Pheromones For Sexual Confidence – The Unsung Heroes

Pheromones are the unsung heroes of sexual confidence.  They’re the ones that do all the heavy lifting, while we get all the credit.  No wonder they’re so popular in the dating scene.

With just a few sprays, you can go from wallflower to social butterfly in no time. So next time you’re feeling a little shy, let your pheromones do the talking. Trust us, they know what they’re doing.

Sex Pheromones for Sexual Confidence

I used to think that taking a lady out to a fancy restaurant with my sports car and fancy suit would be enough to win her over and I thought if I became successful, women would flock to me.

But turns out, it wasn’t about the money.  What women really want is a stable relationship with a nice guy.  Sadly, my lack of confidence held me back. I couldn’t even flirt or come up with pick-up lines on the spot.

I had this firm belief that, there are more women than there are men so I shouldn’t really worry about getting a date because I am bound to have one, eventually.

Honestly, the stats might say it’s true, but it never helped me land a date – not even one a month.

Then, this guy from work – total introvert, total geek – strolls into my office and hands me a wedding invite. And get this – his fiancée is stunning. I couldn’t even come up with an excuse not to go.

But then they left me a little box with my name on it, and inside were these pheromone sprays.

I know what you’re thinking, but I was too skeptical to try them out.

So I went to the wedding scent-free, thinking everyone else would be wearing them and I’d just smell like a copycat. But then the groom caught me in the hallway and asked if I tried the sprays.

Before I could even make an excuse, he handed me something from his pocket and disappeared. So I went to the bathroom and spritzed some on. And let me tell you, things got interesting.

Suddenly women were flocking to me left and right. I discovered the ultimate weapon in the dating game – pheromones.

We all have them naturally, but with a little boost, I was able to overcome my natural inhibitions.


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What are Sex Pheromones?

Pheromones play a critical and imperative part in sexual correspondence.  Animals and Humans discharge masses of organic chemicals in tears, salivation and sweat.

These aromas hand-off data of inclination, yearning, status, drive, well-being, vitality level and so on to the opposite sex at the subliminal level.  The overwhelming male will radiate more pheromones and will hence pull in the consideration of their docile female partners.

Pheromones are transmitted to the recipient by means of the Vomeronasal Organ (VMO) situated in the nasal path.

When a pheromone is detected, the mind continues to discharge neurotransmitters that tempt a particular feeling in light of the kind of pheromon.  (loose, openness, trust, sexual yearning, arouser, sentimental feeling, sentiment rivalry, dread, fascination and so on).

In spite of the fact that the body is currently responding to the impacts of the neurotransmitters, the individual won’t deliberately realize that he/she is affected by a pheromones. 

This clarifies why you discover certain individuals especially appealing but is not able to evaluate or advise what’s pulling in you to the individual.

Likewise, this clarifies why you will often find certain individuals bothering without knowing them or them doing anything strange.

We are, truth be told, under the impacts of pheromones more often than not when we are with other individuals, the level of the impact are dependent on each individual.

A pheromone is a substance emitted by a person that influences another individual of the same species by smell.

Human pheromones are steroid atoms, made in the skin that scatter into the air and influence those close us. “Pheromone,” got from Greek, signifying “I convey energy.”

Every one of us have a little sense organ in our nose, not the same as the feeling of smell that identifies pheromones.

This specific organ is genuinely an intuition, that tangible structure, called the “vomeronasal organ” (or “VNO”).  It recognizes human pheromones yet not pheromones radiated by different creatures.

Everybody Radiates Pheromones.

Individuals artificially correspond with one another constantly by the emission of pheromones.

Though because of our showering propensities, large portions of our pheromones are always being washed away in a shower or covered with creams and aromas.  Thus, a scent particularly intended to radiate pheromones is vital to influence others.

It’s pretty crazy, but pheromones don’t even have a smell!

Studies have actually shown that the more pheromones your body releases, the more likely you are to experience physical and sexual attraction.

Yes Cologne

Since Yes Cologne offers the finest mix of concentrated, human pheromones available, there is no wonder why stunning results have happened.

Envision expanding pheromones by more than one thousand times that of the ordinary human efficiency.  This is precisely what Yes Pheromone Cologne will accomplish for you.  Be ready for fantastic results.

Yes Cologne is really Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

man in a suit and woman in a red dress cuddling together in a taxi while she smells his pheromones
Man and Woman in a red dress in a taxi

How do Fragrances Affect people?

Perfumes have been the juggernaut of the present day sexual arousal. It’s the fragrance which can cause magic.  A mere fragrance can make a person forget his or her existence.

Going to a different world, one that’s mostly unconscious, is what happens when certain scents and fragrances catch the attention of women. It’s not uncommon for females to go head over heels for men who exude such odors.

Women even wear perfumes that can make men lose their minds and become completely drawn to them.

As a result, a unique and intense desire for intimacy develops in men, leading to sexual encounters and playful exploration.

