What Everyone Ought To Know About the Bi Stronic Fusion

The Bi Stronic Fusion is a female vibrator made by a high end, adult sex toy company Fun Factory located in Germany.  Fun Factory is known for producing curvy, soft, sexy, funny, smart, firm vibrators for all the right places.

Bi Stronic Fusion is a Revolutionary Sex Toy.

Not just a vibrator but a pulsator that does something special……..it thrusts!  Seeing it shake in my hand back and forth just makes me excited.

Out of the few vibrators I have reviewed so far none has had this type of technology.  Fun Factory really has the revolutionary technology. 

Now I don’t believe all vibrators should thrust.  But that’s only to keep some variety and options for those who are crazy enough not to adore this ‘mid-sized beauty’s’ amazing unique feature.

Bi Stronic Fusion Thrusts AND Vibrates

How does the main shaft thrust while clitoral arm vibrates at the same time?

I’m so glad you asked… voice in my head, well this ‘rabbit-type’ toy has two different sections—an internal shaft and a clitoral arm.

Combining technologies the internal shaft pulsates, thrusting back and forward during use, whereas the clitoral arm vibrates.  It also reminds me of a sex machine, you know those big ones that take a whole room to set up.

Those types of sex machines that you see in a movie.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is a handheld vibrator for only a partial cost of a sex machine.

Hopefully, that makes sense.  If not then all you need to know is they are separate from each other meaning many different combinations of vibrations and pulsation are available.

64 to be exact.

bi stronic fusion fun factory vibrator
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Bi Stronic Fusion – Features

How is anyone supposed to be able to easily control the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion which has 64 different combinations?

Fear not the Bi Stronic Fusion is very simple to use.

Just press and hold the ‘fun’ button to turn the toy on.  From there one button sifts through the patterns of the clitoral arm.  Where the other controls the pulsating internal shaft.

It’s as simple as holding the ‘fun’ button for a few seconds to lock in your favourite combination.

There is a Travel Lock

You can also travel lock the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion by pressing and holding the ‘fun’ and top button.  For unlocking it just do the same but instead of the top button, it’s the bottom.

A G-Spot Vibrator

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion has a G-Spot vibrator that curves gently upwards.  It’s tip also has a gentle bendable curve that you can massage and change the pressure on your g-spot.  Without having to worry that you will hurt yourself.

It will bend with your body and with your motions creating a more personal experience.

A Clitoral Arm

It looks like a stingray jumping out of the water at the Sydney Aquarium and trying to fly. That’s honestly the best way I can describe the clitoral arm.  The wings are not only for show.

It helps spread the area of stimulation to cover the labia as well as the clitoris from the powerful ‘clitoral-labia arm’.  This is great especially if you enjoy your mound being stimulated all at the one time.

I like this feature because everyone has different type’s of stimulation points and this will help for a well-rounded area.

Fun Factory Bi stronic fusion Range
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

What is the Bi Stronic Fusion Made Of?

This soft yet firm vibrator is made from high quality silicone and ABS plastic making it phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe.

Since it is non-porous, bacteria can easily be cleaned off the sex toy after each use with some soapy water.  The material reacts great to lubricants and is definitely recommended for a more intense session.

We recommend using SuperSlyde lubrication.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion shape, size, and design are perfect

From the subtle curves and slight folds in the silicone for ribbed pleasure to the perfectly tilted bulge on the end.  This allows the device to make the g-spot sing with a loud thank you for buying the Bi Stronic.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

A sex toy that gives pulsation and vibration options, strong duel action stimulation.  Constantly pleases the g-spot, easy to use and does all of this while looking and feeling amazing.

Revolution and innovation at its finest.

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Range New Techology
Bi Stronic Fusion

Sex Toys That Are Super Stronic!

Fun Factory is a German adult company who has made a range of sex toys that use stronic technology.  The sex toys are bold, colourful with innovative stronic features.

Fun Factory take risks with their products and it truly pays off with their rather impressive range of sex toys. There is literally something for everyone.

They have rabbits like Miss Bi, Lady Bi and Tiger G5.  Also have ribbed sex toys like Patchy Paul.  They have anal sex toys like Boosty and Booty.  As well as Kegel balls!

Buts what’s most impressive is their Fun Factory Stronic Range.

Bi Stronic Fusion Actually Is Revolutionary

Unlike most “revolutionary” toys coming onto the market, it’s actually as amazing as it claims to be.

There are currently four toys in the Stronic line – Bi Stronic Fusion, Stronic Zwei, Stronic Drei and Stonic Eins.

For those of you who don’t know – the Stronic range pulsates instead of vibrating like standard toys.  If you do know about the Stronic range, you either have one, or have one of your wishlist as a must try.

How Does the Bi Stronic Fusion Work?

