Go Hard or Go Home – Making Love The Right Way

When it comes to love making, knowing how to make love the right way is essential.  It’s not just about getting physical but also about building a strong emotional connection.

That’s why taking the time to engage in foreplay can make all the difference.

By exploring new and exciting activities, you can truly enhance the experience and take your love making to new heights.   Women and men with lots of experience in sex agree that the best sexual encounters are characterized by a long and physical foreplay.

Making Love the Right Way

The mind and the body have to be prepared.

It is a journey where the destination is multiple wild orgasms due to increased enjoyment and sexual satisfaction.  Unlike common belief, you don’t have to wait for your partner to start foreplay.

Technically, you can start preparing yourself for sex long before your partner makes it to the door.

passionate couple on bed make love the right way
passionate couple on bed

First Base – A respectable starting point to Make Love the Right Way

According to a study published in the Neuro Endocrinology Letters journal kissing can make couples happier and less stressed.  It also helps release certain proteins in the body that promote overall well-being.

So why not start by giving your partner a closed-lip kiss while fixing their tie or collar?  Then, gently nibble on their bottom lip before introducing your tongue.   Explore the curves of their lips with your tongue, paying special attention to the delicate skin at the corner.

Second Base – A respectable halfway point

Holding hands while heading to dinner is nice, but feeling each other up in the car before walking in? That’s hot!  Touch plays a crucial role in any relationship, not just in the beginning stages.

Couples who love to touch and caress each other experience higher levels of sexual attraction and overall happiness in their relationship.

If you and your guy are feeling frisky in a secluded corner of a bar, a dark cinema hall, or the back seat of a cab, don’t hold back from exploring under your shirt or over his jeans.

To add more fun, relive your teenage years by getting intimate with clothes still on.  Grind against each other at a concert or on a dance floor.  Just take it slow and be gentle with your movements to avoid awkward and clumsy foreplay attempts.

make love the right way
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Third Base – Almost there

When you’re alone in your room, you might have developed the habit of rushing through the basics, including any hand or mouth activities.  It’s a shame because both men and women in committed relationships want foreplay to last longer than just 18 minutes in total.

After requesting that he close his eyes, wet your hands with lube and use them to stroke his balls while you perform oral sex.  A blend of your smooth hands and mouth will give him the impression of two mouths on him rather than one and will most likely send him over the edge.

After that have him go on top of you between your legs and get him to slide his tongue all over your clit.  The end goal is to make you as wet as possible gradually increasing pace.

Attempt a  whole heap of  third-base foreplay acts this way and you’ll both will probably achieve a very monumental sex session.

Home Base – Jackpot!!

More often than not, you’re going to go the distance.  Sex that has had this fore play is not the same as a let’s-get-bare and-do-it fast in and out.  Particularly if you, or your partner, have already climaxed.

If that is the situation, it brings in a whole new ball-game as you are both still horny but have climaxed so bring in the big guns.   A bit of stimulating lube or some sex toys and get ready for orgasm number two.


It’s important to focus on the goal, but don’t stress yourself out too much.  Keep your breathing steady and chat with each other about what feels good.

If things get uncomfortable, just go back to the basics.

Why Not Add Some Spice

Why not add some excitement to your relationship before your partner even steps foot in the bedroom?  Men can easily find something to spice things up at an adult store.

You may love a decorative cock ring. The ring may just turn your partner on, and by the time you start romping it away, she will be wet yearning for a really hot sexual activity.

Our partners are often curious about what’s beneath the surface, and it’s our demeanor and clothing that piques their interest.  And once you reach that point, everything will be set and ready to enjoy a satisfying meal.

Undressing alone can compliment foreplay.

Find an appealing lingerie and costume that your partner would love to watch you take off; go for simple but sexy. Kissing is a usual foreplay activity, oral sex and cuddling.

You can find gags and blinds from the bdsm shops online at very affordable prices and surprise each other. Nothing beats total submission when it comes to sex and it is highly recommended.

Is there a foreplay manual men and women should follow?

Experts don’t think so.  It is just how you let things fall in place.  So long as you don’t rush to the main course before the appetizer, then all is well.  What most sexual partners should be worried about is how to attain maximum sexual satisfaction.  Go for what you are ok with.

Sex is a very enjoyable activity.

During foreplay, stimulate the sensitive parts, like the clits, nipples, oral sex or use a wide variety of adult toys.  This means that you should equip yourself with at least two toys of your choice.

Finally, before you get busy, don’t forget the condom-you can find all types, shapes, sizes and flavors to spice things up.

love the right way
Spanish Fly Gold

Seduction Using Spanish Fly Gold

Spanish Fly Gold, a very seductive discovery that was first believed to have been used as an aphrodisiac by Roman Empress Livia (58 B.C.-A.D. 29).

The chemical Cantharidin is an organic terpenoid found in the Emerald and Gold iridescent Spanish Fly also known as a Blister Beetle.  And plants such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger which is extracted as a tasteless and colourless fluid.