Popular Adult Smart Pheromones Sprays

Luz De La Riva, Lily Pheromone parfume – Sweet Cherie

A long lasting fragrance imparted from lily with natural aphrodisiacs by which the body releases the hormone named as oxytocin which is known to be the “Bonding” pheromone.

It works best if it is applied on the most sensitive parts of the body. The skin gets protected and relaxed by the lily. Lily is considered to be the extremely distinct and has incomparable divinity.

Lily takes a person to climax with much ease. You can carry the bottle anywhere!

Wet Pheromones Alluring Body Glide

A light textured, water based, pheromone, lubricant that is pleasant tasting with an exotic fragrance that is safe to use on your skin, tongue and lips.  This lubricant is also available in different textures: silicone or natural water.

It provides the most natural lubrication that is light, soft, pleasant and enjoyable which is fully compatible with latex condoms and can be used for anal sex.

Totally edible, it will give a very sexy, spicy and tasty in your intimate relationships.

Ideal for couples to enjoy exchanging flavors and new experiences!

Scientifically prepared to make the females and males feel more erotic and horny.  It stimulates the most sensitive parts of the female and male sexual organs and gives the person utmost pleasure.

This product has got special chemical composition which keeps both the male and female sexually aroused for a very long time.

Connubial For Him Pheromone Cologne

The manly aroma is pheromone-based to furnish you to standout amongst the most valuable and intense powers of nature.

Connubial For Him is a prevalent human pheromone attractant cologne that delivers extraordinary results when out on a first date or to use as an icebreaker.

Upgrade your regular pheromones with Connubial Pheromones For Him. Intended for Men to draw in Women this arousing mystery weapon will tempt any objective you seek!

Doc Johnson, Yes Pheromome Cologne

Since it has been defined from male human pheromones, it can likewise help to build enthusiastic yearning from the same sex.

Yes Pheromome Cologne is solely made for the Doc Johnson Company and who knows more about longing and sexual desires than Doc Johnson?

This to a great degree attractive and erotic detailing can last up to eight hours.  It is a completely fundamental item for any male who needs to draw in individuals from the inverse sex.

All of these great pheromones are available at the adultsmart adult shop!

a man in a white shirt and suit applying pheromones
Man in suit spraying pheromones

What’s That Amazing Scent! Connubial Pheromones

Working in AdultSmart Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah has some interesting perks, especially during summer time.

So of course we are going to get friendly and interesting customers.  There’s one particular customer that I remember quite well, we’ll call him Dave.

Dave would come in every other week after having a few drinks at the pub.

We’d have a lovely chat and he’d talk to me about his life and how his ex wife had left him for some young hot shot bloke.  So he’d go off, have a drink or two and speak to some of the girls at the pub.

He just couldn’t quite nail it or find someone to go a date with.

Week after week he’d come in, buy a couple of DVD’s and a magazine.  He’d buy some lubricant and off he’d trot home.

Then one week, we had a new product come in which I’d heard good things about and I instantly thought of Dave.

I waited for the next time he would come into the store and I practically threw it at him.

He came in and I asked him what his favourite perfume was on a girl, and he straight away said Rive Gauche.  I asked him what he liked about it and he just said it was what he loved, it was hot and it was sexy.

I told him that my first boyfriend wore Coolwater Blue, the original fragrance by Davidoff.  Can single out the one guy wearing it in a room and want to jump the hell out of him because that fragrance turn’s me on.

It’s like I’m mentally linked to it somehow.


pheromones spray for him to attract a sexual partner
Sex Perfume

Why? The answer can be said to be pheromones.

Pheromones have been added to colognes and perfumes for years in small doses as part of marketing.

Long story short, I told him about our Pheromone spray Connubial For Him.

Pheromones are a natural chemical released by animals to attract sexual partners.  What Dave didn’t quite realize was that because he was a little down he was not only putting off the wrong kind of vibe, but he was also putting off the wrong kind of scent!

Unfortunately, some scientific studies have examined the level of pheromone produced by your body decrease with age and mental status.  Think about it.   When do you have the most amount of people hitting on you?

If your answer is never then you obviously need some pheromone spray, but if your answer was during the beginning of a new relationship.

Well then that’s pheromones. It’s released when you are happy, content and having sex.

Secondly, it gives you that little bit of a mental confidence boost that you need, so it’s both a physical and mental boost to help you pick up.

I gave Dave some little testers and sent him on his way with his DVD and a Hustler Magazine.

Now I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to tell you he met a girl at the pub next time he went and met someone and blah blah blah.

Yeah, well no.  He did come back and buy a full bottle with his next standard purchase and he did meet a girl, but it wasn’t at the pub.

He’d been trying some online dating and something clicked.

He swears it was the pheromone spray and he comes in regularly to buy a new bottle to keep things spiced up (apparently it’s not just for single people!).

In fact, most of the pheromone sprays are bought by regulars who’ll pick up their bottle, grab a new toy for their partner (or self) or a DVD and off they go.

In a world where scent is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing strategy, I guess you could say attraction is a chemical reaction.


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