

We-Vibe – Chorus

Chrous is definitely something to sing about. The latest and greatest of We-Vibes wearable vibrators, the Chorus has a smorgasbord of functions and features bound to make your alone (or together!) time a bit more magical.

Featuring two motors, complete submersibility, and an innovative remote control with squeeze control (it’s as cool as it sounds), the toy touts everything you could want and more in a toy.

It also flexes the ability to create completely personalised vibration patterns inside the compatible ‘We-Connect’ app. This solo sex toy can be used with a partner, or anywhere in between, as the toy can be controlled remotely with the app from anywhere in the world.  But because of the personalised vibrations you can let take charge, this toy is perfect to go completely hands free. 

For the buying portion of this, you’re going to need to use your hands.

Swing by your local sex shop and grab one of these toys, or ask the experienced and polite staff for a hand in finding your perfect toy. After that, however, head home, dim the lights, and go completely hands free in your pleasure.

These toys are premium examples of taking pleasure into your own hands, and then letting the well designed toys take you to another level.

Take your time, have fun, and go hands free!

Womans orgasm face

Build Your Ultimate Orgasm Like A Supernova

We-Vibe Nova is a rabbit vibrator made by a very popular adult company named Standard Innovation Corporation which is located in Canada who specialise in the creation of powerful women’s and couple’s sex toys.

We-Vibe Nova is a unique step in the right direction towards a rabbit vibrator that can fit almost every woman’s anatomy. This is because We-Vibe have tried something different with the Nova. Unlike most rabbit vibrators, where the clitoral vibrator ‘reaches’ for the clitoris.  The clitoral stimulator on Nova bends to apply constant stimulation to the clitoris, even when thrusting with the sex toy.

Overall, the general thought process of the Nova is spot on.

You typically can’t thrust with a dual vibrator without constant disturbance of the clitoral stimulator.  Where the clitoral arm actually parts from the clitoris and sometimes slams back on when you thrust all the way back in.

This is why I tend to go for two separate sex toys when considering what I should buy. Since they are not connected, you can move both sex toys to exactly where you want them in any way you like.

We-Vibe Nova is a perfectly ‘average’ sized dual stimulator.

The idea of the Nova is that you have complete freedom to do as you wish with it.  Thrust, grind, whatever – the clitoral arm has been designed to stay put with a firm fit. And it does.

But that’s also (funnily enough) part of my biggest problem with the We-Vibe Nova. Its clitoral arm stays put so much so that it puts an awful lot of pressure onto the clitoris – especially if you want to fully insert the toy.

The arm has to bend all the way down towards the shaft.  It actually hurts to do it on my hand let alone having that much pressure on my clit.

handsfree orgasm
We Vibe Nova Rabbit vibrator with bendable clitoral arm

I do acknowledge that the concept of this sex toy is fantastic.

Main thing to consider when buying this sex toy

Personal preference. Some questions you should ask yourself when considering whether you would like to buy this toy.

  • Do you like direct stimulation to the clitoris, as opposed to all over vulva/clitoral stimulation?
  • If you like to apply pressure to your clitoris?
  • Do you like short length toys as opposed to deeper internal massaging?

It literally comes down to personal preference.

If you love those three things (which a lot of people do!!), I can guarantee you won’t be able to find a better sex toy on the market to suit your needs.

You can’t handle pressure on your clitoris?  If you find direct stimulation overstimulating or need a sex toy with a longer length?  Nova most likely won’t agree with your body.

Which brings me to my next point

Due to the clitoral arm bending the way it does, the maximum amount of insertable length of the We-Vibe Nova is 3.1 inches which is really not much at all.

Clitoral arm has a width of 1.1 inches. Whilst it is a G-Spot sex toy, half of the shaft on the sex toy is not usable.  Shaft is also only 1.3 inches in girth which is on the thin side.  Again, these are both qualities that people ask for every day.

A sex toy on the smaller side is exactly what a lot of people are looking for.

Yet again, the preference in size is a major decider on whether you are going to enjoy this sex toy. It’s control pad and handle is the exact same as LELO’s INA and MONA waves.

Entire sex toy (except for the magnetic charging point) is silicone and it has the same interface to change the functions. It is also 100% waterproof making is easy to clean and safe for some fun in the tub as it can be safely submerged in water.