If you take it by mouth, it can make you feel turned on and warm by irritating your urethra and bladder. This effect is more likely to happen in female humans, since we don’t have the same natural mating season hormones that many other female animals do.

make love the right way
Photo Spanish Fly or Blister Beetle

What Happns After I Take Spanish gold Fly Sex Drops?

Women will experience a rosy glow in the cheeks, feeling flushed and heated, increased heartbeat, deeper breathing and a furious lust and desire to make love.  Or if riding solo, a veracious need to ‘get off’.

In men, there is a possibility of assisting and maintaining an erection too!

I know how powerful Spanish Fly is because I tried it myself.

Curious about the fact people come in frequently to stock up on this incredible elixir and I am always hearing the same question… does it really work?

Some Spanish Fly products can be placebo or lab manufactured synthetic versions of the real thing which never really work or cause an allergic reaction.  So,  I can understand why most people seem apprehensive if they’ve never tried it before.

I Just Had to Give it a Go

Spanish Gold Fly is a sleek gold box usually nestled in front of the register as an eye-catcher.  It contains a 5ml foil sachet of the infamous tasteless colourless liquid.

You will also find a small leaflet to explain its effects on both sexes.  And a background of its high standard of extraction and research in an unnamed American sex research institute.

Spanish Fly Gold

The leaflet suggests one 5ml piece of Spanish Gold Fly is to be taken orally each time (liking where this is going already!) which you can have in wine, coffee, tea, alcohol etc.

Checking the website, it further states that low alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are recommended for best effects but to not take in soda drinks.  I dare say the higher alcohol and sodas could cancel the effects and nobody wants that!

Go Hard or Go Home

So true to my philosophy of ‘Go hard, or go home’ I decided to drink it straight up, which wasn’t unpleasant at all.  It was just like drinking water.

Wow. I also decided to try this at home, alone (I’m mad) but made sure my partner was on speed dial if required!

love the right way with delay and excite sprays

To start off, I’ve got to say, this stuff is perfect for those days when the weather is harsh and cold.  I mean, I usually just sit on my couch, all wrapped up in a blanket.

But after trying this, I suddenly felt this intense heat that made me get up and start pacing around my living room.

It was wild!! I felt all tingly and stimulated out of nowhere.  And get this, it kicked in within 5 minutes – faster than any other stuff I’ve tried.

love the right way
Photo: Woman Aroused

I made sure I had all the ingredients needed

As if this is going to be the orgasm to beat all orgasms survival kit!  The essentials – lube, my favourite toys and of course some cherry topping porn at the ready.

It wasn’t long at all about another 5 minutes or so that I was almost diving for my standby essentials.  No time for Josh to rescue me and my urges now, ha-ha!

Although I find it easy most days to reach climax quickly, the experience was definitely different.  My orgasm felt prolonged and multiplied while the final crescendo proved being very intense and extremely pleasurable.

Everything felt more sensitive but strangely at the same time I felt very relaxed.

I can truly understand why Spanish fly sells out so quickly and why people use it regularly.  It was a really exciting experience.

I am quite sensitive to most pharmaceuticals so I actually felt an after-effect the next morning similar to a hangove.   So maybe for those more sensitive take a half dose first, wait 5 mins and take the rest if you feel more is necessary because it was powerful!

When Should it Be Avoided

I have found many claims as well to avoid Spanish Fly if pregnant or breast feeding due to its effect on the body.  Not surprisingly you are never to use this to induce women without their consent.

Sounds really intense but over the years some people have unfortunately used this love elixir for bad rather than good.   As it can subdue a women to a state of sexual euphoria and relaxation, this has been abused in some cases.

love the right way
Image: Consent is Sexy

It Does Work!!

Aside from some negative setbacks by some users, it is a very successful aphrodisiac that really does work!  I highly recommend this product to spice up your love life and also to encourage your own sexual desires and inhibitions.

As women we need mental stimulation just as much as physical.  For me, Spanish Gold Fly worked as that bridge to really encourage both sides to work together in harmony.  That feeling most times just can’t be found without it.


Coming in a single pack too makes it a nice introduction to Spanish Fly for first timers and all of its benefits.  It’s compact in size, quick and efficient for those on the go as well as at home.  Fast acting which is what women want!

You can purchase Spanish Gold Fly in Adultsmart stores at a very affordable price.

It is definitely a must-have!

We also have a wide selection of other successful Spanish Fly and aphrodisiac products to suit all needs and desires.

Not all contain animal product or bi-products but have a very similar effect to the Spanish Fly’s potent Cantharidin formula.

Our range are from familiar and quality brands like Doc Johnson, Pipedream, Ero by Hot (Spanish Fly formula for men) and Black Arrow 100% Original.  They come in a range of different types of product also from Oral liquids to topical creams and even candy mints!

Be sure to have a look at our wide selection of Spanish Fly products online at Adultsmart.

Author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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