The pulsing and thrusting works simply by the toy being hollow-bodied with a solid metal weight that moves back and forth inside it.  But that’s not it, Fun Factory’s range is brilliant in general.

They’re 100% body safe, 100% waterproof (including submersible), can be locked for travel.  Their buttons are user friendly (they’re raised, they light up and are distinguishable even when your hands are covered in lubricant).

There is a quick stop button for those moments when you’re unexpectedly interrupted.  All of their rechargeable toys have a really good battery life before needing to recharge.

Previous Thrusting Toys Were too Loud or Impractical

Thrusting toys on the market previously such as the Rockbox Finger have been extremely loud, or extremely large and impractical for most sessions like a sex machine.

The Stronic range is the perfect size, shape and strength for any situation with exceptions to the slightest noise from the Bi Stronic.  Fun Factory Stronic Range is the only range of toys that I can say honestly makes no noise.

Even next to your ear the tiny shuffling noise of the magnets is barely audible.


fun factory bi stronic fusion technology
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

The Fun Factory Stronic Range

Bi Stronic Fusion

This is the newest of the Stronic range and is also the only dual Stronic.  By that I mean the only one with an exaggerated clitoral arm that also vibrates.

As shown in the photo, the Bi Stronic has a rather large clitoral stimulator. This is designed so that the middle part of the clitoral arm offers pin pointed clitoral stimulation while the wings flutter against and stimulate the labia.

The slight curve at the end of the shaft is designed to rub your G Spot with every thrust.  While the thicker part in the central part of the shaft stimulates the vaginal opening – creating a sensation of “fullness”.

Due to both motors being controlled independently there is an incredible 64 different ways to enjoy the pulsations and vibration.  Whether that be separately or in combination.

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Stronic Zwei is primarily designed for anal use, but can also be used vaginally. Zwei, however, is definitely not for beginners.

The central part of the shaft is extremely girthy and has been reported difficult to tackle by some of the most experienced sex bloggers online.  If you’re experienced in anal play/are a size king or queen, you could definitely look at the Zwei for a new challenge.

When used anally, the beautiful shape of Zwei will stimulate the external anal area as well as the perineum.

Whilst there are external arms on the Zwei, they’re not ideal for clitoral stimulation.  Unless you enjoy nudging movement’s against your clit.

If you need dual stimulation, you might be better off with the Bi Stronic Fusion or pairing your own clitoral stimulator with the Stronic Eins.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Stronic Drei is a more textured version of Drei.  If you love texture – this is your toy.  Drei is also curved for G Spot stimulation.

But due to the thrusting nature of this toy it should be noted that the thrusting movement is somewhat dulled or muted by the extreme texture of the toy. This is something to think about before buying Drei.

If you’re buying it for the shape, the texture and hey!  Bonus, it thrusts then you will love the Drei.  If you’re looking for the toy that thrusts the best without interruption, you might be better off with the Bi Stronic Fusion or the Stronic Eins.

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

The Stronic Eins offers the best “thrusting” and “pulsing” experience.  With no texture or clitoral stimulator, this toy is definitely the best at getting smooth and continuous thrusting sensations.

The thrusting motions of the Stronic line means they don’t even really have to have much of a curve for it to find your G Spot.  It just hones in on it and thrusts away until you click that little Fun button.

If you pair the Eins with a good clitoral stimulator, you should be ready to prepare yourself for intense blended/dual orgasms.

Because the Eins (and all of the Stronic range) will thrust away like little troopers without faltering.  Unlike yourself or a lover who gets cramps or sore arms.

Fun Factory Advantages and Disadvantages

  • You can use all toys hands free. This leaves your hands to stimulate other parts of your own body or someone else.
  • The battery life lasts for ever. Some bloggers reporting they have used it up to 8-9 times before recharging.  With exception of the Bi Stronic fusion – due to the extra power use of the clitoral stimulator.
  • Range has 4 different styles to choose from in the Stronic range
  • Easy click and charge technology
  • Handy raised buttons that is user friendly

Fun Factory Disadvantages

  • Each toy on average takes 16 hours to fully charge. This isn’t an issue if you chuck it on at night and leave it for a few more hours in the morning.  But does mean if you forget to charge your toy, there’s no chance in using in any time soon.
  • The silicone does have a matte feel to it and need’s to be used in conjunction with lubricant with every use.  I’ve found Fun Factory’s ‘toy fluid’ to work best with the material.

Final Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think all toys from the Stronic Range are incredible.  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different, or someone who has previously used sex toys.

The advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages which can easily be managed.

We thank you Stronic range! The Stronic line is obviously an incredible range of toys. You now (hopefully) have more of an idea of which Stronic toy to choose from to best suit your needs.

By Chloe a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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