What’s That Amazing Scent! Connubial Pheromones.

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Working in Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Caringbah has some interesting perks, especially during summer time. Our sex toy and adult shop is located on the Kingsway. It is near a pub, the train station and is right next door to a TAB. So of course we are going to get friendly and interesting customers. There’s one particular customer that I remember quite well, we’ll call him Dave. Dave would come in every other week after having a few drinks at the pub. We’d have a lovely chat and he’d talk to me about his life and how his ex wife had left him for some young hot shot bloke. So he’d go off, have a drink or two and speak to some of the girls at the pub. He just couldn’t quite nail it or find someone to go a date with. Week after week he’d come in, buy a couple of DVD’s and a magazine. He’d buy some lubricant and off he’d trot home.

Then one week, we had a new product come in which I’d heard good things about and I instantly thought of Dave. I waited for the next time he would come into the store and I practically threw it at him. He came in and I asked him what his favourite perfume was on a girl, and he straight away said Rive Gauche. I asked him what he liked about it and he just said it was what he loved, it was hot and it was sexy. I told him that my first boyfriend wore Coolwater Blue, the original fragrance by Davidoff. I can single out the one guy wearing it in a room and want to jump the hell out of him because that fragrance turn’s me on. It’s like I’m mentally linked to it somehow.


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Why? The answer can be said to be pheromones. Pheromones have been added to colognes and perfumes for years in small doses as part of marketing. Long story short, I told him about our Pheromone spray Connubial for him. Pheromones are a natural chemical released by animals to attract sexual partners, what Dave didn’t quite realize was that because he was a little down he was not only putting off the wrong kind of vibe, but he was also putting off the wrong kind of scent! And unfortunately, some scientific studies have examined the level of pheromone produced by your body decrease with age and mental status. Think about it, when do you have the most amount of people hitting on you? If your answer is never then you obviously need some pheromone spray, but if your answer was during the beginning of a new relationship. Well then that’s pheromones. It’s released when you are happy, content and having sex. Secondly, it gives you that little bit of a mental confidence boost that you need, so it’s both a physical and mental boost to help you pick up.

I gave Dave some little testers and sent him on his way with his DVD and a Hustler Magazine. Now I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to tell you he met a girl at the pub next time he went and met someone and blah blah blah. Yeah, well no. He did come back and buy a full bottle with his next standard purchase and he did meet a girl, but it wasn’t at the pub. He’d been trying some online dating and something clicked. He swears it was the pheromone spray and he comes in regularly to buy a new bottle to keep things spiced up (apparently it’s not just for single people!). In fact, most of the pheromone sprays are bought by regulars who’ll pick up their bottle, grab a new toy for their partner (or self) or a DVD and off they go. In a world where scent is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing strategy, i guess you could say attraction is a chemical reaction.

This article has been brought to you by Samantha. With a teaching and psychology degree with a  special interest  in Gender and Sexuality, Samantha has over 6 years experience in the Adult Lifestyle Industry and is a consultant for several  sexual health clinics between the Sydney CBD, Caringbah and Penrith.


Black Panther Makes Me Rise To The Occasion!

Last longer in bed, with this natural delay spray

Black Panther men ‘s delay spray is a sexual health product that helps the problem with increased sensitivity in men during sex. I have read about it in numerous forums and articles but this is the first time I have seen it available in Australia so jumped at the chance to try it out.  All the hype surrounding it being the number one selling delay spray in all of Japan. I have seen so many amazing and positive reviews that I just have to try it out for myself. To top that off, this is the new and improved version of the Black Panther Delay Spray. The popularity surrounding this product really inspired me to find out more about it and try it out for myself. On the bottle it says that you used just two sprays to get it to work, so let me see about that! So you spray it twice on the penis and wait about 20 minutes before you begin having sex. It has quite a nice feeling when it is on you and can be used with other lubrication products after the full 20 minutes has passed.

The main difference that everyone quotes as being the kicker for me is that this delay spray does not numb the penis.  That’s right all these other sprays work on the assumption that if you de-sensitize the penis it will allow you to delay ejaculation under the surmise that if you don’t feel it, its not going to make you cum.  For me however, this is not the experience that I want when I have sex, I want to be able to feel each and every stroke. I don’t want to numb the pleasurable feeling that sex should be.  The whole reason I am having sex is so that I and my partner enjoy it, we want to connect each other and please each other.  I can’t think of nothing worse than having a numb dick and then going through the motions of sex without really feeling it.  In saying that though I also feel bad when I cum before my lover without satisfying her. Sometimes sex can be more pleasing to one person than the other which is a win-lose situation.

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Well, Black Panther (and no we aren’t talking about the Marvel Film here) has changed that to a win-win situation.  I can now feel every sensual part of my lover’s anatomy. When I am inside her, I take time enjoying her warmth and wetness without suffering from the dreaded premature ejaculation. The premature ejaculation is now a problem that I had in the past, the Black Panther Men’s Delay Spray makes me not worry about that situation anymore.  I do not worry about blowing my load before my lover is even into full straddle and I can explore multiple sexual positions as I last much longer.  It has improved my self-esteem and sexual ability. Recently I have been jumping up and down like a rabbit using this delay spray.

This wonderful oil that is made up of 100% natural ingredients performs like a wizard turning me into a sexual super-hero.  One of these tubes gives you about 30 applications this means that for under $1 a time you can increase your sexual prowess which is super affordable.  Now to me that is a bargain and will equal any money that a men’s sex toys.

Before I was having sex maybe once a week if I was lucky. So assuming I have sex for only once a week state one tube will last me for more than half a year.  Half a year of sexual happiness is just $20 and that is a bargain of the year. I feel that I may have sex more than once a week since this product has brought back my confidence has increased which makes me a very happy man. I find my partner wanting more and she feels sexually satisified with how much time I want to spend making love to her. It has made a big impact on my personal relationship to be one that is more loving. It has made us connect on a deeper level.

I’m not sure if you are reading this or already ordering the Black Panther delay spray but if you are still reading do yourself a favour and click buy now!  You will work it out for yourself whether the Black Panther The King works.  Why not also try out other products for men to last longer in bed.

Author: Troy from BondiSave