One thing that REALLY impressed me with the We-Vibe Nova

As well as the other new vibrator in We-Vibes new range, Rave, is that it can connect to the We-Connect application just the same as the We-Vibe 4 Plus! This means I can use my Samsung Mobile or even an Apple Mobile to run the application. I thought this was super super cool.

We now have a vibrator with the same unique features as the 4 Plus, where couples can connect from anywhere in the world. From speaking to our sales representative and researching online, I’ve also found out that one phone application can connect to all three sex toys at once.

By that I mean you can have a Rave, a Nova and a We-Vibe 4 Plus connected to any one application (if you own all three of course) and choose which one you would like to control at any given time.

I LOVE We-Vibe and what they have done with this.

This function makes it a super unique addition to our range of sex toys and is a big selling point. On the app, there is also several more vibration functions that aren’t included on the interface “built in” modes on the sex toy, as well as the ‘create your own’ option.

A rabbit vibrator by We-Vibe handsfree orgasm
Image: We-Vibe Nova
  • Actual vibrations of the We-Vibe Nova are very powerful and rumbles pleasantly.
  • If you need to back off on the power you can fine tune your own strength on the app.
  • As with all We-Vibe products are made from high quality silicone.
  • Nova is 100% body safe.
  • It is free from phthalates, latex and BPA.
  • USB rechargeable via a magnetic clip on the front.
  • Can fully charge in 90 minutes for 2 hours of play, which is pretty awesome.
  • Nova will also smartly let you know when its batteries are going empty.  It has a low power alert indicator which flashes above the interface on the toy itself when on low power.
  • Nova doesn’t want to disappoint you in the heat of the moment.
  • Comes with a really nice silky storage bag to protect itself from the dreaded lint attacks, it comes with an instruction manual and 1 year warranty.

Nova’s vibrations are supported by 2 motors

One in the clitoral arm and one in the main shaft which provide 10 unique different vibration modes.  Nova is also compatible with the We-Vibe app, meaning you can make your own vibration patterns with it or play around with it with your partner.

2 motors means twice the fun and even more ways to play with these patterns too, you can choose whether or not you have both motors on or either motor singularly.

While the We-Vibe Nova may look elegant and innocent its vibrations are anything but. Deep, rumbly and intensely satisfying, We-Vibe haven’t skimped out on making sure that the vibrations which made the ‘Tango’ and ‘Touch’ great have been integrated into their new generation of vibrators.

One note to make is on the highest vibration setting the clitoral arm tends to be a little buzzy but the Nova is powerful enough that most people are happier using a lower setting.

handsfree orgasm

So overall, I do really really like the We-Vibe Nova.

I think it could be improved by making another Nova “2” with a less “stiff” (for want of a better word) clitoral arm so you don’t have to apply so much pressure to your clitoris. I think the We-Vibe Nova’s coolest asset is that it also connects to the We-Connect application.

What I think you need to consider before purchasing

Whether you would like direct clitoral stimulation, pressure on your clitoris and whether you like the length or girth of sizeable sex toys.

  • If you have answered yes, you really won’t find a better fit for your body.
  • If no, the We-Vibe Nova most likely won’t be for you.

I’m confident that there is going to be a lot of people out there who are going to love the design of this sex toy and really appreciate the clitoral arm.

They are going to be the people who see it and think:

“Yes! Finally, someone has created exactly what I’ve been asking for.”

Effortless Use

This sex toy’s beautifully elegant design really does allow for effortless use, as the Nova bends to accommodate you instead of you having to change for it.

Its flexible clitoral arm has just the right amount of give to allow it to move with your body.  But also the right amount of firmness and stability to stay in place during use. The Nova is an incredibly firm sex toy that isn’t particularly squishy at all which could be a negative for some users.

If this was lined up next to a bunch of conventional rabbit vibrators it would look wholly out of place for all the right reasons.  Sleek, non-representational, slim and body-safe, the Nova puts many of the other hopping bunnies to shame.

Of course no sex toy can cater to every user

We-Vibe definitely comes close to making a duel vibrator that does.

Sleek, gorgeous, innovative clit arm and many more amazing features makes this a complete package. The only downsides I could see is that it isn’t squishy enough.

That could be a positive though, it just depends on your preferences.  There might be a minority of people out there that isn’t compatible with this device but other than that this brilliant sex toy deserves a place in collection.

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