Pjur Aqua And The BodyGlides

Have you given Pjur Aqua a go?  It’s seriously like a cheat code for a better experience.  The formula is smoother than a pick-up line and lasts longer than a dad joke, without getting sticky or tacky.

Believe me, once you try Pjur Aqua, you won’t look back at those other lubes. It’s like upgrading from a Pong game to a PS5.

Pjur Aqua

Any woman that is sexually active these days, knows that personal lubricant is an essential ingredient to spice up their sex life.  There are so many varieties to choose from.

Often it is difficult to know which is the best one and for what.  There are silicone based, hybrid, oil based, water based, gels and more.   Flavored, stimulating, prolonging.  One can get lost in the amount of choice.

 So with the amount of brands on the market one of the most trusted in Pjur that has been producing quality lubricants for almost 30 years.

water based lubricant pjur aqua

Who Are Pjur Aqua?

They are water based lubricants in which aloe or water is the main ingredient.  Part of Pjur Aqua Water-based lube range is the Pjur Woman Aqua.  This is specifically designed for women and is less viscous than standard lubricants.

 It is body-safe, not sticky, doesn’t smell and leaves no annoying residue.

This lube comes in an adorable little bottle with an image that looked like ladylike wipes from the 90s.

Features of Pjur Aqua Woman 

A characteristic, safe stripped down lube that is awesome for use by women. It provides mucus membrane tolerance with microbiological safety and quality.

Moisturizes the skin to which it is applied and never gets sticky and is free of oils, petroleum and perfumes which make it as extra gentle as a feather.

Non toxic material and free of fat or coloring respectively.  Extra slippery and long lasting as well. Lab tested and will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the areas it is applied.

Pjur Aqua is Safe for use if trying for children

You can also use a latex condom whilst using this lubricant.  In other words this lubricant is 100 percent condom safe. 

Also you can use your sex toys with it safely, regardless of the material they are made from.

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Pjur Aqua will dramatically improve the way you have have sex with your lover or enjoy pleasure with your sex toys.

Safe and plain lube that women can use without any need for gimmicks or tricks.

Pjur Aqua has no added substances, additives, parabens, or glycerin.

A great choice for individuals whose skin is delicate to fragrances or moisturizers.  Or anybody worried about putting engineered chemicals on their private parts.

Pjur Aqua is Easy to use

Doesn’t need detailed instructions and easy to clean up.

Pjur Woman Aqua also lasts.

Many water-based lubes dry up in minutes and you are constantly reapplying. This personal lubes for sex only a little goes a long way and for a long time.  It really will take care of your sex business.

Spreads effortlessly and is a pleasant lubricant that feels ‘right’ when applied. This is a lubricant that can be used by beginners to experts in the sexual lifestyle category.

Pjur Nude Image of a bottle of lubricant and pjur aqua
Pjur Nude

My Body Glides With Pjur Aqua

God I love my job!!

As well as having the privilege of having people open up to me about such an intimate area of their lives.  I get the opportunity to test products intended to enhance pleasure.

What’s not to love?!

I was super grateful to receive a couple of bottles of Pjur Lubricant to test and review.  Honestly, I only have good things to say about these incredible products!!!

Funny Meme Photo about masturbation and spilling lube pjur aqua
Image: Funny Meme on Lubricant

Pjur Aqua Lubricant is Popular

One of the most popular items we sell in the best selling adult shops and is a perfect accompaniment to sexual experiences.

Before working here, I was only ever exposed to the water-based lubricants you buy from the supermarket.  Which I never used because, quite frankly, this awful stuff does more harm than good.

Since then I have discovered there are so many more quality lubricants around.

Two robots sitting on a bed thinking about sex and pjur aqua
Image: Robots Lubricant Joke

Why Should You Use Lubricants?

Lubricant can lead to greater comfort when engaging in penile-vaginal sex, when masturbating.  It is particularly important for anal intercourse due to a lack of natural lubrication.

A study completed on 2453 American women in 2010* assessed their experiences with lubricant when used for sexual purposes.

It indicated that the use of lubricant was associated with increased pleasure and lead to greater sexual satisfaction during partnered or solo sexual experiences.

What about Natural Lubrication?

A woman’s vagina produces its very own lubrication when aroused.  But there are many factors that can lead to this process being disrupted.

Certain medications and medical procedures, as well as ageing and generally low libido, can all have adverse effects on natural lubrication in a woman.

In a large majority of women, menopause can lead to decreased vaginal lubrication, reduction in the elasticity of the walls of the vagina and vaginal irritation.

Menopause and Lubrication

I have had several men coming in recently, stating that their wives are going through menopause which has resulted in pain during sexual intercourse.

Although there exist many aspects to address, introducing a good quality lubricant is a great place to start.

Everybody is Different – Choose Wisely

Some will have a unique reaction to different ingredients in lubricants.

Other people love the feeling of silicone lubricants but their bodies have a negative reaction to the ingredients.  Many find that water based lubricants don’t agree with their body.

I recommend to people unsure of what suits them or their partner to give both a try and see what works best for them.

About Pjur the Company – Pjur Aqua

Pjur is a company founded in Germany by Alexander Giebel, creating personal lubricants of the highest quality.  It’s taken me till today to find out that Pjur is pronounced “Pure”.

They specialise in high-quality silicone and water based lubricants, with additional products such as anal relaxing serum’s and delay sprays.

Pjur Original Image
Pjur Lubricants Range

Original Body Glide – Pjur Aqua

A super concentrated and fragrance-free silicone lubricant.  I find silicone lubricants to be the most comfortable lubricants to use during sex, massage and with glass & steel sex toys.


They include cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone & dimethiconol which, unlike the ingredients of water-based lubricants are not absorbed by the body.

Stickiness and discomfort that can be associated with some lubricants is not a concern with Pjur Original.

It has a really smooth and silky glide, with a slightly thick consistency compared with some other silicone lubricants.  This means that a little bit of Pjur Original goes a long way.

Frustrating Thing about Normal Silicone Lubes

They are not suitable to be used with silicone sex toys.  Silicone lubricants cause the silicone of the toy to disintegrate ultimately destroying the toy and making it a harbour for nasty bacteria.

Pjur says that their silicone-based products are suitable for high quality silicone toys.  To be sure, you should use a water-based lubricant which lucky for us, Pjur has a great range of.

Pjur Woman Nude

This is by far my favourite water-based lubricant to date.  With a silky glide that compares with no other lubricant in this category.

Free of glycerines, parabens and preservatives, making it perfect for those women who are sensitive to these chemicals.

A woman’s vaginal pH normally sits between 3.5 to 4.5.  There are certain ingredients potentially causing disruption to this balance which can lead to developing uncomfortable symptoms.

I am one of these sensitive women and have encountered no issues with this lubricant after several weeks of use.

Not Greasy or Sticky

This lubricant is not greasy or sticky, with a smooth moisturising quality using only a small amount.

Just because I get asked this all the time by men buying this for their female partners, the Pjur Woman range is 100% safe to be used on men!!

Perfect for Travel

Pjur lubricants come in a screw top firm plastic bottle that doesn’t leak.

Good Value for Money

I see many customers not wanting to spend money on lubricant, settling for the cheaper options.  It’s my duty to inform them that by spending a bit more initially they will end up using less.

Plus will reap the benefits of high-quality lubricant.

A good quality lubricant is the best thing you can introduce to the bedroom.

Adultsmart staff are more than happy to point you in the direction of the one perfect for you.

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